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Miami Dolphins training camp sked (with question)

Here it is, hot of the presses (or whatever the cliche is in the Internat age): The Miami Dolphins training camp schedule for the segment that is open to the public.

You will see that we are approximately 8 days from the start of the festivities in the oven known as Davie, FL in July and August. The Dolphins will offer their fans 20 practices that are open to the public for the retail price of FREE.

Hopefully, you don't get what you pay for.

Obviously, these are the practices open to the public. The team simply won't stop practicing on August 19. That is simply the date after which the public can no longer attend. It is also the date the curtains are drawn on Miami's Wildcat package -- yes, the plan is to still use it -- the new defense under coordinator Mike Nolan, and other tweaks none of us are aware of yet.

So here's the question: Knowing what you do about the roster, what tweaks would you employ this season that should be kept under wraps during open practices?

Date    Morning     Afternoon

July   30   Fri. 2:00 p.m.

July   31   Sat.     9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug     1   Sun.    2:00 p.m.

Aug.    2   Mon.   9:00 a.m.

Aug.    3   Tues.   2:00 p.m.

Aug.    4   Wed. 9:00 a.m.

Aug.    5   Thurs.     2:00 p.m.

Aug.    6   Fri. 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug.    7   Sat .    2:00 p.m.

Aug.    8   Sun.    PLAYERS OFF

Aug.    9   Mon.   9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

 Aug. 10   Tues.  

Aug. 11   Wed. 9:00 a.m.

Aug. 12   Thurs.     9:00 a.m.

Aug. 13   Fri.


Aug. 15   Sun.   PLAYERS OFF        

Aug. 16   Mon.   2:00 p.m.

Aug. 17   Tues.   9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug. 18   Wed. 2:00 p.m.

Aug. 19   Thurs.     9:00 a.m.


All practices are subject to weather conditions and subject to change


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Well Armando. All I know is it's good to have you back from vacation so you can start priming us for this season's Dolphins. I'm excited and have high hopes and expectations for them too. Probably more so than you may have. Offensively? Look out! Defensively? Unknown, but expect some surprises from this youth movement and Carrol's scheming. Gee man, you were gone long enough!

Finally! I'll be attending the first Saturday for sure!! Go Dolphins!! with all the Miami Heat hoopla, I needed to hear something good about our Fins! Nothing wrong with the Heat, though.....

STD Watt,

You can't tell me nuttin about Thigpen. He played very well against the Dolphins. Torched? Not by a longshot.

I've been a Thigpen fan since he was drafted. He's in a very similar situation as Henne, they're both developing very well.

The Steelers game you refer to was a double edged sword. He came in and played very well. When push came to shove, he threw one of the most bone-headed INT's I've seen in a while.

Henne and Thigpen have a ways to go, but compared to Brunnell and SancheezDog, were miles ahead of the wets.

cuban menace tenga cuidado cuando tu vas al SS. El maldito y timoteo no estan feliz contigo.

I'm interested in watching the safeties footwork and how smooth their transitions are.

Also want to see if the Misi Kid can shed NFL blockers. A lot depends on him

Curious about Randy Starks' leverage. Kid got good size -- but not true NT size. Never a big fan of the 3-4 because of kind of frame that is used on the nose. Would much rather see a 4-3 scheme, backed up by a lethal dime package.


welcome back!

Lets go Dolphins!

New wrinkles with the current Roster?
I hope we dont show anyone our commitment to the ND Four Horsemen style offense.
After brining the single wing back to the NFL I think its only right that we take it a step further.
I am 99% sure the Dolphins will be lining up Ronnie, Ricky, Pat White and Tyler Thigpen in the backfield and snapping to any one of them. But the occasional use of the forward pass will keep teams guessing.

I would add in some power blocks screen to Marshall where Polite, Long run down the field pancaking people.

Tom- what I think will happen on the defensive side, is that the 3-4 will be the base d, with some varation of 4-3 looks. This might help Odrick on some downs because he is used to playing a 5 technique, and he can play off the shoulder of the tackle. Same for Starks. On passing situations, and blitzes up gut, I think we will see more of a 4-3 set. This is just what I think, and of course I could be totally wrong, but it makes sense because of the personel we have.

Same for Starks. What I meant by that is that he won't have to always be heads up with the center, he can rush off the shoulder as well.

July 22, 2010 at 12:55 pm
thank you bam bam and if i had to sacrifice myself for a couple of days to get rid whacko , i’d do it all over again !!

This is what NJ posted at the SS.

Claiming that he got rid of Home. In fact Home and NJ both got suspended for a couple of days, then NJ got reinstated. NJ taking credit for something he did not do....typical NJ

odin. The players nonchalantly said that TT's passes are easier to catch.Henne is Jeff George.loose cannon.

2 Watt,
Lets get something straight here. Why dont you name the Fins Starting Eleven on each side of the ball if you were the coach.

You claim to be a fins fans or not a Sanchito Hot Dog Hugger.

Lets see how you do?

