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First press conference of the season is in the books

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano just finished his first press conference of the season, a productive session with some news nuggets. Here they are:

Media guide
*Sparano said every player on the team passed their conditioning test and it seems the injury questions that plagued in the offseason are mostly resolved. [Update: Two players did not practice today. Pat White and Evan Oglesby were not at practice. Sparano had said a couple of players might miss the work today due but wasn't specific. The coach refused to discuss White missing the work. And seriously, how important is this? the guy is the fourth string QB? I'm not all that moved by his absence one way or another.]

*As I reported last week, Brandon Marshall and Ronnie Brown are "ready to go," Sparano confirmed. Both will practice today at 2 p.m.

*Wide receiver Patrick Turner (unspecified injury) is 100 percent and will be working after missing all of the offseason camps and OTA sessions. Nate Garner (foot) is practicing. Obviously Phillip Merling is out, but we already knew that.

*Quarterback Chad Pennington is healthy, according to Sparano, and ready to compete "for the backup job." Pennington missed most of last season following shoulder surgery.

*Sparano said the issue with wide receiver Brian Hartline's abandoned truck on I-75 incident has been resolved. Hartline, the coach said, was cited, he paid the cititation and the case is closed. The Herald is seeking confirmation of that from the Florida Highway Patrol. [Update: Confirmed. Hartline said, "It was a silly situation and we took care of it. I'm just ready to play football. I'm glad it's over with."

*Sparano said he's lost 55 pounds since the end of last season. He looked trim, with no belly pooch.

Tiny Sparano!

*The Dolphins today waived guards Ray Feinga and Dimitri Tsoumpas and announced the signing of Jared Odrick, Koa Misi and Charles Grant -- players you knew were signed days ago.

*The coach talked about what he wants to see out of his revived and revamped defense this year. "I want to see the defense turn people over," he said, referring to his desire for turnovers.

*Sparano said the club will keep defensive end on the active roster for now. But we know Merling is out of the year and I reported in the previous post his Achilles' tendon injury is serious and he will either go on Injured Reserve or the Non-Football Injury list. The Dolphins are also expected to cut Merling's salary, based on the fact they can and he suffered his injury away from the team.


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Armando Maldita sea, ¿Va a publicar sus reflexiones sobre la práctica de hoy, o si todos los barrios de tugurios a la Sentinal???.

Its just a shame after all the long awaited anyicipation for some real football new, after the first day of camp this is all of the piss poor news we get. LOL

Pat Turner is here to stay
6.5 Big Physical WR
Physically Bigger & Stronger than last year

Will be mentored by Marshall and develop into a good NFL WR

Turner looks good (will be watching in days to come

Hartline looks Phsyically Bigger & Stronger also
He started opposite Marshall

Also will be watching RGM

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


I`m sure Armando will have the fresh camp news shortly

The fans who were at practice are giving better news than the guys paid to dish it out. LOL


The ony great news the paid mouth pieces have given so far is how wimper beast Smith was outbeasted in a dominantly beastly was by Brandon "the real beast" Marshall. LOL

Who really cares if Pat White wasnt at practice, seems last season he wasnt there when he showed up anyway. LOL

And who really knew yhat Evan Oglesby was even on the team, let alone missed practiced. I didnt nor do I care. LOL

Dear Mr. Home

I and I myself in the 3rd person "Soiled" would like to thank you and yourself in the 3rd person "Home" for your camp updates today.

Somewhere in a 3rd dimension

Soiled :)

Man,whoever Passed Up On Cody,Kindle And Dez Bryant Should Be Fired On The Spot.

Man,whoever Passed Up On Cody,Kindle And Dez Bryant Should Be Fired On The Spot.

Posted by: beerndrums | July 30, 2010 at 07:52 PM

The trifecta's really looking like geniuses now! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

Still cant figure why the colts drafted Hughes when they already have 2 pro bowl calibre de's and run a 4-3 defense. Maybe they will run thier own version of a hybrid 3-4 defense this season.

LOL @ SoiledBottom

Dear Mr. Salguero

I know its the start of training camp but is what you say on your twitter account true ?

"On other front: The Heat, which sold out season tix and has a wait list, today fired staff in season tix, premium sales & Inside sales dept"

This is how it started in Cleveland with the Cav's.

The Cav's would sell out season tix and have waiting lists because of lebron....people at premium sales and inside sales would be fired.

Now that Labron is in Miami people are starting to lose there jobs....and this is just the start.

