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No holdout on horizon: Odrick, Dolphins talking

With training camp set to start the afternoon of July 30th, the Dolphins are obviously working on having all their players present but as of this morning two rookies -- first-rounder Jared Odrick and second-rounder Koa Misi -- are still not in the stable.

The Dolphins have made contract offers to both, according to a source. The same source tells me the club is not waiting for the typical slotting method -- waiting on a player ahead and behind to sign -- to get their deals done, particularly with Odrick.

The team and Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for the No. 28 overall selection, "have been working on the deal," and "are still optimistic about getting Jared into camp on time" the source said.

Rosenhaus was unavailable for comment.

Although nothing seems imminent at this point, there seem to be no out-of-the-ordinary obstacles preventing Odrick's deal from being done by July 30th's first training camp practice.

That is obviously good news as the Dolphins want Odrick competing with veteran Phillip Merling as each vies for a starting defensive end job.

The Dolphins have already signed A.J. Edds, Nolan Carroll, Reshad Jones, Chris McCoy and Austin Spitler. The club agreed to terms with third-round pick John Jerry on Monday. As previously reported, he gets a four-year contract worth $2.64 million.


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Haha that's funny Odin!

There tryin to take the bad boy image like the canes did in the 90s

WELCOME BACK MANDO........... Now I know how Napoleon felt at Alba...........OK guys the Cuban is now on line, Shoot a "Q" to the Menace, Its been 5 weeks so Iam sue you have Lots............

Ace! Whats up?

Looks. Lets have a good season. Although i get the feeling that some thiings will never change.

cuban menace I have not seen you at the SS for a day. You got suspended didnt you?

Ah....the Cuban Menace. I was wondering when you would show up. I hope you're doing well and give my regards to your lady friend.

With that being said, I do have a question for you.

Do you think Sanchez likes sucking Oscar Mayer weiners better than Rex Ryans?

cuban I finally got me an avatar. Let me know how you like it when you get back there.


I have to agree. I didn't love our picks that night, but i have FIN fever and ican smell what the TUNA is cooking. So i have since pulled up my stool to the table am ready to partake in the winning goodness

Cuban, What did you do during Mandos Vac,?, What do you think of the Sun Sentinel?What's "HOT ASHLEY wearing? Get back soon,. I'am gonna go to the Sun Sentinel and "Bash" them.

Kris I am fine. We will have a very good season, I can feel it.

What's up cuban menace? Long time no see.


I know everybody is expecting good things from the Dolphins, but I keep getting a feeling too.

I think this is the year we finally surpass all expectations and surprise everyone.

Pay, I knew that was you... LMAO, No I Pulled a double Yesterday, so access to the computer was not allowed, Odin My Norse Warrior friend, I think Sanchez likes "ALL" wieners, I dont think he discriminates........Coalition, Lots of good peeps over there, though there is a group of creeps called "The tight nit 8" (aka TK8) that are quite abusive(Guess who there leader is???) But there OK, Hot Ashley is at work right now so I'am sure she's wearing A uniform that needs to be worn in a hospital, Ace Whats up bro, ;looking forward to a great fin season, though they MUST start better then the last 4 years.......

Wzup homies,, if we win vs vikes wk2 after shredding the bills..... Get ready cuz the pats and jets are in trouble and I'll have a Boner for the rest of the season.

put that thing away Finatic

Kris, I agree, "Put that thing away", Every one laughs till someone gets hurt.........

Sorry guys, all this possible superbowl talk gets me excited about the season... I'm relaxed now thanx...

Cuban! whats up...long time no hear

cuban is a traitor ,he went to SS while mando was a way .

I see a Hater on here, Why are you hating fAKE Carlito??

phins will start 3-1. B.M. is going to make revis look like bevis. jets suck!!!!

Where is carlito?

Guys, The Sentinal is a trip, A lot of good posters there except the "TK8" they start to abuse people when you have a different opinion, Guess who the ring leader is?????? He got banned for two days for arguing with the lunatic "Home"........

There's a guy on there with a man crush on NJ phin Fan that was crying for two hours when NJ got banned, He uses multiple names, but ever one knows who he is, HALAROUS over there........

Cuban Menace,

Did they let HOME back on at the Sentinel?

Cuban, NJ was let back in this morning. I saw it. He was bragging how he got Home suspended, when he himself was suspended too.

The TK8 was my creation. Dont you take credit for it. LOL

Lots of good people there at the SS, except for the TIGHTLY KNIT GROUP OF 8 (TK8)

It really bothered me how they treated you there bro(cuban). Oh well I will be back with my new name and avatar. You will like.

Odin they did let Home back at the SS, until he and NJ got suspended.

