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Karlos Dansby finally gets some attention

It is rare when a star free agent signs a $43 million contract with $22 million guaranteed, is asked to come to his new team and assume a leadership position, and that player is somehow overshadowed much of the offseason.

And yet that is what has happened with Karlos Dansby.

He was the big offseason acquisition ... until the Dolphins acquired Brandon Marshall.

Unlike Marshall, Dansby didn't get a press conference -- either one approved by the Dolphins or simply attended by Dolphins staffers offsite at a hotel the team uses to house players during training camp.

Unlike Marshall, there was no grand fascination with what his number would be.

Wednesday's OTA day was supposed to be the day Dansby got the attention because it would be his first official press conference with the South Florida media and his debut as the leader of the Miami defense. But the attention was still on a million other things:

Marshall's number.

Marshall's hip.

Marshall's other hip.

Jason Ferguson's excuse for a positive performance enhancing drug test.

Ronnie Brown's health.

The rest of the team's lack of health.

Chris Clemons as the first-team safety.

The outside linebackers.

Can we give Karlos Dansby his moment, please?

We found out Dansby is playing the Moe exclusively while Channing Crowder is expected to continue at the Mike. Tim Dobbins, acquired from the San Diego Chargers on draft day, will likely be asked to learn both but he's playing primarily the Mike right now with Crowder still rehabilitating his lisfranc surgery.

"It’s a lot different, a lot different," Dansby said comparing the system he played in Arizona and the one defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has installed in Miami. "A lot of different responsibilities...I’m looking forward to it. They want me to be a leader. You got to do that by actions. You can’t do that by words. I am out there right now trying to prove myself.

"You got to earn that. That’s everywhere you go. You got a responsibility, I’m just trying to do my job and put my best foot forward.

"We are having a good time. I’m meshing well. You know, all the guys, we’re taking to each other. We are doing a lot of stuff off the field and on the field, so I’d say we’re meshing real well right now."

Dansby has been upstaged by Marshall but he nonetheless carries the weight of improving the run defense that ranked No. 18 last season.

"I wouldn’t call it a weight," he said. "I’d just call it an opportunity to be great, and that’s what I’m trying to be right now. I’m taking all major steps to try to be great."

Dansby is still feeling his way around. That's perhaps one reason he is not certain he's going to be on the field all three downs. (It would be a shock if he's not because he's getting paid like a three-down linebacker.) But that assurance must wait. If it comes, Dansby may get the opportunity to call the defensive plays.

“I’m not sure yet," he said. "We still have changes to do. If I’m an every down backer, I might have the opportunity to call the calls. If not, it really doesn’t matter, as long as I’m on the field."

Regardless of whether he's calling plays or not, Dansby must somehow earn a spot as one of this new defense's leaders in 2010. It is on him because the young unit doesn't really have many veterans more accomplished than him.

But Dansby seems to know what is required to lead.

"It’s being disciplined," he said. "Being disciplined, taking care of your body and going on the field, being in front of the guys, and like I said, and making all the plays that we’re supposed to make, and that’s how you become a leader."


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God get rid of Crowder please, he is popcorn muscle.

Josh - We don't need to replace Crowder...


Zach Thomas-LB-Chiefs May. 20 - 10:24 am et

The Dolphins have called a 4 p.m. press conference, apparently to announce that Zach Thomas will be signed to he can retire as a Dolphin.

It's a class move by the Dolphins and should give them some good publicity following Dez Bryant interview-gate. Thomas played 12 seasons with the Dolphins, racking up 129 or more tackles in 11 of them and going to seven Pro Bowls. The possible Hall of Famer, now 36, dealt with concussions at the end of his career.
Source: Jeff Darlington on Twitter

I can't wait to see what Dansby brings to the table.It sounds like he can bring a lot and the leadership role will fall into place.

Karlos Dansby brings athleticism, leadership, and a swagger to our defense. He will prove to be one of our 3 to 4 best players on the entire team.

Flipper,that would be awesome.I won't say the same thing if the Dolphins do the same thing for Taylor though.

Nice write-up

Great news about Zach Thomas!!! Very well deserved and it's a shame his brother-in-law will not retire a Dolphin. He went to New York to win a championship and it's going to be great when we smack the crap out of the w-e-t-s this season.

flipper let Dansby have his moment

flipper and indy let Dansby have his moment

And can we finally stop with all the nonsense about the Trifecta being classless. Zach understands this is a business, that his being let go was a business decision. He didn't miss the important offseason stuff so that he could go dancing on television. If he had been offered a post-it contract, he would have taken it. And he sure didn't sign with the Jets. Some will say this is merely a PR move, no this is the right time. We had many other priorities of more importance, now we take care of Zach

Mike, Moe, Larry, Shemp, Curly, Joe, Ronnie,
Ricky, Bobby, Ralph, Randy, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Michael, Donny, Jimmy, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay

"The Miami Dolphins will sign Zach Thomas later today so that he can then retire as a Dolphin all-timer. Press conference at 4 p.m"

But Mando, I thought the Trifecta were mean old men....?????

Time for Dobbins to send Clam Chowder to the place he belongs: riding that pine

Good for Zach. Big for the Dolphins org.

