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Sun Life promises to correct health inspection deficiencies

A quick non-football field related post before things heat up on the field in the coming days. Don't complain, this one has to do with the bugs in your frozen drinks at Sun Life Stadium.

ESPN's Outside the Lines obtained the health department inspection records of 107 NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB stadiums and arenas for 2009 and ... Sun Life Stadium was the absolute worst in the NFL with 93 percent of vendors having been judged with a critical violation during inspections.

"In June 2009 [which would be Marlins season], an employee complained anonymously that small insects and other debris were blended into frozen alcoholic beverages at a stand where equipment wasn't being cleaned," one inspection report excerpt for Sun Life reads. "When inspectors checked, they issued a critical violation for a buildup of slime inside the frozen drinks machine."

The Dolphins directed questions to their corporate partners at Sun Life. Both are owned by Stephen Ross.

"It is important to note that the stadium has passed every health and safety inspection." Sun Life Senior Vice President of Operations Todd Boyan said in a statement Tuesday. "In fact, because the State of Florida is more strict than most states and demands more detailed and frequent testing, the stadium and its concessionaire are required to be more publicly diligent in meeting safety requirements. Any past inspection infraction has been corrected and we expect our concessionaire to meet every health and safety recommendation made by the appropriate local and state inspectors. Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety, and entertainment experience at Sun Life Stadium."

Notice this statement does not refute the Outside the Lines report. Boyan is basically promising to correct the problems in the future.

"Any deficiencies that are identified during the course of an inspection are immediately corrected, usually in the presence of the inspector," reads a statement from Centerplate, the company which manages the food vendors at the stadium.

The report is sobering. It makes me wonder if the inspections also applied to the free food and drinks available to the media in the pressbox?

Might have to start tailgating.


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What's next? Scrub the tatoos off of Jake Long and Richie Incognito?

Sun Life promises to correct health inspection deficiencies!!!!

they have decided to change the menu offerings to Oriental only, where the bugs, etc. are standard fare ....

Look, If you have ever worked in ANY restaurant or similar, you know that there are issues EVERYWHERE... if you cannot deal with it... Don't go out because it is out there. I worked installing Fire Suppression systems and servicing them for several years. Most were inside Kitchen cooking hoods and boats. If you have seen what I have seen... you would NEVER eat at another restaurant again. And some of the worst.... were the so called "High end Joints".
Add in a bunch of vendor workers who's only concern is their next text message and if the Immigration guys are there and you have a group selling food who don't care of EVERYONE dies. I have seen some real Mopes over there... but make no mistake about that either... You get up in the North East and the Vendor scene is all mobbed up. And those inspectors "Get a little somethin' special" come inspection day and Madison Square Garden. Don't be brain dead and think if your teams stadium did not make this list you "all good" it just means the right guys got the right money to the right guys and its all good now... Know what I'm sayin?

"Look, If you have ever worked in ANY restaurant or similar, you know that there are issues EVERYWHERE... if you cannot deal with it... Don't go out because it is out there."

I have to agree. From insects to rodents, food establishments have their hands full. Many insects are shipped in with produce, and deliveries, it isn't always the establishments fault. It is the nature of the business. It takes time, effort, and money to keep a food establishment insect free.

Bugs wont kill you... but the prices might...

the bugs just enhance the flavor of the bland and tired food that they serve at the concession stands at Sunlife Stadium.


Funny stuff Armando

Home purchases the large rum runners
one for him
one for guest

Thats $12.00 each
2 for $24.00 plus tip

Hope they can hold the insects & vermon droppings at that price and ...

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

For the record
Recognize the need 4 corporate sponsor
but prefer the name ...

Chemtrail Death Stadium

Will refer to the stadium as "Miami Dolphin stadium" or

Chemtrail Death Stadium
(think the NFLs Dirtiest Player ...
Dirty Richie will like Chemtrail Death better)



Maybe Stephen Ross and Mike Dee can eat the concession food at every home game to show us it's safe to eat??


Training camp can't start soon enough, am i right Armando?

