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Highlights of the Tony Sparano (Sat.) presser

It was interesting that Friday's first training camp practice was the Brandon Marshall Show and fans attending the workout loved it. Tony Sparano didn't love it.

Sparano, you see, is the coach of the Miami Dolphins. He is the coach of the offense that showed up Friday. And he coaches the defense that got used a little bit. So a 50 percent success ration in practice is akin to an 8-8 team. It is not what the Dolphins want.

The Dolphins want to "feed the wolf," so to speak, on both offense and defense. And Dolphins players are wearing shirts encouraging everyone to feed the wolf this camp. What's that wolf thing, you ask?

"In spring, after not a great practice, I had a meeting with the group and got into them a little bit about 7-9 not being good enough," Sparano said. "... This football team shouldn't be fat, they should be starving, they should be hungry. And they should want to feed the wolf. So when we talk about this, one of the things we talk about is feeding the wolf with a little successes each day. So with these little successes, the wolf gets fed and you have more success and that stuff starts to become contagious. From our end, we feed the wolf when we do something good.

"I thought today the wolf was fed pretty good this morning. It wasn't fed yesterday. It was fed yesterday in the running and conditioning test but not in the practice. Today, there was very good give and take today in practice. Offensively they'd make a play or two and then defensively they'd bounce back, making a play or two. Then Henne throws a TD to Bess and stops the bleeding. That give and take feeds competition."

I like Ike

For the second time in as many practices, Ikaika Alama-Francis is getting a ton of work at SOLB and doing it with the starters. Alama-Francis got some limited snaps with the starting unit Friday and got most of them on Saturday.

So one naturally has to wonder if this is just a fad or a legit possibility.

It is legit.

"I don't think right now we're putting our toe in the water on this," Sparano said. "We're saying we want to see this guy and give him the opportunity to play this position."

Alama-Francis is listed as a 6-5, 290 pound defensive end on the roster.

Forget that.

He's down to 275 and he's looking good.

"We want to take a good, long look at this project because there's something there that's different than some of the other guys at the position," Sparano said. "We want to see if this can be a possibility."

Sparano said Alama-Francis's mobility is the most intriguing thing about him.

"Bill Sheridan jammed this down my throat, to watch him move in some of the drills and some of the things we were doing, for the size ... his movements remind you of a big strong linebacker like that," Sparano said. "He's not a finished project by any stretch of the imagination but he really works at it. He's a [conscientous] kid."

A wee-bit of info on Pat White

Sparano shot down one media outlet's reporting that fourth-string QB Pat White is A) Missing training camp, B) Could miss the entire season, C) Is on the non-football illness list.

A club source tells me the Dolphins were concerned White might have to deal with an illness the source would not reveal. But the source insists the Dolphins never considered White would be out any significant length of time.

And Sparano confirmed that.

"Pat was just dealing with and we were dealing with some personal health issues that we wanted to get checked out and we did," the coach said. "We're all satisfied and we got him back on the field today. Everything's good and he's ready to go."

Does the issue have lingering effects?

"No, I wouldn't say so," Sparano said.

Did the Dolphins at any time have concerns about White being at training camp?

"No," Sparano insisted.

As for defensive back Evan Oglesby, who does have a non-football illness, the prognosis is apparently good.

"He's sick. He's getting much better," Sparano said. "We're kind of waiting and he should be fine any day now."


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96 % of my Miami Dolphins posts r postive
Not eating the cheese om poser boy

Not supporting the Weakest Link on Defense
sean suck@ss smith

Trying to get to Dallas

U coming?

***** The Dynasty Be fins! *****

HOME is a social parasite banned from the SS.

nj phin is paul revere the plumer

Paul Revere blogger is redundant

If too stupid to understand redundant bobby
look up in dictionary it says:
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and Paul Revere would love the
American Environmental Patriot, Home

paul revere is nj the plumber.pipe in and pipe out is banned from the ss .


2010 Miami Dolphins start 4-0
Rock On ALoco!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****



Dear Mr. Salguero

I'm not one to spread gossip but I just recently heard, Home doesn't like Sean Smith and has been badmouthing him to fellow fin fans.

According to Dolphins4life Sean Smith owes Home some money and did something nasty to him(Lord knows what that could be), so thats why Home has been bashing Sean.

Its like a soap opera around here.