Isn't it fantastic what the Heat has done? I can't wait until the Heat's training camp, its unfortunate that we all have to wait until the end of September...I assume they will be selling tickets to those practices, in fact who cares what the Dolphins do lets talk about which free agents the Heat should still sign...Jason Williams or Larry Hughes?



very curious to see the wildpat unveild this coming this regular season. I don't want it to interfere with Henne's and Marshall's rhythm but excited to see some more fins trickery. at least once or twice a game.


Thigpen.RW. Polite.Long.Gardner,Berger,Incognito.Carey"only because there is no better RT on the team".Marshall,Camarillo and Sperry.
Langford,Fergie"gone",Starks,wake.dobbs.dansby,misi.culver,clemons.w.allen.and davis.Should have picked D.Williams for the NT. You'll see.

Will, you will see what we have seen for years up here in Toronto - Chris Bosh is an extremely average player with above average stats.

Home is indeed banned from the SS. he wasn't supposed to be back on there in the first place.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Here it is, hot of the presses (or whatever the cliche is in the Internat age):"

I think its...."Here it is, just read this on twitter"

Soiled :)

Circus friend = CC.

D Wayde for president. Lebron can be his vp and bosh secretary of state lol

2 Watt.

Agree on offense except INT Machine Thigpen and Sperry. Fasano should get the nod because of the experience. I like Sperry better than Haynos.

What is your problem with SS Y Bell?
I hope Chowder goes to the bench this year.

w/o a NT. Bell will be needed most for run support. He is gone next year anyways.Culver brought down the fastest man in the NFL last year from behind. there's gonna be alot of that this season for the Phins D.LOL

carlo ponti tell the whole story. NJ was suspended just like Home. Fact. You know it. Both suspended because of their feud. I can post the actual post here if you want me to.

Henne 12 TD's 14 Int's. in 13.5 games. 14-18 for 16 games. ?. ouch!


carlo I just read at the SS how NJ and Tim both are trying to ban the menace as well. They said they both e-mailed Chris T about the menace and about banning him. So menace if you read this, go to the SS to read but dont post.

2 watt you are out of control

2 wadd,

What player non-nonchalantly said that TT's passes are easier to catch?

Are you kidding me you panty waste? Get rid of the panzy. Marino's passes were harder to catch than Thigpens and Henne's put together. Do you think Don Shula would have given a sh_t if some sissy reciever told him: hey coach Danny throws the ball to hard. Shula would have kicked his a_z all the way off the field.

Get out of here with that toatal garbage dude. Armando told me specifically not to personally curse people, but your ignorance is making it difficult.

PS: A lot of times(since Henne's arrival) our recievers have been unable to get alot of separation. Henne makes the throws through the tight windows, it absolutely awsome to watch.

The few rare times Ginn ran open downfield, did Henne have touch on the passes that dropped(pun intended) right over his shoulder, of course. Does Henne still need work? Of course.


Tylers passes are easier to catch? Get the F out of here with that candy a_z bullsh_t.

Henne over throws and he drills the DB's in the chest.OK. The coach would rather have that at QB..LMAO!.hence 7-9 record. no playoffs again.You'll be watching the Heat by the time the Phins are mathematically eliminated from the post season again.Armando too. LOL

murcielago , you're worse than a gossip washwomen !! you're a little rat telling on people . Get a life dude , and NJ was suspended for about 24 hours while HOME was BANNED for good. The ss just made it a liitle more fair by suspending NJ for about a day. Home was out of control as usual and got banned . He 's a weazel and so are you. Now Mind your business and talk dolphins football.

....what tweaks would you employ this season that should be kept under wraps during open practices?

I'm not a big fan of the wildcat. With the offense we have now, I think the wildcat should be relegated to an EXTREMELY situational unit.
Just the same, I would keep it completely "under wraps".

On D I wouldn't show anything more than our vanilla base packages. I know it would temporarily suck for us fans but I wouldn't show any of Nolans new stunts, schemes or coverages.

With the known low life cheaters roaming the sidelines of todays NFL, I love the CIA like secretiveness of Parcell's organization.

2 wadd,

You're ignorance makes this too easy you dolt.

What hall of fame QB hasn't overthrown a pass? Do you really know anything about football?

The quicker the ball gets to the reciever, the less time there is for the DB's to make a play on the ball.
If the receiver can't catch it, he should be playing pitch and catch with the rest of you sissies over at the Rainbow room.

As for hitting DB's in the chest, which DB's? What games?

Back up your ignorant bullsh_t with some facts. I have every game that Henne's played on DVD. Pick your poisen dimwatt.

The coach would rather have that at QB..LMAO!

Posted by: 2 watt | July 22, 2010 at 02:45 PM

I'm sure a guy like you that thinks the weiner eating Sanchez is the second coming, knows better than Parcell's, Sporano, Peterson, Lombardi, Polian, etc etc.

UM?,then if you would take Hennes XXXXxx out of your mouth when you are watching those dvd's.you will see that he should have had another 6 int's that were dropped to his total of 14 that weren't.that would make 20 int's there.LOL

But you are a Dolphins homer and refuse to see the negatives on the team,that's why I am here to point all of them out to you and your fellow LSD droppers.LOL

good day !




Ronnie/Ricky/Lex throwing deeeeeeeep to BMarsh out of the wildcat would be a nice tweak....

