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Clemons has to be much better than 2009

I know everyone who reads this blog (with the possible exception of the Jets and Pats fans) are hoping the Dolphins become a Super Bowl team.

Those same people -- you -- must also realize many things have to come together perfectly for that to be possible. One of those many things is that free safety Chris Clemons becomes a good player back there in only his second season.

The Dolphins initially tried to hire a proven, veteran free safety in the offseason, offering free agent contracts to both Ryan Clark and Antrel Rolle. Neither signed, obviously. The team also talked to the agent for O.J. Atogwe but didn't dive into the deep end of that possibility.

So Clemons is the player the Dolphins are putting their hopes on to start. The job seems his to lose when camp begins on Friday.

But according to Sam Monson and his staff at ProFootballFocus.com, hoping Clemons can respond may require a good amount of faith based on his rookie season.

Clemons got limited snaps on defense -- 89 of them to be exact -- but to quote Monson, "none make for good reading."

"He made five tackles, but only one of them was counted as a defensive 'stop' in our grades, and he missed 2 along the way," Monson writes. "

"He was thrown at seven times where he was the defender in primary coverage, resulting in 4 catches (57.1%) for 80 yards and a TD, and a QB rating of 136.9 when throwing into his coverage.

It was not, however, all Clemons' fault.

"To be fair to him," Monson added, "more than 50% of his coverage numbers are as the result of a 54-yard TD pass from Big Ben [Roethlisberger] to Mike Wallace in the Week 17 encounter on a play where Sean Smith and Nate Jones both made an instant mess out of their close coverage on Santonio Holmes and Wallace respectively, freezing Clemons out of position deep in the middle of the field trying to cover both receivers on the wrong side of their corners."

The play to which Monson refers is below. 

The Dolphins hope they don't see a repeat of that type of play in 2010.


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Only his second "second".......? Go have a second beer......lol

Umm.......not second but FIRST!

Everyone was high on Clemons going into training camp last year. I'm not sure why. I think football people just get bored in the offseason and start looking for stories. Culver's going to start at safety opposite YB and he'll be fine.

I am only worried about two positions - NT and FS. Randy Starks is a pro bowler, but not at NT. And of course Clemons is unproven at FS.

Going into the offseason, I thought Tyrone Culver, not Clemons, would be the starting FS. I wonder if that is still a possibility if Clemons struggles in camp.

FS is my biggest concern. I think that we are taking an approach of trying to cover that position up. A Parcells built team is going to pride itself on size and physicality, and the centerfield FS type usually hardly fits that mold.

Our approach will be akin to a woman who wears a lot of makeup and spends hours getting ready before going out. She may look good, but the truth reveals she is really not. I think the pressuring, uptempo, turnover forcing approach we are taking is going to create good results. However, when we find ourselves exposed and not able to get pressure, the truth will come to light.

Maybe I am a little bitter we didn't draft my personal favorite, Earl Thomas, but I just feel in a league where passing is so favored, FS is a position that is more important than even 5 years ago. You must have cover guys everywhere in the secondary.

Improved coverage from the LBs, namely Dansby, Edds, and hopefully Misi, should help diminish many of the problem areas we had last year. Once you reach the playoffs, you are facing elite passing attacks, and this may ultimately be our downfall come the postseason.

By the way, good post Armando. In my mind, Chris Clemons as the starting FS is the biggest question mark of this training camp. If he plays well, that would help the defense a hell of a lot.

Supposedly Clemons has the physical tools. The question is, does he have the football IQ to play a position that requires the most football IQ of any defensive position?

Miami Dolphins may be cautious with some recovering players


Clemons has to be much better than 2009

Way to go out on a limb Armando!

Talk about a filler article. We knew and heard all this six months ago. Yawwwnnnnnnnn..... Regarding NT and SS, well it just takes some time to build a team - I'm not sure we'd have been better off had we taken a NT at 12 and missed out on promising DT and LB in return. They obviously made a conscious decision to pass on the NT, gain the extra pick, and move Starks over there. I seriously doubt they'd have done it if they didn't have confidence in Starks there, of course though they were expecting Fergie to return mid season. Personally I'm tired of hearing how Solai (sp?) has so much potential...its time for him to come through already or be gone. Could be this is all a smoke screen and have been planning to start him at NT all along.

New York Times football preview picks the 'Fins ahead of their hometown Pets. Coach Fat Boy got so worked up he accidentally ate the paper, then the table it was resting on, then the chairs around it.

