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Garner healthy, Hartline bigger, Stanley agrees

Let's start with the news: Agent Ralph Cindrick said on his twitter account that the Dolphins have just agreed to terms with DT Montavious Stanley.

Stanley was a 4-3 defensive tackle last season with the Jaguars. He is likely going to be asked to play the nose or hybrid nose tackle spot for the Dolphins. Jason Ferguson retired suddenly a couple of weeks back and Miami is obviously looking for depth.

Stanley has played for five teams in six years, including the 2006 Dallas Cowboys when Jeff Ireland was in the personnel department there.

Late last week I followed wide receiver Brian Hartline and guard Nate Garner to a community relations reading event then spoke with both about the importance of their upcoming training camp.

I break down Hartline and Garner's chances of starting here.

It is important to note that Garner is 100 percent healthy following a foot injury that derailed his offseason. He spent the entire offseason rehabilitating the injury.

Hartline spent the offseason trying to get bigger, stronger, faster. He also had an issue with a auto accident in which his truck was found abandoned by the side of the road along Interstate 595 here in So. Fla.

Hartline declined to comment on the accident under advice of counsel.

I don't really think this issue will cause Hartline major problems. All reports are no one was injured in the accident, including Hartline. Hartline has a lawyer. The Dolphins aren't likely to discipline him severely unless he is found guilty of something serious. I don't think abandoning a vehicle -- if it can be even proven he did so -- will rise to the level of getting severely disciplined.

Remember, this isn't the first time the vehicle of a Dolphins player was found abandoned at the scene of an accident. Channing Crowder's vehicle was found abandoned at the scene of an accident in January of 2008.

Neither the NFL nor the Dolphins imposed any game-related discipline in that instance. Crowder was reportedly cited for careless driving.

This doesn't and shouldn't diminish the seriousness of leaving an accident -- if indeed that is what Hartline did. But in the universe of off-field issues the NFL weighs, it is more a moon than a supernova.


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Well mabey not Russel cause I don't do tha hydro codone... Or what ever it was but it could have
Been Jack johnny or Jimmy depending on tha night!

cuban how are you??? I have been here or there, if you know what I mean.

But I mean even then I caught my self after 2 or 3 steps! So... Yea

Yeah I Hear Russel Has the best "CRUNK" in town, and now that he's unemployed I also hear he's trying to Perfect it and well be selling it to all inner city youths.....Hey Aloco, Ticker tape info on Jamarmus Russel's new inner city drink "CRUNCK"... STAT, This could be the new sports drink.........

So sad someone with such a promising career just throw it all away n it seems like alot more of our football players are doing stupid S@&$ I don't get it!

Avispa, Hoping your keeping up the Good fight against The "TK8"..

What is TK8???

I hope this year the dolphins don't make me cry!!

Sign a Huge contract like that at that age, Yeah I can see it, Id be dead if I was making 2 Million a year when I was 21 or 22, I Get it......

Just kiddin cuban I know what tk8 is? LMFAO
cuban you should work for the feds, that is where it is at.

Dolphin, Acoording to Vegas,Yes you'll do some crying ( 5 To 1 odds during the season, tears will flow) during the year, But you know what, You never Know........

2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:
Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

Sergio Kindle was slowed down by injuries during his freshman and sophomore campaigns with Texas,

Yeah buddy. He injured himself again as a Senior and now has a concussion and a hangover before his first NFL training camp. Oh man, and we could have drafted this guy instead of Odrick. Ross should fire the Trifecta *NOW* before things get any worse.

.........He started 11 games in 2008 and He can beef up his 255 pound frame a little bit and play on the end in a 4-3 scheme or he can be a pass rushing outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. He certainly has the size, speed and skills to do just about anything.

Yeah anything except walk down a flight of stairs with a Budweiser in his hand. What a doof. Counting this year he will have played one season out of the last 5!!!! Can anyone spel akcident/enjery proan?

Bill WHY didn't we draft this guy?!?!

Like I said before Odin, Bill Parcells was sitting contemplating his pick and said "You know what guys, This dudes 1 flight short of a full floor".......

Cuban apparently he was two short of a floor!!! Lol

ThanX Mando
1st reporter to have enuff intestinal fortitude
to cime foreward with the Brian Hartline storty

Home knows Hartline hurdled a big one here
Great Job Brian!
Great Job Armando covering the story and educating the masses on the law

Agree our #2 WR Hurdled a big one

ThanX Again

Am busy now but will stop by with postings

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Odinseye he was also drafted after Misi, thank you Trifecta. Odrick & Misi look alot better then Kindle the drunk & Mt. of blubber Cody.

