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Highlights of the Tony Sparano (Sat.) presser

It was interesting that Friday's first training camp practice was the Brandon Marshall Show and fans attending the workout loved it. Tony Sparano didn't love it.

Sparano, you see, is the coach of the Miami Dolphins. He is the coach of the offense that showed up Friday. And he coaches the defense that got used a little bit. So a 50 percent success ration in practice is akin to an 8-8 team. It is not what the Dolphins want.

The Dolphins want to "feed the wolf," so to speak, on both offense and defense. And Dolphins players are wearing shirts encouraging everyone to feed the wolf this camp. What's that wolf thing, you ask?

"In spring, after not a great practice, I had a meeting with the group and got into them a little bit about 7-9 not being good enough," Sparano said. "... This football team shouldn't be fat, they should be starving, they should be hungry. And they should want to feed the wolf. So when we talk about this, one of the things we talk about is feeding the wolf with a little successes each day. So with these little successes, the wolf gets fed and you have more success and that stuff starts to become contagious. From our end, we feed the wolf when we do something good.

"I thought today the wolf was fed pretty good this morning. It wasn't fed yesterday. It was fed yesterday in the running and conditioning test but not in the practice. Today, there was very good give and take today in practice. Offensively they'd make a play or two and then defensively they'd bounce back, making a play or two. Then Henne throws a TD to Bess and stops the bleeding. That give and take feeds competition."

I like Ike

For the second time in as many practices, Ikaika Alama-Francis is getting a ton of work at SOLB and doing it with the starters. Alama-Francis got some limited snaps with the starting unit Friday and got most of them on Saturday.

So one naturally has to wonder if this is just a fad or a legit possibility.

It is legit.

"I don't think right now we're putting our toe in the water on this," Sparano said. "We're saying we want to see this guy and give him the opportunity to play this position."

Alama-Francis is listed as a 6-5, 290 pound defensive end on the roster.

Forget that.

He's down to 275 and he's looking good.

"We want to take a good, long look at this project because there's something there that's different than some of the other guys at the position," Sparano said. "We want to see if this can be a possibility."

Sparano said Alama-Francis's mobility is the most intriguing thing about him.

"Bill Sheridan jammed this down my throat, to watch him move in some of the drills and some of the things we were doing, for the size ... his movements remind you of a big strong linebacker like that," Sparano said. "He's not a finished project by any stretch of the imagination but he really works at it. He's a [conscientous] kid."

A wee-bit of info on Pat White

Sparano shot down one media outlet's reporting that fourth-string QB Pat White is A) Missing training camp, B) Could miss the entire season, C) Is on the non-football illness list.

A club source tells me the Dolphins were concerned White might have to deal with an illness the source would not reveal. But the source insists the Dolphins never considered White would be out any significant length of time.

And Sparano confirmed that.

"Pat was just dealing with and we were dealing with some personal health issues that we wanted to get checked out and we did," the coach said. "We're all satisfied and we got him back on the field today. Everything's good and he's ready to go."

Does the issue have lingering effects?

"No, I wouldn't say so," Sparano said.

Did the Dolphins at any time have concerns about White being at training camp?

"No," Sparano insisted.

As for defensive back Evan Oglesby, who does have a non-football illness, the prognosis is apparently good.

"He's sick. He's getting much better," Sparano said. "We're kind of waiting and he should be fine any day now."


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Ike? Whoa, now who saw that coming????

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this Pat White thing. What can be such a troublesome/serious "life issue" that would prevent you from playing football (that is not injury or illness related)??? Does he want to play baseball? Does he want to give up football because of the concussions? My darkhorse theory???.....he wants to join the military.

Hopefully Ike turns out to be one of those pleasant surprises of camp. Bill Sheridan may have struggled as a Defensive Coordinator but is a solid LBs coach who has developed some really good talent. Time will tell. Getting ready to head down for afternoon session in Davie and see the up and coming Dolphins with my own eyes!!

Is Ike a Rookie? sorry not up to date on him,wonder if Misi is not playing up to what they want or if Ike is just blowing the competition away regardless of others, such as MISI,performing satisfactorily just not as well as IKE or maybe IKE is the guy Sparano is using to light a fire under Misi and get him to play beyond his experience, maybe makes him put super overtime in the film room, very interseting, again anyone know is Ike a rookie? if not where did he come from? thanks.

Pat needs to learn how to NOT slide head first after he takes off out of the pocket. I hope we get a chance to see him a bit more this second season.




a 275lb OLB that moves well. WOW

Outta here soon myself, hope you will tell us what you see from IKE when you get back Bobbyd12 thanks.

Ike is in his 4th season, 1st 3 with detroit and a little with Miami at the end of last season. He was drafted as a DL but played basketball more then football in school. Was a walk on at hawaii.

This has nothing to do with Misi, he's a rookie learning a new spot, he's not going to be a All Pro from day one, it takes time.

thanks for the info Mitch!

Matt Roth II, except without the cronic groin issue and silly fake holdout.