Soiled :)

Gotcha ALoco
Know the low lifes & lonely fools

U can post 25 positive things
Or make 6 Bold Predictions Spot On
but mention
A potential glaring weakness with a bold statement which by the way has come to fruition
and the negative low self esteem closet blogger focuses on the one u missed or he read from some jaded ghetto sports writer and SWALLLOWED THE LOAD
cuz he cannot think for himself or never went to one practice, camp or game

Home always considers the source

Am cognizant of the dumbed down general public and the NWO need to eliminate 5 billion of the worthless low IQ feeders overpopulating the planet

Idiocracy (A very funny movie) comming true!

fool bobby the imposter is pretending to been go to 2010 Dolphin Camp
The dumbed down sheep r listening to his make believe crap
Copying reports already published & making neg stuff up on Pat Turner
Who EVERYONE who actually saw is reporting is doing quite well

I`m done
Folks r stupider than I thought

Like HAARP is not a weather weapon picking targets and then throwing a propaganda aid bone

The stupidity of the masses has reached epic proportion

try to read between the lines dummies:

Flooding has also been reported in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. Twenty-five deaths were recorded there Friday, Hussain said.

Video: Hundreds dead in Pakistan flooding

The United Nations says the number of people affected by the floods has risen to nearly 1 million people, with infrastructure receiving major damage.

Rushing water also has washed away thousands of acres of crops, government buildings, businesses, schools, bridges and homes, officials said.

The United States will assist in relief efforts by bringing in 50,000 meals, rescue boats and helicopters, 12 pre-fabricated steel bridges and water filtration units, the embassy in Islamabad said.

According to Geo TV, 150 people are missing in a northwestern province and 3,700 homes were swept away. Forty-seven bridges in Sawat have been destroyed or damaged.

Geo TV also said 3,000 are in a camp in Nowshera and are without enough water and food. Displaced residents are unhappy with the government response, Geo TV said. Trains have also been delayed, frustrating commuters.

"They have made this a joke," a commuter told the network. "There are young children here but there is no water, nor is there any seating, they have taken our ticket money yet after every few minutes they change the train timings. They are playing a game of lies and deceit

I'm glad to see coach talking about how these young bucs are starting to "leave it all on the field" "old school" style. As long as coach can get Ted Ginn Jr. to "step it up" we're gonna' "take it to 'em" in this division.


cuz the dumbed down population thought Ashton was a great actor entertainer lol

Give them Walmart, Mcdonalds & the cultural entertainment of Ashton maybe throw them some doritos 7 high fructose corn syrup drink

wait for reruns of married with children or stories on Lindsay Lohan or puke inducing Illuminati Clinton reptilian marriage while bobby imposters and sucks in the brain dead dumbed down fools and takes them for a ride down joker street


Oh Yeah

Have a HAARPy day and enjoy the
Last Super Bowl ever

Dallas vs Miami

Home SuperBowl 2011

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


See ya at 2010 Dolphin Camp

movie ref:
I will be the "girl in the red dress"


Home (@ 11:43 PM)

You're right... You really are.

But at some point you have to find a way to not get so upset about the world you live in.

Most of the population in the U.S. believes that they have the 'Freedom' to take up space.

Have you thought of a way to change that?

Just curious...


Fine, then.
Uh oh, overflow, population, common food, but it'll do.
Save yourself, serve yourself. World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleed dummy with the rapture and the revered and the right - right.
You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched.

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Six o'clock - TV hour. Don't get caught in foreign towers.
Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn.
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Every motive escalate. Automotive incinerate.
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Forgive Me Father
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Home,you're Starting To Scare Me A Little Bit.

this is the fake home .

Derek, last year cut down to 73 was on Sept 1st and 53 was Sept 5th...dates should be similar this year.

Thanks for the info Bobbyd12, I checked back to last season also and you are correct. I also feel you are correct about these cut downs, I believe Miami is going to have to make some awfully tough choices. Hey, it is a GOOD problem to have... but that makes it no easier to see guys who may have been great players. We should have a very solid Practice squad, but I fear even if offered a spot on the PS they will get poached off there to another team. Great for them, crappy for us. But that is the way it is.

All you guys keep livin right, we need the good karma, Did you guys see where Dez is out for the rest of camo +?... Keep livin right and don't find joy in others pain.... we don't need the trouble.

Thanks again Bobby!

It is me

Sorry to scare U

The truth may be beyond your grasp or like most prefer blinders on

Either way

The 2010 Miami Dolphins r going 4-0

Read Armandos new story bout r starting competition and only say
Now we Focus on Us

We Bring the game to them
They need to worry bout us
not vice versa

Dallas vs Miami

Last Super Bowl ever

Enjoy Dolfans

Ok, for those of you guys lucky enough to attend Training Camp, I've got a few questions about players and would appreciate your learned insight. Will Alama-francis start at OLB? Can Turner make the roster at WR? Has Pat White improved enough as a QB to make it in the NFL? How about Starks at NT? Do we still need a. FA at FS?

