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The revote on Defensive Rookie of the Year

The Defensive Rookie of the Year award handed out annually by the Associated Press has been in the news lately because its recipient Brian Cushing was just suspended after failing a test for performance enhancing drugs, and then losing his appeal.

The test, reportedly taken last September, suggests Cushing played 2009 while benefitting from a cycle of PEDs that are banned by the NFL.

So the AP yesterday decided to have a revote. The 50 people who vote annually on the AP All-Pro team and post-season awards got an e-mail ballot that is due Wednesday. I am one of those voters. I had no trouble re-submitting my ballot.

I orginally picked Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd as my DROY choice and was only one of six people to do so. Cushing got 39 votes. I simply stuck with my original vote.

The AP also took a revote on the outside linebacker position. In that one, I had to make a change. I had originally voted for Cushing and Elvis Dumervil. In my new ballot I changed out Cushing for DeMarcus Ware, who was an All-Pro selection even without my original vote.

So here is the question: Do you, as fans, believe a positive drug test can rightfully cost a player a post-season award because his performance was enhanced by a drug?

I obviously do think the award deserved a revote. And I'll live with the results of the majority. But I have a bad taste about giving any award to someone who gains it by cheating.

The reason I'm blogging this is that someone following me on twitter wanted me to vote for Vontae Davis or Sean Smith for DROY. Now, I have no problem voting for local guys. In fact, I feel I know them best as I've watched all their games.

That's the reason I voted for Tony Sparano as coach of the year in 2008 (he didn't win) and voted for Jake Long for All-Pro last year (he got it).

But Vontae Davis or Sean Smith for DROY?

I believe both played well at times. I believe both made strides. I believe both will continue to improve and become better players. But both also had moments in which they struggled.

Davis was beaten deep a handful of times. Smith's coverage was not always as tight as one would want and he didn't have any interceptions. In defending Gibril Wilson at the Indianapolis Combine, general manager Jeff Ireland laid some of the blame for the lapses in the secondary on the rookies.

Byrd, meanwhile, had nine interceptions. No, he wasn't Ronnie Lott in run-support. But which one of you wouldn't have taken nine interceptions from your free safety last year?

So I cast my vote. I'm sticking with it.

Discuss ...


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OMG, Colt what a load of crap you just vomited on this blog. Please take your media bias conspiracy back to Hollywood or wherever it is you dreamed it up.

Next time don't take so long to say nothing worthwhile.

Here is a list of favorite dramatic motion pictures. Note Godfather 1-2 should count for 1 movie.
GF 1-2
Raging Bull
Dear Hunter
The Legend of Pat Garret & Billy the Kid
Honarable Mention
Pulp Fiction
Apocalapse Now.



Officially I have no rank.

If I were to wear a belt it would be very dark in color.

I have qualified in Taekwondo and Judo.

Do you practice?








Not to be funny, but I pictured you as the type of guy that would have liked Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Home, as usual ur an idiot, but what else is new....Sam Colt, you are correct, the media down here has done nothing but cry ever since Parcells took over. Armando can care less about wins or loses, he cares about access and stories. He created a controversy today so he can get his blog hits in. It really is a disgrace what he posted after all the happiness around the Dolphins the last couple weeks. Very disturbing, and even though Carlito went over the line I see his point. He lives and dies with HIS team and he feels insulted.


Ok forget the rank. A dark color like brown or black?

Yes I do practice/study Isshinryu.(Okinawan)

Mando, what you fail to realize is Cushing took other drug tests throughout the season and was clean on those. He only got better as the season wore on.

LoL @ Odin 11:12 Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment! Although not my favorite "Brat Pack" John Hughes flics.
Aloco- I'm glad you replied. These were dramtic motion pictures, Just had this discussion with my girlfriends cousin, was hoping you would give your 2 cents. Anyway back to football. Sorry Phin fans for getting off topic.

I will find new source of Dolphins news. I can no longer deal with Armando's self-righteousness and his petty nature ... Peace out Dolphins bloggers... good luck with all your endeavors... Armando Go F yourself! You are a first class tool. signing out, carlito from golfito 10-4 Go Dolphins

Posted by: carlito from golfito | May 11, 2010 at 01:13 PM

WOW WEE this is the second time it has vanished folks. Maybe, Armando is doing it. Armando did nothing wrong, he just wrote a blog and carlito took offense to it. I repeat Armando did nothing wrong, Carlito is doing a Ricky Williams and quitting plain and simple. So why then does this repost keep vanishing? Home, I smell a conspiracy

Dont worry folks. carlito will be back as someone else. He can resist on coming to this blog, he lives for this. Maybe I can give him a new name. El monito carajito.

