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Miami Dolphins training camp sked (with question)

Here it is, hot of the presses (or whatever the cliche is in the Internat age): The Miami Dolphins training camp schedule for the segment that is open to the public.

You will see that we are approximately 8 days from the start of the festivities in the oven known as Davie, FL in July and August. The Dolphins will offer their fans 20 practices that are open to the public for the retail price of FREE.

Hopefully, you don't get what you pay for.

Obviously, these are the practices open to the public. The team simply won't stop practicing on August 19. That is simply the date after which the public can no longer attend. It is also the date the curtains are drawn on Miami's Wildcat package -- yes, the plan is to still use it -- the new defense under coordinator Mike Nolan, and other tweaks none of us are aware of yet.

So here's the question: Knowing what you do about the roster, what tweaks would you employ this season that should be kept under wraps during open practices?

Date    Morning     Afternoon

July   30   Fri. 2:00 p.m.

July   31   Sat.     9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug     1   Sun.    2:00 p.m.

Aug.    2   Mon.   9:00 a.m.

Aug.    3   Tues.   2:00 p.m.

Aug.    4   Wed. 9:00 a.m.

Aug.    5   Thurs.     2:00 p.m.

Aug.    6   Fri. 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug.    7   Sat .    2:00 p.m.

Aug.    8   Sun.    PLAYERS OFF

Aug.    9   Mon.   9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

 Aug. 10   Tues.  

Aug. 11   Wed. 9:00 a.m.

Aug. 12   Thurs.     9:00 a.m.

Aug. 13   Fri.


Aug. 15   Sun.   PLAYERS OFF        

Aug. 16   Mon.   2:00 p.m.

Aug. 17   Tues.   9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Aug. 18   Wed. 2:00 p.m.

Aug. 19   Thurs.     9:00 a.m.


All practices are subject to weather conditions and subject to change


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NO WILD PAT!!! White is a wasted pick!!! trade him for what you can get!!!

I like that we are gonna keep the WILDCAT under wraps for now. I think it is a better goal line offense anyway. i'd like to see it used exclusively in 15 yards and under. I don't care how good Ronnie brown is. I always get nervous when somebody other than the QB is taking the snaps.

If Merling is truly out...then it just goes to show that we should have kept Jason Taylor around...just in case our NT decided to retire and our starting DE rips his achilles.

we need live blog w/armando .

We all know the Wildcat is only effective if you can throw the deep ball...I say line up Thigpen, Ronnie & Ricky in the backfield and keep em gussing by snapping to a different guy each time.

The "tweak" I would keep under wraps is the release of maneating gerbils in the visitor's locker room at halftime of the Jets game in week 3.


I say the more hands you have touching the football, the more chance something bad happens.

A clear message must be sent to Brandon Marshal, Ronnie Brown, Carlos Dansby, and anybody else who is thinking about challenging Henne as the Alpha Dog on this team.

One way to do that is to keep the ball in the hands of your 1 true LEADER, Henne. He can't be carted on and off the field at will. Especially not for another QB

I see your point...I cringed last season everytime they pulled Henne off the field during a good drive...he was in a groove then, bam...out he goes and in come White with no sweat on his brow and a fresh jersey...I hear ya!

Very true NH,

How many 3 and 8 or more did we ask Henne to convert after we sat him for 1st and 2nd down. I like the Wild Cat, but for me, I only want to see running...POWER RUNNING fro the 15 yard line and in.

I see kris-y is back talking through his hypocritical big mouth again !!

or should i say kris-y is back talking through his arse again.

Agreed....no CAT unless were in the Red Zone:-)

Henne's TD numbers WILL BE at least double now that we have a WR that can catch!!!


Never heard of you but obviously your a fan of mine. Maybe you should follow me on twitter.

Got one question...what have I ever said on here that was hypocritical. Post one comment.... please.

Here we go the girls are going at it again! My wife would be addicted to the drama also.

If the Merling thing is true, and with Ferg retiring we are screwed and need to find some depth in the "Acorns" pronto!

