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Garner healthy, Hartline bigger, Stanley agrees

Let's start with the news: Agent Ralph Cindrick said on his twitter account that the Dolphins have just agreed to terms with DT Montavious Stanley.

Stanley was a 4-3 defensive tackle last season with the Jaguars. He is likely going to be asked to play the nose or hybrid nose tackle spot for the Dolphins. Jason Ferguson retired suddenly a couple of weeks back and Miami is obviously looking for depth.

Stanley has played for five teams in six years, including the 2006 Dallas Cowboys when Jeff Ireland was in the personnel department there.

Late last week I followed wide receiver Brian Hartline and guard Nate Garner to a community relations reading event then spoke with both about the importance of their upcoming training camp.

I break down Hartline and Garner's chances of starting here.

It is important to note that Garner is 100 percent healthy following a foot injury that derailed his offseason. He spent the entire offseason rehabilitating the injury.

Hartline spent the offseason trying to get bigger, stronger, faster. He also had an issue with a auto accident in which his truck was found abandoned by the side of the road along Interstate 595 here in So. Fla.

Hartline declined to comment on the accident under advice of counsel.

I don't really think this issue will cause Hartline major problems. All reports are no one was injured in the accident, including Hartline. Hartline has a lawyer. The Dolphins aren't likely to discipline him severely unless he is found guilty of something serious. I don't think abandoning a vehicle -- if it can be even proven he did so -- will rise to the level of getting severely disciplined.

Remember, this isn't the first time the vehicle of a Dolphins player was found abandoned at the scene of an accident. Channing Crowder's vehicle was found abandoned at the scene of an accident in January of 2008.

Neither the NFL nor the Dolphins imposed any game-related discipline in that instance. Crowder was reportedly cited for careless driving.

This doesn't and shouldn't diminish the seriousness of leaving an accident -- if indeed that is what Hartline did. But in the universe of off-field issues the NFL weighs, it is more a moon than a supernova.


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Armando has more sports reporting skills than all othetr wanna be sports reporters inour South Florida area and ...

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2010 Miami Dolphins AFC EAST Champions

Dolphins 4-0 start

Home Says ...

Dolphins Win 1st Four games In A Row and ...

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God bless ya, Home... I hope your right!

I have noticed the past two acquisitions have some similarities (I'm certain most have also, I am no genius) ... Both players are comfortable in either 3-4 4-3 D-sets... and both have seen more then their share of stops. I cannot help but believe the reason for that is a strong level of confidence in our new draft picks. Its obvious Miami has done the "CYA" work by placing a couple guys who leave very few questions to be asked given their play time, # of teams they have played with & reasonable success. Very smart if you ask me. Instead of going after guy who may appear more stable or whatever... go after a couple guys who gave had experience with new locker rooms and proven their ability to do so without being a distraction or problem. In fact, both have contributed in a solid fashion.
Lets hope they can teach our new guys some good NFL wisdom, and lets also hope their experience and ability helps us win a few games that without good vets we may have let slip away.

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home aka it is back. go back to the ss or wait you cannot,

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its Monday morning and there are no new blog articles....are you still on vacation ?

Can't you just order Darlington or Neal to crank one out for you...you do have that kind of pull don't you ?

Just wondering

Soiled :)

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