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Dolphins are 18th most valued NFL franchise

The recession has hit many people quite hard and caused the value of things to shrink. Homes some of us bought in the last couple of years are worth less today.

Oh, and the football team Stephen Ross bought a couple of years ago is worth less today than what he paid.

That according to Forbes.com, which values the Dolphins and their holdings at $1.02 billion. Ross paid $1.1 billion for 95 percent of the team and Sun Life Stadium. 

The Dolphins rank as the 18th most valuable NFL franchise and the world's 23rd most valuable franchise if the list is expanded to other sports outside football. The Dallas Cowboys lead the way among NFL teams with a value Forbes estimates at $1.65 billion.

AFC East rivals New England ($1.36 billion) and the New York Jets ($1.17 billion) rank ahead of the Dolphins.

But don't feel bad for the Dolphins owner that his investment in the Dolphins isn't returning dividends yet. It will eventually. No NFL team has ever gone down in price over time. And Mr. Ross, you see, is worth approximately $3.4 billion, according to Forbes, and that makes him the 277th richest person in the world.

Billion And just in case you missed it, that is billion with a b. The picture is of $100 stacked to equal $1 billion. Ross is worth nearly three-and-half times that many $100 bills.

All that money and the team couldn't pay for a proven free safety? 


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Is THAT what you got on your vacation?

For a team that hasn't won a championship in 38 years that is pretty good!

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WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

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Almost forgot;

NJphinfan is an idiot!

I loved the ending about the proven free safety Armando;that was priceless.

Just WIN Dolphins.....

Wouldn't that make them just about the highest value of any team that hasn't won a playoff game in 11 years??

Mando brother u need a hug

Personally, the big suprises came in the most valuable athletes list. Terrell Suggs and Jermaine O'Neal both ranked extremely high.

Did O'Neal's money come from his music interests?

I guess Suggs made it based on his giant signing bonus he got this year??

IMHO there wasn't a proven free saftey out there worth the money they were asking!


Tell me something i didn't know.

I am surprised that we would be ranked 23rd overall. 18th in the NFL seems accurate. The dolphins don't seem to have a huge fan base and therefore can't push their product like the steelers, and cowboys or even San Fan back in the day. A couple of championships will fix that. So if you want a return on your investment Mr. Ross...do less talking and more signing.

We overpaid for Dansby & Marshall. We are going to overpay for Odrick, who drafts a 3-4 DE in the first round? Why couldn't we overpay for OJ or any of the half dozen other free agent safeties that were better than what we have on our roster? Just doesn't make sense! I sure hope the Trifecta has some tricks up their sleeves!

I dont measure by monetary value. To me the Dolphins are far and away the most valuable sports team ever, period.

Relax peeps, they didn't go out looking for "proven" FS cuz there wasn't one worth the money being asked from them. Clark was the only hope and he decided to go back to the Steelers without negotiating with Miami. Clemons is the man for now, I believe the coaches know what they're doing.

A double Rainbow : Fins SB winner, Heat Champs
would be just what this crappy South Florida economy needs!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"No NFL team has ever gone down in price over time"

NBA commisioner David Stern whispers into the ear of Roger Goodell...I told the exact same thing to Dan Gilbert when he bought the Cavaliers.

Soiled :)

My Season tickets came in the mail yesterday, They usually come with gifts, like playing cards, license plate holder, etc.

This year we got nothing!

You are an idiot 9/11. Wish you were in the towers so you could have seen it firsthand moron. Let's stick to football jerk.

How do u critisize a team for not spending in a year they signed Dansby and Marshall for over $100 million dollars? I dont think that is fair, even a little bit.

Plus, Ross did shell out money for a FS last year, and he turned out to be the worst FS in football. Is that Ross's fault? I dont think it is.

After the 1-3 start right out of the gate,that 18th ranking will fall to 56th. LOL

Marshall?. Bad hips don't bode well for NFL players."see Priest Holmes".With all of Hennes' over throws ,how long will that hip last with all of the diving Marshall will be doing to get to those over throws ?.Dansby was the best LB on a horrid LB squad.just like Crowder.Ronnie has a 7 game over/under,But keep on dreaming.the off season is right around the corner again.LOL

2 Watt,

Just heard on the radio that Sanchez tried to throw Santurdio Holmes a hotdog but, as usual, there wasn’t enough mustard on it and it was intercepted.

2 watt. Say that fast, it's exactly what you are. Henne is getting better and better. Marshall and Dansby were worth the money not only for ability but for morale. We have a young team now that can believe they have a chance to be a part of something great and it will show in their play. The coaches are excited for a reason. Jets are going to put up a fight but get embarrased!

9/11 sounds a little bit like Home.

Better start Thigpen.That's why he's there,they don't trust Henne.

LH.The HEAT will have 4 of the next 6 championships,All of the parade routes will be taken up by them in S.Fla.I heard they will rename Dan Marino blvd. to 136 lane. LOL

The HEAT. The new jewel of S.Fla. sports. There will be no more area code 3-0-5.. It is now area code 3-1-6.. LOL

Poor Doplhins,after the thrashing by the Packers after the bye week to go 1-4,nobody will care about football down there anymore, the front running phony fans that they are.LOL

the heat my azzzzzz

lebron my azzzzzzzz


According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Chris Clemons is the "clear-cut favorite" to enter Week 1 as the Dolphins' starting free safety.
Rookie Reshad Jones reportedly "needs plenty of work," while Tyrone Culver will likely focus on special teams. Clemons doesn't boast elite ball skills, but he has enough speed and range to be a solid starting center fielder.

Sounds like we will see a lot of deep balls early into the secondary this year.

