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Vacation time is here for Dolphins in Depth

The Dolphins have an open OTA session Tuesday (June 1) and again on June 9.

I will miss them. I'll be on vacation until a few weeks before training camp. That's in July.

For the latest Dolphins coverage you should come to the Herald's Dolphins pages and sports pages. If I get something I absolutely have to share with you, I'll have it for you here. But that will be the exception rather than the rule.

We've done this every summer for a couple of years now so I'm sure you will survive the dry period.

We'll get back at it in July for what promises to be a very eventful 2010 season.

Oh, one more thing before I go:

As you know I've been sort of beating the drums about the Dolphins versus Jets rivalry the past few weeks. The other day I tweeted that Tony Sparano had lost 30 pounds this offseason and had done it through hard work and not using a lap band.

Profootballtalk.com ran with the comment, suggesting I was taking an enormous swipe at Rex Ryan, and now Jets fans are aflutter that I disrespected the New York coach. I can deal with that. I think Rex Ryan is an adult. He's made some life decisions and should be ready and probably is ready to deal with the scrutiny those decisions bring.

But Jets fans are starting to bug me. I always wondered why Dolphins fans and Jets fans always seemed to get into fights at games. I think I get it now. Some of those folks are annoying.

Some of that annoying point of view can be found right here on a Jets blog. I encourage you to go to that blog and give those folks your view how the Dolphins match up with their team, how Tony Sparano matches up with Rex Ryan, how this blog matches up with that one.

Be respectful, please. But make your voices heard.

And share in the comments section here what you told those people over there.

Have a great summer.  


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Cocoa, I could live with a one trick pony if that is what he excels at.

Cuban, yes Jabba the Hutt character was inspired by Rex. Just picture Rex laying on some kind of slab with no shirt on. After a few drinks he will be slurring(aw waha chewybaca hansolo) his speech as he dips his hand into a bowl to pick out a frog to eat.

Of course we all know what happened to Jabba in the movie......strangled to DEATH by Pricess Lay me.


Posted by: Weston Jets Fan | May 31, 2010 at 03:49 PM

Obviously a lie or you wouldn't be wasting your time and ours with your ridiculous posts nor would you even be visiting this site.

Weston Jets Fans you are my kind of scum.

Now Weston who said that?

Rex Ryan????


Wow, this sounds like a call to arms Armando, I love it. Whoever it was that suggested sending in Home as an undercover spy to ruin their blog should reward themselves with a T-Bone Steak. My Idea is to get the best In Depth bloggers, and have a showdown, a donnybrook, or even a knife fight with the top Jet bloggers, kind of a cyber west side story

This is how I honestly see the AFC East panning out this year.

1. Miami 11-5
2. N.E. 10-6
3. Buffalo 5-11
4. NY Jets 2-14 (at best)

Is that your final answer, Cuban?

Darrly, thanks for the T-bone steak.

ALoco, Honestly, could you see Shula giving someone the finger in public?

I just cant see it, I guess.

Darryl, Aloco could sing "Maria", I love it, just like west side story,The Jets vs The Sharks.... I could be Officer Krupke, And Home could sing "I'am so Pretty" lol............

Cuban I can only imagine what part marc would play in the movie.

Who'll play "Riff" and Bernardo"?????

Ace, Can I Use A lifeline?????

Marc could play the part of Anita, the sister of bernardo, she works in(And Iam not making this up)A dress shop......................

What up Cuban-We have 6 weeks to cast West side story. I think that when Armando comes back he has to play Bernardo, he has to stab Riff, that would be perfect!

no ,i don't ace .



Dear Mr. Salguero

"Whoever it was that suggested sending in Home as an undercover spy to ruin their blog"

I agree with this....The New guy will be like a virus they can't get off their blog.

Just Tell Home for his sacrifice, there will be 13 virgins waiting for him in Dolphin Blog Heaven.

Praise Tuna...lalalalalalalalalalala

Soiled :)

LOL, Aloco could be "Baby jon".......Half the cast is made, what well we do for the next 6 weeks???

People can be so ignorant sometimes. Half of those jets comments were about you going back to cuba or Hispanic this, Hispanic that. Ignorant hate which has nothing to do with football. And to those fans that said the dolphins suck, and they're pathetic and to talk football, what happened when the jets played the dolphins last year? Oh yeah, the dolphins won. Twice. J-E-T-S. Suck suck suck!!!


Soiled, What part in the upcoming "West side story" will you be auditioning for????

Dear Mr. Menace

"Soiled, What part in the upcoming "West side story" will you be auditioning for????"

Glad Hand, chaperone at the dance

Soiled :)

Armando, you're a real idiot, just so you know. What's better.. 2 wins vs. division rival or advancing to the AFC title game?

You're the only writer who pushes this rivalry. The reason is because nobody else takes the Dolphins seriously as a contender. Jets have bigger things on their minds than 2 games vs. the Dolphins. The Dolphins, and fools like you, just want to compete with the Jets and beat them whereas the Jets want to win the Super Bowl.

