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Travel show could lure Williams away from NFL

One of the stories everyone will follow in 2010 is whether running back Ricky Williams will retire after the season (as he has said he might) or will continue playing beyond this season (as he has said he might).

Well, in correcting a news story on Thursday, Williams may have given a glimpse of which way he's leaning long-term.

SportsBusinessDaily.com reported Williams is in preliminary talks to host a "reality" show for 2011. Turns out the report and the ensuing ones that simply parroted the information were wrong, according to Williams.

"I am NOT doing a reality TV show," Williams said on his twitter feed. "I am beginning discussions [for] a potential travel show."

So what does this have to do with the decision to play beyond 2010 or not?

As Williams added with another tweet, the travel show work would begin in February of 2011 after the NFL season is over.

And that means if the show gets off the ground and is a success, Williams would find himself doing something he once decided he loved more than football. Williams would essentially be doing what he did in the fall of 2004 when he retired from football and traveled around the world.

Except this time Williams would be getting paid.

The gig wouldn't preclude him from returning to his NFL work in 2011 if he wanted, but it is possible it would be another reason tugging at Williams to stay away. He would no doubt be making good money, exploring the world, and not getting trucked by 300-pound defensive linemen.

That lure could play a role in whether Williams wants to make a return to the field at age 34. Even the discussion of doing the show might be a foreshadowing that Williams is already planning other activities not football for 2011.

Or not. One never knows with Mr. Williams.

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Ricky Williams new Travel Channel Show: "Wide World of Weed."

Emmy winner?

With another year of wear and tear as well as some things that have been said,we should probably get used to the idea that Ricky won't be around after this year.
I know I will miss him.

The travel channel presents "Weeds From Around The World" with your host, Ricky Williams.

I would watch it though...

Ricky has come back and earned his place among the Dolphin elite. His troubled past is just that. The past. If he decides he is done with football at least he can leave with no regrets, go out on his terms, and without embarrasment. I say good luck to Ricky in whatever path he chooses.

whether you hold it against ricky for his break from miami football,he is one of the few football players that were screwed up and ended up turning it around and making it right and beyond.

in my view he payed his debt to the dolphins and his future is his own to do what he wants.

If he leaves I will be one of the first ones to jump on the Lex Hilliard bandwagon...

Cris Carter has got to be the most arrogant piece of crap I have ever seen, He can't two sentences out of his mouth without praising himself.

I know off topic but damn!

Watching Mike and Mike

BTW thanks for the game and a half you played for the Dolphins Carter.

OK, I'm done.

That show doesn't necessarily mean retirement. Dhani Jones has been doing both for a couple of years.

Starting D-Line





Dotson -Ilama-Scrub McPlayer

What a sad drop off from Starters to Rotation. This is assuming Odrick is not Merling II

I see 100 yd running games galore on our D-line. Hope Nolan can make it work

Kris and timm13 you guys are right. Ricky did turn things around and allof us are proud of him. Shame that the weed jokes continue. When more than half of you m'fkers have tried weed at some point in your life.

Mr. Headband,
Let's wait and see if the FO will chase one of these potential trades, too early to panic... I hope, lol.

Where's my prize for following you on "Twitter" Armando?

The Phins better bank on Wake commanding consistant double teams every snap to free up the some of the D line or Brandon Marshall will be watching the clock tick away while standing on the sidelines all season long.LOL

Who is your team 2wat?

They should be planning like this is his last season anyway. I think the RB position is going to look a lot different next year.

Good to see activity on the blog again. Nothing really happening, but, soon enough Mandy, soon enough...

I was bitter and angry the first time he walked away. However, at a young 34, if he decides it's over I will respect it. You could also see at the end of last year that he doesn't have the motor to be a feature back anymore. Still awesome if you have someone to spell him though.

Ricky does belong on the all time Dolphins' greats list. One of my favourites anyway.

"Man vs. Weed" Featuring Ricky Williams.


I watch the NFL.

shoulda took Dan Williams.

Should've picked you instead 2watt, I'm sure you're a force to be reckened with.

There you go again Armando.. the sky is falling header.. An entire tv series can be shot in just a few weeks.. Survivor is shot in 39 days, amazing race is shot in 4 weeks.. Bachelor is shot in 3 to 4 weeks.. there is plenty of time after the season ends to shoot an entire series and still have time to return before March... Ricky does not need to take much time off to do a show if he so desired... And hosting a "travel show" nor a reality show will not bring him in a lot of money.. he makes more in one game then he would make hosting any kind of tv show..

I said it after his 30 for 30 on ESPN, Ricky is one of the most unique stories that has come across the sports world. It has been a pleasure watching him grow into the man he is today.

100% agreed!

"It is said" = weasel words


Whats up man? I agree about Ricky, he is one of my favorite people in all of sports... I hope he stays on through at least 2011, could be his best shot a ring of his career...


