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Wake "wants more" in second year in Miami

Let's be honest, the stars of the 3-4 defense are usually the outside linebackers and more specifically, the weakside outside linebacker.

Yes, the defense needs great play at cornerback, nose tackle and safety but if the pass-rush is not getting to the quarterback, it is simply going to be a long day for any 3-4 defense. The weakside backer has to be the player collecting the sacks, ending drives, causing fumbles on strip-sacks, sometimes recovering those fumbles, maybe even running for touchdowns off those.

The guy has to be a game-changer.

Think Lawrence Taylor years ago, and more recently Elvis Dumervil, DeMarcus Ware, and for one year at least in 2008, Joey Porter.

As the Dolphins play a 3-4 defense, the men slotted to play outside linebacker must produce in 2010 for the defense to get off the field. And no spotlight is brighter than one currently on Cameron Wake.

Wake seemingly must have a big year in 2010 for the Miami defense to climb from its No. 22 overall rank of a year ago. He must have a monster year if the unit is to be feared.

Why Wake?

Well, he was the up-and-coming pass-rusher that seemed to give the Dolphins the confidence to cut Porter and not re-sign Jason Taylor. After collecting an outstanding 39 sacks in two CFL seasons in 2007 and 2008, Wake had 5 1/2 sacks for Miami in 2009 -- his first year in the NFL.

The NFL numbers came with limited snaps so everyone figures more snaps as a starter this year would translate to more more production. The problem -- admittedly temporary at the moment because it is still only May -- is that Wake isn't currently a first-teamer on the Miami defense.

To the surprise of some, Wake was second-team during the recent OTA session witnessed by the media and it has apparently been that way all offseason. Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses were the first-team outside backers at that last OTA day. Both Anderson and Moses switched off working strong and weak sides.

Was Wake disappointed he's not running with the starters?

"The coach said right before we went on the field, 'It's a starting point. It's not the finish line,' " he said. "So guys are out there playing and I'm going out there to show what I can do."

But make no mistake, Wake doesn't see himself in the same situational pass-rusher role he filled last year. It is important for him to win a starting job.

"I would say so," he said. "I'm always hungry for more. Everybody wants to do that. But I'm always hungry for more. That's what got me in the situation I am now. It's about not being satisfied. I wasn't satisfied with Canada. I wasn't satisfied where I was last year. I'm not satisfied where I am here. Every day I want more."

To want more, Wake has to show more on run-downs because last year coaches weren't comfortable enough with his run-defense to put him in there on those downs. That, in part, is what Wake has been working on during team OTA periods and should continue working on during the club's minicamp that begins Friday.

 "Like I said last year, I'm trying to be a good all-around football player," Wake said. "Obviously I'm working on my pass rush, but there are other things also. We have a new scheme, new coordinator, new coach, so I've been picking their brains."

Wake says he's also been working on his body.

"Bigger, faster, stronger," he said. "That's always the goal. And I've been here all offseason. I didn't go anywhere. I'm working on power and explosion, putting on good body weight and finding out where they want me to be."

One assumes coaches want him to be in a starting job by the time the regular-season rolls around. But for now, Wake has more work to do if he aims to become the playmaker on Miami's 3-4 defense.


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wacthing this doesn't halp Wakes case. I love his pass rush, but that is about all. He needs to improve alot in run support.

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Hopefully Nolan will be able to get the most out of him. It won't hurt playing next to Dansby, either.

Now that is a site, a brown little costs rican monkey on a surf board. Bwahahahhahahahaha

WOW Carlito you said seven cuss words, that is f'kin amazing. The little quitter came back, welcome, avontos.

brown little costa rican monkey.

Silly Wets fans. You aren't getting foreclosed because you don't own any homes, you rent. Check the eviction rates up in NY. But that's neither here nor there. I hear Cameron Wake has plans to build a gentlemans club up in NY what with all the STRIPPING that will be going down after LT sets up 3rd and long after 3rd and long after 3rd and long. I bet Revis is happy Ted Ginn is gone after WORKING him twice last season, OH WAIT, now he has to worry about Brandon Marshall. Good Luck! As for JT, I love you, man, but Zach Thomas said it best, "Jets suck." If Ronnie Brown doesn't run right by you, Jake Long will bury you, bro. No hard feelings. Wets to go 0-4 to the Phins after all is said and done this year!!

