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Vacation time is here for Dolphins in Depth

The Dolphins have an open OTA session Tuesday (June 1) and again on June 9.

I will miss them. I'll be on vacation until a few weeks before training camp. That's in July.

For the latest Dolphins coverage you should come to the Herald's Dolphins pages and sports pages. If I get something I absolutely have to share with you, I'll have it for you here. But that will be the exception rather than the rule.

We've done this every summer for a couple of years now so I'm sure you will survive the dry period.

We'll get back at it in July for what promises to be a very eventful 2010 season.

Oh, one more thing before I go:

As you know I've been sort of beating the drums about the Dolphins versus Jets rivalry the past few weeks. The other day I tweeted that Tony Sparano had lost 30 pounds this offseason and had done it through hard work and not using a lap band.

Profootballtalk.com ran with the comment, suggesting I was taking an enormous swipe at Rex Ryan, and now Jets fans are aflutter that I disrespected the New York coach. I can deal with that. I think Rex Ryan is an adult. He's made some life decisions and should be ready and probably is ready to deal with the scrutiny those decisions bring.

But Jets fans are starting to bug me. I always wondered why Dolphins fans and Jets fans always seemed to get into fights at games. I think I get it now. Some of those folks are annoying.

Some of that annoying point of view can be found right here on a Jets blog. I encourage you to go to that blog and give those folks your view how the Dolphins match up with their team, how Tony Sparano matches up with Rex Ryan, how this blog matches up with that one.

Be respectful, please. But make your voices heard.

And share in the comments section here what you told those people over there.

Have a great summer.  


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"I will miss them. I'll be on vacation until a few weeks before training camp. That's in July."

OK so we'll see ya Thursday then :)

Have Fun.

Armando, have fun. This blog is about to get out of control.

Are you taking Jeff Darlington with you? He's not a government employee like me getting paid to do nothing. Make that guy earn his paycheck.

Armando, this is no different than YOUR making a big deal about the Rex Ryan middle-finger incident. (And then conveniently failed to mention, or even acknowledge, Jay Glazer's subsequent description of the events that precipitated that -- namely, the low-life Fins fan who spit on him.)

You took personal joy at creating that controversy aimed at Rex (and anything thing else that will help you sell newspapers to the NY fanbase down here), and now it's pretty obvious you can't stand it directed right back at you. Next time be a man and tell Rex your insults to his face. I hope he calls you out for your low-class remark at the next press conference you attend so that everyone can watch you squirm like the cowad that you are.

bobby I would love nothing more than to slap that racist face of yours. Tired of all the racist faces.....

Weston jets fan,

Who cares if mando created controversy with Rex jabba the hutt Ryan. Ryan is a disgusting slob. He gave people the middle finger shows that jabba has no class. This is the man's character. You would have never seen Shula act that way. I believe Armando would not have any trouble addressing Ryan to his face. Why should he. Ryan is a pig...period.

Weston jet fans,

Why dont you go somewhere else if you are not happy with Armando. Judas Priest, use some sense. I for one will not visit Jet's sites because I dont have the time to deal with scum.

And another thing Armando, if you Jets fans are starting to bother you, than why don't you stop writing and commenting about the Jets ALL THE TIME. Why don't you do a search in any of the NY papers (Star Ledger, NY Times, Newsday, NY Post, NY Daily News, etc.) for the word "Dolphins" and take note at how often it's appeared since the end of the last regular season. Jets fans DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE DOLPHINS!

Hey, ACE, I'm willing to bet half the coaches in this league would have done the same thing or worse after being spit on by one of the trashy elements down here. But that's obviously something Armando doesn't want you to know about . . .

I noticed posts being deleted - so I posted the following:

LipsInToronto, on May 31st, 2010 at 3:47 pm Said:
Agree with Armando or not, as least he leaves the outrageous and bashing comments from jets fans on his blog. He hardly censors any of the unfriendly banter…

It seems any pro Dolphins post is being deleted from here..

Ironic, really – using a lap band equivalent, you delete any argument you can’t beat!


Jets fans bother everybody. It is the same with Yanks and Sox. Both fans detest each other. I dont give a rat's @zzz about the Jets. You CARE so much about the Dolphins that you are here NOW. Go away and get high somewhere.

