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Do not sweat the Misi and Odrick contract talks

Jared Odrick and Koa Misi will be signed by the Miami Dolphins. I guarantee you this will happen. So why are you all wondering, some of you even sweating, whether it is getting done or not.

The Dolphins will begin practice Friday and chances are good both players will be on the field or at least in the fold. Both have offers on the table.

Odrick has a couple of offers in that he can pick one of either pact, whichever suits him best, and either gets him to relatively fair number within the slot he occupies. His agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Dolphins negotiators haven't been talking everyday lately but will talk later today or tomorrow morning. Misi, so close to a deal on at least one occassion earlier this week, is still working on language and details and crossing every "i" and dotting every "t." (Yeah, that was supposed to be funny.)

So both of these guys will probably get done by Friday afternoon. And if not, they'll get signed sometime over the weekend. Or they'll probably get done next week.

I do not foresee a protracted, clumsy, uncomfortable, heated holdout for either of these guys.

So chill.

Yes, fans find it hard to relax about these things because they want to pound their chest and feel at ease over the fact their two most prized rookies are in camp and won't miss even one second of a meeting or a practice.

And don't get me wrong, it is important that these guys don't delay the inevitable.

But with Odrick we're talking about the 28th overall selection, for God's sake. We're not talking a Jake Long contract here. The 27th overall selection -- New England's Devin McCourty -- signed a five-year, $10 million deal that can be worth a maximum of $13 million. The deal includes $7.825 million guaranteed.

So, basically, Odrick should get a five-year deal with approximately $7.8 million guaranteed.

It will get done! Sure, there is pressure on the Dolphins to get Odrick signed because they lost Phillip Merling, and the legion of replacements they've been signing lately are just bridge players to get them over an unexpected hump.

But, you know what? There is also pressure on agent Drew Rosenhaus to get Odrick in camp. Rosenhaus is local and he values the way his dealings with the Dolphins are portrayed in the media because players read those accounts. A holdout is bad business for the agent as well as the team.

So it benefits both sides to get this thing done.

Misi should be signed already. It boggles the mind he is not. Fact is, as stated above the two sides seemed agreed to a deal earlier this week only to encounter last-minute wording issues. The money part shouldn't be the main concern here.

Misi, a second-round pick, was the 40th player selected. Players selected at No. 39 (Arrelious Benn) and at No. 41 (Torrell Troup) both are signed.

Misi will sign a four-year deal that will pay him between $4.5-$4.8 million overall with the guaranteed money coming in around $2.7 million.

I predict Misi will be done by the time the Dolphins get on the field tomorrow. And if not, don't sweat it. It will get done.

Both contracts will get done!

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Misi is gonna be a beast!

So the overall message here is that the deals will get done...sometime...sooner rather than later...maybe before camp starts, maybe not...either way don't worry, it'll get done. Thanks for the heads up.
/sarcasm off

I think the reason we're worried is that there are so very few practices in training camp and fins fans are hoping odrick can be a starter at a new position (going from 4-3 dt in college to 3-4 end) and we absolutely need misi to be a starter at a mostly new position (he played lots of end in college and lined up with a hand on the ground most of the time). And it's not like depth behind misi is good or even average. So yeah, not only does every day in camp count, but every single snap counts.

Both will pan out to be BUST!!!!!!!!! in the long lift of Dolphins Draft History

1) Jason Allen
2) Pat White
3) All Cam Cameron Picks
4) All RBs drafted by Shula and Wanny
5) John BECK (deserves to be listed separately)


How about Revis. Will he see his 100MM (20MM per year) yet? stupid Mofo.

Greenie, what's a long lift??

BTW, ALoco, I love your last post. Had me laughing. And I understand your point - good point.

greenie, you are just upset cause we swept you last year! get ready for the same.

perfect post carlos. yes/no/maybe/today/tomorrow/next week/haaaaahhaaaaaaaahhhhha what a stupid article Mando. Are you still on vacation. Camp starts tomorrow get paid and get to camp ladies.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"crossing every "i" and dotting every "t." (Yeah, that was supposed to be funny.)"

