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Dolphins are 18th most valued NFL franchise

The recession has hit many people quite hard and caused the value of things to shrink. Homes some of us bought in the last couple of years are worth less today.

Oh, and the football team Stephen Ross bought a couple of years ago is worth less today than what he paid.

That according to Forbes.com, which values the Dolphins and their holdings at $1.02 billion. Ross paid $1.1 billion for 95 percent of the team and Sun Life Stadium. 

The Dolphins rank as the 18th most valuable NFL franchise and the world's 23rd most valuable franchise if the list is expanded to other sports outside football. The Dallas Cowboys lead the way among NFL teams with a value Forbes estimates at $1.65 billion.

AFC East rivals New England ($1.36 billion) and the New York Jets ($1.17 billion) rank ahead of the Dolphins.

But don't feel bad for the Dolphins owner that his investment in the Dolphins isn't returning dividends yet. It will eventually. No NFL team has ever gone down in price over time. And Mr. Ross, you see, is worth approximately $3.4 billion, according to Forbes, and that makes him the 277th richest person in the world.

Billion And just in case you missed it, that is billion with a b. The picture is of $100 stacked to equal $1 billion. Ross is worth nearly three-and-half times that many $100 bills.

All that money and the team couldn't pay for a proven free safety?