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The revote on Defensive Rookie of the Year

The Defensive Rookie of the Year award handed out annually by the Associated Press has been in the news lately because its recipient Brian Cushing was just suspended after failing a test for performance enhancing drugs, and then losing his appeal.

The test, reportedly taken last September, suggests Cushing played 2009 while benefitting from a cycle of PEDs that are banned by the NFL.

So the AP yesterday decided to have a revote. The 50 people who vote annually on the AP All-Pro team and post-season awards got an e-mail ballot that is due Wednesday. I am one of those voters. I had no trouble re-submitting my ballot.

I orginally picked Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd as my DROY choice and was only one of six people to do so. Cushing got 39 votes. I simply stuck with my original vote.

The AP also took a revote on the outside linebacker position. In that one, I had to make a change. I had originally voted for Cushing and Elvis Dumervil. In my new ballot I changed out Cushing for DeMarcus Ware, who was an All-Pro selection even without my original vote.

So here is the question: Do you, as fans, believe a positive drug test can rightfully cost a player a post-season award because his performance was enhanced by a drug?

I obviously do think the award deserved a revote. And I'll live with the results of the majority. But I have a bad taste about giving any award to someone who gains it by cheating.

The reason I'm blogging this is that someone following me on twitter wanted me to vote for Vontae Davis or Sean Smith for DROY. Now, I have no problem voting for local guys. In fact, I feel I know them best as I've watched all their games.

That's the reason I voted for Tony Sparano as coach of the year in 2008 (he didn't win) and voted for Jake Long for All-Pro last year (he got it).

But Vontae Davis or Sean Smith for DROY?

I believe both played well at times. I believe both made strides. I believe both will continue to improve and become better players. But both also had moments in which they struggled.

Davis was beaten deep a handful of times. Smith's coverage was not always as tight as one would want and he didn't have any interceptions. In defending Gibril Wilson at the Indianapolis Combine, general manager Jeff Ireland laid some of the blame for the lapses in the secondary on the rookies.

Byrd, meanwhile, had nine interceptions. No, he wasn't Ronnie Lott in run-support. But which one of you wouldn't have taken nine interceptions from your free safety last year?

So I cast my vote. I'm sticking with it.

Discuss ...


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and second

Armando - "But which one of you wouldn't have taken nine interceptions from your free safety last year?"

Hell... I'd have taken an actual real free safety last year, much less 9 INT's. lol

How many of us presently wish we had drafted Byrd last year instead of Pat White?

I hope Cushing loses the award. Why won't he say what he took? He's hiding something.

I agree with the re-vote.

PED's are banned period. Therefore it gives individuals who break the rule an unfair advantage.

Disqualifying those who cheat is only fair.


I don't believe there should be "revotes" or retroactive disqualifications. Lawerence Taylor was one of my favorite players EVER when I was young, what he has done with his life is disgusting and a failure, but it doesn't tarnish what he accomplished on field. We are heading down a slippery slope when we start doing "revotes" and stripping people of something they did great in life...Cushing should not be stripped of his award

Flipper - Byrd was gone when we picked Pat White. I wanted Byrd more than any other CB. Remember though, he was projected as a CB, not a FS. Not sure why Buffalo moved him there, but it's obviously worked. I think Byrd's 40 time was a little slow for some people's liking, so I'm guessing that's why they moved him from CB to FS.

LT didnt fail a drug test.


like you i thought Jairus Byrd was DROY in the 1st place. with that said im not in favor of a re-vote. just my opinion.

Smith or Davis DROY??? no way....

HOLD THE PHONE MANDY! You can't possibly be that NAIVE to believe that less than 90% of the league is juicing! COME ON! The rookies get caught because they haven't figured out how to get the designer stuff yet. Cushing is among a long list of violators, and NO, it's NOT CHEATING. Ask myself, or anyone else that has juiced. It's not a magic pill, you still have to put in the work, and you're STILL limited by genetics to a degree.

Banning steroids and PED's is the worst move any league can take. We WANT to see monsters, natural or not...

Remember the Shawn Merriman/ Jason Taylor steroid scandal for Defensive MVP. If you cheat you'll get credit for the wins (Bill Belichick), you'll get credit for the stats, you'll even get paid, but you DO NOT deserve to be honored.

