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Wake "wants more" in second year in Miami

Let's be honest, the stars of the 3-4 defense are usually the outside linebackers and more specifically, the weakside outside linebacker.

Yes, the defense needs great play at cornerback, nose tackle and safety but if the pass-rush is not getting to the quarterback, it is simply going to be a long day for any 3-4 defense. The weakside backer has to be the player collecting the sacks, ending drives, causing fumbles on strip-sacks, sometimes recovering those fumbles, maybe even running for touchdowns off those.

The guy has to be a game-changer.

Think Lawrence Taylor years ago, and more recently Elvis Dumervil, DeMarcus Ware, and for one year at least in 2008, Joey Porter.

As the Dolphins play a 3-4 defense, the men slotted to play outside linebacker must produce in 2010 for the defense to get off the field. And no spotlight is brighter than one currently on Cameron Wake.

Wake seemingly must have a big year in 2010 for the Miami defense to climb from its No. 22 overall rank of a year ago. He must have a monster year if the unit is to be feared.

Why Wake?

Well, he was the up-and-coming pass-rusher that seemed to give the Dolphins the confidence to cut Porter and not re-sign Jason Taylor. After collecting an outstanding 39 sacks in two CFL seasons in 2007 and 2008, Wake had 5 1/2 sacks for Miami in 2009 -- his first year in the NFL.

The NFL numbers came with limited snaps so everyone figures more snaps as a starter this year would translate to more more production. The problem -- admittedly temporary at the moment because it is still only May -- is that Wake isn't currently a first-teamer on the Miami defense.

To the surprise of some, Wake was second-team during the recent OTA session witnessed by the media and it has apparently been that way all offseason. Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses were the first-team outside backers at that last OTA day. Both Anderson and Moses switched off working strong and weak sides.

Was Wake disappointed he's not running with the starters?

"The coach said right before we went on the field, 'It's a starting point. It's not the finish line,' " he said. "So guys are out there playing and I'm going out there to show what I can do."

But make no mistake, Wake doesn't see himself in the same situational pass-rusher role he filled last year. It is important for him to win a starting job.

"I would say so," he said. "I'm always hungry for more. Everybody wants to do that. But I'm always hungry for more. That's what got me in the situation I am now. It's about not being satisfied. I wasn't satisfied with Canada. I wasn't satisfied where I was last year. I'm not satisfied where I am here. Every day I want more."

To want more, Wake has to show more on run-downs because last year coaches weren't comfortable enough with his run-defense to put him in there on those downs. That, in part, is what Wake has been working on during team OTA periods and should continue working on during the club's minicamp that begins Friday.

 "Like I said last year, I'm trying to be a good all-around football player," Wake said. "Obviously I'm working on my pass rush, but there are other things also. We have a new scheme, new coordinator, new coach, so I've been picking their brains."

Wake says he's also been working on his body.

"Bigger, faster, stronger," he said. "That's always the goal. And I've been here all offseason. I didn't go anywhere. I'm working on power and explosion, putting on good body weight and finding out where they want me to be."

One assumes coaches want him to be in a starting job by the time the regular-season rolls around. But for now, Wake has more work to do if he aims to become the playmaker on Miami's 3-4 defense.


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Its ok, the public library in Newark closes soon and then we will be free from retarted Jets posts... That team is a joke 8-8 at best... I am more worried about the Pats than that garbage heap of bi-planes...

This is why the whole country outisde of jersey hates the jets. Didn't they only make the playoffs cause Indy benched their starters?but they still think they are going to the superbowl cause they are believing their own ny media hype. And you won't be able to find a jet fan come December when they are .500

"To the surprise of some, Wake was second-team during the recent OTA session witnessed by the media and it has apparently been that way all offseason".

They're surprised because they're idiots and obviously know nothing about how to coach a team and motivate players.

Think about it people, Wake is basically in his second year and the coaches want him to be the best he can be. So you throw him on the second unit as a way to push him and light a fire under his ass. Maybe that's what Wake needs and who would know better than his coaches.

That's why I f***ing hate all of the second guessing in sports. Do we coach the guy? Do we know him personally? Do we know what buttons need to be pushed to make him better? NO, NO, NO. So why would anyone be "surprised" by the way the coaches are coaching him?