Respectful of jet fans? Get a hold of yourself Mando. You, more than most understand we hate the ground this scum slither on. These lower life forms are a blight on humanity that should have been eraticated years ago.

How sad is it when these carpetbaggers move to our tropical paradise and whine like bitches they are? Instead of embrassing their new home, all they can talk about is, where they came from. Here's a clue: 95 North

Jabba the REX RYAN, showed his true character. Later he apologizes but doesnt mean it. Someone spit on him and got a rise out of him. Poor Rexy, I hope someone spits on that fool again.

LipsInToronto, on May 31st, 2010 at 3:53 pm Said:
And ya, it was a slight cheap shot at Rex – but Rex takes every one he can at the phins, with a smile.. so he is ok playing that game.. but the bigger topic is that Sporano is training twice daily and in the best shape he has been in for 12 yrs.

While I wish Rex good luck with his weight loss and hope his overall health improves because of it… saying the ends justify the means is just wrong.

On a steady diet of cocaine, am sure he would lose weight too… how about bolemia or anorexia.. while not illegal or as dangerous as the methods I mentioned, lap band is not the recommended or preferred way to lose weight.. so kudos to Coach S for doing it right.


I come here because I subscribe to the Herald and find Salguero's constant references to the Jets to be irritating and off-base. Up north, where I'm from, our local beat writers are actually objective, focus on their own team, and tend to actually criticize their own team more than the fanbase. I know I should just stop reading his columns, but you know what, his garbage has been cluttering Jets fan messageboards all offseason, so it's getting a little hard to ignore. And now he wants you to defend his honor on a Jets fan messageboard? If you really want us to go away, tell the author of this blog to stop obsessing about our team.

Oh yeah, I really love this quote by Armando "Profootballtalk.com ran with the comment, suggesting I was taking an enormous swipe at Rex Ryan . . . " SUGGESTING you were taking an enormous swipe at Rex Ryan?! What the hell would you call that? Armando, you made the insult, now be a man quit backtracking from it and own up to it.

Weston Jets Fan: If your lard filled coach used some self control like our coach is doing, he'd take up less room then 3 people.
Instead he chose the easy way out and showed his true colors, he's a big mouth who if not for having a daddy with connections, would basically be you, some putz on his momma's coach in the basement.

Seriously who cares about this whole weight loss thing. Commenting on a Jets fan blog is stupid and pointless. We don't want those guys coming here with their bs tirades, so let's not do the same to them.

Weston, I have NO desire to go to another blog to teams that I detest(Jets/Red Sox). I dont care what the fans are thinking about. I wont go to a Red Sox blog because I cannot stand to read their opinions, so I will not do it. So if Armando's blogs bother you, dont read them. Go to a Jets blog to follow up on your team.

Apparently my comments have been deleted. The regulars know exactlly how I feel about carpetbaggers and jet s c u m

NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Don't goooooooooooooooooooo!!

C-bad agree with you.

I see posts on here from so called jets fans. I often think it is bozo trying to get a rise out of us fans here. Nobody really know who is who anyways. So to go on the Jets site and post as GO-PHINS, what would that accomplish? I have no desire to do it.

Weston, Half the coaches would have done the same in public??? LOL

Name a few.

Weston, you know there's a solution to your problem with Mando and Miami. I95 North. Do not stop until you smell the Humble oil refineries. It's not that difficult, gas up and keep going.

C-bad, I agree with you as well. Another method would be to tell the author of this blog to stop intentionally stirring things up by mentioning the Jets every chance he gets.

Guy's Rex (Two ton)Ryan is FAT.......... Enough said, And guys mando is on Vacation but the cuban is here.....

Weston, are you related to Ryan ? If not, why do you care what some columnist writes on his blog or what some nameless/faceless people write ? I could care less what you and your jet fans write on your sites, never been to one, never will, just not interested. If Ryan cares what Armando wrote, then he's got thin skin issue's and needs to find another job.

Try living around them your whole life Armando.

Home are you out there?

Home, please go over to the Jets blogs.

Those poor people there want to know more about Haarp and New World Order. Please help them, they are afraid to ask you.

Get 'em cuban.

lol @ cuban menace!

To me, having a head coach heavier then all members of your team, other then the NT, is scary and also laughable.

