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Players (reported Thurs.) hit field today!

Miami Dolphins players reported to the team Thursday. They got poked and prodded by the medical staff. They got their locker stalls, their hotel rooms and their playbooks -- like the one pictured belonging to running back Kory Sheets which he posted on his twitter page.

Dolphins offensive playbook Today, the players hit the field for the first time this training camp with a 2 p.m. practice. The event is open to the public if you are in South Florida and the price is as good as it gets: FREE!

One player who will not be on the field is defensive end Phillip Merling. We learned last week Merling wrecked an Achilles' tendon while jogging on his own. So today he will either go on the injured reserve list or the non-football injury list.

Either way, he's done for the season. But if the Dolphins elect to place him on the non-football injury list it will uncover their intention not to pay Merling his $600,000 salary because the injury did not occur on their watch, in their facility, or during any team sponsored workout or event.

The fact is some players have wondered privately where Merling spent part of the offseason because he definitely wasn't at the training facility often enough for them to see him.

The possibility Merling wouldn't get paid his scheduled salary this year was first speculated by profootballtalk.com. The Dolphins expect to work out an agreement with Merling and his agent Jimmy Sexton that will still keep the player comfortable financially but not to the extent he would have been if he was, you know, actually contributing this year.

In today's paper, I wrote my column about how the Dolphins are a playoff-caliber team in many people's eyes (including my own). But they are practically overrun with question marks. So the Dolphins have tons of question but also tons of hope.

Anway, the piece tells you what some of those myriad questions are and gives you some of the answers, which bring hope for a fine season ahead. So please check it out.

Follow me on twitter. I'll be sharing the action from camp with you there. And check back here throughout the day for a more expanded view of the news, with analysis, opinion, and as always, your comments about donkeys and other things you people come up with. 


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How long does practice usually go on for? I dont want to miss this!

is training camp free? or do u have to pay to watch?

Free very nice... I wish i was in Miami to go

Its Free And It Usually Lasts Two Hours.. Its Open To Tje Public Till Aug 19

Talk About Karma For Merling, Haha!

Now Who Talks About Donkeys On Here?Hey Armando,I Still Have Not Recieved My Prize For Following You On Twitter.Did It Get Lost In The Mail?

The Only person I have heard talk about donkeys is that one chick..... Think she lives south of the border n she kinda likes tha donkey!!! Go phins glad football is about to start in less than 12 hrs got my glass of agua now its time for me to go back to bed... Night all!!

To all those attending the practice, come back and give uis out of towners the real scoop on how practice went.

This will be the Best, Most Balanced Miami Dolphins Offense Ever

Oh Yeah!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Brangetterdon Marshall takes the field today and before heading off to Canton

Will have many Pro Bowl years with the Miami Dolphins Dynasty

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Dallas vs Miami

Home SuperBowl 2011

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I Hope Your Right Home,but I Don't Believe Dalas Will Be There.

"But they are practically overrun with question marks."

Finally some perspective for the delusion Fin Fans...

7-9 here you go!!!!


Dallas won 5 straight near the end of the season
Romo will get better
Dallas had an excellent draft

and perhaps
There is a bit of corruption with refs & game throwing"

... all indications lead NostraHomeUs to believe Dallas vs Miami

Home SuperBowl 2011

Dear Mr. Salguero

"your comments about donkeys and other things you people come up with."

What do you mean....you people ?

The donkey or ass, Equus africanus asinus, is a domesticated member of the Equidae or horse family. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African Wild Ass, E. africanus. In the western United States, a small donkey is sometimes called a burro.

A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny, and offspring less than one year old, a foal.

Soiled :)

Hey look, Another Jet fan on here who know his team is going nowhere, so he comes to the Phins blog to talk trash to try and make himself feel better. Hey?? Are the Jets playing in their own stadium? Or are they still borrowing one from the Giants?? Yea... That is one heck of a franchise there. Nice work. Cant even get their own stadium.

Anyway, Please keep us out of town Phin fans up to speed. I am excited about this season, but our schedule is tough. Go Phins!!

To All the Morons from NJ that told Home
"Dansby & Marshall will never be Miami Dolphins"


U Know Nothing & Have no feel for my Home team

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

A very good Article by Salguero...

Is Chad Henne ready to become a star NFL quarterback?
NO, he has no touch on his short route passes and is an int machine when down by 2 TDs

Is Chris Clemons ready to become a good starting NFL free safety?
Are you kidding me? Why did you not resign Hill?

Is Cameron Wake ready to be less about potential and more about production?
One trick pony (cant cover or stop the run), if used right could rack up a bunch of sacks.

Can Vontae Davis and Sean Smith make the leap from rookie corners to lockdown corners?
Sean Smith cant tackle and is soft. Davis is good by no Revis

Can Ronnie Brown, injured four of the past five seasons, stay healthy?
Go by the track record, although I predict Ricky is the one going down this year

Can the Dolphins start fast, erasing a history of slow starts the past two years, even in the face of a killer early schedule?
A close win at Buffalo, followed by 3 straight loses, puts SunGlass man on the hot seat

Will Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby live up to the combined $90 million contracts the Dolphins gave them this offseason?
Cant say anything but good moves

Will this team settle on a stable offensive line after all the resources that have been poured into that unit?
Quantity does not mean Quality, you way an OL can gel with 6 guys as possible starters at Guard

Will the moves Miami did not make -- re-signing Jason Taylor, adding Antrel Rolle or O.J. Atogwe -- haunt as much as the second-guessers and skeptics suggest?