Yes Home, it's a good place to be especially when there's waves. Diving sucks though...have to go to W Palm.

Shuttle came in this AM and the double boom was the loudest in recent memory. Too bad the powers that be are ending it.

Most offensive teams run "right-handed" so run stopping should not not be a very big issue with Wake playing "weak" or leftside. The greatest question concerning Wake to be answered is "can he dominate opposing teams best pass protectors, which are the "left tackles." He's not going to become "dominant" in run or coverage overnight, so if he does not succeed against nfl left tackles right away we will be "hardpressed" to get him on the field. \

We've already drafted Misi for the strongside which is the side Wake "spelled JT in pass rushing situations last season. Here's to hoping Wake can be dominant against nfl calibre "left tackles." Cheers!

That ti kanis guy sounds greek....hmmmm wonder who is is???

He can't be much worse against the run that Porter.

Waterboy is back in effect!

Does defense really matter? Didn't NO have something like the 28th rated defense??

Lets just sign TO and call it a day!


My point exactly! So he has to become "a beast" against nfl calibre left tackle in raushing the passer. He also has "the speed" to chase runningbacks down from behind in the backfield coming from the "weakside" and I hope he uses that ability well.

Home... Broward County prediction please

Jamillion... who do you like in the Dobbins vs Clam Chowder Battle for ILB?

Wake has a little to prove before we annoint him the next great pass rusher or for that matter before he wins the starting job. But anyone who watched him last season in his limited opportunities, knows he has incredible potential. In my opinion, wake's performance is one of the biggest wildcards this season. But if he produces, the whole defense will be greatly improved (especially with Nolan running the show) I think we can make a run deep into the postseason.

Did anyone see the biggest loser finale last night?

Word on the street is that Rexy will audition for next season's Biggest Loser "Big Mouth, Big Belly Edition"

DyingBreed, Let's hope he puts it all together. I really believe that Nolan will have a lot to do with him taking the next step.

Waterboy, don't rule out a suprise like aj Edds making a run at the other ILB starting spot.


Saints saving grace was being an upperechalon offensive juggernaut and being a "turnover" forcing machine on defense. Colts were too.

So if your defense is going to be so lowly ranked You "had better" have the ability to compensate by producing "lots" of turnovers which both teams did. Do not read into the rankings, read into the turnovers produced. It tells "the real story." If not for the "heavy-handidness" of the "turnover differential" neither would have been SB participants with the lethargy of those lowly rankings.


Nolan loves middle blitzes, hence we signed one of the nfl's best ilb blitzers in Dansby. Heavy pressure up the middle helps collapses "the pocket" and forces the qb into the arms of your outside pass rushers(Wake or Misi). Also Dobbins is supposed to be a better inside blitzer than Crowder.

Isnt Clam Chowder Blitzing an oxymoron?


Does anyone think Crowder will be more effective at blitzing in Nolan's scheme? So far I haven't seen him produce anything as far as a pass rush goes


Saying Dobbins is a better blitzer than Crowder is like saying a 97 year old woman is hotter than a 93 year old woman. They both are terrible at blitzing. Dobbins brings a few good things to our team, blitzing is not one of them. If there is a scheme to help make them both more effective, this would be it. I just wouldn't hold my breath waiting for sacks from either of them.


It's giving Crowder the benefit of the doubt, without doing any research, to say he even has 1 sack during his entire fins career here. His "only" strength as an ilb is being "adequate" against the run. He just made his first career interception after 4-5 seasons as a dolphin.

As BP says, "If they don't bite as pups, they won't bite." That fits very well with Crowder's so far "unrealized" potential as an "impact" ilb.


Dobbins is head and shoulders better than Crowder in coverage, Edds probably is too. If either shows to be just as effective as Crowder against the run, then you can effectively "ex" Crowder out of the starting lineup. Primary "middle blitzing" responsibilties will undoubted belong to Dansby.

This is off topic but it continues to bother me, you guys can comment if you want. Why would Crayton to the Phins be an upgrade to our reciever Corps? The guy has had 50 catches once in his career. He drops passes(big passes, remember Crayton dropping what would have been the game changing pass vs. NYFBG in the playoffs?) TEDD GINN had more receptions than Crayton last year.I was vocal against Marshall coming because I thought he was a bad dude. Crayton on the other hand is just an overrated player on the Crackwagon. Put him on the Browns, and he would be nowhere on the radar!


