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No holdout on horizon: Odrick, Dolphins talking

With training camp set to start the afternoon of July 30th, the Dolphins are obviously working on having all their players present but as of this morning two rookies -- first-rounder Jared Odrick and second-rounder Koa Misi -- are still not in the stable.

The Dolphins have made contract offers to both, according to a source. The same source tells me the club is not waiting for the typical slotting method -- waiting on a player ahead and behind to sign -- to get their deals done, particularly with Odrick.

The team and Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for the No. 28 overall selection, "have been working on the deal," and "are still optimistic about getting Jared into camp on time" the source said.

Rosenhaus was unavailable for comment.

Although nothing seems imminent at this point, there seem to be no out-of-the-ordinary obstacles preventing Odrick's deal from being done by July 30th's first training camp practice.

That is obviously good news as the Dolphins want Odrick competing with veteran Phillip Merling as each vies for a starting defensive end job.

The Dolphins have already signed A.J. Edds, Nolan Carroll, Reshad Jones, Chris McCoy and Austin Spitler. The club agreed to terms with third-round pick John Jerry on Monday. As previously reported, he gets a four-year contract worth $2.64 million.


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Let's hope that Odrick's worth the money...

Second! Lol, and just wanted to add, I have Odrick penciled in as starter, opposite to Langford, I see no way in which he could get beaten by Merling.


Great to have you back man! There are no guarantees in this league, but I love this roster. Young, and deep at a lot of positions.

Also, just wanted to say whats up to all the regular posters on this blog, this should be a fun year.

I am only worried about two positions - FS and NT. That is pretty damn impressive two years after going 1-15 and taking over an expansion team roster. Nice job by Parcells and Ireland (who deserves a lot of credit too).

It is a huge joke that we drated these two nobodies instead of Dez Bryant.

OMG Armando is still alive!! That was a hell of a vacation bud. Well I hope you came back well rested and enjoyed yourself. I think one more week without my dolphins updates, I would of gone MADD. I'm glad we are signing our draft picks, but I'm really dissapointed that ferguson retired on us so abtrutly. I was looking forward for him rejoining us midseason the fresh legs for a deep post season push, specifically becuase I feel our dline is the weakes link along with our outside backers.. Please please some body with alot of know how tell me how the expect the young line to produce consistently and above average??I am aware that our first two draft pick we selected to fill voids but these guys are young and unproven.. I think we have a problem fin-nation..

The signings are uninteresting because the draft was so disappointing. I liked the trade down. They then should have traded back up to get Dan Williams. Starks could have stayed at his natural position where he played at a pro-bowl level and they'd have a legit NT. It probably would have only cost them a 3rd to move back up.

After the high draft pick busts of Merling and Pat White, it's hard to get too excited about any of the Trifecta's picks.

Yeah the jury is still way out in my book on Odrick. I have heard some positive feedback about Misi from camp news but that is when they are still in their tu-tu's.

I hope both suprise me but I am not holding breath...Odrick especially. He seems athletic enough and has a strong motor but seems to lose ground for a 300lber. With all the shicanery that Merling is pulling it will end up being a good thing we drafted an end.

I hope they both knock all of our hats in the creek.

I like G John Jerry and believe he will be squarely in the mix at G. He will start sooner rather than later.

More fired up about the "Big Two" additions in FA of Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby. These guys are both talented football players... Phins+2!



I don't claim to know it all for sure. The safety position is fine with YBell but Clemmons/ Culver need to hold down the other side.

Gerbil Wilson gave up a ton of long distance plays so I hope their is better play even though both are unproven. It may take a while for R Jones to "get it" at Safety and will prolly end up backing up Y Bell at SS anywho.

The saving grace of the DEF is that Mike Nolan is teaching, implimenting new looks, blitzes and schemes to confound.

This regime is obviously high on Odrick as a DE/DT and Misi to grab an LB spot. They say bth have high motors and pass rush ability. Time will tell. Maybe they can make up in hustle what they lack in experience?

I, like others, hope that the Starks move to NT pays dividends. He was starting to be a real force at DE.

The last thing that could help the DEF out is the OFF. It sure seems like, with Marshall alone, that there should be enough firepower to keep more out of the box vs our rushing attack. Marshall has to net us more 1st downs and thus will keep the DEF more fresh to wreck havoc.


