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Jets interest in T.O. feels like classic Rosenhaus

I talk to a lot of agents who hate Drew Rosenhaus. But they all recognize Rosenhaus works his tail off for his clients and there really is little he wouldn't do to get them signed with an NFL team.

I've watched and reported on Rosenhaus since 1989. So I think I know small portions of his playbook.

And I saw some of that playbook put into motion this morning when ESPN reported the New York Jets have batted around the idea of signing Terrell Owens.

Owens is unsigned, even as teams are opening their training camps. That is a big surprise to no one except Owens, who is still demanding a considerable salary in return for his 2010 services. Owens is 36 years old and no longer an elite receiver.

He doesn't have the ability to separate he once had and his hands are still only average. That combined with his reputation for being a divisive force in the locker room has obviously given many teams pause about Owens.

(By the way, if you think Owens has changed based on his age and the fact he wasn't a problem in Buffalo last year, you simply need to tune to his reality show  on VH-1 to see this is one troubled person. I only saw one episode over the weekend -- I have no life -- and in it, Owens went for psychological counseling, fought constantly with his girlfriend, showed commitment phobias, said the person he loved most in the world, his grandmother, never told him she loved him, and cried at various points in the show. Owens, by the way, was reared by his grandmother because his mom apparently didn't want to do it and his father refused to identify himself as the father to Owens despite the fact the dude lived across the street during much of Owens' childhood. I recognize it's only a show, but it pulled back the curtain on a man I felt compassion for. The show also gave me the sense I would never want Owens on my football team because he apparently has emotional issues to this day.)

But I digress.

On Monday the Cincinnati Bengals stepped up and said they have made an offer to Owens. The Bengals have made an offer and are in negotiations with Rosenhaus. But the offer is not what Owens and Rosenhaus are looking for yet.

So how does an agent get a team to raise its offer?

Find another suitor and get a bidding war going. Short of that, the next best way is to have the first team think there's a chance of losing the player. Thus, it was no surprise today when the report of Owens getting interest from another team -- the Jets -- made its way to ESPN, the nation's go-to sports media outlet.

I'm not saying Rosenhaus is among the "league sources," floating the idea the Jets might be serious about signing him. But, well, it does suit his agenda, doesn't it?

The story blares to the Bengals that they may have competition for Owens and should try to close the deal now. It effectively nullifies previous reports that such competition was dwindling, as when it was learned the Rams were not interested in Owens. And all this is happening only two days before the Bengals open training camp on Thursday.

It seems like a big push before a contract is done.


So why is this of interest to Dolphins fans?

Well, there are some out there still wishing the Fins would sign Owens. I'm told they've showed no interest in Owens despite dealing repeatedly with his agent, Rosenhaus on many matters.

There are some of you fearing Owens might end up with the division rival Jets. I have a hard time believing that will actually happen. I'm not saying it won't, I'm just saying it feels more like ploy than plan.

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TO to the Jets may be the best thing that could happen. Too many me-first guys, LT, JT, and add the king of them, TO, and it would just add one more potential timebomb to that team.


I hope the jets get TO lol not that we need yet another reason to make fun of them, or another fact supporting the assertion that unsexyrexy is the biggest joke in sports

JT + TO + SANCHEZ = ?????

I thought I said that on the last blog Mando... But maybe NJ Phin fan is correct, I Am You..........

I want nothing more for my birthday then to see T.O. in a Yets stank green uniform. A YOUNG QB + TO + OLD VETS FULL OF EGOS= DISASTER!

He is a headcase, which would be acceptable if he still had pro bowl talent, but he is not even that good anymore. SIgning TO would be a major mistake, and I am glad the Dolphins are not in the mix.

36 is very, very old for a WR, TO's decline should not be surprising.

1085, 8 and 8 At best for Gang green next year.......

Armando, stick to journalism buddy. Trying to decipher someone's character from heavily edited TV shows designed for drama is just lameness personified. You work with people with worse issues than TO. There are players in the NFL with deeper issues than even he has. All that matters is will the guy produce on Sundays. Even on a crappy team he put up better #'s than all the Fins receivers. If you don't think TO is a better receiver than everyone on the Fins not named Brandon Marshall, you've given up your right to be considered credible on football.