Dear Mr. Salguero

When it comes to Steroids my big fear is when it trickles down to the kids in elementary school.

Some juiced up 6 year old mis-spells Cat during a spelling Bee and all of a sudden we have a blood bath.

Dodge ball and Kick ball would become blood sports

I think kids will juice to profit from the "Gimme your lunch money" Racket

I say we even the playing field right now...start cycling every Yougin, Children and Baby on the planet with steroids

Anywhoo I won't be the guy telling Cushing...your a cheater, give back the award you cheater...he will probly wanna kick someones ass.

Soiled :)

Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team.
We take the ball from goal to goal like no one's ever seen.
We're in the air; we're on the ground; we're always in control,
And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl;

'Cause we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins, number one!
Yes, we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins, number one!

Mr Ross, pleeease bring the old fight song back.


C A R L I T O ! ? ! ?


Golfithian Bureau of Investigations

Yes, I would like to make a missing persons report.

The missing person report: I like to report my pet monkey is missing.

Describe him: He is brown and little(5'5") and is a monkey from cost rica. He tends to get angry at anytime. Please I want my monkey back.(insert Shock the Monkey, song here)

I think this was a case of racial profiling, discrimination, alienation and flat out entrapment!

Armando was just baiting this poor fella. He had it in for him.

Armando, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Carlito, PLEASE come home.

PS: Lassie, Carlito's drunk and pissed off AGAIN. Go find him girl, go find that pissed off Golfithian! Go get him Lassie!

I have no problem in revoking any players pay, records or awards.
We cannot allow the glorious NFL to turn into MLB or the NBA.


Where's Nathaniel Dodsworth? At least when he had nothing to say it was entertaining?

I still believe alaco, menance, carlito and all those other retards are the same person...

ody why u say racial profiling? How else would you describe your pet monkey? You start with color, size, type, and your pet's demeanor. Please tell me where I was wrong.

Marc, I dont like you, period. But you are still here. The little monkey boy got a couple of one liners by Mando, and little monkey buy quit. At least you did not quit. The cuban menace does seem to hit your buttons more than anyone here. I wonder why? cuban menace repeats the same garbage about you and the dress, to the point it is soooo old. Yet, you still have some anger toward him. I remember many times carlito making fun of you and the dress. Look who is still here... you. You did not quit. I still dont care for you.

Marc BTW

Nathaniel is also soiled bottom.

ODY wtf are you talking about? Armando did not bait carlito. Carlito has had it in for armando in the last month it seems. At least by his responses to armando.

For football players, getting that "edge" is much more important, than any of the other major sports. For most, contracts are not garaunteed. The careers on average are shorter, and the likelyhood of major injury greater. Therefore the window to make big cash is shorter. For a small majority(perhaps a large majority) Drug use, steroid use might be looked at as part of the culture of the game. What do you think is the percentage of players that have taken these drugs and not been caught? Do you think about it when there is a game on, or is it only a problem when a player is caught?

The rules Darryl, the rules...


I just pictured Lassie carrying carlito by the neck in Lassie's mouth. A dog carrying a little brown monkey. A mad little monkey cussing in Spanish. LOL

Good night!

Espanta- personaly, I'm not for steroid use(unless it is a medical situation) But I do understand why players take them.My point is that in all sports drugs are administered responsibly, and abused with a turned eye. Football is a violent gladiator sport weather taking these drugs are within the rules or not. It is the elephant in the room, and will probably remain so until the policy makes the penalty so severe that getting caught would end a career. I don't think the NFL would make that gamble.

Odin.. You have great whit and humor! Do not change that!!!!!

Once again Armando attacks the FO with some baseless self serving Bull S H I T.

Then Zit Cassidy and the Roid gang all rally round for some but slapping and t-bag swinging.

Hmmmmmmmmm............and I thought last weeks explicit gay posts were bad.

This blog is innane....can we please stick to football at all???

With the steroids issue....