Cuban the dude with the man crush was Tim/Knight. Is that right?

Ciao for now guys gotta go, c ya later

Si Payasito, And I'a, glad you coined that name, its true, The blog would consist of 4 or 5 hundred posts and the "TK8" would be responsible for 70% of them, and when they dint agree with them they would come out in droves to berate a poster that didn't agree with them.. Like a pack of dogs........

Great to have you back Mando! Order has now been restored to the Dolphin universe.
To all you so-called fans who are actually Dolphin haters (and/or Jets fans with nothing better to do), I pose this as a point: when Miami has to pare the roster down to 53, start counting all the guys that will be pounced on by other teams, including Rexy's bunch! That is the true measure of what our front office has built. When the other teams are salivating for your scraps!

Hey Armando, when you gonna have adroit app for this blog?

Hey Armando, when you gonna have adroit app for this blog?

Tracy, I think that HBO will show the "JETS" to be the team to beat this year, But we all know reality is that the colts and bengals played there scrubs in the last 2 weeks, They let go a great running back, Signed a over the hill guy to replace him(Thomsin),. They got a Over the hill EX Fin Jason(One step,two step) Taylor, There coach is so Obese, if he was on a beach people would mistake him as a pilot whale), Another word The Jets will be lucky to make 8-8....... But thats only my opinion.....

Dolfan here from ny metro area dolphins better do something I can't take living amongst jets fans much longer even thinking of relocating

Sean, I too i'am from Jet territory, You must keep up the "Good" fight...........

I guess the Miami Herald did not think that this story was news worthy or had a warning from the Dolphin mgmt to keep silent. Wjcih is it Armando?
"Dolphin charged with battery against girlfriend
Jul 19, 7:13 pm EDT
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP)—Miami Dolphins defensive end Phillip Merling(notes) has been formally charged with felony battery against his pregnant girlfriend.
The Broward State Attorney’s Office filed the charge Friday. The 6-foot-5, 305-pound Merling was arrested May 27 in Weston. When the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested him, they noted that he either knew or should have known the woman was pregnant.
If convicted, the 25-year-old could face up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.
The NFL also could punish Merling for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy.
A telephone message left with Merling’s attorney, who has filed a plea of not guilty, was not immediately returned.
Merling had 33 tackles and 2 1/2 sacks for the Dolphins last season.

OK Guys gotta go to Meet the legendary "HOT ASHLEY" for cxocktails and..., Well you guys know, Till tommarrow,WELCOME BACK MANDO.....

Damn Mando, thought you were the holdout!!!!

Hi guys...phew...thank God Mandos back...i was starving for Phins news....

I think we can win it...the division...but my worries are playmaking linebackers who can create turnovers,sacks and pressure the Q....who will step up?...Wake..?..Misi..?...Im really NOT SURE...and Im worried

Odrick is a monster...he has SPEED and PWER...we have huge fast players all over the park....its just the linebackers and the safeties that worry me....but we will seee....

That's old news manny

Dear Mr. Salguero

So glad you made it back...you were gone a long time...somthing like 5 weeks.

Family Vacation ?
Journey of self discovery ?

The Indians called it a "Vision Quest"
Hippies call it "Trippin at a Phish concert"

Did you travel ?

If so..to one place ? or was it more like Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine from Kung Fu

Each place you visited you found trouble or trouble found you.....so you would kick some butt then help some people all while teaching a life lesson and writing Miami Dolphin articles on a laptop.

Or you just farted around the house for 5 weeks

Miss me.....I missed you

Soiled :)

Good to see at least one pathetic "Predictive wanna be journalist" is going to have to suck on his words... See, you take a guy like 2 Watt here... He is a sad little Wets fan, nervous as hell and in from the cold after getting shunned by the mopes over at the SS. See, he has a team, but instead of talking about all the things THEY are going to do, he comes in here and rattles around like a drunk Bum looking for someone to argue about what day it is with. I'm sure he gets plenty of takers, Mommy was not so good to 2 Watt. Down on the Stroll wile he sat up in the window and watched as her "Dates" picked her up and dropped her off at the curb... Tell me...Little 2 Watt, Did you toss mommy a napkin to wipe her mouth? Or did she just leave it filthy to kiss your daddy with after he crawled home from the shooting gallery? See, this is the only childhood I can imagine for a pathetic "Chain puller" like "Little 2 Watt" who gets his rocks from messing with fans of a team he hates. He was hurt, his dignity bruised as a kid. I suppose mommy bought you a little #7 Jest Jersey with her trick money back when you were a little boy, Did mommies tricks wear Jest jerseys so that is why you love the Jests so? Or did you live down by the Old Orange Bowl and Mommy just did her work down by Overtown? Is that why you hate the Dolphins?... Mommy turned tricks down by the old OB? Its Okay "Little 2-Watt"... You can cry... Mommy and Daddy did all they could and you should be proud... Son raised on a trick.... That's............. "Little 2-Watt....