Labron the Destroyer has crushed the hearts of young and the old in Cleveland

When Lebron the Destroyer left Cleveland the value of an NBA franhise to lost 1/4 to 1/3 its total value.

Now Cleveland is filled with hate and dispare because of Labron the Destroyer of hearts, Franchise's,Economies,Jobs

Be careful what you wish for

Soiled :)

Where Is The News For Today I Dont Mind Paying For A App As Long As Its Worth It

Where Is The News For Today I Dont Mind Paying For A App As Long As Its Worth It

Posted by: sean37 | July 30, 2010 at 08:21 PM

Glad I',m not paying for an app only to learn a guy I didnt know was still on the team(Oglesby), one who was absent from practice even when he was there(Pat White), and that Sean Smith was still soft(Marshall manhandled him). You got absolutely zero for the dollar!

Sean Smith make sex with Home mother, sisters, and first love at same time while Home force to watch. This why he talk this way mi gente.

epic fail from Armando.

Looks like Will Allen will get the starting nod over Sean "marshmallow man" Smith. Brandon "the beast" Marshall roasts Sean "marshmallow man" Smith.

Seems we now have a Marshall and a Marshmallow now on the roster. But please do not be confused by the two.

Wow I fell a sleep for 4 hours and still no more news!! Mondo man your letting me down!! Thanks Home for the updates I am beginning to think Mando has done the same.... The sun got to him and in the middle of writing his article passed out!!! Take the booze away from that man!!!

Our media has crumbled like a cheap tin can!

Home u should have your own blog!!!!thanks for the updates!

mr. salguero ? Mr. Salguero ? MR. SALGUERO ?

Come out come out from where ever you are.

Musta went home

Soiled :)

Lets try something diffrent!!!!!



Either he ain't here or he is underwater!!! :)

Sad cause alot of people just paid 5 bucks for this app...... N no updates..... There is probalbly alot of mad people out there!!! shudda made sure ya made them happy tonight!!!!

Last year @ 2009 Dolphin Camp
Saw No Comparison between soon to be
Pro Bowler Vontae Bone Crusher Davis &
poser boy sean smith

Home cannot help it
If the Dolphin coaches got it wrong and started smith

2010 Dolphin Camp
Day 1
Quote from one of the best WRs in the NFL
Miami Dolphin HOF #1 WR Brandon Marshall

``Well, shoot,'' Marshall said. ``I can learn from them. First time going up against Vontae one-on-one, he did a great job and pretty much jammed me up. Now I have to turn on the film and see what I can do to beat him tomorrow


So let us Stop using seans name in the same sentence with Vontae Davis

This is very disrespectful to Vontae Davis

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Just cuz a football player is tall does Not mean he can play & will be a good CB

Bernie Kosar is tall
but we Do Not want Bernie to start @ CB either after another losing season with NO INTs for sean

Home seems u r correct about Sean "marshmallow sweet" Smith.

Lets just hope he gets a hell of alot better!!!!

All last years 2009 Dolphin Camp
Was the only one that saw "disaster" written all over this NFL player posing as a CB

Took a lot of Heat over my observations and could NOT Believe the slanted, favorable writing esp by Omar Kool Aid Kelly
"The Blind & Deaf
Eyes & Ears of The Dolphins"

Now the consensus is bout 50/50 or 40/60

I say the guy is a Fraud

Rather have bad knees Bernie lol

I`m sure Armando will have the fresh camp news shortly".

But what's the point? Every other news outlet has reported exactly what happened in camp today already. And this is exactly what we were talking about two months ago.

People were ripping Omar for his lack of stories. I said Omar was great at camp analysis and game coverage just as Armando is great with stories and breaking news. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. The combination of the two keep us completely informed all year long.

It is what it is.


No offense to Home but seriously guys, if you want updates there are plenty of papers and reporters covering training camp 24/7. Home is getting his info from them and so can you. The Herald isn't the only paper in town.

Armando's new blog is up. Jeff at the time all of the dolphin news sites had very sparse info.

lol @ Jeff R.
and u r wrong

Also take close up pictures every year
daily at Dolphin Camp
many were posted live last season

HOME is da man!

fonk jason taylor and who cares is fasanos fumbling ass does anything we got marshall and thats just gonna open the field for rb23 and rickey smoke dope williams prediction dolphins win afc east and stomp da jets ass both times just likie last year o yea fonk the jets and that fat tub of lard rex ryan

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