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Wake "wants more" in second year in Miami

Let's be honest, the stars of the 3-4 defense are usually the outside linebackers and more specifically, the weakside outside linebacker.

Yes, the defense needs great play at cornerback, nose tackle and safety but if the pass-rush is not getting to the quarterback, it is simply going to be a long day for any 3-4 defense. The weakside backer has to be the player collecting the sacks, ending drives, causing fumbles on strip-sacks, sometimes recovering those fumbles, maybe even running for touchdowns off those.

The guy has to be a game-changer.

Think Lawrence Taylor years ago, and more recently Elvis Dumervil, DeMarcus Ware, and for one year at least in 2008, Joey Porter.

As the Dolphins play a 3-4 defense, the men slotted to play outside linebacker must produce in 2010 for the defense to get off the field. And no spotlight is brighter than one currently on Cameron Wake.

Wake seemingly must have a big year in 2010 for the Miami defense to climb from its No. 22 overall rank of a year ago. He must have a monster year if the unit is to be feared.

Why Wake?

Well, he was the up-and-coming pass-rusher that seemed to give the Dolphins the confidence to cut Porter and not re-sign Jason Taylor. After collecting an outstanding 39 sacks in two CFL seasons in 2007 and 2008, Wake had 5 1/2 sacks for Miami in 2009 -- his first year in the NFL.

The NFL numbers came with limited snaps so everyone figures more snaps as a starter this year would translate to more more production. The problem -- admittedly temporary at the moment because it is still only May -- is that Wake isn't currently a first-teamer on the Miami defense.

To the surprise of some, Wake was second-team during the recent OTA session witnessed by the media and it has apparently been that way all offseason. Charlie Anderson and Quentin Moses were the first-team outside backers at that last OTA day. Both Anderson and Moses switched off working strong and weak sides.

Was Wake disappointed he's not running with the starters?

"The coach said right before we went on the field, 'It's a starting point. It's not the finish line,' " he said. "So guys are out there playing and I'm going out there to show what I can do."

But make no mistake, Wake doesn't see himself in the same situational pass-rusher role he filled last year. It is important for him to win a starting job.

"I would say so," he said. "I'm always hungry for more. Everybody wants to do that. But I'm always hungry for more. That's what got me in the situation I am now. It's about not being satisfied. I wasn't satisfied with Canada. I wasn't satisfied where I was last year. I'm not satisfied where I am here. Every day I want more."

To want more, Wake has to show more on run-downs because last year coaches weren't comfortable enough with his run-defense to put him in there on those downs. That, in part, is what Wake has been working on during team OTA periods and should continue working on during the club's minicamp that begins Friday.

 "Like I said last year, I'm trying to be a good all-around football player," Wake said. "Obviously I'm working on my pass rush, but there are other things also. We have a new scheme, new coordinator, new coach, so I've been picking their brains."

Wake says he's also been working on his body.

"Bigger, faster, stronger," he said. "That's always the goal. And I've been here all offseason. I didn't go anywhere. I'm working on power and explosion, putting on good body weight and finding out where they want me to be."

One assumes coaches want him to be in a starting job by the time the regular-season rolls around. But for now, Wake has more work to do if he aims to become the playmaker on Miami's 3-4 defense.


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My old friend how are you? Did you see that even though our boy Micah Johnson went undrafted, he got a tryout with the Giants and signed a contract. Good for him, I think he'll be a beast once his knee is close to 100%


Thats awesome... I didn't know he was undrafted, I'm glad he got with a team, I hope he does well

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Tell meyou aren't buying this nonsense they are saying they're not sure who will be the guy making the calls at ILB? It has to and will be our man Karlito from Dansbito right (I think that was your nickname)

Mike Nolan will make dansby a beast!!!

Its gotta be Dansby.... The only reason I can think of maybe them not using him as mik backer is because he will be moving around alot.... but that sounds suspect to me kinda like some of these guys they have working on the 2cnd team now... Maybe he just needs to learn the system

I apologize for my earlier threads ragging on the Nyets and every other team in the AFC East.
Bored cause there's no Dolphin news to speak of.
Hurry up Training Camp! Although, there is a rumor about Miami trying out a TE just released from the Pats. What do you guys think? Good move or bad? I bow to your opinions!

Has anyone noticed there isn't any Channing crowder trade rumors as of late. I take it he'll be back this season

I think dansby will have a career year. From what I'm reading Nolan likes blitzing inside backers as it's the quickest route to the qb. Keep in mind, this regime nevers shows there cards, espcially this early. Just look at the wildcat coming from nowhere, and the last few drafts. Besides Jake long, they've fooled everyone on draft day. You've gotta love how they keep us all guessing!

Ok, supposedly someone saw on Twitter that the Pats had released Robbie Agnone, TE, 6' 6" 260 lbs, unsigned free agent out of Delaware (grew up in Penn). He was cut by the Skins and spent a year on the Pats practice squad, but wasn't gonna make the team, so he was let go Friday. And, that Miami was bringing him in for a looksee. That's all I got. Does anyone care?

