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No holdout on horizon: Odrick, Dolphins talking

With training camp set to start the afternoon of July 30th, the Dolphins are obviously working on having all their players present but as of this morning two rookies -- first-rounder Jared Odrick and second-rounder Koa Misi -- are still not in the stable.

The Dolphins have made contract offers to both, according to a source. The same source tells me the club is not waiting for the typical slotting method -- waiting on a player ahead and behind to sign -- to get their deals done, particularly with Odrick.

The team and Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for the No. 28 overall selection, "have been working on the deal," and "are still optimistic about getting Jared into camp on time" the source said.

Rosenhaus was unavailable for comment.

Although nothing seems imminent at this point, there seem to be no out-of-the-ordinary obstacles preventing Odrick's deal from being done by July 30th's first training camp practice.

That is obviously good news as the Dolphins want Odrick competing with veteran Phillip Merling as each vies for a starting defensive end job.

The Dolphins have already signed A.J. Edds, Nolan Carroll, Reshad Jones, Chris McCoy and Austin Spitler. The club agreed to terms with third-round pick John Jerry on Monday. As previously reported, he gets a four-year contract worth $2.64 million.


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Hey twatt, let me guess... the yets are going 13-3, right?

The Jets? 3 plays aways form the Super Bowl???


What a friggin joke. Biggest loser franchise in the NFL. bet you're a Cubs fan too!

Ordick by himself makes some of us lose sight of the big picture... Ordick in this group of players makes perfect sense!! Another big, fast, hard hitting guy (which we now have all over the field on both sides of the ball) and teams that play miami are gonna know they are in for a real physical test. Ordick does not justify a draft spot in one season, but rather in about three seasons. I was shocked on draft day but that is my fault. The more I see how this is shaping up I am thinking of getting an Ordick jersey. When he adjusts to the nfl game he is gonna be out there every play like a wild man... more than can be said for DE's in the past (i.e. Merling).

The Jet fans must be feeling their oats. They are fresh off of garnering a freezer super bowl game.

The fans voted them a top 5 team in the 32 in 32 segment on NFLN. (more a curse than anything if you look at past lists)

Oh how they forget how the mighty Cesna's backed into the playoffs.

The Fins will punch their ticket again 2 X this year.

Book 'em Dan-O.


I hate the Jets and anyone who likes them.

Those cake eaters up north will be gripping a big doughnut, especially if you look at the front, and back ends of their schedules. It is possible that they could start the season 1-4. (They should only be favored in maybe 2 of their first 6 games)The wet dream that was their little run in the playoffs shall fade, and reality will set in. The pressure from the media will build, and all of the mercenaries will eat their own. If they can right the ship, theyt can look forward to their last 5 games in the fricken cold. Menwhile we only have to play 2 of our last 6 in shite weather. (many will discard this, but I think it is to our advantage to play in good weather). So jet guy go join your circle jerk, and whoever wins gets the Taylor Ham Roll!

mrmikejohnson,,,,,You are a RETARD!!!!! Hilliard is junk????? Thank God your not drafting. Does not break tackles???? I guess you never watched that Carolina game last year dumb ass. Then there was the game last year where Carpenter and Hilliard scored ALLLLL the points, Alll the points and the first 10 in the next game idiot. By the way Hilliard tore his Achilles Tendon while playing for Montana and did lose a tad bit of speed but not the power. Scored 3 touchdowns in the rival game here with a broken bone in his hand, now that is a Parcells guy, plays tough when injured. Go root for the Jets dumb ass.


I see you really like the pick. It sounds like it may have been a fortuitous pick with Merling playing G.I.Joe with the Kung Fu grip on his preggo wife (the ice he's on cracks more, he shouldn't bring the welder's torch)

I do see the atleticism and realize he has good motor qualities. I am just not seeing his anchor ability for a guy his size. He seems to get screened out of plays or driven off the ball more than an athletic 300lber should.

