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First day of camp over, bring on Day Two!

I have the highest respect for Ronnie Brown. He works hard. Practices hard. Plays hard. He's always smiling and rarely, if ever, complains.

So when Brown's sixth NFL training camp opened Friday, it was not surprising to see him at pretty much full health, running with the first-team and triggering the Wildcat Package. Yes, the Dolphins showed the folks in the stands a couple of Wildcat plays with Brown taking the snap and one of them was, mark this down NFL, a pass.

Brown, who missed the end of last season with a foot fracture, seems fine.

"I didn't think about the foot at all," he said after practice. "I was thinking more about the sun."

Despite all Brown's desirable traits, the Dolphins are not exactly rushing to make sure their running back is on the team long-term. Understandably so.

Brown, you see, has been injured four of his previous five seasons. That is bad news for any running back. So the Dolphins have been reluctant to give him a new big-money contract because they are simply protecting their interests.

So Brown will play the 2010 season under a one-year restricted tender offer he has signed.

Some players elsewhere are angry about such treatment. Shawne Merriman comes to mind in San Diego. Brown?

“I think all that stuff will take care of itself," Brown said after practice, that perpetual smile on his face.

Is it a distraction to you, Brown is asked?

"Not at all," he responded quickly.

The beauty of Brown is he understands business and differentiates between the Dolphins making a correct business decision and making this a personal matter. Moreover, even if Brown were somehow upset by the fact he's basically being rented this season, he probably wouldn't share that displeasure because it doesn't serve the team.

I told you there's reasons I respect this guy.

The Brown situation bears watching because the Dolphins are taking a calculated risk. If Brown has a mega-season -- say 1,400 yards -- the team is either going to have to pay Brown through the nose for a new deal or watch somebody else do it.

If Brown somehow gets injured again or doesn't blow up with a great season, the team's calculations will have proven correct.

Ironic, isn't it? The Dolphins would lose financially if Brown stays healthy and plays great while they would look like excellent stewards of the payroll if he doesn't.

My thoughts:

There is much to report on. Go here for my words off of practice and interviews. I cover a little Brian Hartline, Cameron Wake, Tony Sparano, rookies Koa Misi, Jared Odrick and John Jerry. Follow me so that you get the updates in real time, even to your phone if you select that option.

Meanwhile, as you know I double-dip as a columnist as well as blogger for the Miami Herald. It doubles my salary to match what captains of industry would make if they were, say, flipping fries at Burger King. In today's Herald my column reminds everyone that when the Dolphins open camp "it's football season", regardless of how many stars the Heat sign. The column also shows you exactly how confident Cameron Wake is that he can make you forget about Jason Taylor.   

The science lab:

Let me now tell you a little something about the offensive line: Coach Tony Sparano is like a mad scientist with those guys and the practice field is his chemistry lab. He likes to mix and match. He experiments. He prods the mental and emotional state of the players. There is only one player I have not seen Sparano do this with on the offensive line.

Jake Long.

Everyone else is fair game. So unlike other media types, I didn't get my briefs in a bunch when I saw Nate Garner playing right tackle. I am not ready to pronounce Richie Incognito a failure because he's not starting at right guard. I'm not ready to anoint John Jerry the starter because he was working with the first-team at right guard. And Cory Procter may be a great find in free agency, but I'll believe he's the starting left guard when I see it in the first regular-season game.

Fact is, I would not be surprised if guys get reshuffled as early as today's two practices but no later than sometime next week.

Even Garner, who last week talked to me about vying for a starting guard job, wasn't ready to call himself a fulltime tackle Friday.

“It’s not really a curve ball," he told me. "I kind of expected it because that’s where I played all of last [training camp] and it progressed to where I went to play guard. So it might end up doing the same thing this year. You never know. It’s all up to them."

It is up to them. Don't let it take you by surprise because you've been warned the offensive line is a big experiment right now.

Anthony Fasano update:

Tight end Anthony Fasano on Friday talked to the media for the first time since last season. He declined to speak during the offseason because he was not under contract, although he was practicing after signing a waiver.

Fasano was not thrilled about having his path to unrestricted free agency detoured by the change in rules following the owners' vote to make 2010 an uncapped year. So he decided talking was not a great idea.

"I hope you guys didn't take that personally," Fasano said sheepishly after practice.

Me? I don't give a rat's ... But it is always better when players share their thoughts. It only helps them because it makes me, you, fans everywhere, understand where they're coming from and identify with them better.

Personally, I'm hoping Fasano identifies more with being a better tight end in 2010. The Dolphins can seriously use a better threat down the middle of the field than they've had recently. And the big Notre Dame guy can also stand to improve some of his blocking skills.

The good news is he gets it.

