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Odrick agrees to terms [with contract value]

Jared Odrick and the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a multi-year contract, according to a league source and the defensive end will be available when the team hits the field for the first practice Friday afternoon.

Contract details are not yet available but should come in soon.

This isn't rocket science. If the deal is structured like others around the slot -- Odrick was selected No. 28 overall in the first round -- it will be a five-year deal. Every pick signed so far in the first round has gotten a five-year deal.

[UPDATE: The deal is worth a maximum of $13,071,939 with $7,133,875 of that guaranteed, according to league source.]

The agreement is good news for the team, player and agents Drew Rosenhaus and Jason Rosenhaus.

The Dolphins need Odrick in camp because they want to maximize his chances of starting, particularly following the loss of Phillip Merling to season-ending Achilles' injury recently.

Odrick obviously is happy because he's got his contract and he won't miss any work.

Rosenhaus wins because he continues his reputation for dealing successfully with the Dolphins. That obviously could help him add more clients in the future.

Second-round pick Koa Misi is now the lone Dolphins draft pick not yet signed or agreed. The club and Misi's agent almost had a deal a few days ago but details kept that from happening.

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Just like Darlington!!!!!!!!!!

Go Fins...

Hope this guy can start ASAP!

SWEET!!! I hope he tears it up and forces the Phins to play him right away.

Any thoughts on moving R.Starks back to DE on passing situations? He was our best pass rushing D-Lineman last year, and always seemed to get a great push. It would be a shame to waste his pass rushing abilities by playing him at Nose on passing situations.




See you at the NYJ game, fellas!!

Our d-line has so much depth at d-end but what about traditional NT? We have a good young team but were lacking thee most important piece to our defense. We need to trade for a legit NT.

I Think Starks Will Do Fine In NT He Was Inside Before He Was A Phin N I Like His Attitude Talkin Bout How Some Nose Tackles Have Gotten Many Sacks I Believe He Has The Ability/talent/heart To Fill In Fine!

Good!! Time To Get To Work!!

Any Word On Misi??

Are My Posts Working I Dont See Them??

The style defense we are running doesn't want the traditional 335 pound, unathletic clogging NT. There are many variations of the 3-4, and we are running a hybrid look as well. Getting Odrick locked up is key for us, it is mind boggling that he is only the 4th first rounder to sign.

Also, Mando, you needed to give credit to Dawn Aponte, she did a Good job getting Odrick in on time. Can't bash her for the Porter salary cap error, and then not give credit.

Welcome to the family youngblood

Ok This new IPhone app that I just got was cool till I did some posts N ten minutes later they havent appeared on the new app but I can see them on my computer!! That sux!

Boooooooooo iPhone app!!!!


I can't believe you guys pay that much for an iphone app when you can just go to Safari and read it for free. Unless the new version does "Pushes" I can't imagine paying for a subscription for this drivel...

40 cents a month thats less than one paper delivery! N if you actually have paid afew hundred dollars for a phone/ipad/touch I think ya can spend the .40 cents a month!

I just hope that they update the app and make it better as the problems arrise or I will be pissed!!!!

Signed up that bust and you guys are flippin'

Let me get back to Hard Knockers on HBO

Still the last Post I got on my Iphone was nolankane @ 4:05 it is now almost 4:40 n I have missed 12 posts!!! fed-up

Just need Misi!

Welcome Jared.
Lesson number one - Jets suck their own green weenies.

hey Mark in Toronto thank you very much for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXwzoN-H4FY .
I never saw this ad, and is very funny

Well done. Now Misi. We've gotta have everyone ready for camp.

I wonder why a veteran player answered "no comments" when he was asked about Reshad Jones. I think that when the pads come on, Jones will gain some leverage.

7 mill down the tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ernest Part II


Hey AZPHIN. The Dolphins are going to play a "hybrid" 3-4 Def where the Nose Tackle will be lined up in a gap as opposed to the center. Giving him the opportunity to rush the passer more than just occupying tackles.

@ Hypnotoad
" Giving him the opportunity to rush the passer more than just occupying tackles."

or giving up 5-6 yds per carry as Chowder goes up the wrong gap


I think that we will see a lot of 4-3 pakages throughout the season just because I think the personel we have fits better in this alignment, then a normal 3-4. It should be interesting to see all the varations of both as the preseaon goes on, and we can see the strengths of some of these newer players.
Also, on the signing front. Congrats to Dan Carpenter, and the Phins. Carpenter signed a nice 3 year extension, a climbing pay scale. 400.000.00 this year(well below the league average 860.00.00) up to a cool million if there is football next year, up to 2.5 mil in 2012, and 2.68 mil in 2013. Good job FO.

I envy you South Florida folks, wish I could come to training camp and see a practice. But I'll be interested to see what Nolan does with the defense. When I think of our old DC I get STEAMED (he had a vanilla cake scheme) compared to Nolan. Even if we had the same folks on d as last year, we'd STILL be better with Nolan. Pass rushing will NOT be a problem this year (just my prediction). Scheme is everything in the NFL, just watch (J Peezy will definitely wish he was back on the Dolphins when he sees how many sacks the d produces). AFC EAST rivals are shakin' in their boots right about now!


I"M baaaaaaaack. Which means I will be torturing you, lowlife Greenie Weenie when Miami blows up your season you punk. And tell that tubalard coach of yours that Orson Wells called and would like his stomach back. Thank you.

It sucks that in year 3, the Dolphins are still taking lineman in the 25-40 slots of the draft. Weren't they supposed to solidify the O-line and D-line in years one and two?

Hey RexRyan Sucks:

Welcome back sir.
May your torture reach unparalleled heights.
May the little green men be relegated to "Bottom Feeder" status.

Bootang25,...You statement..
"The style defense we are running doesn't want the traditional 335 pound, unathletic clogging NT. There are many variations of the 3-4, and we are running a hybrid look as well."

THANKS!... I have missed your posts, It is a very tough thing to seem to get across. I had many questions about the NT myself until shown by a friend who a a huge Denver fan why it should not be an issue. You explained it with the numbers the best way I can explain the way Nolan run the D-line is that he keeps players "In the Gaps" and not directly over center or Guard. This system RELIES on athleticism and being very fast off the ball. It is also a much better system against the run. I even went back to Nolan Baltimore days and you could stand the Denver D and Baltimore D side by side and not see much difference (other then talent!).
Miami did... for those still pulling their hair out, bring in another NT experienced guy in Montavious Stanley, and Paul Solia is still on the Roster. So in the few times they do run a "Traditional 3-4" they have personnel to do so.

I can only hope that Dolphins fans get their minds around this and relax. It really is not a huge issue on this team after the current moves.

7 mill down the tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ernest Part II

Posted by: Greenie's Weenie

Greenie.... You talking about the 7 Million pounds of "FAT" down the the Tube at Rex Whinin's Liposuction?

Because I understood it to be 8 Million......???

They Signed Misi too.......

I'm very happy that coach is getting these recruits into camp. He needs to teach these young bucs how to play "old school" and how to "leave it all out on the field." But I hope he can help Ted Ginn Jr. "step it up" this year if he is going to help his Dolfins.

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