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Former guard Harry Galbreath passes at age 45

I remember the first couple of times I ever stepped into a Dolphins locker room in the early 1990s and saw Harry Galbreath. I wasn't impressed.

He was listed at 6-1. It seemed like an exaggeration to me because I would look him eye to eye. He wasn't particular muscular. He was very quiet.

Then I saw Harry Galbreath practice, and all of a sudden, my feelings on the guy changed.

He wasn't big but he was nasty. He wasn't muscular but he was country strong. That was the reason he started every game in 1990, 1991 and '92 and played five seasons with the Dolphins from 1988 to '92. The man was a blocking fire hydrant. He was an NFL All-Rookie selection in 1988.

Harry Galbreath has passed away, according the University of Tennessee Sports Information office. He was 45 years old. The cause of death has not been determined.

[Update: The cause of death is an apparent heart disease.]

Galbreath played for the Volunteers and was working at the school as an associate strength and conditioning coach. He played for the Dolphins, Green Bay and the New York Jets before retiring after the 1996 season.

After he retired, Galbreath briefly went into private business and then became of offensive line coach at Austin Peay for two years before serving five years in the same capacity at Tennessee State, then two years at Hampton. He returned to his alma mater, Tennessee, in 2007. 



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Sorry, just looked like a bunch of classless Jet fans to me. I'm gone to another website, you have a nice night.

Tom, Is that sufficient enough??????

"Goodnight TomBoy"

I'm so glad the Fins didn't pick Kindle and Cody like a lot of people like ARMANDO wanted.

I mean no disrespect to the man... But this isn't his wake... N man I'd pay tha girl some cash to clean my room although if she wanted to live with me that would be her rent I guess ya can say! Just seems like yesterday I was talkin bout rollin over to see her! oh well back to shooting fish in a barrel down here in fla!

Redshirt, Agree with you and LOL at mando....

Thanks Cube! By they way has anyone else noticed what appears to be a ball of fire in the sky from roughly 6AM - 8PM..very intriguing... :(

Like I said before kinda makes the Trifecta look real smart! cause if they were dolphins could you imagine how we would be ripping them for fu@#$%# up!Odrick N Misi are looking like excelent picks!

Like I Said before Grrreat, You'll be mowing a different "Patch" soon enough... Lets face it guys, If it wasn't for that "Patch" of fur, We'd be hunting them.....Actually, I guess we are hunting them...


I'll say something about Galbreath. The guy was a great football player. He never got much attention because he quietly, but nastily, did his job and committed very few penalties.

I'm truly saddened to hear he passed, especially knowing he was so young.

Other than that, I don't know what else to say.......other than I'm going to keep the memories and NOT dwell on it. I don't have the time. I'm going to die someday too.

RIP Harry Galbreath.

Talk to home he knows about stuff like that! He may be able to tell you what that big ball of fire is!

No Commie, What was it???????????

Thanks for the support Cuban!! But I think I might actually already have a date tonight!! There is a girl that I have been interested in for a while now but kept it to the side cause I was really into my girl but we will see what happens!! ;)

'A HUNTING WE SHALL GO, A HUNTING, WE SHALL GO" Good luck there Dane... PS, If she's from the keys, make sure she wears shoes.....Those who know Keys chicks know what I'am talking about.........

Naw shes from tha main land but still dosent wear shoes!!! LOL J/K... but gonna have to wait till tommorow night tho... she is with the folks!! forgot bout that! Oh well whats another 24! :)

But I do love me them Keys chicks... Love their laided back lifestlye... If I ever leave miami it will be to the keys or my second fav city NawLinzs!

Redshirt commie your name would not happen to be hinkle?

Hey cuban what is NEW???

think ill partake in a glass of wine! Who is going out to the first day of Training camp!

Maldito, Keeping up the good fight.....

G.D, stuck in New York till september, Hope to catch the fins VS Jets on sunday nite, if not that game, New England......

Think I might actually make my first apperance! Never been to one of their practices! sadly for my entire life i have been in camp or summer school or for tha past 10 years working! But I'm finally off! n an able to go.... SO excited :)

Relly where abouts in new york actually spent the better part of my summers of my early life @ raquette lake... Which I believe is not to far from Albany n Utica... But its been over 10 years so not to sure exactly where!

But been to plenty of their games n havent missed any on TV if I couldnt make it for at least 4 or 5 years!

I'am in Brooklyn, or more precise next to Coney Island......

ahhh ok in tha city I was way up there near canada! I do like tha city... (to visit) dont know if I could ever live there! I know for a fact I could never root for their teams!!! Where ya there for Kobyshi gettin arrested at the hotdog eating contest?

Actually I was working and helped process him, He's a Lunatic, Thinking that eating 59 hotdogs is some sort of privilege to not listen to cops telling him to either depart or go to jail, Then again, he might not of understood english, he is from japan..... LOL..

OK Guys Peace, Have a great nite.....

people live in the keys are all collecting our tax dollars with their laid back life style .

There is also a shortage of attractive women that live in the keys. Many visit but few live there.

Peace man! Buenos Noches! Hasta Manana... Shalom... Guten Nacht...ect

only 3 nice looking women live on the keys and the rest come for visit .

wow dude... Their is a few more than three that live there and I personally know of at least 2... Quit hatin... LOL

Good night cube!
Good night greeatdane!
Good night mamaduke

Now let us all sing Kumbaya! LOL:)

I do not know the hinkle you speak of. Regrettably.

Kumbaya my lord ohh Kumbyaya... Um I guess not!!! we will leave that for tha SS! LOL

I think home is bummed out they are making progress on the oil spill; he seemed to desire Armageddon

I'll Take his place... We are all screwed!!!! LOL Pull out your tin foil hats... But be careful... cause when ya talk about him he hears!!! and appears out of thin air!!!

Man that guy's a d-bag.

aaah Homes crazy but he doesnt attack people for no reason like I have seen a few posters do!!! I really dont mind home cause he is funny and every once in a while has some good insight about my beloved phins!

G'night MaryEllenBob.

..........kumbaya my lord...........

He should be writing what he says on a sandwhich board and yelling it to cars driving by.

NJ or SS moderator or what ever he wants to call him self at the time...or for all I know could be a few different people.... But the reason I believe it is the same person is cause he just seems to attack Cuban... I think he is more annoying than Home... Hey wait could it be... NJ=Home say it aint so cause I kinda enjoy reading homes rants...

LOL @ Odin... Kumbaya My Lordee!


Fits dont it... scary....

Was feeling the vibes from RF frequencies being transmitted from the Miami Herald Dolphin Blog

and yes
Heard A Shout Out

***** The Dynasty Be Fins ! *****

Turn on Comedy Central Funny episode of South Park... Where butters is pretend dead and comes back as a girl Margerine!!

That's a good one.

Hooooome Welcome!!! Glad about tha oil stoping... But not too sure its over.... think its leaking around pipe!!! Dont think its ever going to stop what do your sources or crystal ball say??? I would like to know your thoughts!

Think the Dolphins will have the most balance offense ever and the most productive offense in the AFC EAST as they finish first

2010 Miami Dolphins start the season 4-0

Yes... Share your pipe knowledge.

Home if your right I think I will believe anything you say... Ever again... Ill start my run to high ground... ;) LOL

Damn Russians.

Harry was a True Fin...God Bless to Him and Family....Way to young...to be gone...

Don't worry bout that russians Palin has an Eye on them! N nothing can get by her!

Home defines it 4 u Grrreatdane

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lol @ odinseye

Thats all tonight on that topic
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wow i thought that was one of homes posts ya had me fooled!!!! LOL

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