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Vacation time is here for Dolphins in Depth

The Dolphins have an open OTA session Tuesday (June 1) and again on June 9.

I will miss them. I'll be on vacation until a few weeks before training camp. That's in July.

For the latest Dolphins coverage you should come to the Herald's Dolphins pages and sports pages. If I get something I absolutely have to share with you, I'll have it for you here. But that will be the exception rather than the rule.

We've done this every summer for a couple of years now so I'm sure you will survive the dry period.

We'll get back at it in July for what promises to be a very eventful 2010 season.

Oh, one more thing before I go:

As you know I've been sort of beating the drums about the Dolphins versus Jets rivalry the past few weeks. The other day I tweeted that Tony Sparano had lost 30 pounds this offseason and had done it through hard work and not using a lap band.

Profootballtalk.com ran with the comment, suggesting I was taking an enormous swipe at Rex Ryan, and now Jets fans are aflutter that I disrespected the New York coach. I can deal with that. I think Rex Ryan is an adult. He's made some life decisions and should be ready and probably is ready to deal with the scrutiny those decisions bring.

But Jets fans are starting to bug me. I always wondered why Dolphins fans and Jets fans always seemed to get into fights at games. I think I get it now. Some of those folks are annoying.

Some of that annoying point of view can be found right here on a Jets blog. I encourage you to go to that blog and give those folks your view how the Dolphins match up with their team, how Tony Sparano matches up with Rex Ryan, how this blog matches up with that one.

Be respectful, please. But make your voices heard.

And share in the comments section here what you told those people over there.

Have a great summer.  


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i believe the dolphins fans are not smart enough to talk to a jet fan ,why don't you all leave this blog for the smart high IQ jet fans like me

HEY!!! Weston Jet Fan
to all fin fans , you all idiots and ignorant .to be a jet fan is to a smart fan .

Are you trying to say.
To all the Fin fans, you are or you're all ignorant idiots. Put the period a little closer. To be a fan of the Jet's it's to be a smart fan. You lost me at the end.


Just a real quick like to the guys here on the blog. I have visited the blog Mando left us to go to. Lots of thin skin over there. They are deleting so much its a joke. If this blog did the same they would have a fit. Just goes to show how weak and sorry those fans and team really are. THE JESTS SUCK!!!!

I am going to make myself well know there... I suggest you do the same...Just try to play by the rules, you will likely get deleted anyway...THEY ARE A VERY THIN SKINNED BUNCH. Its a deserved pay back for how often this blog has been trolled by dirty scummy Jests weasels.

Dolphins RULE 2010!!!!!!

derek, the ss blog is the same . they are deleting a lot over there to .


Your girl finally got her eye sight back and realized she was dating a long haired freak wrench turning loser like you

weston dates a guy named butch .

Tryptich, on May 31st, 2010 at 9:03 pm Said:

Anyways, outside of pointlessly arguing fins/jets… In terms of Dolphins writers… Armando is one of if not the worst, his cheap shots at Rex are nothing surprising, he cheap shots pretty much everything including the fins not giving him the media access he feels entitled to.

LOOKY HERE WHAT ONE OF OUR POSTERS HERE SAID ABOUT YOU ARMANDO. This guy posted this on the Jets blog. Go figure!

Butch and Weston sitting in a tree. Oh gross
Butch you can do so much better. I'll give you the number to my dog.

Jets fans are the worst. I hooked with one last week and actually had to turn her around so I couldn't hear her moan in that awful Jersey accent. I hope she's not reading this.... Oh wait, is that you Weston Jets Fan? Sorry

Can I be the dumbest person ever? All day long talking to people who think I'm a complete A-Hole and yet I continue. Shows how stupid Jet fans are

All night I'm gonna get banged in my azzzzz and will be barely able to bend over and clean the toilets in Weston. God, I so dumb

That's ok Rodge, all guys do that to me, at least you didn't slap me in my head like the rest

Weston, There is a dude named pricemaster who wants you to just sleep on his sofa.

This how smart I am, I subscribe (steal out of box) to the Miami Herald and read the blog because Armando annoys me and I want to see what he saying. "NORMAL" people would try to avoid things that bother them but not ME! I can't get enough Duhhhhhhhhhh

Weston, I really like you, wanna sleep on my couch?

Armando they wouldn't even post this (I sense fear)

Hey losing AFC is really like 4th place. In the Olympics doesn't warrant a medal.
First interview with Revis about Marshall going to Miami you could tell in his voice he was worried.
Marshall Law on Revis Island.