Great post there Jim, What about team Chemistry?

I can't believe all trash talk on JT. The man put in a lot of good years in Miami, and was extremely productive. Now that the Dolphins don't want him and he still wants to play he gets treated like this? Way to harsh. And giving Armando crap just because he takes a non-biased approach in his writing is rediculous as well. Would you rather have someone blow smoke up your bum? Maybe you could show some credentials Jim so everyone here knows that you might, possibly, but probably not have any idea what you are talking about.

the best thing in the world is if TO goes to the Jets! That locker room is a mess already and adding yet another divisive guy is perfect. They are going to be a laughing stock with all their divas. They need the queen diva. I would be laughing my head off all year. They are after all the super bowl champs this year so they should go after a catch like TO to top it off.


Did you read the article Armando posted? His childhood was a mess. He clearly has MAJOR ISSUES, and his upbringing explains why. He had issues with Jeff Garcia, Mcnabb, and Tony Romo. He is an absolute cancer who has been a major headache in 3 different cities.

Why do you think he has remained unsigned 3 days b/f every team opens training camp? It is a combination of his diminishing skills/cancerous personality.

Armando, you've been watching Matlock episodes on Hallmark Channel again, haven't you?

I believe that TO is not better than Hartline, Camarillo, or Bess. TO would be 5th on the WR depth chart with the DOlphins.

2 years ago he was a good player, but now TO is 36. Thats old for a WR, and he is just not that good anymore. That's why it took him until late July to get an offer. He is just not that good anymore.

T.O. to the Jets wouldnt make sense. They have players waiting to get paid. Remember they have to pay Revis 100MM(20MM per year). lol

I dont see this happening.

Than again this the Jets organization we are talking about, they make moves that don't make sense anyways.

Their moves make sense if they are openinig a retirement home

They also have to pay the man that will run Mark Sanchez's Hot dog stand on the sidelines.

He gets hungry for weiner.

Let the Jests sign him. He's not an elite reciever anymore and having the Jests sign him would not scare me at all. As a matter of fact, Owen's ego vs several other egos in that locker room may hurt that team :)

For washed up football players... I see it now like that commercial with Emmit Smith in a rocking chair... Humm Mabey I am on to something here... Emmit Smith out of retirement to the Jets....LOL

Gotta go guys, be back at 2 or 3, Keep up the great football talk, till then, peace...........

TO is short for TOast ... he is done

No worries. The great Combo of Culver, Clemons , Jones, Allen can cover Mr. TOast

Thanks for the warning Cuban.... LOL

18 More days till the first preseason game... Way to long atleast camp starts friday n I'll have some football!

I like Drew. However, in my opinion, one of the reasons he shouldn't be on channel 7s' Sports Final is he isn't objective when speaking about his clients. Sometimes he uses the show as an opportunity to "talk up" his clients. So, you may be right, here, Mando. I've seen Drew do the same thing before.

For all of you T.O bashers out there; if brandon marshall gets hurt, and it is possible; who else is there to prevent the rest of the league from stacking the line on every play as they did when Ginn was not in the game, to rush henne; NO ONE! Sign T.O now. At least with T.O on the field, the opposing defenses will not stack the line; so if for nothing else but to prevent the jailbreak blitzes every play that brandon marshall is not in the line up; once again, I say SIGN T.O before it is too late! I don't think; I KNOW that T.O is better than ALL of our other receivers. Coaches, swallow your FOOLISH pride and sign the man. He would love to impress his lady who is one of the dolphin cheerleaders. Soften the foolish mistakes of letting JT and ted ginn go and SIGN THE MAN!

WOW Plungie award anyone?? TO is horrible like I said before its a big step but I think Heartline will have a better year than TO.. Keep Ginn???? Why he did nothing in the three years he was here but drop balls and if by mistake he actually caught one he immediatly ran for the sideline... He got lucky in one game against the jets but that was only on kick offs!

Jim your an idiot !!!!!!