Back to Merriman, without steroids who is Shawn Merrman? Exactly, he is nothing.

Our rookie corners flash danced all 2009 season long, but neither put up enough, consistently, to earn a vote for defensive MVP.

Stick to Bryd, MANDO...
even if he is a lousy Bill

Marc you set such a good example for all of the kids admiring these players everywhere. You want meat, you want beasts,... go to the zoo.

I want to see some real football player. No needles, no lies, no pretenders!


Once again, your stupidity amazes me.

Then stop watching football vic, cause I can all but guarantee that almost every one of these guys are juicing.

Example for the kids? If they wanna be good, they should juice too! Stuff really gets a bad rap. It's a Schedule 1 narcotic, and undeseverably so. If cycled properly you will have little to no side effects. Ask Governer Swartzeneger...

Can't we get the test results BEFORE the balloting is done?

This doesn't seem that difficult.

End of story!


odin, or carlito, or menace, or whichever personality of that retard you are...Noone cares what you think...Next


We should stop watching football because drug addicts are cheating?

If kids want too be good they should juice too?

Marc, I think the lttle to no side effects are very obvious in your case.

How can you say this about innocent impressionable children?

Easily because I strongly believe in the POSITIVE benefits of steroids, they're FANTASTIC. They aren't a recreational drug. I'd rather have a kid that properly juiced and was athletic than a pot head, coke head or pill popper that does nothing.

Can we get a re-vote on the patsies superbowl championships during their cheating years?

Armando, there is your hero Marc, suggeting kids should use steroids...Wonder how the wrestler kids felt when their juiced up dad slaughtered them in their own bed??? Yea, great drug


I'm sure you know more than the Food and Drug administration and all the scientists that have studied steroids.

For God's sakes I just pray you don't have any children!

See what I mean Bobby?

Carlito! Get back here!

You know Mando has too "stir the pot" every so often.

bobbyd12, imagine you being the one to fall for sensationalism. That's how they banned marijuana; (FEAR MONGERING)A HARMLESS drug. ONE GUY slaughters his family and it's gotta be the steroids huh? Couldn't have been his mental state. Do your own research. "Roid Rage" has NEVER been proven. It's just the bigger you are, the bigger a prick you tend to be. Of course, you're both probably puny and don't get it...

Odin, the FDA?! The same orginazation that BANNED marijuna and listed it ALSO as a schedule I narcotic? WHY?! Racism and MONEY! Head of the FDA was invested in COTTON, and HEMP is far superior...
I'm no advocate of smoking pot, but, the FDA doesn't give 2 craps about your safety folks. They care about MONEY!

Study a little

My question is if it wasn't a steroid or something to mask steroids why didn't he come out and say exactly what it was he took.

With the Williamses we know exactly what they took and most fans understand they are kind of getting the short end because of the no tolerance policy as opposed to being cheaters.

If you are going to come out and say "I did not take a steroid" then it should be followed up with "____ is what I took".

I don't think there is any question that there should be a re-vote on ROY since he failed a test early in the '09 season.

I would like to comment on the previous post "rebuilding can frustrate when done over and over" but I will move on after this-> There are more holes in that story than there are in the oil tanker that exploded in the gulf. If I comment anymore I would have to take up two pages!

So what I will say about this story/blog/post/whatever is I agree with Armando and I do not and never will think it's a good idea to allow cheaters to keep their trophies. (And this is the exact reason I think the PATRIOTS should give one of their rings back!) He won because he used a drug that enhanced his body and or performance. It's simply unfair to all of the players who stay clean. If Sean Smith was using it maybe he comes down with some interceptions.

Also, there is no way Davis or Smith should be considered. This is not a bust on their talent, there were just rookies at different positions who deserved it more.

Dear Marc, I have respected Armando's call to respect others and cut out the swearing...Obviously you can't with your remarks, and you cry on here about all the times you were supposedly treated badly..hypocrite...steriods are PROVEN to destroy liver, kidneys and cause rage...they mask pain and cause injury and to advocate that a kid use them is beyond stupid...