What's up "PHINLAND"???????????????


I think the 2watt name refers to the light buld that dims in his head when he comes up with this stuff. The truth is that his team has many more questions on offense than we do. Can our D be better than there O and can our O score on their D are the only topics we should discuss if at all with the 2watt dim wit. He is in for a rude awakening when we go 5-0 on them.

Then again 2watt might mean TWATT too!

Here's a couple things I'd like to see in training camp:

1) Experiment with Pat White at another position other than QB. Whether that be WR, Return man, Flyer or what, I don't really care I just don't think he has much of a shot at sticking on this team at QB.

2) Get Kory Sperry more involved in the passing game. I thought he looked really good catching the ball in a couple games and would like to see more of him. Conversely Haynos can't catch to save his life if you ask me, I'd like to see less of him in pass patterns.

So true fins 99.

don't know how i get put in to the catagory of "the girls" as you can clearly see i only defended myself without the use of insults or or petty name calling. I didn't need to lower myself much like you just did.

Anyway. If you and I are past that then lets talk football. I haven't seen your two cents on anything related to the title blog

carlo ponti =NJ or bobby or tim

Not Bobby12, He's a OK guy.... Now it may be the guy I refuse to name, but he goes by two initials and he's a Phin fan......

Bill Hozie,

Have you been bitten by the Thigpen bug too. I'm not saying Thigpen sucks, I'm saying White was never given a chance. The guy sits on the bench for a whole game and then in the middle of the game you ask him to come in cold and complete a 35 yard pass when everyone and thier mom knows is comming. Even in the game against the Steelers they called like 6 straight draws before he was knocked out of the game. I'm not saying White is a great QB, I'm saying we haven't seen enought to know

I am fresh out of 420

what's the feeling regarding Dan Henning ... should he have been kept for another season?

I've spent the last few weeks re-watching the 09 season via NFL replay and I'm stuck at the second Buffalo game where the team steamrolls down the field ... has the Bills unfolding the white flag ... and before they can surrender, Henning calls for a wildcat pass with RW inside the ten that is intercepted and it's downhill from there ...

kris' posts (and others) about the wildcat (wildpat and sometimes wildcrap) have brought back the unpleasant blood pressure rises I feel every time Pat White trots out onto the field, or Henning interrupts a seemingly unstoppable base offense driving down the field, with a "cute" play ... it really pisses me off ...

I agree we should keep the wildcat package ... but use it only in very select circumstances ... and forget the wildcat passing inside the red zone ... drive the ball in ... or let Henne throw the damn ball ...

Merlings toast.

Stick a fork in him.

On the bright side, this should give him some time to get his affairs in order. Hopefully he'll learn what a privelage it is to play in the NFL before it's too late.

Agree Lew, Its frustrating when they Trot out the Wild cat, Knowing theres a 60% chance of failure.......

Got nothing to do with Thigpen, only with White. Ronnie is a better QB and MUCH better running the wildcat. What do we need White for?

Bill, Pat is used to show undersized people should not run the ball, I got a concussion from that play.............

Odin, You ole Norse Warrior, What did you do during Mandos Vacation, I saw you a Couple times on the SS..............

cuban we tried to warn you about the SS. It seems that Tim or NJ stated they were on here checking on you.


On the SS?

It was probably Geronimo after a heavy night of drinking-LOL!



Cuban why Tim/Knight and NJ despise you? They call you ugly names. Long live the TK8 what a bunch of pansies.

LOL at Geronimo,And "IT" yeah saw it, they said I was bashing them, quite to the Quandary, I said there's good people there and only mentioned there's a few people(With out naming them) that were "Blog Bullies", told them to produce where I said names, and of course they could'nt, Anyhoo good to be back posting on a great blog...(not that there's anything wrong with SS)

ALOCO, I'am shocked............Like a true "Latino" Think of it as the wifes gone for a few weeks and I need some.... Well you know, Dont judge me..... :)

Thank you Aloco.

I did "look in" on their blog. I only stayed long enough to piss everyone off and get threatened with banishment.