I was wondering why BP didn't just buy Ryan's contract out and shove him down the whole; then I realized he's so full of sh... hot air he'd probably float.

The Dolphins should just put Sean Smith at FS. Why not? He's 6'4 and played safety in college. He also may be a better saefety then corner. The Dolphins have 2 other good corners in Vontae Davis and Will Allen. To me, that would be a really good secondary.

no offense to Sean Smith, he is nowhere near smart enough to handle the FS spot. Other teams WRs confuse Smith so much with just their route running, imagine how much a good QB would confuse him. Our best option would have been Culver, but he's slow and he's been trained to be a SS anyways, so we're pretty much stuck hoping Clemons handles it well.

I am not so concerned with the NT position because Nolan's defense is not as NT dependent. It is much more a "Hybrid" of a 3-4/4/3 then a majority of either of the 2. I have watched some Denver games and they even ran a "54" at times.
I believe the FS position will get much better "regardless of who is in there" once the LB corp is doing their jobs and meeting all their assignments. Last year they gave no decent help in pass coverage and they relied heavy on the safeties to help against the run, leaving Miami so vulnerable to play action that Payton Manning STOLE a game from us with a simple look off Play action throw for a TD.

As long as Nolan get his message sold to these young, big, fast and motivated kids... things will look 180 out from last years fiasco. It will not be the same... total apples and oranges in comparison.

The issue is not the FS position. It is more the defensive line and weather they can create a pass rush to take away the quarterback's time.

Parcells, Ireland and Sparano have made a lot of excellent personnel moves, but none so far at free safety.

They had Jason Allen starting to start camp in 2008, then went to Chris Crocker who was terrible and lost the Arizona game. They finally figured out Renaldo Hill who started previous two years was better.

Then they got rid of Hill and paid Gerbil Wilson a ton of money so he could single handidly lose the games to New Orleans and Indianapolis and be a turnstile back there.

I'll believe Clemons is ready when Clemons shows me he's ready. We should have signed Rolle.

People don't realize how lucky we are to have a guy like Mike Nolan, this guy is a younger version of BP for our defense!! Look what he did in Denver in the little time he was there!! Our defense is going to be deadly!! Chris Clemons will be fine. Expect him to maintain the center field not own it!! Also, I know everyone has counted him out because he looked like crap his first day on a new job but, R. Jones just may shock some people still!! The guy is a major playmaker!! And playmakers get on the field!!!

It seems the trifecta drafts one bust a season, let's hope it Jerry or some one we really don't need to be a star!!

Man, it hurt to watch that play. I hope Reshad Jones can at least push Clemons in the competition.

I missed the cuban menace live blog yesterday. Was the live blog a HIT???

If Clemons was ready, Ireland wouldn't have tried to sign Clark AND Rolle (and even looked at Atogwe). So, obviously there's a hole here. Can they coach Clemons up enough so he doesn't lose any games for the team, that will become evident during the season. I think this whole thing about "it's Clemons' job to lose" basically is saying he's not there yet, and, he might be so behind that Jones is not far behind, and might as well play Jones to give him some experience. That would say everything I needed to know about Clemons (not a starter) and the difficulty during the year if we have a rookie starting at FS. We will see...

In reference to the replay above, it looks to me like the underneath route created a pick, two Dolphins collide and that is where the disaster occurred. Clemons plays between the two longest receivers like he should. Don't blame Clemons cause when you review it you'll notice 3 receivers are open on this play! Improved pass rush and coverage skills should correct that.

Just like a QB isn't responsible for a running back rushing for a touchdown, I don't believe that the FS is always responsible for long ball against the team.

I refuse to judge a man's future on one play. The other 88 may sound average for a rookie trying to get his feet wet.

Break down the play with an objective eye and not just looking to lay blame.

1. I see a loine pushing hard but no real pressure on the QB

2. The QB has at least 5 and almost 6 sec to find a reciever and throw.

3. I see man coverage and the dolphins doing their best Bad News Bears impessions with all flailing on the ground, Starting with the DE who coudn't keep his balance.

4. I command Clemons for not giving up on the play and making a tackle even after though he could have jogged it over. Like Jason Allen did at the end of the play.

5. If you look at all those recievers running open down the feild and blame that on Clemons then you have got serious vision problems. That was a complete team failure.

