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Vacation time is here for Dolphins in Depth

The Dolphins have an open OTA session Tuesday (June 1) and again on June 9.

I will miss them. I'll be on vacation until a few weeks before training camp. That's in July.

For the latest Dolphins coverage you should come to the Herald's Dolphins pages and sports pages. If I get something I absolutely have to share with you, I'll have it for you here. But that will be the exception rather than the rule.

We've done this every summer for a couple of years now so I'm sure you will survive the dry period.

We'll get back at it in July for what promises to be a very eventful 2010 season.

Oh, one more thing before I go:

As you know I've been sort of beating the drums about the Dolphins versus Jets rivalry the past few weeks. The other day I tweeted that Tony Sparano had lost 30 pounds this offseason and had done it through hard work and not using a lap band.

Profootballtalk.com ran with the comment, suggesting I was taking an enormous swipe at Rex Ryan, and now Jets fans are aflutter that I disrespected the New York coach. I can deal with that. I think Rex Ryan is an adult. He's made some life decisions and should be ready and probably is ready to deal with the scrutiny those decisions bring.

But Jets fans are starting to bug me. I always wondered why Dolphins fans and Jets fans always seemed to get into fights at games. I think I get it now. Some of those folks are annoying.

Some of that annoying point of view can be found right here on a Jets blog. I encourage you to go to that blog and give those folks your view how the Dolphins match up with their team, how Tony Sparano matches up with Rex Ryan, how this blog matches up with that one.

Be respectful, please. But make your voices heard.

And share in the comments section here what you told those people over there.

Have a great summer.  


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I would have ran up and taken his wallet and jewelry!

Just saying...........

I would have ate the driver.

hey Armando... rex had weight issues... he has tried to lose weight through hard work before but it hasn't worked for him... he felt getting the lap band was what was best for his health... he said he wanted to see his grandkids grow up... he was just trying to better himself and youre a moron for criticizing that.

i also love how fin fans can only take pride in beating the jets three times in a row... its good to know that you guys will be happy going 2-14 as long as the wins come over the jets... you could sweep us again for all i care the jets made the playoffs last year and will again this year... you guys choked and this is the only justification to you having a good season.

Delusional Jason chirping in- don't you know troll that the jets have made a living of "only looking to beat the Fins" for years.

Nothing new as the lowly, weak, pathetic sock puppet posers HAD their best year Last year and won't sniff the post season for probably another 40 years. As well, backing into the playoff under teams laying down is discraceful!

Your franchise is a laughingstock of our division loser. Wake up and smell the thuth...or coffee if you prefer.

Over eating is NOT hard work there Jason....weak excuse, typical of "your type."

What excuse do you have for 41 years of utter failure??? We're all waiting.

1. if you actually read anything about the reasons rex got the lap band than you would know he did do hard work and tried everything but you cant do that cause your illiterate...
2. the jets had a better record than the fins... you guys had the playoffs locked up but choked down the stretch...
3. i may be a troll but that is only because your beat writer is giving instructions for you guys to troll jets sites... you would think that he has better things to do with his time than be obsessed with the jets.

Rex Ryan is a fat slob disgrace to our already trashy franchise. And thats the truth folks.


Great to hear that your heart beats aqua and orange.

The Jets understand what a great challenge the Dolphins will bring this year. The funny thing is that we won twice last year with a rather inexperienced Henne, an average D, and.. oh! Ted Ginn Jr. ......right...

You get my point.

A lot of waah on this blog.

As a longtime Dolphin fan in NY, I can honestly say that there is a different class of people who wear green, compared to my fellow New Yorkers who root for the Giants. Anyone who has been to the Meadowlands would agree. Giant fans can enjoy their game & their beer WITHOUT degrading women, screaming racial obscenities, and questioning sexual preferences of fans who wear opposing teams jerseys....

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