Baseball is like napping with your eyes open. It wasn't until they started juicing and knocking balls out of the park that it became even slightly more bearable. Now, it will revert back to being the most boring sport to watch next to golf.

It's part of the game, and if any of you are that NAIVE to think they are CHEATERS, or have an unfair advantage you are living in some fantasy...

This study claims 1 and 10 players admitted to using. I'd venture to bet it's more like 9 and 10...


I have ALWAYS said that any competition is better with a completely level playing field.

I think their should ALWAYS be the spectre of bad things happening to those who cheat...PERIOD!

No matter the sport, you get caught running a bigger than allowed intake in Nascar you get the Win stripped away and fined. If NJ PHIN enters a "Mr. Natural" body building competition and wins 3rd place and is found to be juicing... yank the trophy like startin' Grandpa's old mower! (Sorry NJP, You probably don't =) If Brian Cushing is using a performance enhancing drug and wins any accolades like DROY they should strip it away from him as well.

Not only do I think it acts as an "ok" deterant but it simply sets a precedent of what is allowed and is deemed suitable to NFL standards.

Am I gullible believing that hardly any players "juice"?...NO. Do I think it will always be a cat and mouse game much like cops using radar and speeders using radar detectors?...YES.

On the flip side, what I would say needs to be revamped is EXACTLY what IS and IS NOT allowable to ingest while training for the rigors of the NFL.

Much like I am still mystified that we put a man on the moon a while ago and the multi-zillion dollar Mighty NFL Combine event seems to always produce funky 40 yard dash numbers ( it is not rocket science NFL, pitch in and get very good equipment and triple check it before the event)... I still wonder about some of the NFL Drug Testing processes. I know if you eat poppy seed bagels for breakfast you can get false positives with drug testing.

I would believe that some if not many of the things that are on the NFL's banned drugs list are somewhat jenky for even being on there in the first place. The proven steriods and HGH type stuff should be illegal but some of the "other" stuff should be allowable.

Lastly, in the end it is up to the player to make his own "Super Duper Protein/Energy" shakes to drink/use. With so much $$, Pride and Pressure riding on winning every game the suspensions should deter most from it...but, there will always be players that feel like old LB Bill Romanowski, they need them to compete.


Mando, I'm still shaking my head at your last blog. How can you insist that this regime is re-building for the 2nd time? What the regime is doing is replacing their short term solutions with draft picks and young free agents/traded players.

This roster was a debacle when they started and historically, Parcells' teams have a worse record in year 2 than year 1 and bounce back strong for year 3 which will happen this year.

Glad the posters could see the truth behind your flawed thinking.

bobbyd12, Lawrence Taylor wasn't found to be using PEDs when he was playing and if he did it wasn't illegal at the time. There is a HUGE difference. It is no illegal and anyone who breaks the rules in my opinion should not be given accolades.

And Marc, governor Swartzenegger goes through dialysis on a regular basis because his liver is so beat up from the juice abuse. Stop spreading stupidity.

not illegal

Spoken like a true Candaian.

So is the rumor that he is on dialysis, a consequence of steroid abuse. "Absolutely not!" says Columbu. "The first time I heard the dialysis rumor was when we were skiing in Sun Valley. I got a call from someone telling me that Arnold was on dialysis, and I said, 'No he's not. He's here skiing with me.'"

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1005428-3,00.html#ixzz0nelPdy69

Steroids seriously have one of the worst propagandas of ANY drugs. They show you silly movies about roid rage and raping girls in high school, and that obviously sticks with you until you're an adult.

Mayo Clinic, the most respected Clinic in the World has this to say: "Taking Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids can cause, severe acne, liver abnormalities, increase bad cholesterol, decreased good cholesterol, RAGE AND VIOLENCE, psychiatric disorders, drug dependence, increases risk of health problems if you are a teenager" The Mayo Clinic was also the reference used when I started taking Creatine, in which they actually RECOMMEND if used properly....So who do I believe, The Mayo Clinic or someone on a blog??? Choice is simple for me...And by the way, the reason you don't see any advanced studies on steriods is because it would be UNETHICAL for a study to pump high amounts of steriods into a group of individuals when the dangers are so extreme...And to say marijuana is a safe drug is also BS...I knew many marijuana smokers in high school who have turned successful, but I also know some who had a highly addictive personality who turned to higher drugs and have been useless to society...There is no "SAFE" drug PERIOD

And Booby, I didn't realize that I used profanity OR called anyone a name...Maybe you're just sensitive. A little test will clear that right up.