I am about 185 cm and weigh 105 kg...not that big really...Ive been training for about 20 years steady and am in pretty good shape...train 4 nights per week on a split routine..
I competed when i was 25 and had completed 2 cycles...1st was Deca Durabolin with liquid primobolin and winstrol tabs...1o weeks of about 15 ml per week plus tabs...results...put on about 10 kg...no gynocomastia...got down well in fat levels..was playing Australian Rules Football at the time...all went well...I never have anger issues... ( not even when I got married lol )....
2nd cycle about 3 months later also 10 weeks...from memory tried oil annd water...Sustanon 250 and Stanozol...all up about 10 to 15 ml per week plus blue dianobol tabs....also big gains...

I stopped these cycles mainly because I am a Christian and felt bad inside and decided no more....
Ive been training hard naturally ever since using Creatine and powders only ...just good eating...drink some wine and love a beer...no rec drugs at all...

Now I have mates who smoke dope....3 are in psych wards for regular assistance due to psychosis...and paranoia....other mates smoke ciggies...they cough like hell...other mates drink heavily and some are moderate...some of my bodybuilder mates and boxing mates kept up the cycles and are now suffering major health problems....

The moral is this....I have no health issues YET...the juice helped me a lot..it was cheating...it was wrong...ALL things misused will bring consequences...I guess most use these things to mask issues like confidence, self esteem...or to relax unwind...or to cut out of reality for a while...others do it Like Brian Cushing because the pressure to succeeed is monumental....all reasons but not excuses...

Steroids are banned so its definitly cheating...are they bad 4 u ..YES if not used wisely or under careful supervision....
Can they be beneficial to you...YES...in the right circs...

Nothing isd black and white

The fact of the matter is after 3 drafts the 3 stooges have found a handful of starters.
In the age of parity.
Big Deal!

Where do we draw the line as far as what is acceptable, and cheating? What is a performance enhancement drug, and what is recreational? If you can get a perscription does it make it ok? With Cushing, his is just the latest case. Soon another high profile player will test positive, Cushing will be back on the field and nobody will care.


What time is it?

How many is a handful?














If George W. were still president the press would be blaming him for 1)causing the oil leak in the gulf and 2)preventing it from being stopped.
In Barak's case the media is going to laud him for cleaning up the largest industrial disaster ever.
They make no mention of his not doing anything to stop the oil from flowing out of the rig and into the ocean.

Bigafly- This is a big deal. For EVER the NFL has skirted the steroid issue. All the while players have taken them with a relative low risk to reward as far as what happens if they were caught. If the NFL wants to take a tougher stand on this issue, good for them. But taking away an award is a silly way to make this stand. Oh boo hoo. Make clauses in contracts that state any positve test negates the whole contract. The players would never buy this, but if these leagues are serious about cleaning up the game, the penalties must be severe enough to convince players to stop.

Different media conglomerates are just as bipartisan as any political bodies.

Special interest lobbyists funnel monies to the various media through advertising agencies.

I'm not sure I get your drift?

I will never play in the NFL, so on a personal level I don't really care. However, I do have three sons and I would hate to think that them and all their friends would feel it necessary to roid up just to keep up.

I'm all for the level playing field. You either can or you can't. EVERYBODY plays by the same rules.

I go high protein and simple carbs. Workout 4 to 5 times a week. All natural. To each his own, but I would never put that garbage in my body!

I agree with the re vote and strip him from the Defensive rookie of the year's honor to make a statement

Too bad the Nobel Peace Prize committee can't revote for last year's winner. Seems to me he's caused nothing but anger and strife.

I'm normally not a "get Ty Cobb out of the Hall of fame...he was a racist" sort, but I agree on this revote, based on the fact there is $$$ involved. The winner of such an award can use it to extract more $$$, while the honest player gets the shaft.

Hey Darryl,

Thanks for the welcome back post bud!!!

The drugs are there to enhance along with the pressure to perform means thay will probably be lurking and in play at some level in the NFL.

As for the get caught lose your whole contract part I doubt you will ever see contract verbiage like that. The NFL is taking a tougher stand on many things such as concussions for instance. The grumblings have come down the pike about how many "No hit" rules have come for hits on the QB's. And other things.

As for the competition and ruggedness of the NFL automatically justifying drugs I think that is wrong. Sure there are pain killer uses and abuses as the Saints are going through even in the coaching ranks.

In the end, the rules should always be enforced to the fullest. If not, they should write them out of the rule books all together.

I am all for enforcement of the drug laws regarding awards won up until the next year starts. Once they step on the field for the following year I think all bets should be off.

As many have said and will say... if your looking for black and white areas in all aspects of the league or life itself, you are simply barking up the wrong tree. There will always be grey areas of some kind rearing its ugly head.