7. Whats worse it seems like the steelers knew they could have that. Thats why they sent everybody on GO patterns.


That play is exactly why I don't take PFF's numbers as gospel -- their assigning coverage of Wallace solely to Clemons and it wasn't solely his fault. I like what I saw from Clemons in limited snaps last year and I really think it would be hard for him to play worse than Gerbil Wilson did last year.

Hello HVK, Had to leave around 6:30, read some good posts though, But it was a Big deal at the SUN SENTinal, NJ was posting and pasteing all the Nagative things said about the SS, unfortunitly he left the names off the posts and kept saying "This is what the Menace said about us", Really sad, but funny at the same time, I Hope he gets help.....

Has anybody considered that perhaps the reason they didn't pay up for Rolle or Clark was because they felt either of them was only worth it at a reasonable (cheap) price...meaning they are happier with Clemons than the average blogger suspects. Seems like a lot of bloggers underestimate the coaches...these guys live and breathe pro football 24/7...anything anyone here has thought of they've already thought of 100 times. Any of these media reports by 'experts' or ex jocks don't know jack compared to what a coach sees day in and day out in camp.

Jets interested in TO.... Bwahahahaha god I hate the wets!

how could that play be his fault. The corner fell down. I would say that play is an exception not the norm.

Lets see how the defense is shaping up for a "CONTENDING" Team

Koa Misi
Clemons/Rashad Jones

How many NFL snaps combined for these guys: 90???

Now insert Wake into the equation, a guy that cant stop the run or drop into coverage.

Insert you best DE to fill the NT hole.

Insert Clamming Chowder as your ILB with the Mike Helmet

WAKE UP PEOPLE on the Mike Nolan train.... He is a great defensive coach, but he wont suit up (pun intended) on sundays.

He has no groceries on the DL and the FS position.

The fins will need Henne to put up 24 pts every game to contend.

Greeat, I thought T.O signed with Cinn....

Not yet espn just reported jets could possibly sign him!

Of course T.O would be interested in the Jets, After being exiled to Buffalo last year all he can think of is "Man I can be on HBO for eight Weeks in a row", Not surprising really, Also the Jets picking up "Used" up parts to make a playoff team will surely show in the later perts of the season, My prediction for the Jets.... 8 And 8........ At best......

why can't we sign t.o ?

Welcome back, Mando. It's good to read information and actual numbers as opposed to Mike Baseballwriter posting what someone else is reporting and then asking posters to comment whether it's true or not.

I would say Clemons and the FS position overall is the second-biggest question mark for the Dolphins right behind whether henne can take the next step.

He's fast, he's proven in college and the staff likes him. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But I'm counting on you to keep an eye on him and tell me how he's doing in practice.

Well, there is one thing I am really amazed at. The Jets are going for TO. The Jets officially are trying to sign more old free agents in pounds than what rex can eat for a midnight snack. The free agents they have signed over age 33 this year almost weigh as much as Rexy in total. That is nuts!

Cause TO is a cancer n we don't want him... I'm gonna go on a limb n say Hartline will have a better year than TO cause he is washed up!

He's a Cancer, the only reason he behaved himself last year as his Exile to Buffalo, No other team wanted to bring a tumor to there team, Buffal being a team stuck next to Canada can be a humbling experance, If it was'nt for VH1, we wouldnt have heard from T.O ever again..

G-Dane, Posting the same thing will only mean People(NJ Flim flam) will think we're the same person......

Fins are not siging TO, period. The fins dont need him, plus he is on the decline.

Cuban, NJ will always think you are someone else. YOU were a hit over at the SS and you was not even there. How do you do it, bro???
Ooops the word "bro" is something the SS invented.

Problem is "the big 3" sometimes spend too much time looking for 'their type of guy' rather than just going after guys who have proven experience. They react too slow when it comes to signing players sometimes. that's why they stepped back from 11-5 to 7-9 last year.

mike the baseball guy at the ss ask posters for news while armando (( 19 years of football )) tells us the news .

LMFAO @ mamaduke, That is why we are grateful to have a site like the herald.

BTW mike the baseball guy has good knowledge on the fins and baseball. Very nice guy, never attacks other posters...

Bring Jake Scott back!

SS BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i apply for a football writer at the ss ? i am an ex fan of baseball .

No you cant. You spell too good.

Cuban, NJ will always think you are someone else. YOU were a hit over at the SS and you was not even there. How do you do it, bro???
Ooops the word "bro" is something the SS invented.