Haven't been there yet but I am going tommorow.... But from what I understand if Fracis continues to impress there is a chance he might! Turner I doubt makes the 53 if he does that means he is doing something right! White has improved but not enough to be concidered a NFL calabur qb.... Still to early to tell with Starks but I have faith in the man he is a good player so it should work out.... N unless Clemons really improved since last year we are screwed on the FS position! IMO at least

H -

I'm not really scared at all.

Aside from your encyclopedic recall of Pop music....What ELSE do you have?

There's no merit in complaining unless you've come up with a way to start fixing it.

Why not join the Peace Core and learn how to farm in Africa or something...(a good idea except that it might require actual work.)

Maybe you should climb aboard the 'Steve Irwin' and sign up with the cast of Whale Wars. (Those guys were real brave until they got arrested and turned into cowards rather than spend time in Japaneese prison.)

Are you REALLY only capable of complaining?

Woody Harrelson's character stood on top of some mountain in the movie '2012' --
SCREAMING that the world was about to end.
He knew where to go to survive... but instead chose to stay and WATCH until he was incinerated by the exploding Caldera.

For What?

You might be better off focusing on your OWN life and try to make that the best it can be.

It's much better than having your rants constantly fall upon
all these deaf ears.

Have been told by attendee of both practices Saturday & Friday that the secondary was moving very well and the speed and pursuit was there. There were a few batted down passes that have not been reported by main media (They do have limited space) and he was fairly certain of at least 2 picks, although not certain of details. I still agree that whomever steps into that position as a starter will need to be on their game. But I feel much of what happened to that position was not all Wilson's fault. I think there was a breakdown across the board against the pass, and it all started with poor effort against the run allowing play action to smoke our azzzzz.... see "Miami -vs- Indy" on Manning's last throw.
If there is an issue, I hope the cut downs bring out some talent to look at, its why I was asking about it earlier. Right now the pickings are very slim at FS guys who are 100% FA.

...And (with respect) get yourself a study GIRLFRIEND!!!


You come on here and insult me? Bahhahh and then others on here, that root and love the Dolphins. It's one thing to have an opinion but when you insult fellow bloggers and the hate you have for Sean Smith. And then you continue with your conspiracy theories, thats cool. You keep chasing those and good luck, I've wasted my time with you and it clear that you are a whack job!
It's no wonder that the usally bloggers have stayed away, for that matter count me as one of them.
I will stick to the ss and other sites cause your a waste of space and make this site suck!

Good luck Armando hope you have the balls to fix this mess cause you are losing good peeps here.


You just did spread a rumor and if you read the post right then you would see what the error in ur correspondence was. Anyway I dont care and wish you luck with your friend HOME.

What a frkn joke this blog is turing out to be, after following Armando and the phins for a few years now there is little to no repectability from most guys here.

I'm frkn out!


The characters name is Charlie
As 4 farming
Do love farming,growing,horticulture,landscape design and nature
Have extensive education on sub tropicals & tropicals and recognizable arborists
Never had problem laboring
Actually enjoy the production side of a company as much as the biz side
Would prefer the Rain Forest & parts of undiscovered NZ
Hate to see the environment destroyed
and thanks 4 the advice
However detect sarcasm

Did u like any of the positive findings or predictions that came true
Hope so

Think this is going to be the most dynamic Miami Dolphins football team ever

The offense is So Stacked with great balanced talent
This new talented hybrid attacking defense and Mike Nolan really excite & impress me

Oh Yeah!

The Innovative Dynasty being created in Davie, Florida is only in it`s incipient stage

Home is all in on the Miami Dolphins

but we gotta do something bout that weakest link on D, sean
This cat has got to go and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


No intention to hurt your feelings
Home just thinks its ludicrous to annoint EVERY Player as an Elite Pro Bowl Starter
Just cuz he is temporarily wearing your homer team colors

There have been hundreds of below average players & hundreds of above average players on the Miami Dolphins team since the franchise started

Must we all act like ignorant oblivious fools and say cuz they play for the Dolphins they r the greatest thing since Dan Marino?

This may be the stupidest statement
I ever heard
Players r Fired & Hired every Year

R U still a big fan of Ernie Wilford & #1 WR Ted TD Ginn?
R they the best players in the NFL at their position cuz the GM & coaches picked them to wear r colors?

Should we look no further?

Want to give back Brandon Marshall?

How bout King James 4 our Home NBA team give him back too?

and R U still cheering for Cleo Lemon to take us to the Super Bowl?