I go away for a while and all I read in the previous post is a blog war with SuckingSentinel...

Its the Cuban vs the Blogastards


MT CODY (Terrance Cody) NT for baltimore raven's dafted in this years draft failed his physical and will start the season on the PUP list (physically unable t preform) that a minimum of 6 weeks out.

According to MIke and MIKE

How smart does the Parcells 'sregime look now for NOT drafting him.

You can't go against that man.

For raven's its not looking good. No Kindle, No Cody, and No reed to start the season.

The 2007 Dolphins played as if insect droppings were blended into their gatorade.

Come to think of it, I'd probably rather eat an insect that watch another Cam Cameron coached team.

We got the ravens ni NOV, they may all be back but they will most likely be rusty

Odrick isnt looking so bad then...

I put out bad info...

If your on the PUP list you can still come off and not miss any games, however if you come off the PUP list and then go back on the PUP list you will MISS the mandatory 6 weeks.

Got that.

Thanks Mike and MIKE

Wow,Cody and Kindle out before the season starts.That's some impressive drafting.

He at least looks safe Waterboy.

Now he needs to sign his contract...How much does he really think he deserves. He's not a QB or an RB. C'mon man.

That goes for you to missi

If the Orange bowl was still up, what would it have ranked??

promises, promises.... I will continue to eat food only when tailgating and only drink things from bottles inside the stadium...

Those are some expensive bugs though! I guess people seem to like them... they should put them on the menu and charge more...

Yeah its better than the Orange Bowl with used condoms in the drinks and blood from gunshot wounds too

I understand trying to make a buck with the high prices. But how can you be so dirty.

Did J-LO bring her own nachos?

I havent seen any posts by Mando regarding the signing of the new DE from the Jets.

I dont remember this guy playing, but his stat line looks decent.

What does this say about Baker, Mcdaniels and Dotson?

If the bugs were found during the marlins season that means nobody drank them.



A month after signing punter Brandon Fields and long-snapper John Denney to contract extensions through 2012 and 2013, respectively, the Dolphins have signed Pro Bowl kicker Dan Carpenter to a three-year, $6.205 million contract through the 2013 season, according to NFLPA records.

Carpenter, entering his third season out of Montana, has made 46 of 53 field goals (86.8 percent) in his career and earned a Pro Bowl berth in 2009 after hitting eight of nine from 40 yards, with a long of 52.

Carpenter, scheduled to make $470,000 this year, will earn base salaries of $1.005 million, $2.525 million and $2.675 million with his new contract.

Source: Palm Beach Post

Armando, and word on Odrick & Misi? Have they signed? Camp opens in 2 days, and we can't afford any holdouts.

aloco why there so much among themselves at the SS? NJ is the common denominator in all of the fights. Why is this? He needs to stay over there, right aloco?

Thank you for this report. No more smoothie rumrunners for me!

Water, baby!

They'll probably jack up the price to $7.

Morning all... Was kinda hoping that I would wake up and their would be a Blog up about how they did sign the two! Oh well mabey later on today or tommorow morning I will!

where did they find the rats ?


Dear Mr. Salguero

There not bugs...there condiments...condiments are usually free

Soiled :)

Think Of them as EXTRA PROTEIN!!!!!

long season boys.

only someone in their wrong mind would ever eat any stadium food....

where did they find the rats ?

Yea there called Drunks!!! That's what's wrong with those people!

make a few $$$$ before the game and sell hot dogs in the parking lot.

where is the updated TC roster.?

The RATS are on the Scum sentinel. LOL


New blog post up 2 Watt, your favorite topic: QBs

I Always Always tailgate stadium food is gross and overpriced. being a cook I know how badly they take care of their concession stands just by looking at them. oh well to each his own doesn't affect the Beer so don't care


Obviously you haven't read about the Beer Beetle incident. Seven injured. One severely.


Maybe we can offer Sanchez and the Jets free hotdogs during the game.

The worst violations were found in the cities where the vast majority of the stadium workers are black.

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