Terrence Mount Cody place on Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP). He failed his physical.

Team chemistry? Have any of you ever played football? Let me ask you, when you can lose your life or get paralyzed on any given play is your first, second or third concern the personality of your teammates? Team chemistry is measured by winning. No one gives a rats anus if you have great team chemistry yet you go 4-12.

For all the talk about TO killing teams, the guy has been on winning teams everywhere he's gone to, except Buffalo. What's this team cancer thing again? He was on a horrible squad last year and no one heard a thing from him. He knows he has no more rope left, expect him to come in, stay quiet and perform.

I'll just never understand why a league that is based on violence and violent people wants to become judgmental on morals and values and character, whatever the F those mean anyway.

foolish mistakes of letting JT and ted ginn go and SIGN THE MAN!

Posted by: bond, david bond | July 27, 2010 at 12:03 PM
WOW.............. Letting Ted(I Fall Down) Ginn Go??????????????? Still OTFLMAO, After 3 years of falling down, Running out Of Balance, Bobbling catch and having it intercepted, And about 30 more examples of INEMPTITUDE well I'am not gonna say anything else, I think everyone Knows how i feel about Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn.... And his family..............

Gotta go guys, be back at 2 or 3, Keep up the great football talk, till then, peace...........

Posted by: Cuban Menace | July 27, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Look at cuban boy,he leaves here but has been at the SS up until now, and is still there. You two headed fraud.

was sa matter cuban? I thought you were coming back at 2pm. You go back and forth to the SS and here. Flip flop like a cuban frog, worse than a politician

I agree sign the man. If you look back at last years game between Buffalo VS Miami (the 2nd game) T.O. SMOKED US ,THATS RIGHT SMOKED US. He just about had a career day. Pay him what he wants for 1 year (THIS IS AN UNCAPPED YEAR) so he doesnt smoke us again. Its a simple decoy measure of attack for our killer running game. Now they have to double cover Marshell and account for TO. That takes 3-4 guys out of the box and leaves more running lanes for Ricky and Ronnie to run through. But parcells and Co. have had there run in with TO at Dallas and this might not happen!!!!! GO PHINS PS.... BY THE WAY IS IT SEPT YET??????

Please Lord, let the Jets sign T.O.

TO can't separate or catch? Who on buffalo was wearing his jersey and torching us then last year? Mando you don't know basic sh*t. The phins brass are losers who shy away from pulling the trigger on talent. Case in point, Dez Bryant is already setting Dallas on fire...Odrick? not so much.

T.O. could be insurance for the Fins. He is better than all the other WRs on our team. Trifecta: Sign this guy now and let's dump him in Feb after we win the Superbowl. Let's gooooo!

One Game he tourched rookie cbs. N we must sign him??? 2009 Buffalo 16 games 55 catches 829 yards 51.8 Yards Per Game 15.1 average yards per catch 5 touchdowns....

Hartline:2009 Miami 16??How many games he got into.. not sure.. 31 receptions 506 yards 31.6 yards per game 16.3 yards per catch 3 touchdowns

I'll take the young up n commer!! not the old decrepid falling apart cancer who isn't worth the air he breaths!

last year this time I was thinking lets get TO because we didn't have squat. but now forget about it. we're good to go.

great article. thanks Mando.

Go Dolphins!!

T.O seemed to have separated pretty well in that 2nd game against miami and our corners and safeties could not catch him either!

200 of his yards came against Jax, and 98 of those on one play. A big game against our rookie CBs, and a big game against the Colts scrubs week 17. One nice end around TD run. Other than that, TO did absolutely nothing. Not only did he make no noise off the field, he made hardly any on the field. AND he wants $5 million a year. Lots of risk, very little reward


Do you think that the 'fins will draft Jacory Harris, Allen Bailey, or Matt Bosher next year? I think it would be imperative to have all 3 next year. They will experience playing in big games and can start right away.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

And does no one remember the Joey Porter fiasco last year? Anyone? He divided the locker room, hindered the growth of younger players, caused friction with JT, refused coaches orders. Why would anyone in their right mind want any more of that nonsense? For 5 or 6 TDs? Gimme a break