Now I hope the true fans can realize that this is my own speculation and observation. I want Odrick to be the next coming. I am just feeling another middle of the road player. So observing and relaying what I am seeing is not crying or whinning about the Trifecta's work. By and large the Phins are a much more competitive team than they have been for years.

It looks like we can see relevance from the direction and where they are currently as a team.

From the standpoint of the draft at our position in the 1st I would have taken OLB Jerry Hughes over Odrick or Misi. RB Jahvid Best would have added huge plays to the OFF as well but that is for conversations past I spose. Hell even the lowly Jests did well with DB Kyle Wilson. Basically I will be watching those three as I like them all and they were chosen with the next 3 picks after the Fins took Odrick.

Make me a fraud psuedo-quasi armchair scout Odrick...I'm dropping the glove on ya man! LOL

Getting over that hump can't come fast enough for anyone who bleeds Aqua and Orange.


Good ta see ya DD!!!

I have to scee daddle off to work but I will be checking out the blogs when time allows...which is not very often anymore.


I'm going to the Packers game and possibly the Vikings game.I live 10 miles from the Vikes stadium,but the Metrodome is a crappy place to watch a football game.Anyone else going to Green Bay?

A girl I used to work with named Christine is going. She has big hammers. You'll notice her.

Rob in OC. - Good to see your around. Will look forward to catching up later. I'm busy as well with La Cantina, and taking peoplo fishing!

Dolphanken- Nice work! I totaly agree with you. I have been accused on many fronts for being a Montana Homer. But truthfully from a standpoint of a bigboy Phin fan, I would love to see Lex get a shot. I have stated that I thought that the coaching staff blew it at the end of last year by not giving Lex more carries. He might have a tough time battling Sheets for the last RB. spot on the roster this year. All accounts say Sheets has been very impressive in OTA's.

,but the Metrodome is a crappy place to watch a football game.Anyone else going to Green Bay?

Posted by: beerndrums | July 21, 2010 at 01:33 PM
:::.Yeah. there's no room at the Metrodome to sit. it is always sold out,cramped feeling like someone on PMS,.unlike the way the Dolphins fans can spread out 7 deep and fall asleep at that stadium in south flo. Except when they play the Jets then there is no room to sit because of all of the green Jerseys. LOL

Beerndrums- I had 2 tickets to that game that I need to try and sweet talk my ex girlfriend into giving to me. She bought them as a gift for me and a friend in may. We broke it off in June, and know she won't give them to me. On top of that Her new guy is a fckn Vikings fan. The Girl he can have that I don't care. The tickets.. now that burns. They are good seats too on the 30 yrd line behind the Phin bench. That place sucks donkey nuts to watch a game. But it is one of the only places I can fly direct to catch a game, and be back the next day.

2 Wadd,

Armando's write up on the wetts hit a little too close to home, didn't it.

You get your Ya Ya's out now cause when the wets anual implosion begins and the Dolphins are winning, you aint going to be able to say SHEET.

Odin, the NYJ are the offseason champion dynasty!!!

This is their time!!!

I'm a Penn State fan, I used to watch Odrick all the time. I'm really surprised he was drafted so high by anyone. He can get penetration, but he is very poor at locating the ball and so he never really made any big plays in the backfield. I believe he will be a bust.

Total reach on Odrick.should have taken D Williams.Odrick would have been there in the 2nd. remember how not drafting Wilfork worked against the Dolphins.LOL



Armando... When's the new app coming out?

Oh my!. Pat white will definately get the Phins the 1st over all pick in the 2011 NFL draft. LOL

You should worry about Wilson being a reach instead of Odrick, you Jet fans crack me up.

Cowher will be able to trade it away for extra draft picks.LOL

Too bad HBO's School of Hard Knocks only covers training camp.

It would have been nice to see it get cancelled midseason with the wets in the cellar, Rex on life support in the ICU, and Sanchito sidelined sucking on a weiner.

Cower will only comes to miami when the BP team leaves town which will happen by end of the year .

Dear Mr. Aloco

Tell us a story about the first time your lips touched a Meatball sub.....were you alone....was there Marinara sauce...did it hurt ?