Cheers bro,

This proves that the press is a bunch no good moh rons. Not surprising. The press stands for nothing. They have no backbone. Panzies. Journalistic opinions and polls are shyt.

I am so happy about this Cushing thing.... Peeps are finally talking about something other than the Bryant-Ireland fiasco.

I hope they take Cushings DROY award away. If you're taking PED's then you don't deserve and award for cheating. Should be the same for all sports. If you're caught cheating and you win and award it should be taken back.
I would say the same for votes to get in the HOF. If you are clean in your career then you can get in. If you are cheating then no votes for you.
As always: GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!

ONE INT from out FS would've been nice Mando- never mind 9 lol

The only thing that should be banned is artificial body parts. No six million dollar man should play against humans but other than that I could care less about drugs.

Now that you mention it Rock, they should have a bionic league! That would be far more entertaining than the lingerie league...Not that that's bad either

Seems like a double punishment to me.

If we are going to discuss morality in Sports, skip it...
Because if Cushing is going to be punished for being immoral and a cheat, make sure Lawrence Taylor is taken out of the HOF for being a pedafile and OJ Simpson is taken out of the HOF for making those horrible Hertz Rent-a-Car commercials...oh, and for being a murderer.

Mando, everything you stated was spot on. As for Smith and Davis, it could be debated that one or both were a tad below expectations after the preseasons they had. Especially Smith. Good job, as usual.

Byrd deserved it. It would be silly to vote for a local guy just cause he's local. I was also glad to see Orakpo getting a few votes. He had an amazing year.

Sorry to see Carlito go. Just shake it off dude. In a way I can't blame him, this blog just gets more and more weird by the minute.

To everybody here: Whatever happened to football? Like, what's your over/under for Henne to Marshall TD's this year? Will Nolan's defense kick butt? Should we risk pursuing Atogwe? Will Pat White metamorphose into a football player? You know, questions I would like to know the answers to, or at least get more information about. Not things like what dress size some guy who posts here wears.

Voting Cushing ahead of Ware or Woodley is ridiculous. But, I agree that neither Davis or Smith were worthy recipients for DROTY. That's no knock on either, because CB is a position that takes longer to develop. I would have voted for Matthews as DROTY - likely ahead of Cushing, with or without the dope. Byrd isn't a bad choice. He'd be my #3.

Can't say who I would vote for. I don't feel that I know enough about defensive rookies all throughout the NFL. But I know football is a team sport, and as bad as our defense was last year, I don't think any of our rookies deserve consideration. As far as the re-vote issue in general, I don't really have a problem with it, except it makes it tough to decide where to draw the line; do you restore Roger Maris' record? Do you revoke Barry Bonds' MVPs? Do you subtract the home runs that A-Rod has hit over his PED years? Do you revoke the Yankees' world series titles?

Really, the only way to make things fair is to revoke the ban on PEDs. Let 'em take whatever they want. Make everything legal. Unhealthy? Sure. Deadly? Perhaps. Stupid? Absolutely. But it's their lives. If they want to shorten them, or mortgage their health against their career, let them. Then, when people lose interest in sports and there is no money for multiple-million dollar a year contracts anymore, maybe then it will no longer be worth it to risk your health by taking PEDs, and sports can return to a purer form.

I think its dumb. Cushing possibly loses his award because he got caught. That doesn't prove that the other players were not also using PEDs. Avoiding positive tests is more about cycling off at the right times. My guess is 70%+ of the NFL uses some enhancements. The others are still using vitamins/supplements in a jar. Its all perspective. Aren't supplements technically performance enhancing?

I really live all fins players, but I am definitely not in live with Sean smith starting for us next year. Players in the secondary should have ints, and buffalos fs was a demon last year, and deserves defensive player of year. Vontae Davis I'm a little happier with, regardless of what Mandi says he wasn't burned that much and had a couple ints (still too low, though one of them was a pick six.) our secondary is the biggest problem for us next year bar none. We are way too green. smith shined last preseason and struggled all year, vontae kind of did the opposite, but wasn't great, I think Yeremiah is completely overrated and gerbil was what he was. I do like will Allen though, I think he is underrated actually. Point being in this pass first league i was extremely disappointed that we did not go after someone big in free agency and the draft, even the best secondarys (jets, bengals) got more big help.

am very early but I just cant see anyone posting something so stupid for the rest of the nite, And if I may Vote a "CARRIER PLUNGIE" it would also go to The cross dressing fool....

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