Fins are now log-jammed at defensive end. Francis is probably a now or never tryout at olb. I don't see this as Misi not getting the job done. Anderson and Moses could possibly be on the bubble if Francis continues to impress.

We got Francis from the Detroit Lions last season. He is not a rookie.

ok must thank you to Aloco for the info as well, thank you.

Im outta here guys thank you all for the dolphin talk, have a good one guys, GO Phins! be back later on.



Alama-Francis isn't a rookie. He was a 2007 2nd round pick for the Detroit Lions who had some upside, but was cut during their last coaching/front office shakeup. Dealt with some injury issues but is now back in the NFL.

I'm intrigued by this development. Remember, these guys did something similar with Matt Roth, who was formerly a 4-3 DE who was converted to play SOLB in our version of the 3-4. He's a good player which potential and it's obvious that they want to see where this goes.

I play with my LOINS too.

Patty White has a job as Queen Latifah's butt plug.

My Take is Pat White is still feeling the Effects of the hit he took against the Steelers.........

Thanks Dr. Cuban.

I'am not a doctor, Though I play one on T.V...

The truth is the Dolphins make a big mistake drafting this guy in the 2nd round. They never intended to play him at QB of course.Just like most short scrambling college QB's the Dolphins thought they could use him as a utility player.And maybe for the Dumb Cat. But Patty won't play ball and want's to be a starting QB, he's had everything given to him all his life because he plays ball. Now he's a Diva, without the game and size to back it up. And he's making the Dolphins look like a fool for picking him. Which they are.

What's up with my man Ronnie Brown?

HOME predicted that ike alama - francis would be the starter at solb and a star !!!. Home predicts everything right, didn't you know that ??? After all that's why they call him NostraHOMOus !!

Is Dansby working??? I haven't heard his name.

Intresting take phin4life

Nice surprise with IKE. Nolan is good at bringing out the production in players who have great potential that hasn't been unlocked yet. Let's hope this story turns out the same for IKE or another surprise player in camp!

You Dolphins fans are a fickled bunch. On one hand, you spesk praises on the trifecta to be putting the team back together. You marvel at the experience they bring and how they have brought a winning culture and attitude and have raised the expectations etc, etc. On the other hand you criticize some of the moves they have made namely the Pat White experiment. I am thankful the team is run by men with a vision, who dare to be great. Sometimes that means taking chances. For all you haters and armchair coaches including you so-called experts in the media. Shut the f@#k up!!! Show the team and the man (White) the opportunity to put it together. They've only han one season. Show some team loyalty you busters.

They are a fool? Sure it isn't you?

Surprises are fun. I like cake. Chinese food is tasty.

Phin4life, did Pat White spurn you as his
gay lover ?

Pats Gay???????? (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Mark from toronto is gay with class .

Dear Mr. Salguero

Pat White is going through puberty and his voice is changing and he's getting hair in place's he's never had before so the coaching staff is bringing him along slowly.

Soiled :)

There isn't enough informtion on the table to decide if Pat White can play or not. At least not for the average fan. How do you pass judgement on a QB who attempted maybe 6 NFL passes every single one of them in predictable situations.

Men, Think of the possibilities if Pat begins to get it. The WildCat will go to a new level.

I don't know if he will go or stay, and at this point I can't say either way.

I Heard Pat White Was Out Sewing His Oats With Someone Who Had Contaminated Oats...and It Burns Baby.

ooohhh sux for him if thats true.... a little extra cheese on the mushroom head??

So who was White taking care of??? Should Ginn go get tested make sure his oats are ok???


I have to disagree with your assumtion that a 50-50 spit in practice versus O and D leads to a 8-8 team. specially when you put a good product out on the field.

You think Michael Irvin completely dominated Neon Dion Sanders? Or vice verse? Each won battles out on the practice field and usally dominated on game day. You want to see a db like Sean Smith come back the next day and make plays and learn from his mistakes. He's playing against a reciever like no other, a all pro who will have his way on game day.

If your offense is dominating practice all the time then your defense is gonna get torched on game day. The NFL will and usally figure teams weakeness out wheather its the O or D, you want them sharp and winning their fare share in practice. If you have the weapons on both sides of the ball which we do, then you want good competition, so which ever side of ball, if dominated that they come back the next play or next day and atone for their loss and win some battles.

Ike Alma Francis

Wow lost 20lbs and now looks like a baller.
Actually he played basketball as a walk on in Hawaii and June Jones, then the head coach of the football team spotted Francis, and "said hey you need to try out for our team."
Jones took one look at his size and athleticism and said man lets suite him up...
Not sure how much experienced he had playing football before that, but you get the sense that this guy may have been playing out of position and above his weight and lost it and now runs faster and looks good playing the strong side.
Wow could be another diamond in the ruff. And maybe another feather in the Trifecta's cap!
Lets hope so!
4life out!

Really?? Thats pretty impressive... I hope so!