Weston, this isn't your "gay" Jets blog where you talk bull and they delete your remarks. Stay off our blog skum or you will pay the price here.

Don't they have cops in Weston? If so, aren't they checking these jet fan to see if they have PAPERS? How can the good citizens of Weston sleep at night knowing there are jet fans near? And besides, I though that Fla would stop them from coming in, and perhaps they could stop them at the gate and make them hear the game on there car radio, sure would make it nice for the Dolphin fans. Bill

Armando....have a great vacation!! You work hard man.....talk to you soon.

Damn guys, they delete stuff faster than I can type them at those jet blogs. If they did this here it would make my job very hard.
Here is a sample:

Rex Ryan lo gusta comer mucho como un puerco sucio. Rex tiene un cuerpo de una ballena en la playa.
Translation: Rex likes to coach alot.
Rex is in ok shape to coach

Now why did they delete this?? WTF

The Weston Jets fan is a gay maid.

Hey Bootang, DC Dolfan...Rob in OC...Bobby etc...looks like normal decent intelligent posts will be "on hold" now for 6 weeks.

In the maentime my hopes are that
1 We make a play for ATOGWE.
2 Henne starts to show hes the boss now.
3 hartline and Camarillo shore up their spots with Bess in the slot.
4 Kory Sheets wins a spot on the roster aagin.
5 BM starts to practice

Cya later guys....oh btw....im thinking of coming up to Miami early next year....any advice about tailgate parties?????...would LOVE to share a brewskie with any Dolphin fan available....

Go rip the Jets fans. I had fun doing it. There's just so much to hammer them about I missed a few things

Here are the two other teams I think are in the hunt for Oj Atogwe

The Rams- Will probably let him test the Fa market and wait to see if he recieves any offers close to the 7 mil tender. There is the possibility they sign him so they can trade him so they don't get stuck with that contract.

The Crackwagon- Jerry Jones loves big free agents, and probably will be willing to ante up the 7 million. The Crackwagon, like the Phins are thin at free saftey, but did not address that spot in the draft.

ahha, your twitter is closed. can't handle the heat? Dont start fights you can not handle.

and you waisted an entire post telling people you are on twitter.

oh man, we got the watch dogs working tonight. no anti-dolphin comments on this blog!

eli go to bed ,this clown is out

touchdown miami!

i hate jets fans ill fight any of them cuz there so annoying i want to punch their faces in!!!!

i hate jets fans ill fight any of them cuz there so annoying i want to punch their faces in!!!!

Rex and weston are a prime example of why cousins should never have sex!!!Losers both of them,im not far from you,tell me a place and time and I will show you what an old fashioned florida azz kicking is all about!

Enjoy your vacation mando
Go Dolphins Go Henne!!!!!

Geez...... its like everyone packed up...
got into a Station Wagon...and left for the Summer!

Armando, enjoy your vacation.

As a dolphins fan who lives in Scranton, Pa. I only see games in hostile territory. I've gone to dolphins/jets games for probably 15 years running at the meadowlands. The monday night meltdown was especially horrible. Plenty of stories - I once had not set foot on macadam yet before the first "F U Marino" came down on me because of my jersey. But the rivalry is great. If you can handle it when you lose, they will respect you when you win. A-holes should not participate. I hate the jets, but I'll be respectful of people. And shake anyone's hand who offers it.

Ive been reading some coheret jet fan banter on their blog, so I think some of them r intelligent, decent human beings. Most, however, act like they were raised by wolves. We can go back and forth with stats, historic games where we beat one another, or just nonsensical trash talk. Either way, the talk ends with either winning the big one, or beating the crap out of the other team. We beat the crap out of u twice last yr, jets, and sorry ass Ted ginn took 2 back on u so we could SWEEEEEP u. Dolphins r better bc we were more successful against the jets. Debate over.

I had a dream that a bus full of Jets fans went over a cliff and died.It was actually a pleasant dream until I realized there was 3 empty seats.

Beerndrums that must have been a nightmare... But it's ok we will make sure the bus is loaded before we let them leave tha stadium next time!

What's the word on oj?

"The only team that has to spell out the name so they remember who they are."

The Eagles do it too, but you're smart, so I'll let that go -- the lap dance joke was sheer brilliance. Such a shame they wouldn't let you post that winner.

Bendiesel, let me get this straight. You blast most Jet fans for not being intelligent and then claim that unless you win the big one, you are better if you beat a team? Does that make the Bills better than the Colts? Debate over? You are an idiot.