I don't

wow jets fans on crack lmao, just like last year they were the superbowl champs of the ota's now there just in denial...a free ride into the play offs, a couple of washed up veterans,get rid of your best running back and bring in a back on the wrong side of 30,and on the decline, and swap one of the better guards in the league for an unproven rookie...yeah your chances of going to the superbowl are as good as the rams, lions and jaguars making it to the play offs.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i just want to hear from the jets fans the last time you won a division let alone a super bowl.....wow 10,000 comedians out of work and jets fans are trying to be one. face it jet fans you always have been a door mat to the superior teams in the east. and further more .....we own the jets untill further notice....so go back to the cellar where you belong and leave the championships to the pro's

The Agnone workout is interesting. Logical thinking would be that we had Nalbone rated higher on our draft board, since Agnone went in the 6th and we took Nalbone in the 5th. It's odd given that we have 4 TEs already, yet we invited the kid from Montana in for a tryout, and now are working out Agnone. Tells me Sperry and Nalbone have done nothing to inspire much confidence.


The Jets are OTA champs again.

Tin Foil Hats are still in vogue.

Carlito's posting at the Herald.

I'm Home........wait? No I'm not! I meant to say: I love this place!

Guys, I know we're all really hard on Jason allen, but may we need to re-evaluate. According to a statistic from football outsiders, Jason Allen is the best tackling DB in the NFL. Seriously!

Here's the list. Yeremiah Bell also cracks the top 10

The stat is a tackle-broken tackle ratio. Jason allen is the only defensive back in the NFL who hasn't had a tackle broken. 55 tackles to 0 broken tackles.

I'm not sure why they don' give him a chance to play free-safety. He's always been a sure tackler and I remember him making a lot of plays in pass coverage in 07 when he finally got on the field. While Miami's glaring hole is in pass-coverage, Jason Allen's position atop a major statistic should prove some evidence that he's worth keeping

Jason Allen Miami Dolphins 0 55 0.0%
Brandon Carr Kansas City Chiefs 1 56 1.8%
Fabian Washington Baltimore Ravens 1 35 2.8%
Adrian Wilson Arizona Cardinals 2 61 3.2%
Danieal Manning Chicago Bears 3 72 3.4%
Yeremiah Bell Miami Dolphins 3 92 3.7%
Reed Doughty Washington Redskins 3 75 3.8%
Abram Elam Cleveland Browns 3 74 4.1%
Jabari Greer New Orleans Saints 2 41 4.1%
Jacob Lacey Indianapolis Colts 3 69 4.2%

Wake had 5.5 sacks in one start last year.

Porter (the sack leader) had 9 sacks in 15 starts.

Wake is a beast that must be unleashed this year.

Exactly my point. Bringing in Argone (if it's true) implies that the FO has some concerns about the TE spot. Something everyone thought that we'd address in the draft. Just wondering if there's something they're not telling us or is there a lack of confidence in those presently slated for mini-camp? Just wondering.

Earthquake Wake or a mild tremor?
My guess is he'll not get passed situational,
From what i heard he doesn't have the goods to be either a run stopper or pass defender, he's limited in the ability to move side to side quickly.
Anderson and moses will probably start with peeps wake and sissy on situational downs.
It's a monumental downgrade for the beleaguered awfulins. Having either Taylor or porter for the transition would've helped.
The run D might be around 12-15 but pass D around 22-30th.
Vontae and especially smith will get Torched all year. Smith is a bad tackler and has been since college. No leader at free safety, which runs the defense and no nose tackle will contibute to awfulness.
Starks will be out of position at NT and odrick will get pushed around, probably won't start..which leaves langford and merling..who have been nothing to write home about.
The Awfulin offense should be pretty good if the changes in the O-Line aren't a backward move.

Geez. some of the Gaa-bage these losers blurt out is so ridiculous it make a "clown" obsolete.
In fact isn't Henne a Clown?? anyway, as the doofins get uglier with castoffs,nonames and whodoneit draft choices..The Jets already light years ahead are getting ready for a Great season and possibly sweeping all three rivals.
The awfulins, who lost half thier defense are strugalling on HOPE. Yes hope is all they got and distant memories of two GINN wins.
Unfortunately, they won't have luck or Ginn this year. Not that we need it but JT knows your team inside & out.
Yes and the despite the lucky wins the Jets sweeped and owned you awfulins for the past ten years with three sweeps 2002,2006,2007.
So this year without Ginn, burp! another sweep for the Mighty Jets and thier beautiful stadium.
My guess is we'll totally dominate the JV team called the Miami dolphins. Just as we did in the games last year, especially crushing your offense for only 104 yds of total awfulence.
Yes, when you can win without gadgets or luck then i will accept the fact you msy be even as tough as our backups, but until i see it..well...it's just GAR-bagggeee!


Just a sidenote: I will be posting under Tracy474 now to help avoid confusion.

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