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Garner healthy, Hartline bigger, Stanley agrees

Let's start with the news: Agent Ralph Cindrick said on his twitter account that the Dolphins have just agreed to terms with DT Montavious Stanley.

Stanley was a 4-3 defensive tackle last season with the Jaguars. He is likely going to be asked to play the nose or hybrid nose tackle spot for the Dolphins. Jason Ferguson retired suddenly a couple of weeks back and Miami is obviously looking for depth.

Stanley has played for five teams in six years, including the 2006 Dallas Cowboys when Jeff Ireland was in the personnel department there.

Late last week I followed wide receiver Brian Hartline and guard Nate Garner to a community relations reading event then spoke with both about the importance of their upcoming training camp.

I break down Hartline and Garner's chances of starting here.

It is important to note that Garner is 100 percent healthy following a foot injury that derailed his offseason. He spent the entire offseason rehabilitating the injury.

Hartline spent the offseason trying to get bigger, stronger, faster. He also had an issue with a auto accident in which his truck was found abandoned by the side of the road along Interstate 595 here in So. Fla.

Hartline declined to comment on the accident under advice of counsel.

I don't really think this issue will cause Hartline major problems. All reports are no one was injured in the accident, including Hartline. Hartline has a lawyer. The Dolphins aren't likely to discipline him severely unless he is found guilty of something serious. I don't think abandoning a vehicle -- if it can be even proven he did so -- will rise to the level of getting severely disciplined.

Remember, this isn't the first time the vehicle of a Dolphins player was found abandoned at the scene of an accident. Channing Crowder's vehicle was found abandoned at the scene of an accident in January of 2008.

Neither the NFL nor the Dolphins imposed any game-related discipline in that instance. Crowder was reportedly cited for careless driving.

This doesn't and shouldn't diminish the seriousness of leaving an accident -- if indeed that is what Hartline did. But in the universe of off-field issues the NFL weighs, it is more a moon than a supernova.


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Mando, great info bro, thanks. I'm psyched to see what Hartline has learned from last year. I think you're on the button that he's the best chance to earn a starting spot opposite Brandon. I think that should be a great duo. With Bess in slot (why's he competing for the 2nd WR, when he's most definitely a slot guy?

Garner should start on the left also. Not sure what happened to D Thomas as the year wore on. It was really his rookie year last year since he got hurt in his first game of his rookie year. So he never really had a chance for the 1st year slump. If he can get back to what he does best, then Thomas should be the starter, but if not, Gardner is no slouch himself (I like that he can play pretty much any OL position). And I won't be a sucka and mention I'm the only post right now.

What's up Mando, am I the only one who reads your blogs anymore? Where's everyone at (SS)?

Good information about both players, Mando.

I hope John Jerry is good enough to start, but Garner is a good fallback.

Where's everyone at (SS)?

Posted by: DC Dolfan

Yeah right bwahhahahahahahaa at the SS???

It will be good to see what Garner will do this season. We know what to expect with Hartline, will be good to see him line up with Marshal.

I'm baaaack.

Look, I think Hartline could be a good player as a No. 3. But I would sign T.O. He's still better than the 2-5 guys the Dolphins have on their roster.

There not going to sign TO

TO should be signing w/ the Bengles or Rams in the next day or two...

bring on the camp already

Although I would love TO in Miami. I think TO still has the "IT" factor, But only in the right offense. Fins don't have em right now cus of parcells...(my opinion)

Stanley is actually a decent lineman who might become a fill in guy.. I think Douglas is an upgrade over Taylor.. Taylor can only get sacks when holes created by other d lineman and linebackers... Look at taylora production the last 3 years and look at Douglas.. Douglas will contribute in a similar way that tim bowens use to.. Not saying the same production.. Just the same style of play...

Granted Douglas is a defensive end.. He is still gonna contribute from both dt and de....

Why you laugh at sentinel people avispo?

They are certainly trying to upgrade the depth along the line. However, Ferg/Merling is still better than Douglas/Stanley. FS and OLB are major question marks as well for me. what's a little odd is going into the draft, we pretty much had the same needs. Going to be a ton of pressure on guys to step up.

Now I know what to do if I rail a car on the freeway accidentally, just bolt. Apparently it's no big deal - or does this treatment just apply to Miami Dolphins' players when in the state of Florida?