Home likes many players/teams and thinks some r far superior than others or simply a better fit for our team

I actually do not hate any teams or players and clap for both sides of the ball

It is called sportsmanship

My Heart will always be with the Miami Dolphins
By Far My Fav team

but the tweeking and upgrading
Hiring & firing will never stop

Obv my comments on smith R only done to outrage the blind no independent thought process sheep

I think he is a fraud & a poser CB

Sorry That hurts your feelings
I to hoped the acting centerfielder looking for a junk throw INt would be a superstar
Just never witnessed this
Quite the contrary
As I have studied this poser CB throughout practice ,camp and all games
Watching & Rewatching the tape and
I think by NFL caliber CBs

Last year he was darn lucky

Just My Opinion

U can pom pom every player that ever wears a Dolphin jersey and rave that he is the best player in the world, if that makes U happy

Simple Minded Homer Fool (lol take it easy that was a joke)

Enjoy the season and thanX for supporting flag football superstar WR ted ginn and his one receiving TD in 2009

Hope u dont mind the firing of teddy and the
Hiring of HOF Pro Bowl #1 WR Marshall

It is called an upgrade

That makes me feel good, makes me work harder," said Marshall, who spent 20 minutes after the workout signing autographs. "I love the support of the fans and the community, and I'm going to do my best to do right by them."
"Great to be here, Home with the family."

Marshall, 26, has had his share of off-field problems, but he has vowed to stay out of trouble after getting married this spring and returning to Florida, where he was a star at Central Florida. I`ve wanted nothing more than
finally getting back to Home."
"This what it`s all about, Home & Miami Dolphins football!"
"I'm home," he declared. "I've felt that way since Day 1. Even before I got traded here we were looking for places here. It's worked out and Home, with the Miami Dolphins and a chance to build a dynasty is the best thing for me and my family."

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

@Home, ok fine S Smith sucks(i'm still waiting to see a little more, must admit I expected more from him, mostly because he was so hyped by the media coming out of camp), you say you have been at camp, how about bold predictions on 3 players no one is thinking will be on the roster that you are willing to go out on a limb for and say they will be here come the season opener, maybe T Ivey? ,about the secondary will Reshad Jones be any good in your opinion?(you seem to have very strong opinions on other members of the secondary, no names but initials are SS:) )will P Turner be a contributor or even make the team tis year(I really hope so) any insight on the rookies, not just the top 3, how about Edds,McCoy,Carroll? thanks in advance!p.s. while this was directed at Home, I would welcome any info on any of the players I mentioned from any poster not just Home, if he even replies, thanks again.

can we please just cut white and move on, awful draft pick

s.smith is fine, its only his 2nd year. relax. has good size and ball skills. use him as third corner this year







I apperciate your football post weather I agree or disagree with them you can post football on this site as often as you like. Your football post (when not to long) are entertaing if nothing else.

Having said that...stay on your meds

Ole Sparano trying to put stamp on the game like Bill Walsh.

What I want to know is how are we gonna improve our special teams production. The kicker and punter are fine but I want to know who will be returning those kicks and punts.

I never heard Sparano say that Roth "moved really well".

This guy Ike is gonna start, mark my words. Sparano loves the idea of a big OLB setting the edge and stuffing the run, even if he is a liability in pass coverage at this present time.

Sparano will figure that Ike can pick that up over time, the mental part, since he has the physcial ability, movement, required for pass coverage. On 3rd downs bring in AJ Edds to cover the TE's, that was the plan anyway when they drafted Edds.

This is just what the Fins needed, a sleeper player to emerge out of nowhere to help this team. One of Ireland's acorn's, picked up last November without fanfare.

Duhhh, uuhh buuu,
Sean smith su@ks
Duhhh, uhhh, buu
The World is ending
Duhhh, uhhh, buuu
I am a whack oooo
Duhhh huh, buuu

From The Dynasty Be Fins! -

What u think of Cam Wake beating Pro Bowl Jake Long 3 times today for what would have been 3 sacks?

Aint It Cool!

Yeah Dynasty, it is cool!

Wonder when some Fin fans and media types are gonna understand that Parcell's knows what he is doing. Sure, he makes some mistakes, no one is perfect, but he sure knew what he had in Wake when letting JT walk.

Starks is going to prove him right again. So many think moving him to NT was desparation without a "true" NT on the roster. WRONG.

Most brilliant Parcell's move to date? Passing on Matt Ryan, taking Jake instead then Henne in the next round. That took guts, and smarts when everyone said you "just had to" take Ryan.

Home I LOVE your comments, I LOVE your manly smell from the basement, I LOVE you. Can we go on a date? I will wear my cute blue dress and give you the best love ever

ta. da! if you read my comment on the knew defense(see nolan & sparano defense article) you would now know the name this new defense needs! the Wild-Wolf Defense!!! Ta DA!

go dolphins!

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