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Source: Justin Smiley traded to Jags

It was good knowing you, Justin Smiley -- um, pending a physical.

The Dolphins starting left guard of the last two seasons has been traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to a league source. The trade is contingent on Smiley passing a physical in Jacksonville.

Smiley is expected to be in Jacksonville no later than tomorrow to take the physical.

Terms of the trade are not known. Fact is, what is usually a routine measure -- the taking and passing of the physical -- is not that this time around because Smiley's shoulder issues do not guarantee he will pass the physical.

As reported here last week, Smiley had requested the Dolphins finalize his status before the start of Friday's minicamp, which is mandatory. Although compensation in the trade is not known, the Dolphins have certainly tried to fulfill the player's request.

When and if the trade becomes official, the Dolphins will likely not divulge the parameters. The deal might be for a conditional pick, depending on how much Smiley contributes.

Smiley was signed by the Dolphins in 2008 to a five-year, $25 million deal. Regardless of whether this deal passes muster or not, Smiley has played his final game for Miami.


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Bye bye Justin!!!!

WOW...oh well, we knew this was coming sooner or later. He was a good player to have and i wish him the best in Jacksonville. He made our offensive line relevant again.

Sorry Scoop, Someone on your last post already reported it 30 minutes ago............Keep up the good work though.......

Yeh saw this 1st on profootball talk. At least we finally parted before the season to give Justin time to settle in with another team. best of luck buddy.

Home, where were you on that one???

Pistol, He's dealing with the current crisis... Crab People.......

I should have known, Cuban. He is not going to come up with any better solutions than what we have come up with here.

Good luck Justin. I hope you have a good career except for every time you play Miami.

I believe we could have been due a high compensitory pick if he had been released and signed with another team,...

We can basically frame this deal around the compensation the Dolphins would have recieved without it. I'm sure the reward is similiar but at least via trade we can controll where he ends up. We don't want to see another Dolphin, with vast offensive knowledge, end up with a rival team.

So, we signed Long, Smiley, Grove, and Thomas/Murphy along with several others, and only LONG is starting 3 years after these guys took over. 3 years and we have 2 out of 5 starters, and one pre-regime...

Way to go! Goes back to Mandy pointing out that they are STILL re-building the lines...Grove is next, he can't even keep his starting position...

I can't believe they got anything for an injury prone guard coming off of a shoulder injury. Why would the Jags give up anything knowing he would be released by Thursday?

I guess they really covet the guy. He's an awesome guard when healthy and will be missed but we need someone who is durable. The Dolphins made a great deal here even if we only get a 7th rounder for him because they would've released him for no compensation.

Okay, now I can't wait to sit back and see who the first jackass is that complains that the Dolphins didn't get enough.

Cool. I didn't think we'd be able to get anything for Smiley. He's been on the trading block for so long.


The acquisitions of both Dansby and Marshall all but "assures" we will be in "zero" contention for any compensatory picks this offseason no matter what. Sorry to disappoint you.

Marc, I'm not so sure what your complaint is. All of the guys who are taking over for the ones you mentioned were also signed by BP. Meaning they are upgrading. There is not one team in the NFL that starts every player they sign. You hit and miss. You also sign players that are available at reasonable costs for depth while you're rebuilding from scratch. When you find your starters you then have insurance against injuries. It's why the Cowboys are so deep today.

I'm pretty sure there's a very strong chance Smiley passes the physical. Miami's on team doctors had to give the ok or makes sense Smiley would have been cut long before now.

If Smiley does not pass the physical it could only mean one thing. Dolphins team doctors are bufoons!

Vic107 & DyingBreed

While Dying's comment about Dansby is correct, compensatory selections only contemplate players who change teams as free agents. Trades do not count nor do losses of players who were released. So JT would count because he was an UFA but Gabril Wilson would not bc he was released.


You can also throw in the fact that the guys replaced by Smiley and Grove were "completely inappropriate." So if we have to keep going until it's exactly what we want I am all for it! Can not win a championship half-a ssed!


You are entirely correct sir. Nearly forgot Marshall came in trade although he was an unrestricted free agent.

Smiley was great while he lasted. When healthy nobody pulled and got down field like he did.....as was evident in running success. Not to mention his helping with Long's development.

Who we got going to replace that?

Best of luck Justin!

Smiley reportedly traded for 5 gallons of Normandy Butter, and lemons from Crete to dip and squeeze on delicious crab during upcoming veteran mini-camp.

Dumping on Parcells or Ireland or Sparano for an injury is retarded. Please refrain from making comments that make no sense. Smiley was hurt but is a great player when he is healthy. How in the name of heaven can you crap on the management when the guy gets hurt?

lmfao@ Darryl Dunphy!


LMFAO at everybody running with the crab people infestation.


Cory Procter has signed as well

Too bad, good guy. However, he was well paid for his time here and am sorry to see him go.

Good luck in Jackassville- you'll need it.