I see whatcha did, another example would be...Times sure fun when your having flys/Time sure flys when you having fun.

But seriouly...keep your day job

Soiled :)

Boy.Steroids must be expensive,NJ From the Scum Sentinel site got busted for stealing a can of peaches,the judge asked him how many peaches were in the can and NJ said 5 so the judge ordered him to 5 weeks in jail and his sister was sitting behind him and she got up and yelled your honor !,he stole a can of peas too.. HAHA

LONG LIFT....meaning: What a jets fan puts in his mouth on a daily basis and swallows. I dont think czonka or morris would agree with you. Plus do we really need to go there with all the great talant the jets drafted..... Oh thats right there a none. Wait I got one ????? No he wasnt any good...AH how about ???? No no good either I got it????? No not what was expected, guess i was right the first time.

I care about this stuff because it could have been done weeks ago. Its the type of things fan see and just get angry that all these millionares and billionares can't get stuff done on time.
And I don't mean just with the Dolphins. The way business is done in the NFL is so messed up and its hard to take anyones side when it comes to labor negotiations. They are going to take football away from us next year and it pisses me off so much.

His boy friend Tim/Knight will be there everyday to give conjugal visits. haha

Wetts fans even write with a LISP!

I'm not worried about either of these contracts, I'm only worried about Chris Clemons. I'm not even worried about a nuclear Iran, I'm only worried about Chris Clemons.

Happy Birthday fool....not
56 years old and acts like ten year old bwahahahahhaha, NJ that is

Good information, Mando. I appreciate the update. Calms my nerves.

They Call Me... Tim says:
July 29, 2010 at 12:01 pm
I like guys too but to be honest it really doesn’t matter to me. On the field is all I care about when rooting for my team. That’s what I’m interested in, the game. Not necessarily whether or not the players on my team are nice or not.


I think SI's Peter King is Misi's agent. He doesn't mention Miami without mentioning how good he thinks Misi will be.

WOW News must be real slow! They may sign soon folks could be today tommorow next week hopefully some time before the season starts! Hey wait I could open a blog at the Hearald! ;)

Soiled N Home on my blog you will have full reign to write your own articles and post as you see nessary! ;)

HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!!! Chris T, HELP!!!!!!They are picking on us on the Herald blog. HELP!!!.

: NJ and Tim/Knights latest e-mail to me.

I bet the wets... start to get nervous about that big game in Miami on Sunday night, on Friday. You bunch of Losers......

Aaaallll Rrrriiiggghhhhtttt Miami....

Go Fins !!!!!

Naw their not nervious they already know they are gonna get the field mopped with their arses then a few weeks later we will break out the brooms to sweep!!! They have already put their head between their legs and started to mope around!

wets fan wife and/or girlfreind: Honey it's Friday night lets go down to that horrible little resturant for dinner.

wets husband: No, i'm not hungery, i think i'll stay home and cry....

hungry, sorry...lol

I can not wait for practices to start, Odrick and Misi NEED to be good, if not we could be in some D trouble... I hate living in MA, growing up in NY and being a huge Phin fan. How many more fights does it take to eliminate the Patsie fans, and the Wets fans? :)

This Guy Walked Into A Bar With His Dog.The Bartender Said "Excuse Me Sir,But We Don't Allow Animals In Here"The Guy Said "Wait A Second.This Dog Does A Trick Whenever The Jets Score",So The Bar Keep Let Them In. By Half Time The Jets Managed 3 Fiel Goals,And After Each FG,The Dog Did A Back Flip And Chased His Tail For 30 Seconds.The Bartender Said "That's Pretty Impressive....What Does He Do When The Jets Score A Touchdown."The Guy Responded "I'm Not Sure,I've Only Had Him For 7 Years."

Greenie were you beaten to oblivion as a child? If not then there is still hope for you that it will happen some day. If so, it explains alot...

LMAO @ Beer

Poor Poor cuban. Still crying that he got banned from the SS and now has to hide under the names reptilion SS moderator , etc to bash people , the SS and the posters on it . It's quite embarrassing !! You can also add sad and pathetic !!