I missed everybody

Soiled :)

Sparano's Clipboard notes for 1st day of Training Camp:

Pat White has shown huge improvement.

Not playing Pat Turner is my biggest regret.

Gibril Wilson was a good player.

Quentin Moses has more upside than JT

Moving Randy to NT, will not expose Merling/Langford/ Odrick rotation

I need some to get some Heat Tickets for me and Bill

Hey Mondo,

Could you ask someone in power as to why the Dolphins always, always, always have the damn Bye week in the first 1/4 of the season after season after season. You would think the way we are treated Bye and Schedule wise that Al Davis owns the team.


Sanchito Likes lots and lots of Hot Dogs!

nice to see odinseye still alive and well .

Dear Mr. SoiledBottom,

Tell us about the first time you realized Armando was back from vacation.

Did you Soil yourself?

Were you properly prepared?

Did it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

PS: Odrick is a man among boys(football talk).

ALoco, are you dan le batard's father?

Why do you think the Dolphins paid for a full page Miami Heat AD in the news paper.?.. LOL

who's dan le batard ?
odinseye.....you last post is just funny .

Brady is the one who wants the bye week after week 4.Goodell made sure of it.

I missed you too Aloco!

Of course I still miss the good ole days when you used to call me a Vicking Murederer and I used to call you.....ah.......names.....

Dear Mr. Aloco


He was free to sign with whoever he wanted....myself, I thought it was a selfish move and hurt his appeal fan wise.

Soiled :)

@mrmikejohnson, Pretty though to draft a bad player with the 1st overall pick??????? You are kidding me right? Maybe you should tell that to the Raiders who drafted Jamarcus Russell, or what about TIm Couch, David Carr, KiJana Carter, Tony Manderich...Do I need to go on? Nothing is a sure thing in the draft. At the time of the draft a lot of people felt they should take Chris Long. He has not produce much, they also could have taken Vernon Ghoston. Come back when you know what you are talking about son!

Dear Mr. Odinseye

I was very relieved when Mr. Salguero returned from his Walkabout....I just hope he found the answers he was looking for.

Soiled :)

Soiledand Odinseye it is good to see you guys.

My dear friend Aloco how have you been?

I really enjoy cuddling up in the MetroDome with all the guys.

Another reach is getting my snippet past the 2 inch mark on a ruler.I can barely satisfy insects.

tee hee .... twatt

1 watt or 1/2 wit:

Add 1 win over Pats, Bears and Lions means Fins are in the hunt at 10-6...


Whats up ladies....

DAMN I love this team. It's a joy to watch them build this team PROPERLY - unlike the J-E-T-S-suck-suck-suck!

All the promise our team-plan offfers for the long term is SWEET and it's so fun to watch it unfold! Whereas the Stinkin' Jets BETTER win now cuz' of all the hype and money they've spent for their "over the hill" "over-priced FA's! Much like the Jets, the Fins glass is 3/4 full. The difference being that our glass will be 4/5th full next year and the Jet's glass will have sprung a leak! The Jet's sentiment for this season is... "they'd BETTER win!" The Fins are a wonderful "work in progress" and the success that they'll have will be mui-gratifying and it'll be fun to watch the young players rise up and be a part of something that I think will be special for a long time to come.

In related news.... I'm a big time "Homer" and consequently - a big time "Heat Fan" and I sure love the "Big-3" move (let's just say that I'm sure glad it was our team they landed on! LOL!)... but they and the the Jets have unwittingly become the Yankees. Because of their over priced, high profile moves, they're now EXPECTED to win. Hell - if they signed Ray Guy, the dorky Jet fans would be shouting "Su-Per-Bowl!!! Su-Per-Bowl!!!" as usual. Heat & Jet fans will be spending the better part of the season being fearful of loosing instead of being hopeful of winning (from a fan's point of view anyway). The Dolphins offer a much more funner-er perspective. And the fact that the Stinkin' Jet's have taken the same path of the afformentioned Heat and Yankees (except the Jets' free agents are WAAAAY past their prime and WAAAAY over priced). Weren't they watching the '90's Fins try the same thing over and over again? It generally doesn't work! Especially for LONG TERM success. What are they going to do 2 years from now when their FA's are on Medicare?... sign more over-priced tired old veterans? I hope so! It's going to be SO SWEET to see the looks on their faces (players, coach AND fans) with 4 games to go in the season, neck 'n neck with the Fins for the division lead (again!). At that point, it will be over 2 calendar years since they last beat our beloved Fins!