These Jet's fans here are the rejects from NY. They were sent here to Dolphin heaven as their purgatory. These are the ones that were not allowed in jet's home games because they constantly soiled their pants and would stink up the place so as punishement they were exiled to South Florida where part of their punisment is having to write their rantings in these dolphin blogs. It is all about jelousy and envy mixed with the knowleadge that no matter how much they denied it, deep inside they all have men crush on our players.

Just got back from trying to post on their blog and they did not accept any of my posts.

They were making racial jokes about armando's last name so i mentioned something about their mexican burrito quarterback going back to Tijuana after his leg gets broken by a pass rusher during the first play of the teams first game against each other and they did not like it. I do not understand what the deal is with my question regarding NY best restaurants, those hot dog stands at every interception.

Why Jets fans so mad at Mando for taking a shot a the Jets... If they come around here more they will realize all he do is take shots at Dolphins... this was a pleasant change.

P.S. Rex Ryan is Fat

P.P.S. Jets 8-8 at best

I feel sorry for anyone who root for the Jets. Its like being L.A. Clippers fan...

If you going to root for a NY team, you root for the giants... Unless you have no class and smell like onions, then you Jets fan

Mando, I love it that you are taking on the Jets and their coach that is full of himself and hot air.

You hate them. Dolphins fans love you.

It's funny how Jets fans are showing their prejudice and bigotted nature by making Hispanic jokes about Armando while they root for their Mexican QB.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend and so Armando aside from reading you every day in the herald and on this blog, I know consider you a brother for getting on the Jets and showing them the bottom of your boot.

LOL, nice, even with Mando on vacation Home's stupid conspiracy posts are being deleted.

What's the word on oj?

Posted by: Grrreatdane | June 01, 2010 at 07:59 AM

He's doing 8 to 15 years in Nevada......... Ohh Wrong O.J, Sorry, He's enjoying his big settlement from the Phin doctor who he says shorten his career..., Ohhhh snap wrong OJ again?????Which one you refer to Marmaduke(AKA Great Dane)???????? Sorry couldnt help the Marmaduke joke.......

OK guys while Mandos out to play, The Menace is working the blog, Gonna have a Q @ A starting at 12 pm, So have your Qs ready for the Cuban......

The Cuban is going "Commando" Style......

They deleted this post!

Lap band = Signing over hill wash ups to try and buy a title.

Hardwork = Drafting and signing young talent that will rule on Sundays and alot of titles.

Lap Band = Jets (buying results)

Hard work = Dolphins (working for results)

Enjoy your last season jets, you will not repeat it in 2010.

This is true: Yesterday Mando challenged the Jets fans to debate him on his radio show. I watched on twitter as many of them said they couldn't wait to go at it with him. Not one of them showed up. They are all cowards!!!!!

And when I posted to that Jets blog, they deleted my post. They are all cowards!!!!!

Big talk, no balls.

June 1, 2010 at 10:47 am
I’d also like to warn the SS , Chris T , my fellow mobsters and all the other great dolphin bloggers on here, Armando S at the Herald will be going on vacation until some time in july. There will be hardly any new blogs there. The infestation of trolls , scum , idiots and the like will try to make there way to this great blog site and try to infest it with it’s 3 ring circus , garbage and filth. I hope that Chris T and the SS will keep this infestation OUTTA HERE ! Thanks , it would be greatly appreciated,

This was posted by NJ Phin fan on the Sun Sentinal, I challenge everyone to post over there while Mando's on vacation thus opening up a "Second front" on our "Blog wars".......

I ain't even gonna try to spell his last name.... Just read an article sayin he is commin off a serious injury... Would he be an upgrade I have heard people say he will be another fa bust like wilson... Marmaduke refrence is actually funny thinkin of changing my name

I for one wouldn't waste my time going to a jest blog. Let them dilude themselves, some thing's dont change.... no matter.

Big talk means very little when you CAN'T back it up. jets are losers from loserville.

cuban, why would any ony one go to the SS TO ADD MORE HITS FOR THEM ?

There is NO NEED for us Dolfans to LOWER ourselves to the troll sock puppet level of the jet scum.

The gag green IS green with envy as our franchise has always been superior to theirs. Can't wait to blow them up another 2 times this season.

pet fans will ALWAYS be loser malcontents.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Whoever it was that suggested sending in Home as an undercover spy to ruin their blog"

I agree with this....The New guy will be like a virus they can't get off their blog.

Just Tell Home for his sacrifice, there will be 13 virgins waiting for him in Dolphin Blog Heaven.

Praise Tuna...lalalalalalalalalalala

Soiled :)


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