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Brandt: Dolphins will win the AFC East

To piggyback on the previous post where I touched on the expectations for the Dolphins for 2010, I direct you to a couple of items that have caught my attention.

First up is the prediction from NFL.com's Gil Brandt on where he expects the Dolphins to be once the NFL regular-season is over in January.

"I think the Dolphins will be in first place in the AFC East come Week 17," Brandt said on his live chat a bit ago. "They have done a lot to help their team, they have a young QB in Chad Henne who is getting better every week.

"The key will be how Ronnie Brown recovers from his knee injury and whether he can stay healthy. Henne must cut down on his interceptions. If he does, he will be very good."

So much for the Jets being the team du jour in Brandt's mind. So much for the Pats defending their division title. Brandt thinks the Dolphins will go third to first in the division.

Beyond that I must correct the record from the previous post on Tony Sparano and his public confidence. Sparano has always made winning the division his team's stated goal and I assumed that would hold for 2010.

That's why I wrote that while Sparano may have loftier expectations and goals for his team privately, he wouldn't say winning the Super Bowl is the place his team will be publicly

Well, not so fast.

A friend directed me to this video of the Dolphins awards banquet earlier this summer. In it, owner Stephen Ross repeated his talk about winning a Super Bowl this season and having a parade to celebrate the title.

And Sparano was right there with him.

"The long haul is the 28 weeks that start July 30th," Sparano tells the crowd. "... that 28 weeks is the time it takes for us to win the Super Bowl, for us to have that parade, Mr. Ross. So February, Dallas, 2011? I'm with you."


Look, I'm excited about the Dolphins as anyone. I think they're ready to fight for a playoff spot. But Super Bowl? I guess I'm not there right now.

I thought it kind of ridiculous when Mark Sanchez talked of returning to the White House -- after a visit earlier this offseason -- to get the meeting with the president following a New York Super Bowl win after this season.

I think it is equally stretching credulity to predict the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl this season. Sure, you aim for the biggest prize, but to predict you're going to get it is another thing altogether.

I am inclined to believe Brandt's prediction is closer to reality.

What do you think?


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Hmmm I just moved to Texas (frisco just next to Dallas) and I have been a fin fan forever - maybe they will make the super bowl just for the sole karmic reason that I live here and could drive to the game...yes I see it now..mmmmmmm SB

Not sure I buy into Gil Brandt's prediction. I am a die hard who is planning to fly out to Miami for a game from San Diego where we have a better albeit declining team. Jets and Pats are probably still a bit better on paper, but the game gets played on the field. Hope the 'Godfather' of Sirius NFL radio is right.

This is soo stupid. Every player, every coach, every front office suit starts each new season expecting to go all the way. If they don't they are in the wrong biz. Professional sports, unlike schoolyard learning experiences, are all about winning. Every game is meant to be won, and by extension that means the Super Bowl. Expressing that belief may come back to haunt you, but I say it's better to expect to win and eat some crow every now and then than to feign false humility and go out onto the field unmotivated. So, to sum it up, the Phin's are going all the way, and if they fail, there's always 2011.

I agree. The Dolphins were there last year, but injuries and receivers who couldn't catch H1N1 if they were in a phone booth with people who had a temperature of 105 degrees and coughing all over them. Ted Ginn Jr. was horrible and lost several games with the ball hitting him in the chest and hands wide open in the end zone. With a better receiving core, that will open up the run.

If they stay healthy, the Dolphins should take it!

well,i can tell you this......if we reach playoffs. there is a big chance to be playing at dallas on the big game........lets make it step by step

I think that as long as we don't have a lot of injuries, we now have an offense that could compete well in the playoff and superbowl and win. It all turns on the young guys on the defense developing quickly and well enough to give the defense that allows our offense to win. The young corners and Clemons have to rise to the occasion - pretty good chance. Dansby and the linebacker corps has to stop the run (highly likely), shut down the short pass (highly likely) and support the pass rush (risky). Odrick has to start credibly and get pressure (50/50), Wake has to emerge as a great pass rusher (highly likely) and decent every down player (pretty likely) and Starks has to become a great NT (very likely). All in all I think we have a good chance to end up in the Superbowl as the winner.

I believe the biggest acquisition for the Dolphins is Mike Nolan-DC. He will improve that defense as far as schemes are concern. They will be more aggresive and won't sit back and play prevent defense.

the saints won the superbowl and there defense was "garbage" according to some commentators. the only weak spot the dolphins have is safety and te. that alone does not disqualify there chances of winning it all. most of our back ups could be quality starters on lower teams like the rams, lions ect. no offense to those teams because they have improved at late.

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