Too bad about HBO's 24/7 - I REALLY like that show. It's going to be tough to watch now. Oh well - the more hype the better... you know what they say.... "the bigger they are...."

LET'S GO FINS '10-'11!

How come there are so many NON-DOLPHINS fans in here. isn't there a blog for you guys somewhere. it feels a little stalkerish. How long have you waited for mando to get back just so you would have a forum to say "i don't like the FINS...see...sounds lame right?

Reading mikejohnson makes me want to cut myself. This guy could spoil a wet dream.

2 watt= his IQ. You're a dim bulb son. Thanks for sharing your adject utter lack of insight. Dolphins will sweep the jets and win 10.

kris- the few jests trolls here are misfits. They suffer from deep insecurity and envy over the Miami Dolphins franchise.

No one cares about the hapless wets/ A 1 year fluke mean very little when their entire history spells f a i l u r e.

I can tell you why wet fans come here.

They're all in denial and living a delusion. SERIOUSLY. I just read this post from their beat writer:

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Bassett
ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini just got word that while there was talk of Douglas joining the squad, it sounds like – no – the Jets are confident in their youth movement.....

Youth movement? LMFAO!!!!

Get this, it gets even funnier. Basset posted this shortly after posting this gem:

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Bassett
With news in the last 24 hours that, yes, expect the Jets to sign Mark Brunell, here’s our snap judgment on what this makes us think about both moves......

Brunnell, Taylor, Tomlinson, etc, etc........

Yep, that's some youth movement!

Soooooo, you really can't blame wet fans for showing up here.

Youth movement, now THAT's funny-LMFAO!

Odinseye was sup? Dont say hi anymore?

Most of these fools were probably chomping at the bit for the herald to open.

Odin, they are young. They won't be collecting social security for another 25 years!!!


My bad.

How have you been? I hope you've had a good summer.

Odrick and Misi will be in camp on time.They can't miss any time there, if they do it might irreparably damage there NFL careers.There is way too much competition at their positions.

Have a great feeling bout this season.

Why are there so many Jets fans here?
-the jets are the ONLY non-expansion team to not make it to the superbowl since the merger
-the jets would have to have 2 perfect seasons in a row to have an overall winning franchise record
-the jets have now lost 3 straight to the dolphins
-the jet fans knows what their schedule has in store for them next season and realize if they are going to talk they have to do it NOW and not when they start the season 0-3
-As Ryan has said over the last couple of months the jets are the team to eat!

For those that think we are not drafting well, i have to agree. We are no better than that 1-15 team we had before they took over (Seems a lot for anyone to swallow- even if you are a jets fan)

Odinseye, no problem. Summer is the same old same old. Cant wait for training camp! Have not seen many of the regulars here.

I just noticed Kris out there. How have you been Kris?

The conversion of Ross's Miami Dolphins into Parcell's Band of Thugs continues.
Hartline, thug or not, is the consumate pro. Not only has he welcomed Marshall to the team, he's making efforts to let him know that he's not the only Bad Boy in Miami's receiving corps. Way to make new teamates feel comfortable Brian.
With guys like Cognito, Merling and Brian Hartline on the team, the days of backing down from challenges on South Beach are over.
Ted Ginn is long gone(thank God), so Chris Johnson better think twice before opening his mouth in South Florida. This Band of Thugs just might close it for him.

Just for the record, I can't wait to see Hartline knock some CB's out like he knocks Escalades off I-595!

AwwRight BRIAN!

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