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First press conference of the season is in the books

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just finished his first press conference of the season, a productive session with some news nuggets. Here they are:

Media guide
*Sparano said every player on the team passed their conditioning test and it seems the injury questions that plagued in the offseason are mostly resolved. [Update: Two players did not practice today. Pat White and Evan Oglesby were not at practice. Sparano had said a couple of players might miss the work today due but wasn't specific. The coach refused to discuss White missing the work. And seriously, how important is this? the guy is the fourth string QB? I'm not all that moved by his absence one way or another.]

*As I reported last week, Brandon Marshall and Ronnie Brown are "ready to go," Sparano confirmed. Both will practice today at 2 p.m.

*Wide receiver Patrick Turner (unspecified injury) is 100 percent and will be working after missing all of the offseason camps and OTA sessions. Nate Garner (foot) is practicing. Obviously Phillip Merling is out, but we already knew that.

*Quarterback Chad Pennington is healthy, according to Sparano, and ready to compete "for the backup job." Pennington missed most of last season following shoulder surgery.

*Sparano said the issue with wide receiver Brian Hartline's abandoned truck on I-75 incident has been resolved. Hartline, the coach said, was cited, he paid the cititation and the case is closed. The Herald is seeking confirmation of that from the Florida Highway Patrol. [Update: Confirmed. Hartline said, "It was a silly situation and we took care of it. I'm just ready to play football. I'm glad it's over with."

*Sparano said he's lost 55 pounds since the end of last season. He looked trim, with no belly pooch.

Tiny Sparano!

*The Dolphins today waived guards Ray Feinga and Dimitri Tsoumpas and announced the signing of Jared Odrick, Koa Misi and Charles Grant -- players you knew were signed days ago.

*The coach talked about what he wants to see out of his revived and revamped defense this year. "I want to see the defense turn people over," he said, referring to his desire for turnovers.

*Sparano said the club will keep defensive end on the active roster for now. But we know Merling is out of the year and I reported in the previous post his Achilles' tendon injury is serious and he will either go on Injured Reserve or the Non-Football Injury list. The Dolphins are also expected to cut Merling's salary, based on the fact they can and he suffered his injury away from the team.


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i shave my armpit hair

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 30, 2010 at 02:50 PM

do you tape it to your balls ?!! HAHA

this is not a forum to be discussing sac hair - that is crossing the line

who said sac hair ??

I'm disappointed in Turner. I figured he'd be at least dressing for games last year. If he doesn't this year, I think its time to cut our losses with him. I'm in CA and seen him play at USC and thought we got a steal with him, but I guess his work out habits aren't good enough if he can't crack the 53 man roster on game day. Looking forward to see our new Defense instead of last years Vanilla Defense. I think we'll be holding teams under 20pts a game if Nolan can maximize the use of the players we have.


I've always thought if there was no question with someones talent/will they will be drafted high... N when someone with only one of those attributes will be seen by scouts and you watch you stock fall. These guys are pretty good at what they are doing! I don't think Turner has the will/talent to make it! and thats why he didnt go in the first round! I think it was a stretch them kinda hoping that he would gain the will to make habbits of a sucessful football player! I hope Im wrong and he busts out this season but I dont think he will even make the team!

Cardinals waived FB Reagan Maui'a.
He didn't beat out Nehemiah Broughton this spring.


Who is the winner of SURVIVOR "Cam Cam's Draft"?


Stonehand Ginn is still apart of San Fran if I remember correct he and his family were drafted by camorron! I dont know why he wont last to long there until he is run out of town unless his game does a complete 180

The funny thing is, If Turner turns out to be pretty good, (unlikly) what do we do? we need a return guy, and it is not him, and I can not see us cutting Cam. Do they keep Sheets as a Rb return guy or depend on Cobbs again?

What would be the move there?

Hopefully our offence will be so go that all we will need is a solid catcher back there that just needs to catch the ball n give us 5 to 10 yards!

I agree with that, but my point is,Unless he comes out as a stud, if he is pretty good and showing us a little something, who do we cut to keep him?

Unless he out preforms other recievers he is cut if he does out preform any of the proven starters that starter then comes trade bait so they do keep him.... IMO

This is going to be a ROCKIN season!!!!

What happened to the WILDPAT.............


He has alot to prove to make the team in my opinion!

He was traded to the little greenie weenies to take sancheezys position cause they realized that he sucked even worse than wildpat!

What heppened to Favre? What happed with Thomas Jones? The great Leon Washington? Vernon Gholston? What is your point? Your team doen not even have their own stadium and you are in a $$ Meca city!!! Even the Nets have their own court... That is embarrasing for the Jets...

Vernon Gholston was thrown in to be a balls holder

They realized that pat white could not only hand off the ball he could actually run!! Unlike Sancheezy that could just hand off!! Forget about throwing cause both of them suck at that but even then Whites gotta stronger and more accurate arm than sancheezy

I agree that the Pat's on the team have a ton to prove... I would not be amazed if neither are on the team at the start of the season.

