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What's happening at Dolphins camp this hour

Off the top, I will tell you Pat White is practiced today. You knew that would happen this morning if you saw the previous post on this blog posted before the Dolphins hit the field.

Pat white That is all the Herald needs to say about that at this time.

The second day of practice is underway here in Davie, FL with morning work going approximately two hours. the highlight?

The slapfight defensive end Tony McDaniel and guard Richie Incognito got into during one-on-one pass protection drills.

It began when McDaniel popped Incognito on the shoulder pads just after the whistle sounded, signaling both men to stop. Incognito, known for his often fiery, sometimes uncontrollable temper, then slapped at McDaniel's shoulder pads once.

And then took a swipe that connected at his teammates helmet.

The two walked away on their own.

On the next repetition against one another, the two got into it again and it became a bit more heated as they locked up. It took teammates to separate them this time. It's hot out here, folks. Tempers flare.

I noticed rookie Jared Odrick have his way on one pass rush against Cory Procter in one-on-one pass pro. Randy Starks broke down Jake Grove on another matchup. Grove, by the way, shared first-team snaps with Joe Berger at center today.

Rookie John Jerry, meanwhile, whiffed on an attempt to stop McDaniel during another pass pro repetition.

It must be said that after Brandon Marshall dominated practice Friday, he was somewhat quiet today. No big plays of note.

I watched punt and kick return drills and can report the Dolphins are obviously having tryouts for their punt and kick return jobs.

On punt returns, the candidates getting the opportunity are Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Ryan Grice-Mullen.

The kick return job is open to a bigger cast of possibilities. Patrick Cobbs, Kory Sheets, Bess, Hartline, Grice-Mullen, Tristan Davis, Marlon Moore and Julius Pruitt.

Coach Tony Sparano is scheduled to speak abt 12:30. Check back.


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Today's practice wasn't exciting at all. First of all they practiced far away from the stands; I don't know why.
I was there for 1 1/2 hrs but didn't see anything interesting. Sorry folks!

thanks for the updates



Am I first?


Dear Mr. Aloco

We hear at SoiledBottom Enterprise work endlessly (opens door showing 1000 monkeys typing on 1000 typewriters) to provide you with quality funny posts.


Soiled :)


ALoco, is soiled pushing it? I like to push it in every now and then.

Mark it depends if soiled is on the toilet, then maybe he is pushing

Personally other than him being a Gayturd, I have nothing against C Crowder, he has very good size for the position at 250lbs adequate height, plays hard, and is productive, NOT a game changer or playmaker, as far as getting or causing turnovers, but is a very good tackler, now my question after having stated how I feel about his play, do you other Dolphin fans,( mostly talking to the crowd that keeps guaranteeing he is on his way out about to be replaced by T Dobbins)simply know something about Dobbins that I don't and he is a major upgrade over Crowder , is Dobbinsa LB who has flown under the radar and is ready for stardom here or is it more of a Crowder sucks and Dobbins while slightly above avergae is still an improvement? p.s. i must admit i know nothing about Dobbins except that he is supposed to be a very good Special Teams guy and plays hard, so maybe someone could help me out here and tell me why he is viewed by so many as a better option than Crowder for this Defense, thanks in advance.

Let's get it, Good recovery by Sean smith in this morning practice, he basically held B Marsh to few catches but no big plays.

And i must add that Vantae Davis and the whole secondary looks pretty damn good so far!

As far as Pat White, personally I could care less about what the 4th string QB is doing, does anyone have any news on the the other PAT, Turner that is, who may very well be a training camp cut , BUT at least in his case he has NFL size and you never know, maybe he has a small fender bender o his way to practice, bumps his head and VOILA the proverbial "light" goes on and we have rotation receiver(ok,ok, not very likely, but does anyone know where Turner is on the depth chart atm and how he did yesterday or so far today, wether it's good or bad? thanks in advance.



Patty White is a bust- dont fool yourself otherwise- time to see if anyone wants him via trade.

LOL the "beautiful" crowder! lol Aloco, I would'nt take it as far as calling him "beautiful" but thanks for the update I think lollll

To the person who said who cares what Pat White is doing, don't you care who goes in if Henne goes down? I certainly don't want White to go in ahead of Thigpen or Pennington unless he earns it. To me it's important to know which one of those guys is going to be the #2 when the season starts. Even if it doesn't look like it will be White (because Pennington and Thigpen are much better from what we have seen in the past), you can never say never. It's a competition. One guy has to out play the other guys. Yesterday sounded like Pennington out did Thigpen, but who knows what happened today out there with the back ups. I would like to know. I guess that's just me personally.