Well despite the disappointments in Merling and White,Trifecta made some pretty awesome pick in their 1st two drafts. Their 1st draft they picked up Long, Henne, Langford, Thomas and Hillard. Long and Henne makes it a great draft by them self but to add another starter and two solid back ups, then went ahead and sign Bess as a rookie freeagent is great! Second draft they netted Davis, Smith, Harline, Nalbone and Gardner. Thats two starters, a possible third starters this year and two solid back ups. So I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt because Miami has not had drafts like this in a very long time.

I would like to add for those who are downing White should take this in consideration. He was a rookie who received probably 10% of the snaps in training camp and practice, who was also expected to go into the game cold and expect to perform. Thats is asking a lot from a QB let alone a rookie QB. I don't think Miami should have drafted him because at the time I did not think Miami really needed him but to call him a bust after his 1st year is very unfair. Most rookie QBs are groomed to start and given the benefit of the doubt even when they suck their 1st year so why do we have separate expect expectations for a QB who is being expected to run a few selected plays a few times a game?

Jake was the #1 overall pick. It's pretty tough to draft a bad player with that pick. It's hard to give them too much credit for that. Thomas hasn't become the player everyone was hoping for. It looks like he may lose his starting job. Hilliard's junk...definitely not a long term solution as a starting RB. He's not fast and he doesn't break tackles or make people miss. Lankford is solid, but not spectacular. The jury's still out on Henne.

Davis might be their best pick. Smith still has a few glaring holes in his game (especially covering the deep-in). Nalbone is a 3rd string tight end and Gardener is pretty average.

The Trifecta's definitely been good in undrafted FA's with Bess and Carpenter, but their drafting hasn't been average at best. The have a lot riding on Henne. If he turns out to be good, they'll look real good. If he doesn't get better, they'll always be questioned about not taking Matt Ryan.

The most disappointing thing about the 2010 draft is that they're still taking lineman. Everyone was assuming that they'd build the O-line and D-line in the 1st two years and then add the skill guys in year 3. It's year three and they spent a 1st and a 3rd pick still trying to get the line right.

This works great!

Seen a replay of the Iowa vs Penn State game and Odrick did nothing to warrant a #1 pick in my book. Hope i am wrong...

Dam i thought you got fired or got your dream job covering the cowboys o well another year reading your dolphin bashing crap.

I really hope that we can look back in a couple of years and say that Misi and Odrick are better than Dan Williams and Sergio Kindle. Remember, we could have had both.

I agree that I did not see anything that warranted him as a first rounder, however I do not know him as well as our scouts did, so heres to hoping they are as good as advertised and found a gem.

I can't wait for the season to start.Let's not start bashing the Dolphins or Armando just yet...at least wait til they do something to warrant it.beerndrums

Jerry Jones had Odrick at 15 or so on his board,must be a reason for that folks.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Welcome back, your picture looks tan and well rested....did you get us anything...like a tee shirt or somthing ?

Looking forword to the upcommong season

Soiled :)

Seriously? We're still crying over Dez Bryant? Jesus...let it go...

Welcome back Armando!! Hope you had a nice few weeks off!! It was a tough few weeks without your insight.

2010 year of the FIN

Some people are bitter. Every good coach has players that are drafted that don't pan out. Look at Shula. Guys like Eric Krumry, Sammie Smith, Billy Milner, etc. And to say it is hard to mess up the first pick, go talk to the Raiders and ask how Jamarcus is doing. Look at some of the players at the top of the draft when we picked long. McFadden has done nothing (and many a reader wanted him), Glenn Dorsey, Vernon Gholston, , Derrick Harvey, even Chris Long. Outside of Matt Ryan and Jake Long, none of the other top 7-8 picks have done anything of note.

There are a lot of teams that wanted Odrick

Good point HP, jake Long was not the slam dunk #1 and they should be given credit for making that pick.

"After the high draft pick busts of Merling and Pat White, it's hard to get too excited about any of the Trifecta's picks."

Yeah, one of the best left tackles in the league, 2 of the most promising secondary players in the league, a legit starting QB, and seemingly very good middle round receiver shows how terrible they are drafting.

I swear, you mental midgets actually and truly believe these things you say..and that is scary and pretty pathetic.

"I really hope that we can look back in a couple of years and say that Misi and Odrick are better than Dan Williams and Sergio Kindle. Remember, we could have had both."

You wanted to take Dan Williams at #12 even though he slid all the way to Arizona at 26?

