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First press conference of the season is in the books

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just finished his first press conference of the season, a productive session with some news nuggets. Here they are:

Media guide
*Sparano said every player on the team passed their conditioning test and it seems the injury questions that plagued in the offseason are mostly resolved. [Update: Two players did not practice today. Pat White and Evan Oglesby were not at practice. Sparano had said a couple of players might miss the work today due but wasn't specific. The coach refused to discuss White missing the work. And seriously, how important is this? the guy is the fourth string QB? I'm not all that moved by his absence one way or another.]

*As I reported last week, Brandon Marshall and Ronnie Brown are "ready to go," Sparano confirmed. Both will practice today at 2 p.m.

*Wide receiver Patrick Turner (unspecified injury) is 100 percent and will be working after missing all of the offseason camps and OTA sessions. Nate Garner (foot) is practicing. Obviously Phillip Merling is out, but we already knew that.

*Quarterback Chad Pennington is healthy, according to Sparano, and ready to compete "for the backup job." Pennington missed most of last season following shoulder surgery.

*Sparano said the issue with wide receiver Brian Hartline's abandoned truck on I-75 incident has been resolved. Hartline, the coach said, was cited, he paid the cititation and the case is closed. The Herald is seeking confirmation of that from the Florida Highway Patrol. [Update: Confirmed. Hartline said, "It was a silly situation and we took care of it. I'm just ready to play football. I'm glad it's over with."

*Sparano said he's lost 55 pounds since the end of last season. He looked trim, with no belly pooch.

Tiny Sparano!

*The Dolphins today waived guards Ray Feinga and Dimitri Tsoumpas and announced the signing of Jared Odrick, Koa Misi and Charles Grant -- players you knew were signed days ago.

*The coach talked about what he wants to see out of his revived and revamped defense this year. "I want to see the defense turn people over," he said, referring to his desire for turnovers.

*Sparano said the club will keep defensive end on the active roster for now. But we know Merling is out of the year and I reported in the previous post his Achilles' tendon injury is serious and he will either go on Injured Reserve or the Non-Football Injury list. The Dolphins are also expected to cut Merling's salary, based on the fact they can and he suffered his injury away from the team.


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Yes, now that I know that some dude who isnt making the 53 man roster is healthy I can go back to brushing my armpit hairs.

Mabey now that turners healthy and we know he ain't (baring something crazy happening) gonna make it again this year so mabey you could hire him to brush all your body hair!

Turner might be 100% healthy, but that doesn't make him 100% football player...

Or you know what we could use him as a water/towel boy.... He can catch towels and bottles thrown back to him.... I would think!

He would break his wrist trying to tame the jungle that is my chest.

Seriously though, I hope Pruitt has hands.

What are your thoughts on keeping Kory Sperry as the 5th back AND using him as a wide out? He has the speed, and if he has the hands Id prefer that than keeping slow poke Turner.

At least that way he would actually see the football field on game day mabey even get on it to bring them the water during one of the timeouts!

It's great to have you back with these reports, 'Mando. Don't be taking any offers from ESPN or Yahoo if any come your way. We need your blogs!

I meant Kory Sheets, not Sperry.

Naw you haven't heard rumors are flying that Mondo, Omar Kelly, N Greg Cote r all free agents and word is that they are joining forces down on south beach to make a super blog!!!!!

Camp - The grunts of men, lots of sweat, the zing of footballs, heaven, finally football!

Question is does he have the hands to be that preverbial 5th reciever/back! I dont know if he does or not! But more importantly is he usefull on kick returns! Thats what might make that kid stick to the team!

Nice way to insert twitter updates on the blog entry

Camp Notes:

Turner will not make the team
Sheets will not make the team
Merling will get 200k minus child support
Sparano needs to work on his game mgt skills
Trade one of the outcast OL to Dallas who are thinner than paper at this position

Mando you still try to look super smart with your assesment that the Fins want to get money back from Merling, because the injury happend away from football.

BUT did they place him on PUP or did they release to 2 OL players instead to get down to 80 for camp? That does not make any sense!!!

phinfan's post at 1:07pm sounds really gay!"the grunts of men,sweat oozing, balls flying around, heaven.........." ok guy, this is a football blog, go talk about how you like men at the DNC

i like you NumberJuan.you sound sweet .

good point by waterboy, depending on what dallas is willing to give back in return, Incognito,Jones, and Garner according to supposed experts are all vying for starting spots at guard and Donald Thomas is supposed to be either at their level or just below, conditional 4th rder pick that could become a 3rd rder would be very enticing for Garner if Thomas can be trusted to be remain healthy, but i suspect i'm dreaming here asking for that high a pick

Phinfan, sorry could'nt help myself to take that shot, nothing personal, no more shots from me, my bad seriously! I know the "I like you comment " was sarcasm, but i deserve whatever you dish out after my cheapshot, now back to the phins, hope fences somewhat mended here.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read

"Mando. Don't be taking any offers from ESPN or Yahoo"

I have been a Miami Herald Fan since I was a little kid.

I have lived with the Bad articles as well as the Good articles Mr. Salguero.

The Herald editors have surrounded you with a good supporting cast...yet still no Pulitzer

Are you saying you can't win a Pulitzer surrounded by guys like Cote, Darlington and Neal.

Will you be pulling a Labron....leaving the Herald to join forces with those guys at the Sun Sentinal to persue your dreams of a Pulitzer prize.