You throw him in with the second unit and push his ass! You make him want to be on the first team that much more. You DON'T, hand him the starting job and basically say, 'well we've seen enough of you to know you're better so here are the keys to the second most important position on the defense'.

...is this the real Carlito?.

Hey Hanzo, please direct me to said "ny media hype regarding the Jets winning the superbowl this season. Look, I lived in Florida and I live in NY now. So unless you live in NY you really shouldn't be commenting on what's going on up here.

Here's the truth. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE JETS IN NY state. It's all about the Giants up here and they barely care about them (the Jets) in the city. The city refused to help them build their own stadium so they continue to be the Giants little biatches. No one cares. The papers in the capital region barely cover the team because the Giants hold training camp at Suny Albany which is 20 minutes from Saratoga. The papers write about the Giants. It's ESPN that fell in love with the Jets last year so blame them.

You act as if everyone up here is in love with the Jets and just can't get enough of the team. It's seriously laughable reading some of these I hate NY posts every day. Just give it up and grow a pair. Maybe stop whining about how cold the super bowl will be and how you're mad at the NFL. Freaking pansies.


I agree.

"Don't believe anything you hear and
only half of what you see."

Its May...and NO ONE knows WHAT plans Sparano and his staff have.

HAARP Hailstorm in Colorado with... Wait for It
..............Up To One Foot Deep of Hail On The Ground

Record Heat In The Northeast

Look At The Oil In The Water
Look How It Shines For U
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And Your Government Was All Yellow

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Biggest Toxic Ecological Disaster In USA History)

Drew A Line
Drew A Line In the Sand For U

Oh What A Thing To Do

But It Was All Yellow

To clarify, I'm not calling everyone pansies. Just the pansies who complain about the cold and NY on a daily basis. They know they're pansies, they can't help it. Thank you and have a great night.

You still haven't gotten over your hissy fit NY Scott? Chilax dude. Not everybody despises you New Yorkers. Just most people. It probably has something to do with the holier than thou attitude. So take a Midol or grow a pair yourself dude.

Oh see, now I feel bad since you clarified. I retract the whole midol, grow a pair statement.


I don't think he necessarily meant the NY media, you have to admit, the coverage of the Jests, an 8-8 team at best, by media outlets like ESPN etc has been nauseating... Super Bowl? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Jupiter Inlet was 5-6 feet and barreling today, no oil... Where were you? mama's garage?

If I have to watch another segment on the NFL network about Rexy, Dirty or the F’ing Jest I’m gonna puke. It’s not just ESPN.

Carlito, Your correct about ESPNs love fest for the Jets, Nauseating........

I can see from"Homes" Last few posts, He needs his MEDS, STAT!!!!!!!!!!! and please Put that Aluminum foil hat on too...........

Nyscott, sounds like your panties just got in a wad. I just came back from nj/ny last week after being there for a few weeks cause of work and it seems like that's all the local media talks about. Didn't hear much about the g-men, but that could be cause they are on a down swing. Btw, this is just a blog. So no need to whine about someone with a different opinion...and I didn't realized I directed anything towards you. Wait I didn't, so chill out...

AFC East...let's see...Pats (whose identity crisis prevents them from knowing exactly where they're from, so they use the generalized term "New England"), then there's the Bills (named for an animal that never ever roamed anywhere near Buffalo), and the Jets (named for an inanimate phallic object and whose fans think they live in New York but are actually from Jersey) and finally the Dolphins (one of the few sea creatures that even sharks won't mess with and are native to the area). The first three teams are all so cold that if the NFL didn't put Miami in the division, then those three wouldn't have any excuses to leave their towns for warm weather in the winter! They should all bow down and thank us! Go Fins!

Your reports R exaggerated
Was not even that good in Cocoa Beach

Was at Deerfield Beach
Good for Entry Level Surfing Only

Recently Bought Kite Board (board only)
But Borrow Chute from Dudes on Beach that R there with chute already set up & laid out

New To Kite Boarding
Moves Fast in recent winds

Too Bad U Did Not Get Out Today
But saw your posts about how good it was on a couple blogs

Peace carlito
Hope U Cheer Up, Man!