Good to see you man. I think Ricky getting a ring would be so sweet for him. His full circle journey is pretty amazing when looked at without any bias, as they say, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

that is awesome for ricky. i wish i thought of doing that right out of college. that seems to be the greatest job ever!! if you're single. i do love watching the more odd travel shows. three sheets is a good one. i ope he finds an interesting concept for his show. as much as i'd love to have him play 3 ore years, this fits his personality and spirit much better. he travels a lot in the offseason.

SCOTT- a travel show could take longer than a couple weeks, and there is more to life than just money. leaving still in good health and getting to do what you really love seems like a great thing for ricky. ricky seems to only play football, because he was blessed with athletic ability. i'm not sure football was ever even his 3rd love. seems like art(photography), travel and massage/yoga are his top 3. more power to him. even with all the headaches and draft picks we gave for him he is still one of my favorite dolphins ever.

Time to ease in Lex Hillard to see if you need to Draft an RB early or Late in 2011 Draft.

The only way I see RW returning is if the Fins go deep into the playoffs with RB still carrying the load and Ricky second fiddle.


No, it does NOT take more then 3 or 4 weeks to shoot a show like this.. Know what your talking about before you say anything.. As I am a Director of Photography for most these types of shows you watch on TV.. this comes from 25 years in the business and hundreds of shows under my belt.. I crew, schedule, & shoot these for a living .. So give me credit for knowing what I am talking about... Now with that said.. Good luck Ricky on whatever you do...

Cuban menace is it true you got kicked out of the Sentinel????

Nice Job Scott.

also, please check Sexy Rex's Pic at msn.com

I work on the Anthony Bourdain show. We can be away as much as eight consecutive weeks.

Ricky isn't doing a bachelor episode in some mansion, Scott. If it is a travel show, you have to be away from home and it can get very time consuming.

And if you think these HOSTS don't make money, Scott you truly have no idea.

Is that the guy from the show no reservations??

I would like to see a show between the dude Bourdain vs Zimmerman. Those two will eat anything.

Sounds like Scott knows what he's talking about, so Ricky could still do the show and play.

But, people, this guys will be 34. And he's a bruiser RB, running up the middle getting hit play after play. His body has been through a lot (not just in the NFL, but in college and before). You can't play this game forever. He was one of the best players the Dolphins have ever had, but we need to start thinking about the NEW blood. The NEW stars. Parcells and Co. are working on it, we get a winning season under our belt and players will be flocking to Miami (especially if the basketball team does well).

So, I wish Ricky well whatever he does. I'll rock his jersey long after he's gone. Now I'm looking to Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne and our 2 young CBs to step it up and carry the rock that Ricky's been carrying (by himself I might add) for so long.

Chad Henne is likely to throw a TD pass to Pat White this year

PARIS -- France coach Laurent Blanc will drop all 23 World Cup players for his first match next month as collective punishment the team's embarrassing fiasco in South Africa.

:LMAO. This is what Parcells is going to do during the bye week after the Phins' putrid 1-3 start..AND, Buffalo is not looking like a gimmie right now. 0-4 could be the record.

2 watt, is that the energy your brain produces (2 watts of power)? Sounds like it. Go hate somewhere else, this blog is for DOLPHINS fans, not losers like you who like to come on and start trouble. Go get a napkin and clean the drool coming from your lower lip!

2 watt , your little yellow bus has arrived !

carlo ponti you little worm. How are ya???
Cant stay at the SS with the TK8????
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Why do you insult carlo?

Please stay at the SS and leave us in peace here. Have a blessed day

espanda , there's also room on that bus for your retarted brain !

Posted by: carlo ponti | July 23, 2010 at 12:21 PM

Please carlo learn to spell. The word is retarded

then again NJ spells the word "snake" like "smake". LOL

HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!! Chris T.. They are picking on me and my boy friend NJ again.. HELP!!!!!

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SS that is true. They are a sad and pathetic bunch. everybody telling each other goodnight like on the Waltons...Goodnight Johnboy. LOL

Goodnight Luke

So much for the DEZ Bryant bashing.

He is the first 1st rounder to sign.

Kris it is human nature for those on these blogs to bash someone. One soul in particular comes to mind. Let us say I will call him CJ or TJ, you know what I mean.

SS Board Sucks!

I see empanada.

Thats why I love these blogs. It gives us all the chance to man up and be accountable when we are dead wrong in black and white. Let's see if any one does.

I know I have went off the deep end on my distain for Jason Taylor. If he has a better than average season meaning..double digit sacks and a few game changing plays on SC then I will come on her and eat my crow

Jason Taylor Post of the Day!!!! Hooray!

Kris we all love the blogs. You have always been a good poster here. You may or not know who i am because I keep changing to keep NJ on his toes....ooops I said NJ. If you get a chance, go to the SS and see them interact...priceless. I thought I saw your name a few times there, but was not sure it was you.

it was camarillo who saved the Phins from being 0-16. not JT. He has zero game changing plays the past 2 years and the trend will continue in NY. no eating crow for you. LOL

LMAO @ SS. perfect. sad but it's real.LOL

It wasn't me Empanada, I saw the fake post as well. It just show me the extent that those loser's will go to. to post in my name. I take it as a compliment.

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