Ya, believe what you want. Why would they admit that he is on dialysis because he abused illegal drugs? That would do wonders for his political career.

Lyle Alzado ring a bell???

And let's not be racist/discriminatory. Why do all Americans bring up being Canadian when they disagree with an argument.

Look man, I work out regularly and without bragging, I have a 300 lbs+ bench press and can lift the 225 lbs combine required weight for as many reps as quite a few of the players that went through the comine this year - i've never taken steroids. Over my years I've seen plenty who have though. And I've seen how it breaks down their joints/bodies over time. It's not without a lot of harmful side effect when abused. Anyone who tells kids they can take steroids without side effects is giving bad information.

Steroids are used every day for various medical needs, cancer patients that are on chemotherapy get occasional doses of steroids to make them feel better, and to get an appetite.

My youngest son was in major jeopardy of being born 9 weeks premature so the doctors injected him with steroids to assist in lung development, he came out a week later at 8 weeks premature with lungs that worked perfectly.

So to immediately cast aspersions on all steroids as some kind of horrible pall on humanity, your own body produces steroids. Like Arnold says in Austrian Death Machine Double Brutal, "everybody chill".

You did the right thing Mando. While I love our rookie CBs (from last year), I don't think either deserved DROY. If one of them got it, I think they'd get arrogant and lax to improve. So I'm down with your pick of Byrd.

On the Cushing re-vote, I agree with that too. It's one thing if they found out 2 years from now, but they found out just a few months after he was awarded with DROY. And his PEDs directly affected his award (therefore questioning how good he would have been if he hadn't taken the cycle). So, there again, I agree with your assessment that a re-vote was necessary (also to dissuade future rookies from taking the same path as Cushing). Good work Mando!

NYScott, my point on LT is there are people out there saying he should be removed from the Hall of Fame because of his addictions and lifestyle...my point is when you start retroactively doing things such as this you are traveling down a slippery slope..

John - big difference in medical use of steroids and abusing the drug for vanity/performance enhancement.

You are right about the medical uses of steroids though - it can be quite helpful if taken appropriately for a prescribed period.

Marc, wow, Im shocked and suprised by your answer. Yes you still have to put the work in but the point is that the amount of work you put in, is still going to make you bigger faster and stronger than someone not using. And the person not using is going to have to work twice as hard to try and keep up but he will never be able to.

I've been working out for about 20 years now. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had used steroids my gains would far exceed what I've been able to accomplish by staying clean.

My brother in law uses steroids and always tried to get me to do it. I refused time and time again. I then watched him win a state championship in body building. He followed it up a year later by tearing his back up and ripping his bicep muscle in half. His arm looks disgusting and his back is shot.

My point is, he walks around bragging to me about how much bigger he is than me and how much more he can lift. He's 5'10" and I'm 6'3". If I used steroids like him, and put in the same amount of work I would be much stronger than he. I've worked twice as hard to make my gains. I've had to work twice as hard to even get close to him when it comes to weight levels but I can't quite get there and never will.

If they want to make steroids legal that's fine. But as of now it is not and it's not fair for people who have the discipline and willpower to stay away from drugs . It's not fair that those people aren't getting recognition for their accomplishments due to someone who cheats.

You said it yourself Mark, when ABUSED. I said "When cycled properly". I never claimed they were safe to just stay on a continuous cycle. Which is what Alzado did, and he's ALWAYS the one person that people reference. You people can believe whatever hysteria you want, but, they aren't some demonstritive drug (IF USED PROPERLY). Just as if you did a few grams of blow every now and again you'll probably still live a long life, if you go through 2 8-balls a day, you're gonna run outta time.

Weed, the gateway drug Bobby? What about ALCOHOL?

Hey, whatever. Dude shouldn't be stripped, that's my opinion, out...