The downs in which we see blitzes up the middle, it will most likely be AJ Edds lined up beside Dansby. Crowder is simply a 2 down LB at this point

Crowder should also get a haircut, it makes him look like an "ugly stepsister". Especially when he smiles. The guy just looks too "girly" for an nfl linebacker.


Someone brought Crayton up yesterday. He is a progress stopper. And we only want guys that provide versatility across the board, if Crayton is an upgrade in the return game only, then no thanks.


I agree!



Home U idiot... because it is flat in Deerfield its flat everywhere else???? there is a strong east swell coming to florida, but is not getting to you because you are in the shadow of the bahamas, you need north in the swell to get to you... Everywhere above stuart is 4ft and bigger... I have been surfing my whole life and in comparison to where I am from, Florida sits on lake atlantic... moron... go talk about haarp and death rays

Darryl Dunphy

If Paul Warfield was reported "skipping rope" in his garage, there would be "some Dolphans" clamoring sign him up. Can not read much at all into some of our fans "misguided wants." The triad has already had an "up close and personal" on Crayton. They already have "the rapsheet" on him. If he were "guilty of being an upgrade to our current crop of wr's, I am very sure we would already have him in "lockup."

Im not really worried about Wake being a starter this season. With the departure of Porter and Taylor, we KNOW Wake will be on the weak side on passing downs... thats where he is lethal, thats where we need him. The NFL is now a passing league, so I predict we will be in the Nickel A LOT this season. Regardless of Nolan's aggressiveness... I think he will stray from a 3-4 to the Nickel based on the passing threat, but expect the blitz packages out of the Nickel to be MONSTERS... just where we need Wake.

Bootang, DyingBreed-
Cool, I thought this made no sense As I was posting, The nice stripper lady on Sports Nation was babbling about the Phins interest in Crayton. Had to laugh, I thought that ESPN only covered the Jets.

Magic Hatchet

If this were WWF you would have the perfect "stage name" to battle "The Hammer of Thor" for the federation world championship!

Darryl Dunphy

Maybe if Jerry Jones thru in a 7th rd pick and a free Golden Corral buffet coupon Parcells would do the deal.

Our Defense will be 10x better with Nolan. Pasqualini was scared to blitz in situations last year when it called for one. Nolan runs something similar to Rex Ryans 3-4 in he disguises where the blitzes are coming from, dropping a lineman in coverage and bringing the linebackers. So I know we will be better on Defense. He made some "no names" in Denver great, so I expect Wake and everyone to improve. I also prefer Allan to be one of the starting CB's come game day though. Smith and Davis are good and know they should get better week to week, plus Allan is a good brain to pick for both of them. I think they will become our Surtain and Madison Combo we had in the 90's, they just need more time.


See you guys later. Thaks for the good conversation the past couple of days. Thanks again Armando for making an attempt at cleaning house.


One of the scouting reports on "Odrick" that fits very well into that plan of attack is and I qoute, "is capable of dropping in zone coverage." Did not say he was great but it did say Odrick does have that capabilty. As a d-lineman he does not have to be "great" in coverage but the very idea of it can confuse some qb's and decieve them into throwing right into Odricks awaiting hands.

R.I.P. Jarvis Williams


Where did you find this news?

It is funny how all the Jets fans jump on here and talk about New York this and New York that. The Jets are from NEW JERSEY not New York. I live in Jersey and can not stand the Jersey Jets and Jersey Giants. The New York team is Buffalo not WETS, WETS, WETS. You got a loud mouth coach who was shut up by losing 2 straight last year. Get use to that. Miami is building to be an Elite power house. Your coach is getting rid of great players and patching holes with players who should just retire.

Our corners shoud be solid with Allen, Smith and Davis. Hopefully Clemons can lock up the FS spot.


I found it from an actual dolphins reporter. Not a internet whiner.

RIP JW. He was part of one of the hardest hitting secondaries of all time. Seeing him an Louis Oliver brings back some fond childhood memories. Godspeed Jarvis.

"And I've been here all offseason. I didn't go anywhere. I'm working on power and explosion, putting on good body weight and finding out where they want me to be."

That really says it all to me. He's a guy that is determined to turn the corner production-wise. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON TO START!!

Who is this reporter, Carlito?

Not to answer for Carlito, but it's on Cbssports dot com.

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