I was thinking more on the lines of "Doc" The owner of the drug store, But whatever you want to do is cool with me Uncle Soiled..........

I hate the Jets!

Who needs Armando, When we are holding a potential casting for West Side Story


Classless, racist, xenophobic.. Jets fans have it all.

Guys, why don't you remind Jets fans a few more times about how you swept us last year or how you let us advance into the playoffs by choking down the stretch. Things that happen during the regular season seems so irrelevant and easily forgotten when your team advances to the AFC Championship Game. Maybe someday you lamea##es will be able to experience that and know what I'm talking about. Until then, by all means, keep discussing the 2009 regular season and how good your team was a quarter-century ago.

Good night

what did you win by advancing to the afc championship crab game ?

the only team wo wn any thing is the SAINTS .

Goodnight, while I dream about a Superbowl Win that happened before I was born looking forward to one that will probaly not happen till after I die. The Jets my azzzzzz

Just win one playoff game -- just ONE -- and then your trash talking will mean something. Until then you're a joke.


What does making it to the AFC Championship Game mean? Seriously? Playoff experience counts for a lot. Without it you end up getting romped 27-9 at home to the Ravens in the wild card round.

FORTY ONE YEARS of total choke and sh@t BUT because the Colts and Bengals laid down for us in regular season we are almost to the Superbowl. God, Im a Buffoon

First off, whats a Jet fan doing living in Weston.... Ahh I know, this fan is tired of the low life, scum breathing crap that surfaces in NY. The Big Apple with the BIG Ego, trying to lure you into a word battle, when most of us know New Yorkers are complete retards. Hey Weston, you and missy piggy (Rexy) can back and crawl under the same rock for all we Fin Fans care. You're loser and so is Rexy.

I don't LIVE in Weston per say, I provide maid service to many homes in Weston for the rich Dolphin Fans. I actually live in Liberty City, close enough

Trublufan, Rexy couldn't hide behind a Freaken Boulder, how is he supposed to crawl under a rock?

Jordi, I'm a big Dolphin fan. Rex may be hated, but is an excellent coach. If he loses the AFC,
they will not can him. The AFC is very strong. The Fins or Jets could lose on any given day to at least six teams in the AFC.

Did I miss the tryouts for Westside Story? I hope not.

Odd that we are roughly 3 hours from OJ Atogwe being a free agent, and it has been oddly quiet on that front. I guess this has to do with it being a 3 day weekend. Should be interesting if he becomes available to see if the Dolphins 'interest' in him is merely media conjecture, or actually true.


how is your girl friend ?


Keep holding on your dreams.

Cinci and Indy laid down for you, that's the facts.

Here's two more facts for you:

1. We whipped your sorry A S S E S PERIOD.

2. You guys played your best game of the season and guess what? We Whipped your sorry NY A S S E S AGAIN.

We got your number and it's only going to get worse. Your wins against Cinci and San Diego don't amount to S H I T cause as usual you guys choked when it counted.

Soiled (@ 7:32 PM)

R O C K !!

Weston Jets Fan,

I see you are still here. You do care about what Dolphin fans think. You are a typical bozo.

I don't know who's more pathetic, fish fans or the bush league fish beat reporters. Here's to another futile season in Miami. Enjoy losing twice to the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS.

What are they so proud about backing into the playoffs???

Indy gave them that game. I cant wait til we see those saps


She is fantastic. She's visiting her family in Atlanta until Wednesday. Been a quiet weekend. Thanks for the wholehearted, genuine concern.

to all fin fans , you all idiots and ignorant .to be a jet fan is to a smart fan .

is she beautiful Bootang25 ?

Pootang25 I will wipe your sissy @zz all over this blog. You make me puke!

Hey you guys, lighten up on girlfriend BS!

I had an awsome memorial day weekend bash. Except that I just woke up off the floor cracked open another beer and started remembering why I'm single again. Completely single this time.

I think I really did it this time. God she was so young and hot too!

Oh well, killer bash, we're still cranking it out!


I know you troll here, so if you see this just know I hate you!

This of course doesn't mean I won't still love you. Every chance I get.

Whaddaya say?

Why do they call them the new york jets when evey thing is in jersey. That's reason enough not to like them.

Weston Jets Prick, learn grammar before you post things about ignorance. And go back to the Jersey Shore loser!

To Everyone:


I would like to thank America's Warriors for giving
us the opportunity to enjoy this weekend.


We may not agree on WHEN and WHERE they should fight...but we can ALL agree that we wouldn't be able to live our lives without them. God Bless us all, and God bless The United States of America.

Armando they would't let me post this.
The only team that has to spell out the name so they remember who they are. We won twice against the #1 defense, that says we own you. Maybe if Rex gave Lap dances, he would be more respected for at least working up a sweat. Any one associated with the NFL should man up and do it the old fashion way. If you have a physical issue, that is one thing. How are the players going to respect a coach who takes a short cut.

Funny how Jet's fans go crazy over that comment Armando made. Ignorant fools...

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