PS. if any of you have been to a home jets game and look into the stand, you'll know why this hit a nerve.

I hate it when Armando goes on vacation. Enjoy, Mando. We'll miss you.

Yes ACE, We're about to unleash our secret weapon(HOME)On the jet masses(And by Mass) Of course I'am talking about Rex(TWO TON)Ryan, Jet fans The Miami herald is proud to give you HOME>............................................

Since this is my first year on the blog, I don really know the answer to this question. Is it worth even coming on here in the next 6 weeks? Do people still post regularly, is there a max amount of pages a blog entry can have? I enjoy coming here even with the nonsense

Rex Ryan is a fire hazard. Can you imagine all that lard being close to an open flame?

Home I know you are ready this.

The nice folks(Jets fans) up in NY, would like more info on the Haarp and government control of the weather. They need more info and are to shy to ask for it. They gave me a couple of sites:

This is not an exhaustive list, but a good place to start. The truth is out there.

No, yes, sometimes.

I live in NYC. A lot of Jet Fans I meet daily seem to have a healthy perspective on te franchise. They have been let down repeatedly by the franchise. Problem is the Jets became the vogue pic to win the AFC. So that brings out the blow hards that forget that they are just 2 years removed from the Brett favre fiasco which led tithe firing of the coach they once referred to as mangenius. They now need to win it all or bust, if they don't, then here comes another coaching change.

Bootang, yes, you can still come on the latest blog and post, I don't think there's a limit to pages. I wouldn't say people post regularly, but there's the periodic banter when more than a couple posters are on at one time. I check for any updates, but kind of go on hiatus myself until the action picks up in July.

That's the difference with us, Dolphins nonsense is enjoyable, while Jets nonsense is just plain pathetic!

Cuban, what's your take on Misi? Wake?

I just read the comments on that jets blog, and from I saw jet fans have to be the rudest people in the world.

Home I forgot to add.

All Jets fans disagree with your assessment of Sean Smith. Please go over there and share with them your thoughts.


Thanks man, I guess I will check in and if nothing is going on, no problem.

Bootang just keep on posting and reading. It will be fine.

Ace, football is a man's game. And head coaches are leaders of men. Do you really think most would have walked away after being spit on? I sure as hell wouldn't want my head coach to do that.

Just thought i would share with you guys what i said in the blog for that team from ny: "Guuys do you still have the broom from last year you know when you swet us??? OH NO....wait... WE SWEPT YOU thanks guys keep at it and if you are gonna come up with the "we made the playoffs b.s" you only made the playoffs because two teams played their 3rd stringers against you.... and yes we have a better team, henne is a much better qb than sanchez, our o line is better or lb's are better our coach is better aand we are just cooler than you guys, live with it!"


Control and class are lacking with Jabba Rex Ryan. He lost control in public.

Coco, Misi looks like he might break into the starting line up seeing he was practicing with the 1st team this past week, But does any of that really matter during OTAs???? And Wake should get 8 to 12 sacks this year(Hopefully) And to those posting on the "Jets blog" Dont bother, They erase it quickly, But I do Believe that they need to be warned of HARRP, Aliens, And of course Crab people, So I Ask HOME, Please spread your words of wisdom to the Naysayers on the jets blog........HURRY, Time is running out......

Cuban, you having a good Memorial Day?

I'm just relaxing with some bourbon and coke.
I needed a day off, with pay of course.

Wake in double digit sacks seems very possible for him.

Worked today ace(At double time)(CHAAA CHINGGG) enjoy that Jack and coke buddy, or Jim beam and coke..... Fransico, they already erased it..

J-E-T-S suck suck suck. Nuff said, enjoy your vaca Armando.

As my Finnish idol Ludvig Borga once said, "Everyday is Labor Day - you don't work!" This applies to you Mando, hee hee

And who cares about the jets or their fans - F*** em!!!

I think Weston is gone, finally. Oh yeah, all the used car lots are closed by now.

Cuban, my belief is they screwed the pooch when they let JT go. The rap on Misi was he gets pushed around...needs strength and conditioning. And Wake is a one trick pony, pass rush and that's it. We'll see.

JETS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan is a fat kn0b jockey, go Miami, another clean sweep of Jets vermin next year!!!

Is it true that Rex Ryan was the basis of Jabba The Hutt in star wars?????

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