Brilliant value pick there.

As for Sergio Kindle, gambling on someone with that type of injury history that high in the draft is a little too "playstation" for people who do this for a living.

Good to have you back Armando.....been a long stretch without you. Great to be thinking about and getting ready for our Dolphins and football again.

Like someone else said, I am worried about FS, NT and somewhat worried about the pass rush. I like the guys we have to rush the QB, I just think they might be a little young yet and that might mean an inconsistent rush.

Can we please move on from the what-ifs??? This FO has only delivered the AFC East title once, a few pro-bowlers,a wonderful stud true #1 WR, great future pro-bowl draft picks(Mark my words),a heck of a Defensive Coordinator, and a promising looking rookie class! They are the reason why I became a season ticket holder living in Orlando! ***Dynasty in the Making***


Great points... well said

Trifecta knows what they're doing! End of story. If any of us we sooooooo good at evaluating talent, we wouldn't be in our mom's basement folding up our sleeping bags every morning! Go Fish!!!

Odrick aint the sharpest tool in the closet.Will be a problem, he will only be used in short yardage goal line where he doesn't have to think. Jerry also is a box of rocks with ears.

They are the reason why I became a season ticket holder living in Orlando! ***Dynasty in the Making***

Posted by: enrique1085 | July 21, 2010 at 09:54 AM
:::Welcome to fantasy island.

enrique, agreed!
As a fellow Phin fan also from Orlando, I see this team as being built the right way, and this young, fast, emerging talented team will be a force for years to come now.
Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Go Phins!

Welcome to fantasy island.

Wow Roarke your so original and insightful...lmao

This guy needs to start ASAP. No learning curve here with Merling on the way to a suspension or being Cut.

Not addressing the NT position in 3 drafts is a joke. Not even a long term project?

Solai is a holdover from the previous regime, and you move your Pro Bowl DE to NT?

D, great points. I'm glad someone can see the forest from the trees.


Can you chime in on Mr. Hartline's bizzare Car Accident?

Was he or was he not in Florida at the time of the accident?

Camp opens in 9 days!

Go FINS!!!

Dan Marino will get us in every year starting in 1984. enjoy the ride. reeeeeeeeeev. KABOOM.!Shues retires. Jimmy is here. Now we'll be in the Super Bowl.. enjoy the ride. reeeeeeeeeeeeeev!.. KABOOM.!.Wanny is here,Jimmy says he's a better coach then himself. Now we'll be in the Super bowl. enjoy the ride. reeeeeeeev.!. KABOOM!.,Nick Saban. The best thing EVER. He will get us to the Super Bowl.Finaly. enjoy the ride. reeeeeeeeeev.!. KABOOM.!. Cam Cameron. The best OC out there.That's all we need with Trent Green. Now we'll be in the Super Bowl. enjoy the ride. reeeeeeeeeeeeev. KABOOM!.The Trifecta. Best ever. We'll rebuild and be in the Super Bowl. enjoy the ride. reeeeeev.!.. KABOOM.. another Henne INT nad no NT. lmao.. should have kept Jim Bates.. The losing has made you guys NUMB. LOL.. GO HEAT!

The season hasn't started yet and all the Fake Dolphin fans are already crying. Alot of teams had Odrick between 15th - 25th best player on the board. I agree that I am concerned about the NT and FS position, but I think Starks will embrace it and dominate like he did at DE. He'll be cool with that because if he does well it means more $$$ when his contract runs out. FS we should be okay especially in Nolan's Defense. He took Denver's no-name Defense from 22nd to what, top 10 the next year with a great player in Champ Bailey on his defense only. The others players you heard about in their front 7 you only know now because of what Nolan did. So defensively we should be fine.

Quit crying fake Dolphin fans, we haven't played a game yet in 2010 and you guys sound like we have lost 3 in a row already, jeez. Wait for the pads to go on and lets see what they do the first 4 games (BUF, MIN, NYJ, NE) before the bye. That should tell us if we made any progress from the year before. If we go 3-1, 4-0, we'll be looking good. If we go 0-4, 1-3, then you fake Dolphin Fans can come in here crying!!


1-3.. lol

2 watt, your obviously pretty dim!
The same thing can be said about your Jests over the years, as well as many other NFL teams.
It's tough to reach the top of the mountain, that's why it is so special when a team does.
How bout dem Aints.