While ago Home posted bout Chicago being next on NWO weather victim

see cnn today

Imagine That!

Home was right again

However the worst is yet to come and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

This is off subject but SOMEONE TELL THE OLD SPICE GUY WHAT A SWAN DIVE IS. Man thats stupid, and the stuff stinks.

Wow speak of the devil welcome back home I guess??? How's the aluminum dolphins hats going? I want one let me know when their done!

If u were Omar sean smith lapping Kelly
and u were dead wrong on Homes Prediction of
The Miami Dolphins Sweeping the NY Jets
and Homes Prediction that the Dolphins would
Beat The Patriots by Exactly One Point at Home
and Karlos Dansby & Brandon Marshall
Would Be Miami Dolphins In 2010

Posted Way In Advance on his blog

Maybe u would try to quiet the
"Best Miami Dolphin Predictor On The Planet" also

Check the Records

Theres No One Like Home

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

OHHHHHHHH SNAP, ITS HOME, Run for the Woods.... PS Home, Where can we find those Aluminum foil hats??????

Have not had time to read back at the blog
Got people over tonight

lol @ Miami Dolphin tinfoil hats
Huge chemtrails last night over S. Florida
All now done by drone aircraft
My guest were non believers until they saw in last nights full moon

Keep ther light on
and your mind sharp

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

You don't need a fan club, you've probably got enough personality to be top ten Home fans all by yourself. Good stuff LMAO @ HOME

I'm not going to cut on the SS for personal reasons. I'm going to cut on them for intelligence reason, or lack thereof.

Omar wrote an article about our Secondary regressing this season. ALMOST all the posters there agreed with/sucked up to him.

Omar quantified his position(basically)as follows.

1. Smith and Davis are young and inexperienced. Now that they have a seasons worth of experience, they'll be a little worse for sure.
Seriously, this was his reasoning and most there agreed-WTF?

2. Gerbil Wilson is gone, but Culver is unproven and Clemons is green. Conclusion: regression.
I could've played FS better than Wilson did last year. Just cutting the guy made us better. I honestly don't believe we could possibly be any worse at FS than last year. Nonetheless Omar and his Children disagree. Anybody?
3. Jones is gone and Will Allen will play nickle. Guess how Omar justified this as a regression? Allen is coming off an injury, so this is an obvious regression-AGAIN-WTF?

Of course Omar didn't mention or take into consideration the fact that we have better coverage LB's in Dansby, Dobbins and Edds as opposed to Chowder and Ayodele.

To all of you that post and get your info from Armando, you ain't missing nothing by avoiding Omar, Mike and the SS.

Question: Will our secondary/coverages be better this year than last?

OTFLMAO..........@ HOME, welcome back my Insane Lil Friend........

Odrick & Misi look alot better then Kindle the drunk & Mt. of blubber Cody.

Posted by: youbetcha | July 25, 2010 at 06:57 PM

AMEN Brother!!!!


Your "visitors" aren't chained up in your basement right now are they?

Odinseye & menace
Hope all is going well

Home predicted last year much to his unliking the Dolphins would lose their first 2 games

This year Home has already come forward and predicts .....

2010 Miami Dolphins Win The 1st FOUR GAMES IN A ROW

2010 Miami Dolphins 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

On the deck & LR drinking vodka & bud light
Already fed them lol

BOLD Statement there Home, I would see 3 and 1 that visit to Minn. Looms large and will be a HUGE test for miami's Defense......

With a Nolan d-fence that attacks and gives recievers less time and a good coverage linebacking core. Two corners that should only get better and the subtraction of the GERBIL. This secondary will only get better(barring , God forbiden, injuries)

Bold Statements R my MO

Posted over 300 times on SS meesage board since preseason
(Only person to predict this after 1-15)

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Agree With you Bet., Also with the subtraction of Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn, and the addition of Marshall, things look good, I'am shooting for 10 and 6...(The 1st part of the schedule is brutal).

Brett will not repeat last year, Menace

Henne to Marshall Will Be Insanely Great!

2010 Miami Dolphins AFC EAST Champions

4-0 makes me fancy in my pantsies....

Home, What's your feelings towards are friend that hails from the Gardan state????? And dont mence words here......

You better watch those guest Home they might try to steal that crystal ball.

This year Home has already come forward and predicts .....