Hello Procter goodbye Smiley

Considering there are at least one or two teams who were reportedly interested in Smiley after he gets cut I'd say anything for the guy is a success for the FO. Thank you Chicago for showing interest as that may have promted JAX to give us whatever it is we got.

This also IMO illustrates why it is beneficial to keep things under wraps the way this regime does. It is entirely conceivable that this trade doesn't happen if interest for the player isn't shown by another team.

We'll miss Smiley veteran leadership (especially if Incognito starts acting up). But I like the team outlook. If a player is consistently hurt (good guy or not), they're outta here. That's what's been missing in the past. The Trifecta are true professionals, glad they're running this team.

NYScott, I hear you, but, these guys apparently miss A LOT! ONE starter, ONE!

Marshall was a restricted free agent, not unrestricted.

MARC....you have no clue....getting better and constantly upgrading is not the same as REBUILDING.......ya DDD!

So are you saying Smiley sucked Marc? How do you know the FO didn't expect to move away from Smiley after a couple of years given his injury history?

I see it as a stepping stone process. Smiley gave us veteran leadership for our rookie LT and line and was good for 2 years and now that we are filling in more pieces on the team and becoming a contender our needs change. Now we need a more consistent player at the position so our line can develop cohesiveness.

It just seems you think too linear and can only see things from limited field of vision.

They only have 1 starter on the Oline from their first crop.

Yep that tells the WHOLE story.

Oh, and Grove may still start (and I expect he will) and Thomas may actually still start so that would be 3 of the 4 unfilled positions filled with their first choice. Which negates even that limited look of yours.

Great news!!! I was woriied we would get nothing for Smiley...glad we didn't cut him

Be Happy...well put and more PC than the way I responded....well done!

be happy is right on the money, read him people and learn .

Hey Marc, don't forget Vernon Carey. Wasn't he drafted and a starter for the D-phins? This O-Line is going to be a BEAST! Ground Pound. No worries here.

Smiley was a good mentor to Jake,i wish him well in Jax, i hope we get a 4th or 5th rounder.

parcells hasn't done anything in 20 years

but you all think he is the best

Thats right.

We Do.

Now Go Away.

They are not rebuilding the line but upgrading the line....this is what this FO does, if they can find a better player to play the position they will do it.....thats why these guys are good.

Give it up Marc, you are wrong about this regime and the Oline....Grove took Sateles job at center. Good move. I don't even know who the LG was before Smiley. Fact is, even though it took mixing and matching, our Oline is deeper and more talented than it has been since the days of Richmond Webb. Yes, even more talented and deeper than the year Ricky almost reached 2000 yards with Jamie Nails mauling people.

Ron - San Diego loves you and sofoes Miami. You are absolutely right. Building the lone has been a slow but solid process and it should be considering where we were in 2007. This I think we make a run at best runnig game in the league.

Bye bye smiley pie!

Who will play left guard??
Really? That question was really asked?? Uh, let's start with Garner, Berger, Jerry, Murphy, Tsoumpas, et.al.

Mark my words....John Jerry will be a Pro Bowl guard when he retires in 2023....and he will START that journey in game 8 of the 2010 season.

This O-Line is THE reason Pat Kirwan, and a few other writers have us as high as #6 in the Power Polls!!!!

Ricky, Ronnie, Brandon, Chad, Anthony, Devon, Brian, Greg, and Devon......oh yah, I forgot about Polite....on offense.

Add 4-5 starters on defense by the end of the year from this year's draft, and we go to the SB in 2011....no doubt about it!!

I hope that Justin finds himself in a good spot. He is a hell of as player and I am very sorry his injury caused him to lose his position in Miami. You could damn sure trust the guy to be where he was supposed to be and deal with his man. I wish him the absolute best and hope he can get healthy enough for a few more good seasons to enjoy.

Yes...Devon so nice...I say him twice!!

Actually, fill in the 4-5 other WR's for that spot...I'm pulling for Patrick Turner....dude has a TON of upside if he bulks up and mans up at the same time!!! Or Brice-Mullen/Grice-Mullen....yeah, him.

The guy was an animal when healthy, wish him the best. It's a business.

Jacksonville's gain-Miami's loss
Smiley will be greatly missed on the Dolphin O-Line!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Jaguars!!!!!!!

Just heard we got 6th and that turns into a 5th depending on playing time. If it turns into a 5th then we give up a 7th...not sure if it's true...but if so then i'd be happy.

justin smiley is still a beast and i hope he makes it to the pro bowl. we'll mis ya bro and hope big things for ya bro.

Best of luck to Justin. Donald Thomas will be next.
The great ones (Bruce Matthews, Larry Little, etc) SOMEHOW managed not to get injured every year.
Who knows why.
When a guy keeps getting hurt, it's not a good sign.
I wouldn't be surprised if Donald is traded by the 2nd pre season game.

A shame, as he seemed to be the answer. Hope I'm wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.

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