Dansby says is a different sytem here. I'm sure he will earn his money well. He is a leader and he can deliver the type of plays that we haven't had since...... oh the irony!, Zach Thomas!. Now Crowder, this year he is playing next to a very good LB. He can excel in Nolan's system, but the tackling issue must be solved. If not, then it's time to send Crowder packing.

Im worried, no JT twitter updates today????

What is going on here.....

dansby will make an immediate impact under nolan's new system...look out JETS

not carlito - I am not stopping him from having his "moment" when I am here in Indiana. He got his moment when he got millions to just sign his name and now he is preparing to tear it up this season for the Phins!!

not carlito - are you going to tell everyone else making a Zach Thomas comment to let Dansby have his moment?? Zach Thomas can have his retirement moment over any new player any time, any where!!

Does having Dansby at the Moe give him more freedom to roam, and kind of freelance within the system?. From a leadership role, I think it says a lot about a guy that he didn't need a big press conference, or a "Dansby Day" He wants to be a leader. Go about his buisness, be a part of a squad. For a linebacker, leading by example is the way to gain the respect of your teamates. Showing your new team that you don't need all of the attention of a hyped free agent signing, should go a long way in the locker room.

Karlos Dansby will have the same impact on the Dolphins defense as Marshall will have on the offense

Dansby will do fine under Nolan's system.
He brings leadership to our D and athletic too. Can't wait to see it.

I think Dansby will have a much bigger, and positive impact than Marshall. I say this because Crowder was the leading tackler at Ilb with 52 tackles. This was one of the big reasons that our saftey play was so pourous. They were busy making all the tackles. Even if Dansby only makes 75 tackles, that is 25 more plays that the safties didn't have to make, now they will be able to key on the pass a little more. Also Dansby is the type of player that must be gameplanned around. This should help Crowder as well.
Offensivley, you could compare the play at reciever to the plat at Ilb. It was not good enough. Marshall is an obvious upgrade, and I think we will chuck it more this year. I just think that if I had to choose between Marshall, or Dansby, I would pick Dansby. I'm happy to have both! See you fine folks later

Armando, on the subject of Lisfranc fractures, we have had a lot of this fracture on our team lately. Is this from getting purposely stomped on when you are on the ground and off your feet? Are the players being targeted on the field? Kinda seemed that way last year.

Zach coming back as a Dolphin (even though it's to retire) is the best news I have recieved from the Dolphins since the sad news about Jason Taylor. Thank you Dolphins for this great gesture.

Long time season ticket holder

Armando, I find it funny that you note Dansby has been under the radar, since it is only the media that puts attention, or not, on any specific player.

Given the forum you have at the Herald you could have single handedly given Dansby a higher profile, despite what other SFLA media types were writing about.

So how bout saying "maybe I should have been writing more about Danby and his potential impact on the Fins D, but like others I got caught up in other stories, like Brandon Marshall."

How's that for ownership, rather than saying "and that player is somehow overshadowed much of the offseason." As if you did not contribute to placing him in the shadows.

lol MJZ who cares!

Sorry Darryl Dunphy but you are wrong. Akin had the most at 71 so Dansby having 75 won't help as much. Also, an ILB missing a tackle doesn't make our DBs have poor coverage. Dansby will be a huge impact because he will have over 100 tackles and more importantly have knockdowns, sacks, hurries and ints. That is what our ILBs have been missing over the years.

Hvk Your right blew it on that one! He's not here so I Forgot about Akin. But my point is that the safties were making too many tackles. They did have to cheat against the run more then they should. I'm not saying that was the only reason that they were getting burned, but it was a factor. Thanks for the correction!

Brandon Marshall Will Be And Do Marshall.Karlos Dansby Will Play At The Same Lvl He Did In The "A".In Two Years Marshall Will Still Be Marshall,But Dansby Will Be The Better Version Of Urlacher(No injury problems).
The Reason He Plays Just Great Is,Its A New Scheme.An Theres No-one that can help him cause its a Mike's Scheme.When He Really Adjust,He'll Be The Best Ilb.Even Wills Cant Touch Him!!!

An Tha Back-up What Im Sayin.Watch nxt Years Draft,Its The Same Like This Years.Full With Great Defencive Plays.We'll Draft A Runnin Back An The Rest,Jus D!

Karlos is a versatile LB and may be used in a number of positions and packages. 3-4 hybrid on the inside and outside and in 4-3 coverage packages. He is much better in pass drops than Crowder could ever hope to be. Hell, even Reggie Torbor had to come in on the pass downs for Crowder. I see Crowder looking hard over his shoulder this year as Tim Dobbins, AJ Edds, and Austin Spitler will have an opening to get reps in place of Crowder in some packages. Their versatility against the run and pass will eventually move Crowder on...
Awesome news about Zach Thomas signing to retire a Dolphins. Class move by a class organization...

I love the signing of Dansby! Crowder seemed lost once Zack left and he had to figure things out for himself.
With all the new talent at LB, he may be the odd man out!
It's open competition at almost every position! If you are the weakest link, you may be gone. You have about 3 years to show what you can do. Just ask Ted Ginn, jr.
Stir up the pot, add a little spice, but don't forget the meat and taters! Can you smell what's cooking?

Dansby and new defensive coordinator will improve this defense 100%... not to mention the new rookie LB which will develop as the year goes by.... we need to pressure the QB.... last year it was a joke!!

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