I also feel that JT gave some really good year to Miami. However, He could have gone to 30 other teams and likely not gotten this response. If you do not already understand the hate between the Jests and the Dolphins, you should listen to Jason himself, He had been known for taunting the Jests fans and had made more then one really strong statement about them, and they about him also. Now they act as if the hatchet is all but buried and everyone is buddy buddy. Take a long look at JT's brother in law... Zack Thomas. Is is a "STANDARD" by which one can judge what a TRUE veteran franchise type Miami Dolphin is all about. He played for Dallas (NFC) he was going to play for KC (AFC West) and he came back here to sign for a day and retire a Dolphin, with his little baby boy wearing "Fins Gear" right next to him.
Jayson Taylor by going to the ONLY team that could possible take that status away from him deserves what he gets and hears. He knows the deal... He knew the gravity of his choice before he made it. Zack would not have gone to the Wets in a ZILLION YEARS after he left Miami.... JT may retire a Dolphin, he may not (I don't care) He may even get a spot in our Ring Of Honor (I do care about that, there are some hard core Dolphins in that crowed) at the stadium. I believe if he does it should have a "Booger Green Astrix" after his name so Miami fans NEVER forget his sorry defection to that team and its fans. I for one can care less in this instance what people feel about it. To me it is a very personal thing, he was a beloved player and made the ONE..JUST ONE mistake I cannot let fly. Maybe others can. Don't judge me for feeling as I do... I did not go play for the "Booger Green shame machine"...He did.

Joey porter is a choir boy compared to TO. You Run, don't walk, away from him.

If the Jets are willing to take a risk on him then maybe they have concerns about their WR core. I could see the Bangles wanting to sign him with question marks around Bryant's injury but for a team that is suppose to be loaded with WRs why take a risk like that? Makes you wonder.

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1) The JT Saga
2) TO
3) We didn't spend enough money on FS
4) Pat White Roster worthy or worthless


Derek your right the Jets and Pats but that leaves 29 teams. The problem is he was never much of a leader and with his deminished skills I don't think he would have many option till someone got hurt in training camp.( and thats hard on the ego)Sorry Mando but its true

youbetcha... I could have likely lived with him going to NE. Reason being, I feel Belechick would not bring in any player unless he saw an upside, an "Improvement" to his team. Yes, I am going there... I feel Rex Ryan was being very personal in this deal. I feel that the effect it had on many of the fans here was apart of RR's reasoning. He has despised Miami since the Night Shula and Marino ended his Daddy's team (Chicago) undefeated run in 1985. I feel it personal with him, and JT walked right into the trap like an idiot.

Let TO go play with Chad85! That's two big ego's both trying to get the football at the same time. It'll be like the Keystone Kops over there with both of them thinking they're supposed to get the ball every play! And, the interviews with the media? Great entertainment! Not to mention all the diva catfights! Hahahaha!

There is a reason JT said you'll all forget me after Cameron Wake has his break-out year. He was in the way in Miami.



Derek that is true. I didn't like his daddy either.I did like when his Dad slapped Kevin gilbride in the head on National TV in Houston. I can't remember who the headcoach was but that was funny, although it wasn't funny when we hired Gilbride(IDIOT)afterwords.

It's Chess, not checkers!!!

Aloco, what do you think about the Marlins player that got hurt when he CreamPied a friend in the lockeroom?

I wouldn't say that TO smoked us last year because we had TE's smoking us last year.....I blame that game and all the other games where we got smoked by opposing offenses on our defense or lack there of.....With experience and a different coach this year hopefully there will be less smoke.....But TO talent was not what smoked us last year in that second game it was just bad defense.....Hartline will be better than TO this year because he will be playing next to Marshall....Problem with TO is that he feels he needs to be the man and he is not anymore.....and as far as TO teams and the Playoffs lets not forget that TOs first three teams where playoff caliber teams before he got there and the bills sucked before he got there they sucked last year and will suck again along with the wets....

and the reason why I'm mad at JT is cause he left us for the hated wets just to be on HBO!

Go Fins



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