After doing as well as he did as a rookie, I look for Brian to continue on into a very solid career. I don't believe he will be Michael Irvin, but I believe he will get his 40-60 catches and 600-800 yards. Doing so will give Miami what they need opposite Marshall while still allowing Camarillo and Bess a ton of touches also.
I'll admit to something I never thought I would believe. I regret Miami not going after Dez Bryant. I believe we have a fine group, I really do. But after seeing his ability so early and now signing so easy, I just think he would have raised our receiving corp to a SICK level and we would of been very dangerous as an offense. I still feel we will. He just would have been the icing on top the cake.

Mando - stick with sports reporting and don't try to be a legal analyst.

As far as TO people, you don't want him. He is 36 and is only going to stunt the development of other players. When the Bills don't want a guy like that back it should tell you something - and my best guess is they are already on the clock for the #1 pick next year.

I would like to see Hartline in the #2 with Bess in the slot. A stronger faster Hartline is a great thing for us and he has great hands and is a very good route runner. I also have to agree on John Jerry - I want him to win the job outright....

I think with Nolan's type of "jailbreak" defense he plans on running with guys moving in and out all the time we should be ok. That doesn't mean we don't need some guys to step it up, especially Crowder, Misi or Odrick, but all the pressure won't fall on one or two guys like last year.

How can it be that this Stanley dude appeared on NO ONE's radar - - and I mean NOT ONE BLOGGER etc - - when Merling ko'd himself?

We should definitely not sign T.O. Even though he might be more talented (and i doubt it at this stage in his career). its not worth the locker room cancer that T.O. has proven to be. He can even turn a super bowl contender into a crappy team with his B.S.

Why is TO being discussed?? Utter waste of time.....can't wait till we have some real stuff to discuss.

I could not agree more about Nolan's style in Miami. Last year the team was trying to be a REACTIVE defense with a bunch of slow old guys. They got ran past with frequency that was maddening. The best way to use young, fast yet no so experienced players like NFL rookies is by giving them a target, and objective. Be it "Kill The Quarterback" or "Smear the Running Back" give the guy someone to key on and don't allow a scheming offensive coach to out think you Defensive players. I'm sure the FA vets Miami brought in recently will help diagnose plays, but until the others get up-to-speed... let um go hit someone and make a play.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Channing Crowder: 'I've got to be me'"

Does this mean: Running off at the mouth, no sacks, no tackles for a loss, missed tackles, no batted pass's ?

Will Channing Crowder be mentoring Koa Misi like Joey Porter Mentored Channing Crowder ?

Will Koa be able to run his mouth ?
Fake an injury when he gets burned ?
Take plays off as a rookie ?

Just wondering

Soiled :)

I was truly hoping Ferguson would of done a Junior Seau move and come out of retirement mind season for us. I'm also hoping the Fins win the superbowl and to win the powerball. I guess I need to start hoping this Stanley character is not a deadbeat.

I also hope Armando updates my favorite app soon!!!


Good job Mando, I come here to see Dolphins stories broken by you and I apperciate the news.

trade ronnie brown for true nt go phins

And.. HELL NO..to T.O.
Should Marshall hit the IR list... he may be a guy if someone got hurt. But his skill are diminished and he would be a cancer in our VERY young and motivated locker room. Its not like we have a group of Vets in there to keep him under control. With so many 1st 2nd and 3rd year players T.O. would be like a Pimp in a Nunnery.
Read what some of our guys say... these are still young players who are for the moment sold out to the Miami Dolphins. That will disappear soon enough, TO would just accelerate the "hardening" of our players mentality about the team.

Brain-- I hope that NT can run the ball to!! I also hope a few stripper knock on my door with full body orange and teal body paint!!! Yesss!!


Where is all the judgemental hollier than thou crap with the Hartline situiation. I understand he ia a Fin up and commer and he may be a solid number 2 or 3 for years to come. I do not understand why we view this so differnt from Phillip Merlings indescretions. At this point they have many similiarities.

1. Neither will discuss the case (lawyers advice)
2. Both have a lawyer
3. Both are only ACCUSSED
4. neither is convicted of ANYTHING

and i am sure there are more similiarities but i don't want this to run on forever.

The BIG DIFFERENCE, the crime both allegedly committed. Yes. They are on two totally different levels, but as was stated before. As of right now. Both are innocent until proving guility.

If or when one of them is proving guility i reserve the right to condem one or both of them for thier transgressions against the law. But until thier day in court I can neither condem or pass judgement on either.

My question...why have so many passed judgement on Merling and not Hartline? Is it because he is a better player at this stage of thier carreer, or is it because the crime of the accussed turns your stomach less.

I can tell you that neither is a very good reason.


This may be why Crowder feels he is above Dolphin Law. Perhaps he should have recieved some type of slap on the wrist from the organization. Lets not create another Crowder with indecision when it comes to disipline.