ColdPlay song called "Yellow"

Tweeked the lyrics a bit

And it seems like many agree with me about the media and this love affair with the jets

HOME, Take your Meds........... please........by the way, I hear the goverment is .... Oh never mind, its no longer any fun......

What else is new
Media has not liked the Dolphins
Since Ricky first joined
and we still had Coaching & QB issues

New Dolphins should be AWESOME this season

True Story on Up to A Foot of Hail on Ground In Colorado
After Mysterious High Pressure System moved In

Like a foot of snow
Only HAARP made Hail

WOW, Dude............PLEASE, I beg you, Please Stop............

Cocoa beach a dump ass area.

Hanzo, I think you just got caught in the aftermath of Scott’s rant yesterday about people dogging NY and voicing their issues with a NY Super Bowl. He’s actually a pretty good poster normally although he does have a tendency to go off half-cocked sometimes and gets a little overprotective about NY (the city and the people) I expected him to lambaste me in a retaliatory post already :)

Well maybe not, if you actually like glass in the sand


The affair will end once they lose a few games.

I'd be surprised if their own chemistry doesn't do them in.

Dow Closed below 10,000

Now The Real Slide Begins

Expect Devastation

Guys, wasn't trying to pick on anyone. I just find it funny about the recent jets talk when they are many teams that I feel are better than the jets. In any case, it all gets decided on the field. Who knows maybe Rex Ryan is the nex coming of Jesus...

Hanzo, Thats goodWho knows maybe Rex Ryan is the nex coming of Jesus...

, cause according to Home and the Myans the Worlds coming to a end....................

Prop plane fans are gone. Public library closed or inmates had to lock up. Losers were gonna kick ur arses again..easily.

"Rex Ryan, the next coming of Jesus"! Now THAT'S FUNNY! Lol.

Cuban lets not egg on Home anymore. My head hurts reading his stuff. Matter of fact, I wont refer to him as Home anymore. I will call him casa.

Cuban, didn't u see that movie 2012. It's proof the world is ending. That's why I'm selling the house and car and buying a ticket on that spaceship the gov't has.

I will call him sustantivo.

He's not....at least not unless he manages to win a Superbowl...

Wonder How Much Jimmy Johnson Lost In the Stock Market?

Or How Much More JJ will lose in coming months?

On second thought, maybe casa(Home) can fry a couple of eggs on his aluminum hat.

I hope that kite board drags Casa to somewhere in the middle of the Everglades, nowhere near an Internet connection.

Lets put on the pads and let the best player start...who cares if your 2nd team in OTA in May its were you are coming out of training camp and whos ready to start opening day.

Should Be Some Good FS Info coming in from upcoming OTAs

pistol, then the alligators can consume his @zzz, looking like a TV dinner with that aluminum hat of his.


Do NOT enable him.

Be Hard to go from Beachside Ocean to Everglades
Darn City Slickers LOL

Home what are your thoughts on the government using Reverse Technology on Alien Space craft?????(Sorry guys, I couldn't help it........)

Way to catch on to the sarcasm, genius.

Never Made or Wore Foil Hat

Ace, could we be so lucky?

I agree with Odin from an earlier post. The ota's are meaningless other than a way to motivate players to work hard and not be complacent. The real deal starts when training camp begins and the hitting begins. Which is not soon enuf...

Where was all the great posting while Home was gone

Only saw bunch a lame amateurs with
Jets stink
Dolphins Good
No, Dolphins stink
Jets Good

U Guys R Deep LMAO!

It's gonna be a while before there's anything remotely important to talk about.

We can talk about spaceships if you like?

Or flux capassators.

Home, Tell us How the "Crab People" (Government owned and operated) Will be taking over the country, starting of course in the southeast(Where they breed) and work there way through the Mid-West........(Though I have my doubts about that statement) Come on buddy, tell us.....

Have At It Dolfan Bloggers

Catch Ya Later


Cuban you hurt casa's feelings. Maybe he was molested by aliens when he was a child. Maybe one too many probes did him in.

He'll be back, Just turn off the lights and wait for a hour, And then turn the lite back on, You'll see him scurry around the kitchen floor.........

Is this article implying that Wake is the only player who wants more? I'm sure Charlie Anderson wants more as well. Im hoping that Wake 's actions speak louder then his words because our D is yearning for a playmaker.

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