Turner caught some still looks slow

@gabrielle, what i meant is that I have no expectations of P White ever becoming an NFL QB, not even a 3rd stringer, and I honestly was in favor of the P White pick, BUT I was convinced(probably convinced myself i admit) he was drafted to be converted to WR and or play a "Slash" K Stewart role for us, I saw him as a guy to add something to the Wildcat, BUT he is D Flutie size, so I again never saw him as a QB here, that is why i said i have lost any interest in wether he practices or not, because since it seems that he is going to either be a QB here or be cut, in my opinion that outcome is a done deal , he will not make it, now let me say, I would LOVE to be dead wrong and have P White make me eat crow and become what M Vick was supposed to be, just don't see it!

Thanks Beerphin.

sorry for all the questions, any info on Clemons or Reshad Jones? I know i'm being a bit greedy here and it's early in the 2nd practice but how about AJ Edds? anyone know how he looks out there? thanks and sorry.



Pat White will not make this team as a 4th string QB. But he will make the team, and the Fins will create a new position title for him - "WildCat Triggerman"

The O appears to have the ability with a smash mouth running game and Marshall to be a dominant offense - without the WildCat.

Throw in the WildCat, which the Fins will not abandon since they have devoted so much time and practice to it and have proven in games that it works, and this O has the potential to be downright dominant!

Now, throw in White as the occassional triggerman instead of Ronnie and you are giving oppossing defenses fits! How in the world are they suppossed to prepare for an O like that. Run is the base O, run out of the WildCat, Pass in the base O, Pass or run option in the WildCat with Pat White.

If White becomes what the Trifecta believed he could be when they selected him in Rd 2 last year, this O could be certifiably scary.

If he does not, this O will still be formidable. Top 10, IMO.

As long as Ronnie stays healthy. I believe in Henne, Ronnie is the big question mark, can he stay healthy?

Aloco, reading comprehension is obviously NOT your strength, re-read what i said, maybe have someone translate it for you, can't say it was good talking to you, last thing I am is a Bandwagon jumper, or "wagon rider" as you say, please do not reply to anything i say or make any comments directed at me in the future i'm here to talk football not to get in arguements with fools who call themselves or identify them selves as "A crazy guy" which is what "Aloco" means, bye, have fun in the loonybin.

Hope you are right MJZ, i see we agree on the P White issue.Again hope you're right and he does turn out to be that passing option for the Wildcat.

I seriously hope that Pat White can pull it all together. I don't want to see the guy fail on any level, not just for his own sake, but for the 2nd round pick my team has invested in him. I can say this, and I believe it is why so many are ready to cut bait on the guy. I have never seen a player, particularly a QB start out as bad as he has and then "Find Themselves" I believe that same feeling is what others like me are struggling with. I don't believe it is personal. Even if Pat should make a credible leap, he is going to be shy of where Thigpen and Pennington are developmentally. You would have to be a fool to think Miami will negate a roster spot just to keep a 4th QB. They can likely juggle the position and let him play in some preseason games. If he has not "seen the light" I fear a very tough "Team Decision" is inevitable. At the very LEAST... it will be in Pat's hands that way, he holds his own destiny. Don't blame Miami should he fail, and if he should fail, I believe its time to cat bait.

MJZ, since you seem to be sensible football guy, would you agree that L Politte is a huge part of that running game Miami is banking on and desperately needs to remain elite( when i say remain elite i am referring to the running game)and that L Politte is one of if not the most underappreciated member of the Phins?


Herald has some nerve charging us for the fins iPhone app that we paid for last year just to use it again in 2010. On top of that they want to charge. A 4.99 subscription fee!!! Just day !NO! and read the info online!

careful Derek4Dolphins you are making wayyyyyyyyy too much sense for certain bloggers who admit they are "crazyguys", and you basically expressed my feelings on the P White issue better than i did, I for one moving on to another player think Incognito is a huge steal for Miami , don't see anyway he is not one of the starters at guard and see Pro Bowl potential in him, anyone agree or diagree? if you disagree why?

wagon rider

Come on Aloco, Pat White was a mistake. The Dolphins have gotten rid of their mistakes this year, eg: Gibril, Porter, Ginn etc. I know the typical NFL philosophy is you must give that high of a draft pick 3 years to work. I hope in this case Parcells admits he made a boneheaded decision and cuts him if he doesn't make this training camp. We do not need to carry 4 QBs, especially one that may have personal or emotional issues to add on top of the rest of his shortcomings, when there is going to have to be some good football players cut after this camp to get to roster. Give White this camp and if he don't show it's time to move on.

And that is EXACTLY what I am eluding to Aloco. Pat SHOULD be given an opportunity to show he has made progress in his development. He should be allowed to compete, for no other reason then Miami has a significant investment in him. He has not EARNED a damn thing.

However... at what point does it become a question of numbers. 53 is what you get. Is Pat White worth one of those spots? I don't know and should anyone care to be honest... neither do they. As I said before, even if he has made progress is he at Thigpens level? Pennington's? Is he worth dropping a WR off the roster? How about a LB? Is Pat worth cutting Grice-Mullen?....