After The Phins trounce the Lowly Bills, Super Bowl dreams will run wild during your REM's,Then reality kicks in with 3 straight loses to the Vikes,Jets and Pats. Enjoy the 1 week High at the begining of the season. Week two is right around the corner. so is 2011. maybe then huh.?. LOL

Welcome Back Mando! Missed your updates. Hope you had a great vacation.

Goodell has already chosen the Ravens as the holders of the Lombardi trophy with the Packers/Vikes from the NFC IN 2010. If Favre comes back it will be the Vikes from the NFC...

Odrick has been a mystery this offseason. There has been a lot written about Misi, some about Carrol, and Jones. But nothing on Odrick. Odrick was mainly a 5 technique at Penn State, he will no doubt have to make some adjustments to play in Nolans Scheme. This is cause for some concern for me because of the looming trouble for Merling, and the fact that rookies some time struggle early, and if Merling is unavailable, Odrick may be forced into playing more downs. Which could be good, or bad. We will see

Hey Francisco, if Odrick were his pregnant girlfriend then I could see him getting beaten by Meling. LOL.

I hope the fins go 4-0... really do, but dont see it.
We face some tough teams out of the gate. I will be happy with a 2-2.
If we go 1-3 the love afair with Sparano will be over.

Too many questions on defense is my worry. Will Henne be the Hero or an INT machine when he is asked to throw 30-40 per game?

2 watt,

You need to get a life man...the Dolphins are making progress here with the acquisitions of Marshall and Dansby and the development of some of the kids. We just had another solid draft. What did your Jets do? They signed a broken down 30 year old running back whose own team didn't want him back, cause he's a shadow of what he used to be. A cornerback who has like eight kids and can't tackle. A WR who is going to be suspended for the first four games of the season. And they have a coach who can't keep his mouth shut and is hyping his team too much and putting too much pressure on his guys....and I didn't even mention a broken down and overweight Kris Jenkins or an interception machine who can't throw in New York after November 1st because of the winds. Can't wait to play your team this year, so you can see just how over-rated the Jets actually are. I love all these publications who are touted the Jets to go 13-3....it's going to make it all the sweeter when they collapse.

I am dim and I love men.

2 watt go back to the SS with the TK8.

That team that you are bashing was 3 plays away from the Super Bowl last season. How many plays away are the Dolphins.?. You can take your shoes off and count with your toes too. LOL

LH. 95 % of the Phins fans refuse to acknowledge the teams major weeknesses,they choose to brush them under the carpet.Just like all of them on homerhaven.com.LOL

Oh man do not include me in with those knuckle dragger homers on the SS. LOL

2 watt i would be interested in some hot man love.

The Fins will be 4-1 outta the gates (3-2 at worst) only loosing to the Packers on the road and maybe N.E. at home, which to everyone that knows the game isn't bad at all. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The official Bandwagon starts outside 2Watts house!

I still don´t like this defense, they are too young. I´ll wait and see them when they go against Brady and Flacco. They might regret not signing JT.

I didn't realize there was such a fantastic gay community here. I love it.

As a dol-fan since i was 8 living in the New England area(right outside Boston)it is a joy to see the excitement for this season.Its been a long time coming for this franchise......on defense if misi or wake can have a solid season we will be fine.D-line looks good.like Starks at NT.Secondary should be fine as long as we can get a pass rush.....see misi and wake.Linebackers will make plays...aggression and more aggression is what Nolan preaches and he has the athletes to do it.On offense O-line solid top 5 in the NFL.Henne will have his breakout season,Marshall well .....need i say more?I believe the key for us on offense is Ronnie Browns health.Healthy and the offense can be unstoppable........stay healthy Ronnie ..playing for a contract......showcase your talent, we will make the playoffs...and then....well you never know.......

for the ones with the red colored contacts on. here. look at this.
jets.loss 2 at home with 30000 jet fans in attendance. pathetic.
Pats.loss 3-at home
then,south beach to drown out the 1-3 start.
@ Packs. loss 4
Pitt.with the rapists first game. coin flip 50/50.if henne starts,then loss -5
@Cincy.win-2 because they finaly benched Henne for Thigpen.
Ravens. loss-6
chicago.loss-7.they never lose on bird day.
raiders-win 4
browns,win 5
@ jets.win 6
lions.loss 8
Yeap.7-9 again. not good enough for Ross and he cans everybody. no more trifecta.
maybe Cowher can save the Phins.LOL

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