Don't make me burn my Miami Herald Armando Salguero Jersey.


Soiled :)

anyone else here think that A Fasano could very well be one of the most important players in determining the succes of the Phins this year? after all Henne is extremely talented but young and a TE is a QB's best friend(safety valve on the field) especially a young QB, or is it irrelevant with B Marshall here?

Turner Probably Won't Make The Team.Yo Felix,I See That You Live In Minneapolis.I Live In Bloomington.I Used To Go To The MOA And Meet Up With 7-8 Dolphin Fans But Since All The Bars Closed There,I've Lost Track Of Them.

Jets running back Joe McKnight that they drafted put on active non-football injury list list cause he failed physical along with a qb i have never heard of Eric Ainge with undisclosed illness!

LMFAO, queen mondo, lequitbeatwriter t shirts are being printed as we speak soiled:) they are taking down the "we are all blog readers" mural just in case he leaves already!


Ur right juan...I think Fasano will make a big inpact in our offense this year! I've been waiting for him to finally use his talent and help out Henne out there...

FatBoy got a 2 year Extension. They will regret it, once they go kaboosh this year.

BOLD PREDICTION: Travis Ivey UFA rookie, will make team and become a starter eventually, kid is just abnormally strong IF he was to be cut he will be Norman Hand all over again, former teammate of Tim Bowens in college cut by Phins as rookie went on to become very good player for the Chargers!

mando I hope you can give us more detail from the camp than this article. I want play by play :-)

I think the fins will pound the ball into the endzone with the wildcat, so I dont see Fasano catching too many TD's this year. Maybe all TEs in total catch 4-5
Fasano needs to play lights out to collect serious doe next year.

Im still looking for someone to unseat Haynos at the #2 spot


Hey beerndrums....I live in Bloomington myself! I go to the Sports Page on Lyndale during the season and if the Pack/Vikes are not playing the owner likes me enough to put the Fins on. We should hang out there sometime this fall.

I still think we should trade for Vincent Jackson. To Me this is the only peace of the offensive puzzle that needs to be in place.

Best Training Camp Matchup:

Brandon Marshall vs Vontae Davis. This should be really good!

waterboy: i agree Fasano or other players not named Marshall,Brown or Williams probably won't get many touchdowns and i agree with this massive OL, we should at least attempt to pound the ball in with the wildcat once we are relatively close, now my question about Fasano is more can he get 40to50 catches at 10 yards a catch with a 20 yarder here and there down the middle of the field ? As far as Haynos i need to see more definetely not sold on him, saw some glimpses, heard good things about Nalbone , maybe he can add something, question is David Martin still on the team if so is he recovered from his injury?

Marshall will only make our young db's better! LOL

Would love to see Vincent Jackson here , unfortunately don't see it happening , even if the asking price was a conditional 7th rder(not that i think he would fetch that little in return, making a point, since we could have had Santonio Holmes for a 5th and did'nt do it)

Thats a good point there Dyingbreed. Our secondary has not had the chance to try and cover an elite talent like BM (no offense to the incumbent WRs, you have my respect) on a continual basis. All of the db's will be better for trying to keep up with the beast.

Isnt Vincent Jackson suspended for the 1st 4 games?

Wish I were in Miami right now!

Wished Turner would step up big time, then either Bess or Camarillo would be great trade bait!


have a good one all, be back later, if anyone here ever goes to the SS basketball blog then they know who "sledge" is, well i'm off to laugh at sledge for a while :)

Just the first three games. Jackson would also make out db's better.

Sorry, I mean our db's better.

All of the twitter camp updates are on the football page. Just scroll down until you see them on the left hand side.

As much as I think Merling is probably a scumbag, I think this injury was football related because Sterling does not strike me as the type of guy that would go for a jog just for his own health. He jogged because he knew he has to get ready for training camp.

all of the twitter updates are posted on the football page. Just scroll down until you see them on the left hand side of the page.

@ Number
Martin is not on the team. They are going young with Sperry and the Nal-Boner

Turner is not making the team. Too much talent in Front: Marshall, Camarillo, Hartline and Bess and # 5(Whoever is fast and can return kicks)

Turner was going to be our Poorman's Marshall

He can join the Pats once he is cut.

Cameron Wake opened training camp as the Dolphins' starting right outside linebacker.
As he should be. Offering tremendous pass-rush ability, Wake is a sleeper to lead the AFC in sacks this season, and his chances will be solidified if he continues to hold off Charlie Anderson. It really shouldn't be a problem. Rookie Koa Misi worked as the left outside linebacker on camp's first day.

Flipper it doesn't matter because it didnt happen at the fins facilities. I hear they won't dock him his entire salary, but it is a convient opportunity for them to save some money. Not to mention Merling has been a mild disappointment and his legal staus has complicated matters worse.

Just get rid of Merling. He never gave his all for the Dolphins.

Something from the previous blog I personally thought was funny.....Jersey Shore Jets a.k.a "HOMOS" Yes that includes you Jason Taylor!

Quarterback Pat White is not working at practice today.

He has been traded to the UFL Cougars

Hey Felix,that's Where I Went Last Year For A Couple Of The Games.The Guy I Work For And His Roomate Are Fin Fans Too.I Will Be There For The Bills Game For Sure.

dyingbreed is back,nice to read your posts . i learn a lot from them .

mando, where's the updates ?

Waterboy dont tease me!

i shave my armpit hair

Thx Aloco

What did we get some used gym equipment???

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