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Miami Dolphins may be cautious with some recovering players

The NFL is a go-go-go league and if you're not getting better you're getting worse. That is why young teams put so much emphasis on getting their players on the field together and working hard at the start of training camp.

But sometimes working all the players extremely hard is extremely short-sighted.

Bodies break, my friends, so look for the Dolphins to take a more cautious approach with their more precious, proven, but breakable commodities.

That means even as running back Ronnie Brown approaches 100 percent while he continues to recover from foot (lisfranc) surgery last season, the Dolphins are not expected to expose him to every single repetitition in every single practice right away.

Yes, there will be practices Brown does it all. But there will be practices he's held back a bit to mitigate the wear on him.

Receiver Brandon Marshall is scheduled to be ready for full work at the start of training camp after his hip surgery earlier this offseason. At last check he was very close to 100 percent, if not already there. He and quarterback Chad Henne need to work together and catch up on becoming a great pitch-and-catch combination.

But trainers and coach Tony Sparano may not put pedal to the metal on Marshall's work from the very first week of practice, which begins Friday. Marshall is scheduled to practice. But how much isn't exactly clear.

Good idea?

Sure, as long as the players get their work done. The Dolphins need to come out of the gates fast this year because their early season schedule -- including at Minnesota, at Green Bay, and home games against the Jets, New England and Pittsburgh -- promises to be a killer.

So Miami must be prepared to play its best football early in the season.

But Sparano and his training staff also have to weigh the idea that to play their best football, the Dolphins cannot be walking around wounded. They need players such as Brown and Marshall at 100 percent on Sept. 12 when the regular season opens.

And that could mean being more deliberate with the work those players get starting July 30. 


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Brown and Marsall will very much be needed. I am hoping they will recover fully. we need them
welcome back armando

I hope we have better luck this year with the injuries.

Ronnie will be traded sometime this season. The dolphins front staff is too smart not to make this move. Kory sheets is very intresting to keep an eye on him this season also. He can be a home run hitter if he doesn't hesitate to make a move.and that mamouth oline should open some gapping holes sheets speed will be dangerous keep an eye on #22 like I said could be a steal.

the only thing that worries me is this young defense. I am not sure how they will perform against teams like Minnesota, NE, Indy, or any high powered offense teams with the lack of experience. I just hope we dont give up the big play as much as last year. However, i think this D has potential to shape out great as the season goes. We need Wake, Dansby, Misi, and odrick to cause some havoc, otherwise we will get burnt. Cant wait for the season!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Where is everyone ?

Is everyone but me a hardworking productive citizen ?

Soiled :)

if we get out of the gates slow again this year then I really think Sparano needs to be replaced. you can't expect to go far when you start 0-3 like we did the last 2 seasons. This year we do have a chance to start 3-1 and I hope we get there.

Boulder , I see 3 and 1 as a must. 4 and 0 would be great, but 3and 1 a must. Strong start to set the thing in motion.

Soiled, dont be hard on yourself. You are a hard working dude.

Soiled, looky here.

I said "hard on yourself" in the same sentence. LOL

Now that we have Chad a bit more developed and Marshall hopefully will take some load of Ronnie's back. Hopefully he can be healthy towards the end of the season, when we really need him.

Ronnie and Ricky in December and January... That could be something special.

It's a smart approach to ease Ronnie brown into it. Ricky can take a lot of snaps early, and if Ronnie stays healthy he will be at full strength in December. It's a tough start though, hopefully marshall and our young defense will be better. We are not the only team that won't be full strength early - remeber jets will be missing holmes for our first game and pats won't have wellet at 100 percent

I agree that a fast start is important, especially with 3 division rivals on the schedule. Week 1 @ buffalo is huge. Fins have to win that game. Buffalo looks like division (maybe even NFL) cellar dwellers. But beating a division rival on the road is not so easy.

Dear mr soiled bottoms, your hard work at keeping me entertained with your cleaver n amusing posts is work enough! Keep em comming could always use a smile while I'm workin!

Dear Mr. Salguero

In my last post I may have gave the impression that I was not a hard working productive citizen.

That couldn't be farther from the trueth.

Currently I am tending to some crops I had planted earlier in the year in anticipation of NC passing a Medical Mariju.... law.

I had cleared some land next to my corn squeezin still, polished my scales, bought some baggies...now I'm just waiting on Obama

If it was good enough for George Washington its good enough for me

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. SoiledBottom,

Is there a reason why you stay dirty?

Publix has a sale on Charmin toilet paper...

But you may prefer Downy.


The Clean One

Soiled you put the "i can" back in American. :)

Can't wait for Friday.

Mr. SoiledBottom,
Please let me know when your first crop comes out... I will be glad to drive up to test it out with you to make sure everything is ok I'll even invite Rickey I am sure he could give ya a few pointers! ;)

I thought Sparano thought he was being too easy on teh players in camp which led to the slow start that the team never recovered from. Can't start 1-3 or 2-4 every year.





These guys are athletes, they train their bodies for this, isn't that one reason they get paid like they do? So I'm not saying full contact every play of every practice...but come on here, they are not wearing skirts either. I say if you don't get the hits and work in during training camp and pre-season then you wind up starting slow, or even the adverse...people get hurt. Play the guys and let's get banging so we can win this division this year boys!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

I was just visited by the cops...they were snoopin around talkin about crops and no laws have been passed.

What gives ?..You were the only person who knew about the crops when I told you in my last post.