Those are the real questions that are going to come into play. And they will only be answered in Pats favor should he prove he is worth more then one of those I mentioned or another I have not. Because that final 53 and what they do is more important then Pat White's legend in Miami.


Is it just me or does anyone else think Randy Starks is going to be a dominate NT? It's good to hear that the Dolphins "questionable" pass rush is getting what would be sacks against one of the best O Lines in the league.

AS far as the Question about Richie Incognito. I have watched this guy even when he was in Buffalo. I believe he could be a 7-9 year answer on our line and visit a pro bowl or two... if he can keep his damn temper in check. Its such a fine line, you want the nastiness, but you want it under control. That is a tough prescription for ANYONE much less a guy who will have players from other teams taunting him just because they know it can make him explode. I was glad Miami grabbed him, just hope he can find his peace and work through the anger.

Derek4Dolphins, I may noy be a name you recognize here, used to post here a while back and got tired of the same guy i tried to be civil with today, however you are either unfamiliar with the "crazyguy" or are a bigger man than me and are doing your good deed for the day acknowledging him while he only tries to provoke,sorry none of my business who you reply to or not, but unless something changed dramatically now that Bobbyd is here I expect things to turn for the worse, I remeber leaving this blog when all it became was "Aloco": Hey Armando Bobbyd is being mean and he insulted me and he is a bully like NJ " and posts like that over and over............ from "Aloco", anyways I agree once again, I too am a Dolphins fan not a fan of a particular player(of course we all have our favorite guys on the team, but i root for the TEAM not the name on the back of the jersey but the name on the front of it)and as i said before if P White all of a sudden comes in and plays like what M Vick was supposed to be coming into the league and unseats Henne so be it, now I think i have a much much better chance of hitting the lotto,fantasy5 and cash 3 onthe same day than that happening,however i will root for P White as long as he is a member of the Phins,just don't think it will be beyond this training camp. Thoughts on Incognito anyone?

Good to see Richie still has some nastyness to him.....I dont want them to take the fire out of him, our OL needs that bit of fire...also good to see McDaniel not backing down and showing some toughness, I am expecting him to be the surprise on the DL this yr after having a solid yr last yr.

Welcome back Pat, Know go out there and compete for your job and may the best QB win.....Hey every news org has screwed up before so no big deal.....until it happens again.

@Derk,Thanks for the opinion on Incognito, damn man you seem to be in my head or something, i'm sure there will be somewhere along the line we disagree on something football related but so far we seem to share the same opinions on everything discussed so far, thanks.

I can only say this NJP....
I have no desire to prove what I say is right. To me, posting on this blog is a way to share what is going on in my head about the Dolphins and see what others think about it. I can remember some VERY BAD DAYS not so long ago on this blog. And the one thing it always came back to was people taking this shiznit personal. Its not. It friggin football.
I wrote a post several blogs back that I felt this was the blog for the "Home Town" Guys. And I felt that if we as HOME TOWN guys cannot get it together on a damn blog, there is a big problem. I still believe my remedy for the problem to be the best. Do not take this personal and allow EVERYONE an opinion. YOU DON"T HAVE TO AGREA OR DISAGREE... and little "Knot-Hole" gang cliques are even worse (see SS for example)...
This entire thing I consider "FUN" its a way to share with Dolphins fans... I hope that others feel the same and don't let something like a BLOG eat their lunch. Hell... the world ends in 2 years... just ask..HOME.

well, i think you don’t ever expect too much from a rookie who is 3rd on the depth chat from day one. 1)pennington 2) henne 3) white. then take into account all the tinkering they did with him to make him a “drop back” passer. i’m not even sure why they would do that with him. i don’t think he’ll ever be the starter on this team. they could not of drafted him with that idea with both henne and penne. so why not, day one, make him the utility guy that he should be?? let him wear the gloves, screw having him spend hours of practice working on his drops from under center!! have him returning punts and kicks, have him be the swing man in the wildcat. that would have shaken up some defenses!! is ronnie gonna run or give it to white? is white gonna run? throw? reverse it to cobbs? white lined up at receiver? crap what is he doing there? he is super fast, and super quick. he should be used like crash jensen. everywhere on the field, and occasionally at QB, but stop this he’s only going to be a QB BS!!! tell him that’s the plan and then if he won’t accept it, ship him out!! he does have value as a utility guy, very little at QB on a team so deep with QB’s. i still think he absolutely will be on the roster. either penne will be on the PUP, seeming unlikely now, or thigpen will be traded to one of the many teams light at the position. we gave a 6h to get him i think. we probably can get a low 4th back for him if we see some one go down in camp. which always happens. lets just hope it's none of our guys.