Marc, steriods also cause male breast enhancement that's probaly why u felt good in a dress cause ur man boobs looked good you fu"kin jerkoff

And NYScott - it's just not safe. There is a difference in muscle tissue texture between someone who uses and someone who doesn't. Steroids makes your muscle tissue much more terse and less flexible and more susceptible to tearing.

Wrestler HHH twice tore his quad right off the bone. Doesn't happen if he wasn't juicing.

i want dolphins talk not nfl or texans.or crap that has no bearing on football

Marc, it's like every other drug though. Some people can handle moderation - some can't. That's the basis for the banning of narcotics anyway. It's to protect those can't protect themselves.

John in Springs

I understand what you're saying. Point taken.

However, taking steroids for a mediacal condition under qualified supervision does not compare to Marcie advocating it for children.

I would rather my kid smoke pot then become a juiced up, narcissistic, protein shake drinking, cut off sleeve wearing meat head. I smoke pot. I graduated from college with honors, I own and operate my own business, and own two homes. Ricky Williams smoked pot and set a Dolphin record for rushing, made the pro bowl, and set a pro bowl record.

Point being it's not the drug, it's the person who indulges in said drug. Alcohol is legal but if you drink all day and all night you will become a mess. Pot is illegal and if you smoke all day and night you will lack motivation. MODERATION and RESPONSIBILITY. Some people get it and some people don't. My brother in law did too much steroids and by the way he's talking I would expect that Marc understands how to moderate. It's all about the person.

bobbyd12 I see what you're saying. That's ridiculous, he earned the hall of fame for his play on the field. It matters not what he has done since then so I agree that those people are way off base. But I do believe in the case of the Cushing incident ther should be a revote because supposedly he was found to have done the PEDs while he was in the running for the trophy. It's just so close to the time where as Taylors thing is far removed.


I, like you, don't believe that ripping LT out of the HoF now for his crazy transgressions is right. The same goes for Mark McGuire, Bonds, O.J. or any other sports star that after retiring totally messes up royally.

You had mentioned to put all the relevant testing before the votes to help stem the kind of retro vote that is taking place with Cushing now. As reports are saying that some of his "drug use questions" are stemming from as far back as the Combine it is very hard to tell when and where to draw the line.

I would say the NFL is doing the right thing on Cushing regarding a re-vote as it is prior to the next season starting up. The time lapsed is still short in my mind. I am not sure how in depth the testing is, how many times the samples get tested and how many different labs they have do the actual testing so the time frame required is vague at best.

If a player from any league screws up badly but is already over a year away from the last time they played or has entered permanent retirement they should not have the accolades stripped away in my opinion. If any said league decides they want to put an asterick and tack on an addendum of shame near their placard or bust then I could live with that.

There is an old saying: "You never really know someone until they are dead." (That person is assured to do nothing out of character at that point)



I used to bust your chops for the dress wearing incident. That was just ball busting because it was funny.

However anyone that would make this statement:

Example for the kids? If they wanna be good, they should juice too!

Has got some serious problems going on.

Seriously Marc, If I only had the chance, I wouldn't need roids to take out my rage on somebody like you.
I hate violence, I've seen enough of it, but to tell the truth, I would absolutely LOVE beating some sense into your deranged head!
I'm not trying to argue or start a flame up here. I'm just saddened and aggravated that there are sick individuals like you running around free.

PS I know Bonds plays... just a highly publicized "Cheater" example in sports lore.

Guy's Lets Vote Marc/Marcia for a "PLUNGIE" I know its early but I just cant see anyone posting something so stupid for the rest of the nite, And if I may Vote a "CARRIER PLUNGIE" it would also go to The cross dressing fool.... Guys what are your thoughts????

First of all, Mando, good job on the last blog, sorry I missed it. You were just stating the facts and the Parcells apologist were out in force.

You guys are supposed to be Miami Dolphin fans but you sound like FO fan club members. This bunch has made a lot of mistakes. Expensive mistakes that would have gotten your a$$ fired in the private sector.

Jet fans are the ones that are supposed to be delusional, please don't go down to their level. Just remember the Dolphins were here a long time before Parcells and will be here long after.

Anyone want to give Marc/Marcia a "LIFETIME PLUNGIE"?????? Thoughts please.....

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