Source: Phillip Merling has an Achilles' tendon injury

A bad offseason for Dolphins defensive end Phillip Merling has gotten a lot worse.

Per a league source, Merling has suffered an Achilles' tendon injury.

The extent of the injury, along with the timing and the cause, aren't known. The source said it's possible that the injury happened not during offseason workouts, making it a non-football injury.

If -- and we emphasize the if -- it's a non-football injury, the Dolphins can choose not to pay Merling's salary of $600,000, in the event he's unable to play in 2010.

Funny stuff FLPD ! We knew how you felt about mando but damn !!

2 Watt,
What is your feeling on Karlos Dansby

Here is a good question. How long will that typo in the first line last?

UM?,then if you would take Hennes XXXXxx out of your mouth when you are watching those dvd's.


You erroneously assume that everyone likes to partake in the same "activities" that you and your fellow Rainbow Room "cronies" do. Wrong AGAIN!(big surprise there).

you will see that he should have had another 6 int's that were dropped to his total of 14 that weren't.

You must be having some comprehension "difficulties". Again, what 6 int's? I know you don't like facts, but lets get some please. What games? What DB's.
I'm sure as a wet fan you FEEL he should have thrown more int's than Sanchez, but I prefer the facts. Fat Rex and Black Bart FELT they beat the Dolphins. The FACT is we beat you 3 straight. By seasons end it will be 5.

Until you come up with some FACTS give us all a break and STFU.


More Time to see Scrubs like:
Ryan Baker

Seems Odrick will be either labelled a beast or stud by Week 4

Fins Defense holes keep increasing with No Depth at DE an NT

Why Not Draft Dan Williams or Cam Thomas in the later rounds!

I really hope coach figures out how to use Ted Ginn Jr. this season. He really has to "step it up." I am also hoping that the guy on defense, Porter, can get more sacks like when he was with the Steelers. Our "D" really needs to "leave it all on the field" this year.

LH.Dansby will be the best LB on the Phins since Offerdahl.

odin. watch the tape and zip it!


I see you called McDaniels a scrub. You left out cheapshot artist.

Anyway, what's the deal with this guy?
He played Basketball, 6-7 310, got wheels for a big guy. I thought he was going to be a stud.

You think he'll ever pan out?

Dear Odinseye,

Every time I see Mcdaniels, he is getting pushed back 2 yds at the line of scrimmage. He would be 3 or 4th string on most teams.

All playoff teams have 1 thing in common: good depth.

The Fins are razor thin at DE and NT with Merling on the outs and Fergie eating burgers

The fins Defense could turn our great with Nolan if Odrick, Misi, Wake and Clemons play great or we can see some more of those 25 point halves like in the last 3 games.

odin. watch the tape and zip it!

Posted by: 2 watt | July 22, 2010 at 03:46 PM

That's just what I thought-LMAO!

Let me guess. The "FACTS" threw you off a little?

Oh well, make sure you know who's turn it is too pitch and who's catching and enjoy your afternoon at the Rainbow Room :)

I hope the next blog entry says "As first reported on PFT" and not, sources have confirmed bla bla

Hey. Maybe you guys can dig up Manny Wright.LOL

good to know we are 8 days to the practice so we can see if they can play and finish late the games in the preseason and the regular too, GO PHINS,GO PHINS, GO PHINS,GO PHINS dam

I have never been to one of these, but would like to take the kids, can someone tell me where the Davie facility is? Also are pics allowed, can I take a good SLR or am I better off with a point and shoot.

Hey. Maybe you guys can dig up Manny Wright.LOL

Posted by: 2 watt | July 22, 2010 at 04:03 PM

Props 2 wadd. That was kinda funny.

I'd rather bring Rodrique Wright myself :)

Qb's make their money on passes from 1-10 yrds. These are where the majority of passes are attempted for every team in the league. It is unfair to say that Henne is an innaccurate passer, he is middle of the pack as far as that statistic goes. The leaders in this category are all elite qb's that have been in the league for a few years. Henne has had less then a season behind center. Yes he need to work on his touch on these passes. Yes he can slow it down a little. But this is a skill that doesn't come easy. If Henne is blowing passes high, low, and behind. He probably won't have his job long. Working on these touch passes is something the coatching staff realizes will come with more experience. The game is still fast for these young qb's, and they rarely get as many attempts as the veteran guys do.

Whats the deal?

I SWEAR this soap opera is better than As the world turns, or any of those crappy shows. If i ever let my wife on this site she would be additicted. So much drama.

We got some gang greee idiot who has no friends and can oly get his rocks off by begging for repore with dolphins fans (how pathetic) "please won't somebody, anybody talk to me" (TWATT).

And some how, just when he was a distant memory, you guys bring up that other self serving guy who shall remain nameless (NJ). He is elsewhere and i could care less where. lets let him be miserable in peace. I am sure he has already stirred enough trouble over their.

All this, and where only 2 days in to Armando's return.

Football anyone?


Thanks Darryl.

It would have taken my ADHD about ten posts to say that.
My sentiments exactly!

TRANSLATION: YEAH! What he said :)

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