Mando, when are you going to hold your next live chat? its been a while. I know TC hasn't started yet but there's still a lot to discuss.

The Jests have had 2 first round draft picks (in 50 years) become a hall of fame player. One was John Riggins (who isn't even in the Jest wing of honor) and the other is a drunk panty hose wearing kissing bandit... In 50 years they have 54 1st round picks and only 20 have played for the Wets more than 5 years...

With the 9th pick the Jests Pick - HAHAHAH

Best Jest pick ever - with the 24th pick the Jesters pass on Dan Marino and select Ken O'brien - duh that sums up their franchise right there...

I am coming back to be the new GM...

thats awesome didn't realize the jets passed on Marino! Makes it all that much better!

Beck never got a real chance,Pat White is a flop yet.

New Season of Jersey Shore in Miami starts tonight. I bet most of the cast are Jet fans.

Good their scum bags let them root for the scum bag team!!!!

Jets are masters of Drafting...

Note they gave up Scrubs to get Sanchez.

In the same draft, Tuna reached for Pat White and Patrick Turner.

You guys had to give 2 2nd rds to get a #1 receiver after bombing it with Patrick Turner and ERNESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

LMAO all the way to the White House next year

PONTI scheme alert....

Buyer Beware.

Ponti scheme spotted on MH blog

SS Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stepped in some wets hope, yesterday, in my neighbor's yard.....

So what your saying is they gave up a few scrubs to get an even bigger scrub! LOL Just make sure that you got enough hot dogs to last the season for sancheeze!!!!

"Beck never got a real chance,Pat White is a flop yet."

Posted by: Nickfury99 | July 29, 2010 at 01:59 PM

See below video evidence



It's been a long summer. I know i'm ready for tc. I'm so exicted. Think i'll go to bed now. Wake me up @ 2pm tommorrow... TY

Wait how many future draft picks did the jets give up on all the washed up veterans they picked up this off season??

I know it was a few!!!

Ernest, now a TE Multimillionaire
Pat White, 2nd Rd
John Beck, 2nd Rd
Pat Turner, 3rd Rd
Merling, 2nd Rd
Wilson, took you for how many mil?
Ayodel, 4th rd?
Green, Trent and Eric... ROFL

You boys need to forfeit the 2nd rd picks

Burpp................ excuse me

Always makes me laugh how fans of such a futile franchise continually make jokes. Go back in your hole and think about the last 3 times you ate our shite

By the way, how's Vernon Gholston?

n the best you got is sancheezy!!! wow.... Ill take beck over that week noodled arm that is only good at handing the ball off! LOL Beck has more of an upside to sancheezy

Forgot that Tuna knows good TE

Fasano Fumble Machine
Nalbone got cut twice --5th rd pick!!!!!
Haynos-- Too Tall to juke a defender
Patrick Turner-- converted to save face

Beck is 4th on the depth charts.
Sanchez has playoff experience baby!!!!!!!

Beck has more upside to become a preacher!

hahaha, classic


Vernon is fine and will thrive under JT's tutelage

Excuse me, who is your OLB? Missi Kitty Kitty and Wake (I got faked out by a punter)?

Now this is classic

So is this


Green must be the official colour of confusion.

And keep waiting for Gholston ... keep waiting.

NJ quit posting as carlo or ss please. You are better than that....then again you are not.


I heard that for the Jets/Phins game in December, NJ has invited a date to come up to see him up there. I wonder who that may be. Not that there is anything wrong with that.......LOL

Now this is funny


Who Else Did You Have To Start??? Had Beck Been On Your Team Sancheezy Would Never Had Played A Snap!

Sanchez would fumble the snap!

July 29, 2010 at 2:06 pm
smooch , smooch mando

Reply Omar Kelly says:
July 29, 2010 at 2:08 pm
I’m not interested in having any of that crap over here.

Reply NJ PHIN FAN says:
July 29, 2010 at 2:13 pm
OK , just wanted to let you know .

FOLKS look at our step child NJ get spanked by OMAR.....priceless

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