I am putting together my resume for a run to be new Jest GM in 2014. I am hoping to find some people to give me a recommendation. I was going for the job this year but Tanneybottom got an extension. Would any of you recommend me?

Pat White Who?

Brangetterdon Marshall`s first training camp in South Florida has barely begun, but the Pro Bowl receiver says he feels at home, with Home & The Miami Dolphins.

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

B-Marsh stars in his debut on a Dolphins practice field
The Dolphins went out and gave up two second-round picks to acquire Brandon Marshall this offseason and then signed Marshall to the very rich contract extension he's been looking for. On Friday, Marshall showed fans and teammates alike first-hand why the Dolphins spent so much on him.

Brandon was the unanimous star of day one - making two big plays against poser cornerback Sean Smith. Andy Kent of MiamiDolphins.com describes the first touchdown best, writing that "Marshall hauled in a 55-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Chad Henne during 11-on-11 drills, beating second-year loud mouth punk 0 Int cornerback Sean Smith with a stop-and-go move that faked the Fraud Smith right out of his shoes."

The second big completion came when Marshall caught a nice fade pass from Henne over poser boy Smith. Sean thought he had good position on the second big completion but cried he slipped with the ball in the air.

Smith said on Twitter before the day's practice that it was time to enter "beastmode." But after practice, the young goofy corner seemed much more humble
after again looking like a piece of burned toast

Seems Dolfans are now taking notice of the liability CB sean that Home warned us bout last 2009 Dolphin Camp

Clearly Vontae Davis is the Real Deal and sean ia simply a punk with a big undeserving mouth

Is It True Bernie Kosar Beat sean smith In A 40 Yard Foot Race?

home you stinkin social parasite! Banned from the SS and soon to be banned from here...thank god!!!!

Cam EarthWake
Tore It Up Today
on several plays EarthWake beat Big Jake Long
and got to Henne foe what would have been at least 3 sacks

JT was right Cam Wake is gonna be something special

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

It All Starts with an Earthquake

Remember 11 13

Important #s in the future

Lenny Bruce is not afraid

Thats old news and the worst part is you have a vendeta against Sean Smith a hatered if you will and that stuff needs to stay at HOME!

My opinion of sean smith as a CB liability
Holds true since I watched his plat in the 1st week of 2009 Dolphin Camp

Am entitled to my opinion and do not understand why folks insist on praising this Fraud who cannot really play ANY position in the NFL

sean had many QBs misfire last season right outta the gate with Matt Ryan missing 2 TDs on seans WIDE OPEN MAN

Will persist to bench or trade

Soon The rest of the NFL Fans will realize
Home was right

What else u got Dolphins4life?

Talk to me bout what u like/dont like

What u think of Cam Wake beating Pro Bowl Jake Long 3 times today for what would have been 3 sacks?

Aint It Cool!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Would like to see Vontae davis make Pro Bowl this 2010 season over AFC rival Revis

Oh Yeah!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Vontae Davis Knocked Greg Camarillo into next week with a bone crushing hit today

Not sure Camarillo knew where he was after Vontae hit him

again nothing to report on sean the fraud
he showed up and talked a lot


Does anyone know when Miami has to do its first Roster purge? Is it after game 2 or 3 or pre-season, or before?
One reason I ask is the cut downs is when a large number of prospects who may not be right for one club but perfect for another may be available...

IF you know the cut down schedule... please post or give me link if you would (NO WEB SEARCH AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW)... Thanks!


I'd rather talk in a positive light about my team and player's who play for my beloved Dolphins.
You make it seem like he owes you money or did something nasty to you.
He is young and has a ton of potential, and my be a little over confident but the Beast in practice will make him humble if not much better. Rookie cb's rarely do well when they start right away. No doubt Vonte did well but they are two different type of players and I saw Smith get burned as much as Davis did more or less. But I also say Smith make some plays and be in position to make plays and both made rookie mistakes. Davis had a better year of course but when you talk bad about my teams ballers well I say to you that we need not your comments apply if you are a Dolphins fan.
Enough said!
Tomorrow's another day keep the peace!

Derek, last year cut down to 73 was on Sept 1st and 53 was Sept 5th...dates should be similar this year. IMO these are going to be some tough cuts this year. I have a feeling we are going to be in the position where we are going to have to cut some pretty good football players. I have a feeling teams are looking forward to our cuts and not the other way around.

If U love every single player the Dolphins pick up
thats your biz
Me I rate players from what I see
Not what someone else tells me

Know what I see

Follow many players/teams all over the NFL

Just cuz they r temporarily with the Dolphins
does not mean I have to annoint them as great

So I should love WR ginn as #1 or Ernie the
"6 million dollar bust" Wilford
or Gibril Wilson
or Cleo Lemon

Give me a FKN Break!

sean sucks

U keep sucking Dolphins4life

The rook should keep his non productive ghetto
Shucking & Jiving Mouth Shut & try to play football like a man

Enuff with the Goofy Jack@ss Punk Wanna Be
He Sucks

Thats My Opinion
and I`m Sticking To It!!!

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