2010 Miami Dolphins Win The 1st FOUR GAMES IN A ROW

2010 Miami Dolphins 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | July 25, 2010 at 07:16 PM

Home, life is good, I hope all is well with you as well.
This post of yours has raised my respect level for you(a teeny tiny bit-LOL).
I like it when somebody comes out and makes a bold prediction right up front. 4-0? That ain't no gimmee prediction either.

Here's to opening 4-0!

Bottoms Up!

You better watch those guest Home they might try to steal that crystal ball.

Posted by: youbetcha | July 25, 2010 at 07:29 PM

Home has a "BCS TROPHY"..........

Vikings need to worry bout our offense
Not vice versa

Our offensive line might pos be The Best Ever
R & R forgettaboutit
Marshall,Hartline & Bess, Oh Yeah!

L.Polite = Most Underrated FB in the NFL

Look Out 4 2010 Miami Dolphins Balanced Offense


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

The only difference between 3-1 and 4-0 is the Vikes....

You as well Menace, that should be fin to watch. 10-6 would be good in our division with the schedule we have. I just can't wait to see Marshall shake Revis right off his own Island or even better run off his own Island.


Got My eyes On The Road & My Hands Upon the Wheel

Going to the RoadHouse
Gonna Have Myself ... a Real ... Good Time

GTG Herald Hounds

Take Care
Love, Peace & Birth Control

toot toot!

Home ,I thank you, that some good stuff. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Thanks.

Heared that Sergio was just hired as the new spokesmen for the "Stair Master", though I cant confirm this......

I tried to get Menace into the Feds but they asked me about his posts here so then I had to deny I knew him!!

toot toot!

Thanks For trying Bobby, Hope to see you up here for the JETS, JETS , JETS Game.........

I know I just posted on this, but I'm finding it more than a little aggravating.

We have basically the same secondary as last year. They'll have a years experience under their belt as well as a better scheme(Nolan's)I'm assuming.
We'll have Allen playing nickle(which in my opinion will be a bigtime upgrade over Jones), and Clemons at FS. Knowing that we've needed safety help for the past few seasons, I was able to "scout" Clemons before we drafted him. I hinestly believe he's better right now than Wilson ever was.
Anyway, add to that mix the better coverage LB's and I can't see how our Secondary/coverages cannot be anything but better than last years!

Is it just me you guys? Am I missing something? Is it that Omar is biased or ignorant of the facts? Help a Brother out here!

Odin, I would like to think that the secondary play will be better just from experience, and coaching. I understand that we are unproven at Fs. but the good thing is that we have a new system, and what bad habits or deficiencies players might have had last year get wiped clean because of different philosophy. So any player that fits the eye of what Nolan wants to do will be able to come in and produce.

BTW, Hows Your Pops doing???New you came up north but not sure how everything turned out(Hopefully everthings OK).....

Odin, A lot of "Qs" on the defense, they might play great, or they might suck, we'll know by week 2 when the mighty air-breathers head up to your part of the country, Should be a good game, but like I said. To many questions, I think Nolan will be able to cover up the deficiencies in the defense till maybe week 4 or 5, after that these cats are gonna have to play some good defense.... Just MHO....

Lol @!menaces stair master comment! I heard phiser wanted him to be the spokes person for their drugs! Man he'll be rich even if he never plays a down of football!

OOOOH God look who made it here, IT is back. Banned from the SS for life. The MOB took care of this foll.

took care of this fool.


They just posted an OUTSTANDING
article in the NY Times
about the Dolphins.

It talks about their Talent, and Depth, and calls them a "VERY solid team" that could finish high in the AFC.

Its a good detailed analysis of all the FOOTBALL PLAYERS that are now part of this team...

Reading this article will get you psyched!
It made me think..that...even though some of these guys are young, there's a great chance that we'll start to see some raw mis-matches form during games -- caused by the Dolphins' burgeoning array of talent!

I can't wait to start watching them compete.
If you want to check it out, then go to...




That's as good as Sanchito being the new spokesperson for Oscar Mayer Wieners.

The Wets new fight song(barring any copyright infringement litigation)as performed my Markie Sanchito:

I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener

That is what I truly wish to be

Cause if I were a Oscar Mayer Weiner

Sexy Rexy would love to suck on me

S-U-C-K - sucK suCK SUCK!!!!

GetterDone Phins! says:
July 25, 2010 at 5:04 pm
…or was it β€œthis Kindle kid is one step short of a full flight of stairs”.

Look folks this is what a fine poster had posted at the SS at 5:04pm

You friend the cuban menace copies it and posts it here at 6:25/6:35pm. What an imbecile, he cannot even come up with his OWN lines. Menace you are a social parasite!

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