"I need to improve – in the run game, in the pass blocking game and in the pass receiving game," Fasano said. "I think I’ll have some different opportunities this year and I have to make the most of them, no matter what my role turns out to be in the offense this year. I have to come through."

Of course, coming through will help Fasano on the contract front.

Second team defense:

These were the guys working second-team defense uring the team period, which is the period in which the full-team period and not the situational package period. (Some guys get confused and report different units):

CB: Will Allen

CB: Jason Allen

WOLB: Charlie Anderson

SOLB: Ikaika Alama-Francis

DE: Tony McDaniel

NT: Paul Soliai

DE: Marques Douglas

FS: Reshad Jones

SS: Tyrone Culver

The Dolphins will practice at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday. I will be at both because, dangit, I work for a living. So check the live updates on my twitter. Are you getting the drift it will get you some good information faster? 


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Story BY JEFF DARLINGTON & the twisted truth edited by Home

The play was over, and Dolphins wide receiver That Home pounded the table for, Brandon Marshall had ignited the crowd at Friday's first practice of training camp for the third time. This one, he did so by finagling himself around the well-confused loud mouth Sean Smith for Another sweet grab.

As Smith, a Fraud second-year cornerback, trotted back toward the line of scrimmage, Marshall hustled over to him, told him Bernie Bad Knee Kosar could cover WRs better and patted the chump, poser on the back before the two headed opposite ways.

``He just told me, Smith u Suck'' Smith recalled afterward. ``He said, `You'll never have your days, and I'll always have mine.' ''

This day belonged to Marshall. And after a brief but telling look into his first full practice with Miami, it seemed clear this wouldn't be the last one Brangetterdon Marshall owns -- against the soon to be benched Fraud sean twitter me not, I smell Toast smith.

Let`s just be glad Home was spot on with Marshall and ...
The pundits would now say, since 2009 Miami Dolphin Training Camp, Home was also spot on with sean the poser smith.

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

2010 Miami Dolphins


Way To Go!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


sean smith is a Fraud in an NFL CBs clothing

Am Voting 4 Vontae Davis for Pro Bowl CB

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Ronnie Brown will have an outstanding year

Anyone Else go into Foxboro & Score 5 TDs in one game against one Hell of a patriot football team?

Did not think so


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Anyone Else out ther still want to talk bad bout the Dolphins getting Brangetterdon Marshall?

Did not think so


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

4-0 would be an amazing start, Home! But why not 5-0 or 6-0? Is there going to be a hiccup in the 5th game? Tell us, oh wise one.

Just kiddin, Home. But I hope you're right.

Anyone Else other than the blind & deaf eyes & ears of the Miami Dolphins
Omar Kool Aid Kelly
Think 0 Int sean is an "Elite Pro Bowl CB?"

Did not think so


Ok Dolfans


This Place has More Periods
Than a Hemingway novel


Good Night

Will discuss during bye week
Miami Dolphins have a bye weeek
After 1st 4 games

Then @ GB

Home, If we go 4-0, I am going to buy you a beer a shot.


Because Ronnie Brown's future contract status relies so heavily on his staying healthy this season, it is next to impossible to project what Miami will do with him. I don't believe he is history if he should have the horrible luck of getting injured again this season. If that were the case, why not just cut him now? 4 of 5 is bad enough. If the team needed a reason to cut/trade him, they already had it. Instead I think if he got hurt they would see where the FA offers were at next year and decide if they wanted to match. They may do that either way, and that is good for Ronnie, if he can get paid then let him get paid. I would personally love to see he and Miami come to terms before the season ever ends. That would really be cool and make it a more smooth off season for both sides.

Our New Defense is STRONG as Hell which is a HUGE relief. Linebackers look like D Lineman.

Any Brandon Marshall Updates?

Love what you said about Tony Sparano being a mad scientist in a laboratory - you are right!

So glad we are getting updates about Odrick from the guy who has a pulse on all things Dolphins.

Gil Brandt on James Wilson - CB Montana -Montana held its pro day Monday outdoors on FieldTurf with 10 teams present to watch the seven players who worked out.

No doubt, DB James Wilson has the athletic talent to be an NFL player. Wilson (5-foot-11, 193 pounds) ran 4.52 and 4.49 seconds in the 40-yard dash, 4.28 in the short shuttle and 6.83 in the 3-cone drill. He also had a 9-11 broad jump and a 35-inch vertical to go along with 19 bench-press repetitions at 225 pounds.

Now, he had a very good workout. But Wilson was jailed for two years until he was acquitted of murder in a 2007 shooting, which will probably keep him from being drafted. So if he gets a chance as an undrafted free agent, his success will depend on his ability to stay out of trouble.

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