Hee hee, gayturd. That was funny but leave ALoco alone. he is one of the shining lights of this blog!!!

ALoco, I think BP was eting prunes that day.

jaison, awesome post. Best of the day.

Extremely well written adn thought provoking

So I'm wondering if Marshall had a quiet day because he wasn't being thrown to as much or because he didn't take as many reps or if Smith and Davis did better in coverage on their second day.

Point being there was such a huge deal made about how Marshall made Smith look bad on a couple of plays yesterday that I'm hoping the same will be said if the situation is reversed.

If the corners are holding their own I want to know about it! :)


Definitely some good thoughts about Pat White.... It can certainly been seen from that vantage point. Only disagreement I would have is taking snaps from under center... that is a STAPLE for an NFL QB and a necessity for an entire bank of plays to work correctly. But the idea about Gloves and playing to his strength is certainly worth noting and hopefully considered as they look at Pat this Summer.

Agree again Derek, last reference to Aloco from me, my only problem with him is that he seems to be here for no other reason than he is bored and is looking to provoke a response from someone and while i lose no sleep at night over him or others like him, I just wish as you said that this blog was if not exclusively lets say 95% used for Dolphin talk and not the ramblings of a madman, but anyhow that's done with, back to the phins, I see Henne as very capable of posting a QB rating in the high 80's low 90's this year(hopefully year in year out), I can see him posting a 3,200 to 3,600 yard season, TD numbers harder to predict since we could unlike indy and NE who make it a point to give Brady and Manning cheap 1 yd TD's to pat stats ,especially in the years when they broke the TD single season record, anyways back to Henne, with B Marshall forcing double coverage, I honestly think Bess and Hartline will be very productive, if the line blocks for him as I expect and the threat of the running game we have, I see no reason Henne unless he self destructs, will not be in the Pro Bowl discussion this year and for years to come, are you guys as high on Henne as I am? or am I being blinded by my hopes for Henne? thanks in advance!p.s. Fasano being at least serviceable i.e. much beter than last year or at least average will go a long way towards Henne being that Pro Bowl caliber QB.


It may be a combination of all the above. I personally hope Marshall stays very conservative in his practice. I don't think any of us want to read that he (I am not even going to write the words, Know what I mean?).... So keeping him "Throttled Back" may be in the teams best interest on camp day #2. Lets hope however he raises our secondary to the level we all believe they can reach.

Jaison that is what i tried to say earlier, I was FOR the pick of P W but was under the impression he would be utilized exactly as you described, and lollll sorry Mark in TOR, hands off the "luminary" from now on lol


Apparantly Odrick is having a much better second day.

Also, reports are saying that Solai has been doing well against both Grove and Berger getting consistent pressure up the middle and holding his ground. This is the best news for me because I believe it's SUPER important for this team that Solai takes that next step and maybe even pushes Starks for playing time.

If Solai improves that much it will open up the possibility of moving Starks back into the DE rotation on 3rd downs and more.

I wonder if the Starks move plus the addition of at least one very strong player in Grant has motivated Solia a bit? The guy has the size and all the physical requirements to be a killer NT. It has to be a "Head Thing" that he has struggled thus far... I still say that Miami's D-line will be better then some think. Particularly with the new additions From the draft (Odrick) and FA. I am also waiting for some reports on the LB's... it has been very quiet about them thus far..Good?...Bad? we'll see.

I agree with the posts regard PW, he should be used as a utility player, there is where his value truly lies. He does need to learn how to be a drop back qb though, this is just a fundamental basic of one of the roles he may fill and that role requires the most practing to be proficient. If he can't master that and be the "swiss army knife" of the Offense then you get rid of him. It comes down to the 53 guys that will most help you win. If the trifecta sees value in him but he's not ready for primetime yet then maybe he could be put on the practice squad... this is all up to the trifecta.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Pat White is back in camp. He looked good today; he was throwing a tight spiral. Much stronger ball than last season. His passes looked like wobbly ducks last year. I see a lot of improvement in him this season.
I think that he should be given a second chance; you can't judge a player after one season. Especially when his role is not yet defined. His asked to come in sparingly and execute the stupid wildcat. Give the guy a break! He never ran the wildcat in college; the guy ran the spread and moreover he's a play maker. If you really want to judge him, then you release his shackles and let him play.
Sparano needs to defined his role and stick to it. You can't ask him to be a QB for 2 plays then say he's not good enough. It's simply not fair for him or the team. No wonder the guy's confused.

What do you think Aloco? I happen to be a big fan of his from his WVU days.

Taurus Johnson aint back there vying for returner duties?

the one thing about feeding the wolf is that he needs to be outside before he can come inside.

Nolan Carrol and Kory Sheets look the best at returns. Both are Fast. I just got back from afternoon practice.

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