African Wild Ass!!!

Nice, the end of the dead sport period (when there is only baseball to watch) is over.


Dear Mr. Salguero

I have some health concerns for Greenie's Weenie after reading some of his posts.

Hear me out

Al Capone- He had lost weight, and his physical and mental health had deteriorated under the effects of neurosyphilis. He often raved about Communists, foreigners, and George Moran, who he was convinced was still plotting to kill him from his Ohio prison cell.

Greenie's Weenie-He had lost weight, and his physical and mental health had deteriorated under the effects of neurosyphilis. He often raved about Bill Parcells, Miami Dolphins, and Steven Ross, who he was convinced was still plotting to kill him from some buffet line.

But I could be wrong

Soiled :)

Hey Greenie! Whats the matter? Dolphins already in your head? Waking up in cold sweats? 3-0 and counting......

Will the Jets completely implode and get swept by the Dolphins....again, leaving Rex Ryan in tears?


It's great that the Herald finally updated their Dolphins app. Problem is that they only updated it for iPhone. Since some of us fans living outside of Miami do actually have Android fans, it would be great if the Herald could show some love. Just sayin'.

Android phones. Sorry.

Bide your time LuvDa it will come its just supply and demand much more Iphones than Androids but I am sure they are already working on one if they had one from last year!

Hey Green Balls,The Dolphins Won't Miss Jason Taylor At All.

Thats a good point Weenie what type of nasty chicks or dudes you doing to make it Greenie? Rex Ryan perhaps??

greenie wennei,

your mama says to your pappa come on more beans .

Fins Owner on American Idol

"A source says Lopez is close to signing a deal to become a new 'Idol' judge. This development comes hot on the heels of the departure of DeGeneres, who said it wasn't 'the right fit."

Is it also rumored that CoCo Missi will be making his debut on the show.


greenie, that's all good boy . what's wrong w/that .

your mama says to your pappa come on more kidney beans .

Roll of the Orange Carpet ...................


I for one cannot wait to watch Odrick knock the snot out of Sanchez....

The first game against buffalo we'll know what we have. If can't beat buffalo then i think we're in for a disappointing year and probably sparano's last year.

Ladies and Gents...Now that training camp is officially starting today, I am back on the post board. Hello to all and let's get this party started this season!!

Isn't everyone glad we did not draft Sergio Kindle??

both Kindle and Cody will be busts. In BP we trust (that bill parcells not british petroleum)


Hello Price and Indiana and Boulder

"According to the Toronto Sun OG Dimitri Tsoumpas was released by the Dolphins, which are now at 80 players after signing 2 rooks Thursday."

I can't wait to watch Jake Long manhandle JT!!!

I cant wait to watch anyone knock the crap out of sancheezy

I'm Really Glad We Didn't Draft Cody Or Kindle.I Can't Wait For The Season To Start,It's Been Way Too Long.

Especially when Mando left us at home like the stepchild and went on vacation for 2 months and closed the comments section! That made for an even longer summer!

I must say that I agree with ya! Trifecta has done well with the drafts! I still can't believe all the problems the ravans are having with those two! HAHAHA N I remember a few people really kicking and screaming because we didn't draft those two.... Where r ya now guys???

Other than the Pat White experence! But I heard that was done just to piss Billacheat off cause NE wanted him! But that is just a rumor I heard!

Will be down there tomorrow for the practices!! Can't wait

I have decided to start a rumor that the fins should try and trade for Vincent Jackson. The fact that he is discruntled and that he will be suspended for the first three games, he sould be had for a fair price.

Camarallo N Turner for Jackson I'd do it!!!! Sounds like a plan!!

my rumor is trade henne for brett favre .

No Pat White for Brett Farve!!!! Dreams!

Hennes got to much of an upside to trade him for a one year starter!

Mando, guys, I've always been curious about how teams keep their precious playbooks from becoming public information, for example when they cut players who've been in camp, and these in turn sign with other teams...or is it not any big deal...any insight?


I am sure when they are cut they are required to turn it in! But I guess that doesn't mean that they couldn't copy the pages! So I guess you can say its all based on trust!

Just got this E-mail in error.

They Call Me... Tim says:
July 30, 2010 at 10:52 am...

NJ, meet me in the alley behind our dumpster for a quickie during lunch,Don't be late.

Too many trolls on this blog today!
A shame for 1st day of TC

Jets are dropping New York, and replacing it with Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Jets. They have a bunch of Snookis
as cheerleaders.


The Mets have a better shot at winning the AFC East than the Jets do.

Im a diehard FinFan living in Minneapolis....UPDATES PLEEEEASE!

I don't think their is any as of yet cause I don't think the dolphins start till 2 today!

Yo Felix,I'm In Minneapolis Too....Well,Actually Bloomington,But Close Enough.Are You Going To The Vikes Game?I Might Go,But I'm Going To The Packers Game.

Home- Shove it up your arse. We hate you. Every. Body. Hates. You.

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