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Merling out for year, Marcus Spears next?

The Miami Herald has independently confirmed that Phillip Merling is out for the season following an Achilles' injury suffered this week.

The report follows an earlier report by profootballtalk.com that Merling's offseason troubles -- that included an arrest for domestic violence on his pregnant girlfriend -- had grown with an Achilles' injury whose extent was not known.  

I have been in contact with a source saying the Dolphins may turn their attention before training camp is over to Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears, a starter who has fallen somewhat out of favor with the Cowboys and whom Bill Parcells drafted in the first round in 2005.

Although Spears finished the season with a career-high 2.5 sacks in 2009, the Cowboys former first-round pick got a lower restricted free agent tender offer than either of his backups. Spears was available in trade just prior to the draft.

The Dolphins also have Tony McDaniel, Ryan Baker, Ikaika-Alama Francis, Lionel Dotson and rookie Jared Odrick slated at defensive end.

Former Jets-Ravens-Saints-49'ers defensive end Marques Douglas might be a possibility based on his history with defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But Douglas is 33 years old and at 6-2 and 290 does not meet the prototype size the Dolphins like in their defensive ends.


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I said it before and I will say if again the D-line and our outside backers is our weakness. We are building a great offense our secondary will be solid and I think dansby will make our inside linbacking group solid as well but we are not going to put any pressure on QB with this defensive front.. I'm worried ppl I'm really worried..

Marques Douglas ?

Out with the old, In with the new.......

Maybe we could get Lebron James to play Outside linebacker for us!!! And D-Wade at safety..

Did he hurt himself by Kicking his B!tch don the Stairs??????? Just wondering....

Now the tax payers have to pay for his rehab.

His career is done

You hate to see anyone go down with an injury, but this may be a blessing in disguise for both the Dolphins and Merling, more so the Dolphins. It gets the Dolphins off-the-hook for the time being of having to deal with an underachieving P.R. nightmare if they didn't cut him. Now they can just put him on I.R. and most people will forget about him for now. Merling may have saved his job with this injury, if the Dolphins were leaning towards cutting him. He may just get one more chance to redeem himself next season, but then again, maybe not.

gUYS, i'VE BEEN banned FROM THE ss, dON'T KNOW WHY?? but THEN AGAIN i BELIUEVE the "tk8" has ABSOLUT Rule there, anyhoooo, Enjoy boys(I mean the [puppets controlled by you know who), not that upset, kinda like telling a chick you gotta get up early in the morning...... LMAOROTF.......

And why the f did we not resign JT? I'm so irritated.

Scrub time for the fins : mcdaniels and baker..... lmao
let solai start and put randy on the end with langford
odrick can hold a clipboard

@ Matt

JT Would not have played DE you tard!

Merling is a scrub.

Could have used Jason Taylor right about now????

Cut him.

He is a D o u c h e bag.

He can beat all the pregnant women he wants now.

Spears reminds me of Leonard Marshall who played for the Giants and did well once he got his feet wet. Coincidentally, Marshall went to LSU too just like Spears. Spears and Douglas' size is fine for a 3-4 DE. Marshall, though in a different era, played the same position at 6-3, 285. The guys haven't gotten that much bigger since then.



bgballer40 - So you have already determined that Odrick is chopped liver?

This may be a blessing in dsguise as it will force Odrick into more playing time. He may take his lumps early in the season but I expect him to develop as the season progresses into a DE just as good, or better, than Langford.

Many folks forget that Odrik was the 3rd highest rated D linemen in this last draft, behind the two "star" and wll hyped guys, Suh and McCoy and ahead of Dan Williams.

cuban are you really banned from the SS? I saw you posting there earlier this evening,

PSI have work to do.
Time is getting short - no time to waste.
Hope they use this weekend wisely.
A solid D-Line is critical.



Ryan Baker played well last year all along the Dline (he's kind of like the Nate Garner on the Dline). McDaniel can contribute as well. Odrick will be better than good within 2 years. Langford is solid, but not spectacular. We are still fine at DE. It's probably good we got Odrick this year - looks like a brilliant move in hindsight! Don't forget - Starks and Odrick will be able to play inside or out when we line up 4 on the Dline too.

There's nothing positive about losing Merling this early in the season because we lose someone who,despite inconsistency, has made his fair share of plays and displayed his potential. This is definitely a blow to our defensive line depth, but maybe a chance for Odrick to do his thing,which I believe he will. Baker, McDaniels and Dotson all show promise,but maybe trading for Spears could help with depth, along with his ability to stuff the run.

Hello Odinseye, Mark in Toronto, Aloco, Rob in OC, Po White Trash, and everybody else (I know I'm forgetting some names)

I hope everybody is having a good summer...

Go Dolphins!!!!

Well, I see that I have missed quite a bit on the Herald front the last few days. Also, stupid app won't let me use my old name because I have a different iPhone. Whatever. Lol. Good to see Armando back, hopefully
Most of the regulars are still posting strong.

As for the Merling injury, this isn't a major blow, but a blow nonetheless. While there could be question of the overall talent of the DLine, depth was a big factor for us. Merling may not be a superstar, but he has made his fair share of big plays. His arrest doesn't seem so bad now, as odd as that may sound. I think he played a role in the Odrick pick, which all of a sudden seems all the more important.

Defense is a major concern for me, and with all of the new faces being integrated, losing a veteran is never good.

CARLITO , it's nice to see you here .this blog needs a man like you .
good guy all around .

Bootang yeah you are right, his arrest dont seem bad right now. Oh maybe he should have killed her. WTF

It funny how NJ at the SS is soooo mad at carlito for calling his mom out. Please carlito enlighten us here with that story. Some of us may not know the story.