What can I say? I was bored, but I wasn't that bored.

CM ,they did produce it and you ran away from there with your tail between your legs .


I am not a Hening fan for many of the reasons you stated

Hey Lew,
If things don't go well this year, Sparano will need a punching bag ala Pasqualoni from last year.
That is why Henning is still around.
If things go south it will magically and mysteriously all be Henning's fault and he will be gone.

Heat???? Look again....

carlo ponti is so obviously NJ or Tim, no doubt. They cannot leave well enough alone. Then they come here to pick on Kris and call him krissy, who does that sound like...hmmm


To Polluted, You get bashed by the so called "TK8" A shame really, there's a lot of good posters there....

Aloco, What's the "Movie of the night" tonite????

the tv showing no good movies , outbreak ,virus and all sick movies .i am going out w/maria shopping for red onion .

evening dolfans;

haven't posted in a while and just wanted to say how nice it is to be reading blogs again; glad to see everyone is back after mando's vacation; CM how about eating some good cuban food for me (that is the one thing I miss most about living in FL).

I think what the phins will keep under wrap more than the wildcat will be their defensive looks; as one poster said earlier they will be using starks off center and other packages to confuse the opponents, and if Odrick or Lankford draws double teams along with Starks it will open it up for Misi or Wake to pressure the qb

How are our arestees' going to affect training camp? Seems like there are a few.

Kentucky, Wish I could enjoy some good cuban food, but I'am stuck in New York, I go down to Miami 3 times a year and enjoy the GREAT CUBAN FOOD while I'am down there, Also gain about 10 pounds each trip..... GO PHINS......

I don't think there will be any affect on that porpoise because Ronnie is first time being in trouble, same with Will Allen; as for Tony McDaniels his was a midemeanor battery (not sure of his past), but he is a backup, and Merling is a backup as well (he is the only one worth watching IMO).

Ah NY; used to work up there in the early 90's; great place to visit but like living in Detroit I hated the winters. they opened a cuban restaurant here in Louisville, and it is ok but not like eating the real food in Tampa; they didn't evenn know what a deviled crab was.

cuban did i tell you I got an avatar. The TK8 will love it.

Avid reader, you may be right about keeping a "fall guy" on the staff, but I think Sparano has a lot of respect for Henning and his long history in the league .... he does make some great calls, but at times gets too cute for my tastes ... he would probably call it pushing the envelope ... I call it unnecessary ... particularly when the base offense is grooving ...

You are right there Lew; the thing about it is kind of like Bill Belichek said last year about going for it on 4th down against the colts; if we make it we look like geniuses, but if we don't everyone says wtf

Kentucky, Eating at a Cuban restaurant in KY. is like having sex without a orgasm, not the same as you know... pajaro Whats your handle over there????????? lew,Like I always said, If there’s smoke the-res fire, If it walks like a duck Quacks like a duck,The sun comes up in the East, Sets in the west, It Might be true, Word has it BSO had been out to Marlings house 4 times in 8 months, Not knowing you but if cops are called to my house once in my life it’s Incredible, Not saying anything about this particular incident it seems incredible that there going after a felony charge here, The BSO was tired about making trips to Mr. Marlings Resident, This guy Is guilty as So. Fla is hot……..

kyphinphan, you're right ... use of the wildcat is very similar to the BB decision against the Colts ... you have to pick and choose your spots ... and make a decision based on the game situation ...

I watched that Pats game (hoping they would lose) and BB was in a bad spot ... his defense was spent, his offense was probably not going to get but a field goal, and Peyton was moving at will ... and would have taken the game ... as we saw on the horrible Monday night game vs the Dolphins ... actually it was a great game (I've watched it many times) ... the result was horrible ...

Lew, Again your right about that Fins game Miami had a 46 minute to 14 ,minute time ratio against's the colts, Thank god the split wasn't 50/50, The colts would have scored 60 points, Payton Manning is incredible, IMHO..

The tweaking I would keep under wraps is shooting pat white with some HGH.

They should keep the stud safety that we don't know about under wraps

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