Who do we think starts at RDE? Odrick?

Practice will tell us a lot. From what I have seen of Odrick he will be a servicable lineman, I did not see"GREAT" with his play at Penn State. Unless practice shows something else I think he will not start but will be frequently rotated in. So similar to a starter just not in on the first play. :)

BRpppppppppppp Excuse me

Fins lead with 4 Rookies or Greenie's starting.

Good luck with that!!!


sanchezzy 2009 New York Jets 15 games 15 games started 196 compleations 364 attempts 53.8 Comp. % 2,444 yards 6.7 average yards/catch 12 touchdowns 20 interceptions 26 sacks 195 yards lost to sacks 63.0 rating 36 attempts rushing 106 yards rushing 2.9 yards per rush 3 touchdowns 10 fumbles 3 fumbles lost... thats 23 turn overs

Henne 2009 Miami Dolphins 14 games 13 starts 274 compleations 451 attempt 60.8 comp. % 2,878 yards 6.4 average yards/catch 12 touchdowns 14 interceptions 26 sacks 176 yards lost to sacks 75.2 rating 16 rushing attempts 32 yards 2.0 yards per rush 1 touchdowns 4 fumbles 0 fumbles lost....

Who would you rather have... id go with henne his numbers are better!!!

Greenie weenie why bother to type that you're burping. That's gay.

Don't waste your time talking logic to the arse clown. Really, they are the only franchise without a stadium right? WOW, those JETS, what a franchise. Must not have their own blog site either, so he borrows ours!! LOL

Henne doesnt have the latino flair that Rogerito Godell is seeking

or the mustache

Dirty Sanchez

How much does a hot dog cost in JETS stadium? oh, ummmm, wait.

What do The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and JETS stadium all have in common?


Hot Dogs are very rare in the Meadowlands because Dirty is eating them all.

Oh, I know - none of them exist???


Greenie's little amigo is still waiting for that special day.

The Jets do share a stadium with the Giants now. They can't sell their tickets because all their fans are homeless.

At Least Sanchito's Hot Dog do not contain fecal matter a la SunGlass Stadium

Cant Wait For This Season!

By any chance, Have you guys heard about the classy Met/Jet fan that purposely volmitted on on a Philly fan and daughter. Charged with assault, 3months in Jail.

Super Classy Jersey Shore Jet fans. Super Classy.

I will take jabs about the stadium food but I will not sit here while the good name of a great Canadian company like Sun Life is being dragged through the mud.

I challenge thee to a tequila shooting contest!!!

N not just the fact that henne did his numbers with a scrub #1 recever in stonehand Ginn n you guys had stonehands Edwards a more proven stone hand than ours cause at least when he caught the ball he didnt run out of bounds!!! Wait till the beast is unleashed on that Island I think Rivis will wanna leave after that one!!!

Which Revis Island is that one?

This one?


the guy who vomitted on the cop and his daughter was a Phillies fan.

today's practice star: Brandon Marshall. Beat Sean Smith on two pretty bombs, one with a move, the other outfighting for a ball


Too bad Revis will be in Town.

Still think Sean SoftMan Smith is a good corner?


Coulda fooled me sounds like something a wets fan would do!

Which Revis?

This one?


So he could embarass him off his own island the way stonehand ginn did last year.... Bwahahahahahaha

Fin Players that are Jet Material

1) Marshall
2) Dansby
3) Long

All others are Scrubilicious!

Grrreatdane, which time was that?

This one?



Take a look at 50% of your starting Secondary.


Hit the weight room!!!!!!!!!!!


Is Revis even in camp?

The Fins Secondary is bigger than the Jets secondary. get a clue!!

Why thank you Mark from Toronto.... My point exactly if sorry ass ginn could burn that man who couldnt....

Naw someone needs to slap rivis upside the head.... Someone needs to show him how the entire heat team took less money for the benifit of the team!!! but his crotch is so far up rexx ryans brown eye its hard to tell where one begins and one ends!!!!

The only Jet Killer, Ginny Stone Hands got canned!

Fins have no clue!!!!!

Say Hello to Kory Shits your Kick Returner man with a 10 yd average!


Time to go down on my boy!!!!!!!!!

LATER HOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!


who would your boy be sancheezy or that fat arse Ryan or both u gettin eifle towared!

I always knew all Jets fans were gay!!!!

hahaha, layin a train and Weenie is the tunnel

I guess the Greenie Weenie has a date with the walrus and the bandido. lmao

wow my last comment didnt appear I must have used a banned word or something

What's up in PHINLAND today's boys and Girls, and those not sure(Marc)(Not Marc in Toronto, but Marc the dress wearing Hermaphrodite)......??

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