Manny, to add to "Beerdrums" comment, The Miami Herald had that story as a headline for nearly a week, since then they have ran ANOTHER headline saying the DA HAS pressed charges. Not trying to be an ass dude, but if your going to pound Dolphins Management with pathetic "Conspiracy Theories" Try to at least come up with something that hold a bit of water and that is not Front page news in every home on the planet who logs on the site.

Other then that Business, I am very happy and excited about the Training camp getting going. I read a comment above where someone wrote "I still don't like the defense, they are too young"... Wow, thats new, I have heard plenty over the last couple seasons about being old and slow, But hearing they are "Too Young" is new. Miami getting coach Nolan and having a Big, Young, Fast group of YOUNG guys without bad habits to break is perhaps the best news Miami got (well I suppose there was that Marshall thing) all off season. Nolan is no fool, he knows how to create a defense that fly's around the football. That is what Made the Dolphins D of the late 90's and early 2000's so effective against the Run and pass of high power offenses. SPEED and Strength will be the hallmark of this D. Not the goofy "Wily Veteran" hope they get it done trip we have been on for 4 years. It was high time to flush the rest of the past and now it is done. Nolan will put a winner on the field, I have no doubt about it.

Derek amen brother, the D will be the key this season. I have no worries in Nolan


Where did that come from? OMG dude, you're pulling on the heartstrings of many. City life, aint it a gas.

2 wadd, yo mama a Ho? Don't despair bro, maybe PBS will look you up for an afternoon special.


Right on Derek.This D will be young,but that's what teams strive for.Shadow....that was an interesting story about the jets fan,watt or wett,or whatever his name is.

Jets is the team to beat ,don't forget the beast Sanchez and our new boy Jt .

our defense should get better and more expeirence practicing against a dominant offense everyday in practice

Hey Wonder Boy, the crappy jets are not the team to beat...how can they be the team to beat if they cannot even beat Miami

RobinOC, i agree those players in next 3 spots might be great but you'd take another CB Kyle Wilson in the draft 1st again? RB is stacked w/ 4 guys who can do damage in different ways. Cobbs does similar things Best does. And there was huge depth at LB and Misi was probably ranked as high if not higher im guessing on their board becuz of the better fit in 3-4 defense. also still have Dobbins, Dansby, Wake, and Anderson.y McCoy and Spitler might be goodc and while i'm almost certain Aj Edds will play inside i see him being able to switch if needed him or Karlos. Odrick was a great pickup with the trade down. i think they got who they wanted and scouted. pretty sure Misi will be a surprise just wait

Time to send a POSSE out on that 2 Watt dude. He needs to be off this blog!

LMAO. . HAHAHA.. Look at all of you pathetic dolphins fools.Look what the Phins Constant losing has done to your lowly lives.lol,I am in all of your REM's all night long,wow,talk about weak. To bad the Phins will make you cry again like they always do.7-9.. Need A NT. and a QB. LOL.. GO HEAT!

All I have to say is "Dez Bryant" , we blew it !!

Hey Beerphin,

What I was really trying to say is I think all 3 would be better players but not nescessarily be a better fit than Odrick. I have always been more about collecting better players (BPA) than drafting spots. They needed a DL and grabbed Odrick. The Trifecta musta scouted him to be the best player they could draft at that slot. They also really wanted to get a DL after moving Starks to NT.

As with most positions, you can never have too many good players. CB is one where you need as many good ones as you can get. Wilson is very tight in coverage and is physical vs the run.

I had liked Best from way back and after people see him play in the NFL you will see a huge difference between him and Cobbs. Best is much more a Chris Johnson type with the ability on any play to score. He would knock Cobbs off the roster if they were fighting for the same spot (coaches fav or not). Actually it may have ended up being Sheets that would have gone if Cobbs was up to old self.

Misi has been mentioned quite a bit in positive news bits, I hope he is the man. In the draft I preferred OLB Hughes over Misi. DE/OLB Brandon Graham was my favorite player coming out of last years draft.

As a huge Fins fan I will defer to the Trifecta's briantrust and hope all their moves pan out to the max. It is still fun as hell to choose college players prior to the draft and follow how they do in the NFL.

Cheers bud,

* Should read:

DE/OLB Brandon Graham is my favorite player coming out of this years draft.

Ciao for now

LMAO @ Odin and Soiled.

Don't fret fins fans. They'll sign. Only good players hold out ;)


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