I smell a rat

Soiled :)

Rumors would be fun but we would all be living in a fantasy world. A good start is needed so we have momentum to ride

Injuries are what made us 7-9 last year. There's a fine line to walk between working the players to ready them for the season (with pads on) and being careful to come out of TC healthy. Also, someone's about to be cut! We're carrying 78 players the last time I counted with two more rookies to sign and Ronnie Brown hasn't inked in yet. Love the fact that we're bringing in some DL vets to compete with the kids. Even if they don't stick, they at least let the rooks know that they've gotta work for it! Douglas COULD take over Merling's spot and Stanley COULD be the back-up NT. You've got to EARN the right to be on this Dolphin's team, just like you've got to earn the right to be SB champs!

Everyone you mentioned is a veteran, so I have no problems with them not getting every snap. And, yes, Henne and Marshall need to get on the same page, but a lot of that can be done at less than full-speed (of course, it'll take a little while for Henne to adjust to Brandon's speed once the season actually begins). All-in-all, not too worried. BUT, you're ABSOLUTELY right, Dolphins need to play their best ball in the 1st 2 months if they plan on playing in the Playoffs.

Oh, and to Soiled Bottom...that's why you should always keep a box of donuts and a fresh pot of coffee around to distract those guy. Lol!s

Yup..... A few heads are going to roll... When is the first required roster cut this year? N who's helment is going to roll first?

Tracy, your argument on injuries has some merit but it doesn't explain why they stunk it up against a very beatable Falcon team in week one or lost the following week too. This team has to be in almost mid season form right out of the gate.

I think we have the potential to put up some major points this year.I just hope we put up more than we allow,we need our D to step up and put pressure on the QB's...GO PHINS

Yea if we loose to the bills game one this year... Thats going to be a hard one to swallow....That with out a doubt is very important for us to win!

Hope the cops didn't give ya to much of a problem this morning... I bet ya it was one of the jet fan trolls everyone is always talking about.... Just trying to knock heads with us dolphin fans!! LOL Less than four days away till training camp starts... Then we might actually get some football talk on this football blog!

I know this is off subject, but I really hope we stick with te wildcat this year. As long as both brown and Williams are healthy, it gives great yardage per play. And that is the bottom line of any offense.

Its football related its not off topic!

I don't see us losing to the bills this years... after all it was T.O who won it for them last year and hes still unemployed.

We need to destroy the Bills, plkain and simple. I want to see QBs with their backs on the grass!

I meant to say "their" Qbs.

Not to worried about Brown.....Cobbs healthy? Ricky healthy? Sheets and Hillard? I'd hope that Marshall is running a route on each and every practice play....he doesn't need to go live on the full contact..toss a QB redshirt on him if ya have too...

I know we will lose some games, but I would like us to KILL the teams we should beat. I want some blow outs. That builds some confidence. I would love to see us trounce the Bills and any other below ave team.

So what is the deal that we get Minn and GB away. Jets are home against them! They are on the road for Chi and Detroit! Phins go to Baltimore, Ravens go to Jets! I may be missing something, but it always seems like the Phins have the tough schedule.

The Leauge don't like us miamians n can't stand parcells! So they tryin to screw us anyway posible! ;) lol

I am not sure this administration will try to trade Ronnie. At least not until late in the season. I don't see them giving him up unless they can get someone to give up a second rounder. They are not going to get that until Ronnie has proven he is gonna stay healthy for more tha half of a season. Also, we have seen what happens to the wildcat when he is not present. And the wildcat si going to be a big part of the playoff push if we are able to survive the brutal schedule to start the year off.

I think the O will be fine, but earlier I did see some one post this, The bigger concern is this defense vs the high powered O's we see. Minn, NE, Indy... I am concerned about that the most. I still do not think we win shoot outs with this coaching crew we have now.

I think the coaching crew is just fine I think they have been playing to our strengths these past few years.... N offence hasen't been one of them untill this year! I think it will be balanced mostly but mor of a lean to throwing... Unless their behind where it will be opened up!

As expected, Dez Bryant is setting Dallas on fire with spectacular plays already in camp. But at least Odrick will carry people's pads.

Caoch needs to get these guys to "leave it all out on the field." These young bucks also need to learn how to "step it up." I really hope coach figures out what he will do with Tedd Ginn Jr. this year. He needs to become a "playmaker" to help out his team.

Gabe are talking to Mike Singletary because Ginn doesn't play for Miami(thank God & Parcells)


Mando-what you say makes sense. I want these guys healthy as well as you. We don't want to be the healthiest pre-season team. We need to be ready to rock when it counts. By the way, Ronnie Brown is a nice down to earth person. Hope things work out for him.

Wow dude I hope ur kidding!

Greeatdane, he probably wasnt kidding and wont be responding either. He still thinks J Porter and JT are still on the team.

I'm hoping Yatil Green overcomes his injury problems.

Gabe, Are you Related to Linda???

Even Linda nows that.

If that's the case we got alot of explaining to do to this kid he's missed a whole hell of a lot! I mean what's the last u remember dude cause a lot has changed! Actually just read our old posts and you will understand!

Their is no need to beat a buchard horse!

I like Keith Bullocks response to the Dez PIMPIN Bryant thing " If a rookie tried that with me I would probable bury him"

Wow fractured skull for Kindle out for a long time! After DUI in what 07 n running into a building in his car 09 now this! Way to trifecta!

TO to cincy... Rams pull out... LOL espns words!

I guess TO likes it when u bust in... Hahahahaahahahahahahahaha

atching "Man vs. Food", They have adam Richmon eating Shula's 48 OZ porter house steak, I could swear they had a 96 OZ. Porterhouse, Someone in Dade County, can you help me out on this???

Cuban, You are getting Shula's mixed up with the movie The Great Outdoors and the Old 96'er

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