Avispo , unlike your pathetic life, the people at the SS actually have a life ! It's a sunday in the middle of summer . There's other things to do in life instead of acting like an idiot the way you do on a blog all day . Like i told before under your many other names including empanada , get a life !!! You're pathetic and sad !!!

Man we still got till Friday before camp.... Sic n tired of watching bout the cowboys camp on espn! Can't wait much longer developing a full on twitch! Lol

carlo screw off pal...I am not talking to you

Lifeboat what I meant by the laugh at SS.
I went on their site to check up on news. Nothing but stupid krap on there last night about people that use different names and everyone wishing each other goodnight. Like that old show where they used to say "goodnight jimbob". Then they followup with "i love you" we still love you.

This is why I was LMFAO @SS

carlo who the he!! is el zapato??? Get a life

Loser ponti go look at my post @8:35am. READ it, I did not mention anything but a laugh. You have some serious issues pal. Please go back to the SS and stay there.

What do we do about this troll called carlo ponti?


See Derik's post from yesterday, page 4 or 5. He gives excellent advice in a well written post.

I don't always agree with him but he is dead on with that post.

And that is what this place is about. You don't have to agree. But you don't have to be childish either

Avispa-- I hope somebody tell me what SS is so I could feel like Im in the loop..

Avispo aka aloco aka empanada. You used the excuse of the blog being old and that the people needed a new blog so they won't go off topic. We"ll you got a new blog and the first thing you do in the morning when you wake is go off topic and talk about THE SS and The people who are on it . They aren't even on here to defend themselves. You're a low life scumbag with no life what so ever !! No get a life and go out at do something , you weazel !!!

bgballer SS is for Sun Sentinel

Carlo show me where my post this morning mentions what you say I said. you are a liar sir.

Carlo why are you so big on "they are not here to defend themselves" You moron defend themselves from what? and How? You make no sense go back to the SS and stay there. You are a troll here and are not wanted.

I'm not sure fins shouldn't take the hartline situation a little more seriously considering all the DUIs this offseason

Kind of sucks for the fins to have to scramble for a nose in the deepest draft for NT's in recent history. Oh well...can't wait for camp!!

nice artical, mando. thanks. Hartline is going to be awesome. better than wes welker.


Hey Armando just hope you had a good vacation and welcome back!




Can't wait for the season... Would I be crazy putting my Dolphins Flags and magnets on my SUV right now? lol


You got any vitals on the guy(height weight etc.)?

Someone forgot to post these as well.


Yes, but do it anyways!

I would :)

Go Phins!!!!

Lol, that's what I'm talkin bout! Stanley is 6.2 302lbs....


LAST SEASON W/JAGURS .......20 Tackles and sacks IN 15 GAMES .


Excuse me guys, I just sneezed...


The thing about that sneeze is, are you catching cold or just wishing that it were true. We'll see where the Cowboys are and where the Dolphins are at the end of this comming season.

I got a message for all the posters that like to make fun of the blind optimists. You know, the people that think Parcells is God and Sean and Vontae will be perrenial Pro-Bowlers. Yeah, the blind faith optimists that think our Defense will be fine this year.
Well you guys can make fun of me. I think the Fins are going to kill this season.
Our D, win lose or draw, will be great to watch compared to last years read and react to slow D.
We have a young inexperienced D? Who cares, they'll be attacking like banshee's all season. Nolans new pressure pressure pressure D is going to awesome to watch.

AwwRight Miami

Every other sports news outlet is reporting that Stanley will be moved to DE and will not play NT. Which still leaves our best DE playing NT. Stop gap until they get whomever they have in mind for the position next year.


My dear friend, lol. I think our defense is going to be very much like New Orleans last season, we will live and die by turnovers. There will be games we force 4 or 5, then games we force none. Cutting down on the big plays, and being good in the red zone are going to be the biggest things for our defense. The Saints were 25th overall defensively, but the big plays they made were what helped them a lot. The only thing is we need our offense running full cylinders, if we do that, it helps us build leads and force teams to be one-dimensional.

Do I smell a cowboy in here? If I do get one wish then let's see.... I'll wish to meet the boys in the SB and crush em.and their horses too....lol.( just having fun) let's not get cranky...

The name Danile Stenson sounds alot like penile extension. LOL

lol... Being from Miami, I still can't understand how can so many people can possibly fit on the cowbow bandwagon.... Yeah I'll give the boys credit where it's due but 50% of their fans in s.fl are not even from Texas! And that's why we(Fins/boys) have a unique conference Rivalry....Fins4Life

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