I didn't say his crime was not bad, only the arrest. If he were to receive a suspension, now it is a moot point. Sorry for any vagueness in my comment. I assure you that you will not ever hear me condone any of those type of actions.

It's a good thing we drafted Odrick. But this is an inauspicious start. Training camp hasn't even opened, and we've lost a DT (Ferguson) and a DE (Merling). Our defensive line is already thin. The Trifecta needs to go out and find us an acorn. I also wonder if this is the end of Merling's time with the Fins.

PS Good job of reporting this and breaking this story and getting this news to us! Well done, Barry Jackson! Well done, Mando!

What's up losers?

No worries.
Jeff Ireland is on the phone right now.


how you doing loser ?

MJZ- I agree with you, I truly see Odrick as a future Pro-Bowler some day but I definately do not seem him filling that void in our D-line that we currently have. This will accelerate his growth and in the long term be beneficial to our program but not this year. I've read alot about him and he has made alot of mental mistake. Know Misi I see giving us those numbers but not Odrick if he prove me wrong you could bust my ballz all season on the forum.

Why does everyone keep switching names?

Hey brujeria , what's up loser ??

Gee does anyone know where Jason Taylor went? Too bad he's not here to pass rush.

Yourbackdoorman Letme guess why you have such a name.

CarltheChamp says,

We do not need Taylor, that makes us older, we need to be young right now, we are building one helluva defense, Odrick is incredibly skilled and now that Merling is hurt it will no longer matter that he beat his pregnant wife with his way strong pimp hand, he can be there to guide young Odrick and teach him some things about the pro game that he doesnt know yet, Dansby makes this defense very tough, yall just dont know it yet, I felt almost as good about the Dansby as I did about Marshall, and Wake is gonna be just fine rushing the QB, he will have 10 sacks this year easy

CarltheChamp says,

and no i dont have down syndrome, I dont know what is going on

Oh no here we go again with the whole sky is falling bit. Come on now, it was a few days ago some of you were saying Merling should be cut and now our defense is in jeopardy because of a mediocre DE?

I think the only reason Marcus Spears is mentioned is because of the unknown. This early they are unsure if Odrick can or will produce or if any other back up can step in, so of course they are going to have a back up plan specially since this defense will be relying on a lot of unproven players. My bet is Ryan Baker will take advantage of the opportunity.

When you lose a player you were counting on to be a starter or a key rotational man you have to replace him. Every player will try to take advantage of their new opportunity but it's still relying on an unknown

Hartline is next

Any piece of crud that hits a woman should be gone. Pregnant woman who was abused in ANY way the AZZho who did it should pay and pay and pay.

BTW welcome back Mando.Been a long time. The summer seems longer when your takes on the Dolphins are not posted daily. But how many journalists get 8 weeks off ?

The team was overcrowded at DE anyways. They don't need another. There's plenty of bodies and they don't need to be giving away draft picks.

I have july 24th marked on my calendar!!!!

Looks like a bust to me

Didn't really need him. So bye bye, ya thug! Beating a pregnant woman? What a little man.

I say go for spears right away because odrick is going to be a bust because he eats way too many cheese curls on wednesday evenings. Maybe he will prove us all wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

Howdy carlito from golfito, Darryl Dunphy, Mark in Toronto, Po White Trash, Beerphin, Aloco, bootang, bobbyd12, CM and I know old NJ is out there lurking too. If I missed anyone, I say wassssssssup.

Welcome back aboard folks.

It will be too bad if they have to chase a DE at this stage. I hope someone in camp already can simply step up.

Merling seems like a bookmark at DE. Not rising to any heights yet not going to far backwards that he would fall off coaching radar. Add his Monkey style high Karate he pulls on his preggo GF as well as this injury and I could easily see the Phins going into a different direction...at least by next year.

I am really hoping Nolan's schemes make for some mean pass rush with our personnel.


How did he get hurt

Its amazing how people say this player is a bust and the player hasnt played one preseason or reulation game yet. I wonder if any of these naysayers have ever watched any penn state games the last 4 years???? ORDICK IS A MONSTER, A DEFENSIVE NIGHTMARE. He will be like Bobby Bushay in the water boy. Once he gets his game down will probaly be a probowler his whole career. Also spears would not be a bad pick up but i think we could get a free agent end instead of having to give up a draft pick in a trade. Just doesnt make sence to give up picks at this point of the season.

I don't think Merling was going to be impactful this season anyways. The guys been a bit of a disappointment. I'm not convinced Odrick is ready to play starter minutes yet, so a thin Line just got thinner. And those of you who keep singing JT's praises, he's 36 years old and just about out of steam....so give it up!! Spears would be fine but I'm not crazy about giving up draft picks like that. Not sure who else is out there but it wouldn't be all bad to get a depth guy like Douglas.

Merling is a chump and would have lost the starting job like he did to Starks last year. I'm not opposed to giving up a draft pick for a younger DE like Spears either. He's only 27. Trading a mid round pick is the same as drafting him. He could stick around for 3-4 years.

Not to mention if Dallas isn't high on him anymore, we could get him for a 4th or 5th. Lower than where they drafted him. That, to me, is value.

I don't like giving up draft picks so the free agent ideas sould better to me. The phins should probably get one extra DL guy given they just lost Fergy and Merling.

How was Adewale Ogunleye after he left the Phins? Why not sign him and let him compete?

Hey, ease up off the panic button guys! We haven't even started Training Camp yet and people are jumping on the "OMG Our Season Is Over" wagon way too early! We really don't know what we've got on this team until the hitting begins! Lighten up already! Gonna be a great season. GO FINS!

What's the problem ??? We have Jason Taylor .... Oh ! My bad

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