Posted by: maldito soy yo | July 27, 2010

I know Maldito, They Love to hate me over there, Even NJ Will post negative things said about the SS over there but wont post the posters name on there and claim it's me, It's a little creepy really, The NJ thing, I think he's sizing me up for a "Menace Skin suit", Makes me worried.... LOL...

Ratfink, it could be a lot of reasons why we didn't get those players. If you remember, Clark kind of used Miami to get signed by the Steelers. I think he never wanted to leave Pittsburgh, so created interest in himself to get them to sign him. So not sure we had a chance to offer more money to him. I know Rolle wanted to be the top-paid FS in the league. Not sure he's worth that (and obviously the Trifecta didn't think that). But they were definitely interested. Atogwe was similar. So I agree with part of what you said, that they weren't worth TOP money, but I think the Trifecta would rather have had a more experienced FS than Clemons.

BUT, I think they realized that with better pressure from the front 7, they might be able to work with Clemons/Jones this year, and pick someone up next year if neither works out. Or they thought Clemons was showing signs of improvement. FS is a mental position, you need to have a good football sense, and hopefully that's something Clemons could have been doing all offseason.

Cursed, I'am sure NJ will think I'am you, so dont post anything anti "TK8"

I thought about 6 weeks ago that we were very well rounded as a team, and many pieces had fallen into place for us to be a legitimate contender for a deep run. At that time, very few people were talking about us, and I liked it. However, being in the top 10 in both ESPN and SI, Adam Schein of Fox Sports, Michael Lombardi, Matt Bowen, lots of people have started to really hype us up. I guess it's better they're on the bandwagon now than later, but it just kind of worries me a little bit.

Terrance Cody has failed his conditioning test and Sergio Kindle takes a header down TWO flights of steps. Maybe, just maybe the Trifecta knows what they are doing in the draft. I really believe that Clemons will be the starter. Nolan will be able to work around any weaknesses we have with his type of planned defense. It will be a great year.

Boot, The thing is the Defense,Lots of Questions, We can only hope that the Addition of Dansby, Nolan, And the Subtraction of Wilson, Taylor,Porter will lead the team to greatness, The jury awaits the beginning of the first 4 games before they cast a "GUILTY, OR NOT GUILTY " Verdict...

I hope Odinseye's injury does not keep him from typing... Heres to a speedy recovery for the viking

DC - Agreed, its just some people forget we only have so many picks, not quite enough yet to fill every single need. Next draft likely we can go for more luxury picks. Hard to complain about the tri-fectas drafting, every team whiffs on a few picks, impossible to bat 1000. Of all the players they did go after, they did manage to sign the top two gems for each side of the line in Marshal and Dansby.

Carlito, Did you see the Posting/Pasteing that NJ Flim flam was doing last nite??? Never showing who was posting but yet claiming it was me,Can you set the record stright over there????

Clearly a blown coverage play by the corners..not Clemons fault, to his credit he caught up to the WR. It happens to the best of the best every once in a while...and int book, not a good representation of Chris's skills. Remember guys, he was great in college, give him a chance, if he blows it this year then we know we MUST move on a better safety. I think between all of the good coaches we have...we have to trust they know what's up. I think they have done great so far and with the addition of Nolan..watch out naysayers!


Nolan will be able to cause confusion and problems for whoever the Bills start at QB, and for Sanchez. However, we will not be able to do that with Favre, Brady, or Rodgers. All things being equal, I'd be happy with a 3-2 start. And it doesn't necessarily get any easier, followed with PIT and CIN. I'd be super happy with 4-3 after the first 7 games. By then, the young players will have their feet wet, and Ronnie should be getting back to top form. The schedule gets easier down the stretch, and we will be physically imposing by the end of the season, just wear other teams down.

J Christ cuban dont get carlito involved in that mess. NJ will look for any excuse to pile onto carlito.

The phins need at least to start off 3 and 1. 4-0 would be great, but the least has to be 3 and 1. I am confident the phins will have a good start.

Killa, I think they can disguise what there doing for the 1st 4 weeks, but these guys are gonna have to pick up there game big time......

BTW cuban there is no e in pasting.


Who are you and what have you done with Bootang25?


Maldito must finished high school .

My Bad Cursed.... Apparently the "TK8" Flooded Chris T with there propaganda and I wont post over on that sight, Don'T need the buffoonery, so maybe carlito can set the record straight that there's more people out there that hate the "TK8" more then BP oil.......

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