Do you know why New Yorkers are depressed all the time?Because they know the light at the end of the tunnel leads to Jersey!


All the NY Kite fans always talking sht this time of the year. No need to worry because come mid-season they will crawl back under their rocks.

With no NT on the roster,There will be a ton of long runs right up the gut of the D as well.LOL

Only 2 Watts ey? Not even a 40 watter? Well at least it's evident by your ridiculously stupid opinions. You really are only running on 2 watts. Enjoy your annual offseason superbowl extravaganza you moronic jets fan. The Dolphins own your crummy team.

I love your work, Mando, but the last sentence bothers me a little, "All that money and the team couldn't pay for a proven free safety?" They did go after Ryan Clark; it didn't work out. If I'm not mistaken, the Trifecta placed a monetary value on Antrel Rolle. And, again if I'm not mistaken, the Giants paid more than that monetary value. It's awfully difficult to criticize what the Fins did this offseason, bringing in, in my opinion, one of the top four or five WRs in the league. I don't want to overpay for a free safety. And maybe the Trifecta really believes that Chris Clemons from Clemson can play. If Clemons isn't the answer, then my guess would be that we'll be solidifying the FS position this offseason. As I said in an earlier post, I still think we're one year away from competing for the Super Bowl. But I hope the Fins prove me wrong, and I'll be in section 447 each week playing my position as the 12th man!

Fins Up! Jets Stink!

By the way dim watt, LOVED the story on the Jets on ESPN! Did you catch it? it was the one talking about how they have 10 guys who make most of the money on the team and how that's going to hurt the Jets next season and seasons to come. It talks about how they wont be able to keep their own players and how this is the year they HAVE to win it all because they're going to have problems in years to come that include less draft picks after giving away so many for free agents (who in my opinion have no chemistry and will crap out if they make the playoffs). So good luck to you, ridiculously retarded jets fan, and remember whos one three in a row against your supposed superior squad. Oh and by the way, The dolphins are ranked ahead of the Jets in sports illustrated and espn magazine.


Oye Vay! The fluff we must endure from time to time.

j/k :-)

Hey, Mando! The Palm Beach Post has announced the dates and times of Dolphins training camp, really nice chart. What are you, still on vacation? Let's go!

lol @ worth all that money an couldn't pay for free safety

Miami Dolphins
No holdout on horizon: Odrick, Fins talking.
?????,, The contract is in place and he agreed to it but the box of rocks can't find out where to sign his name on the contract.LOL

Lets see.. Noone wants to play the Jets,Ravens or Colts, but everybody wants to play the Dolphins for that easy win and there's always some record that is tied/broken by someone who is playing against the Fish.. LOL

No one wants to play the Jets cuz championship players crave for competition, with the Jets, that's laughable at best.


For those of u screaming ur head off bout dez Bryant even though he was drafted mid 20s agent says he will be holding out of camp till he gets top 10 money! Ha n hasn't even played a football game in over a year good luck Dallas looks like ya got another TO on ur hands!

Woo-Hoo!!! Just got a delivery from Don Shula Blvd. Season tix are here, Baby!!! Go Phins!!!

why do you azzume that if someone who speaks ill of the Phins is a Jets fan.?. LOL.Jody,trade those in "if you can,that is if you can find a sap," for Heat tix.


Thigpen because we don't trust Henne?

How about Brunnell because Sanchez handles weiners better than he handles balls.

Wats really good with our first and second round picks and this none sense about signing??? Has anyone heard anything about wats good with these two oderick and misi. Have the adjusted are they a good fit wars really good!!!!

And I want t.o. To be a dolphin!!! He has a good work ethic and at this point in his career I kno he won't cause the nonsense he cased in the past!!!!

Yo Armando,
I'm so glad you're back!
Reading you all the way from Chi-town!
That last line of the blog post!

odin,thigpen torched the phins when he played them 2 years ago.He's a scrambler,has an arm for the bomb AND,,,,,,, has the touch pass that is absent from Hennes arsenal.The KC fans were livid when they traded him to Parcells but at least Parcells knows what a QB is suppose to do.

go watch the tape of TT after Henne and White got knocked out of the Steeler game. he came in ice cold and almost won the game by himself.The Phins would be dumb not to start him on opening day.

2 watt go back to the SS, unless of course you were banned.

STD Watt,

You can't tell me nuttin about Thigpen. He played very well against the Dolphins. Torched? Not by a longshot.

I've been a Thigpen fan since he was drafted. He's in a very similar situation as Henne, they're both developing very well.

The Steelers game you refer to was a double edged sword. He came in and played very well. When push came to shove, he threw one of the most bone-headed INT's I've seen in a while.

Henne and Thigpen have a ways to go, but compared to Brunnell and SancheezDog, were miles ahead of the wets.

Tickets for the season opener came in the mail yesterday. BOOYAH!!!

How about Brunnell because Sanchez handles weiners better than he handles balls.

Posted by: odinseye | July 22, 2010 at 12:38 PM

LMAO Odinseye!

Just wait until the Dolphins make their cuts to get down to 53. There will be a frenzy by other teams to sign their OL "leftovers." Too bad they are not similarly stacked at FS, NT, RB, TE, or WR. The two starting RBs are about to draw Social Security and there is a huge drop-off in WR talent after Marshall. Counting on NT Starks, FS Clemons, and the new LB corps to really step up this year.

9/11 or should i say shawn or is it HOME , is the biggest idiot on any blog. this guy is a freaking clown !!!

and kris-y is just as a big an idiot and clown has 9/11. did i mention kris-y is a P-U-S-S- Y ???

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