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Travel show could lure Williams away from NFL

One of the stories everyone will follow in 2010 is whether running back Ricky Williams will retire after the season (as he has said he might) or will continue playing beyond this season (as he has said he might).

Well, in correcting a news story on Thursday, Williams may have given a glimpse of which way he's leaning long-term.

SportsBusinessDaily.com reported Williams is in preliminary talks to host a "reality" show for 2011. Turns out the report and the ensuing ones that simply parroted the information were wrong, according to Williams.

"I am NOT doing a reality TV show," Williams said on his twitter feed. "I am beginning discussions [for] a potential travel show."

So what does this have to do with the decision to play beyond 2010 or not?

As Williams added with another tweet, the travel show work would begin in February of 2011 after the NFL season is over.

And that means if the show gets off the ground and is a success, Williams would find himself doing something he once decided he loved more than football. Williams would essentially be doing what he did in the fall of 2004 when he retired from football and traveled around the world.

Except this time Williams would be getting paid.

The gig wouldn't preclude him from returning to his NFL work in 2011 if he wanted, but it is possible it would be another reason tugging at Williams to stay away. He would no doubt be making good money, exploring the world, and not getting trucked by 300-pound defensive linemen.

That lure could play a role in whether Williams wants to make a return to the field at age 34. Even the discussion of doing the show might be a foreshadowing that Williams is already planning other activities not football for 2011.

Or not. One never knows with Mr. Williams.

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interact, i know what you really mean to say.. LOL

Is the Tim the Enchanter the original Mr.Bungle?

Poor Poor cuban menace , he got banned from the SS and now is on here crying hiding behind the name empanada. So sad and Pathetic !!

Hey you guys lighten up on the SS.

You might hurt their over-sensitive feelings.

the Cuban has good insight on this blog.
go back to SS Ponti Scheme

the fumble return for TD against the Jets
without that we wouldn't have swept them in 09.
give credit where credit is due. if your gonna exaggerate don't be gay about it.

The SS blog should be named NJ blog .it's all about him . very lame .

tiny unseen digs?

Ray Ray you need to stop being so sensitive and stop looking in the shadows for evil, cruel people. Paranoia is not a good thing.

I would like to trade the following players for a late RD pick:

1) Pat White
2) Jason Allen
3) Clamming Chowder

this being his final year sounds about right. he still has "gas in the tank" but the explosion isn't there. I'll have fond memories of ricky when he's gone.

lets just hope brown holds. Ricky is only good these days for about 10 carries/game. after that it become an adventure using ricky sometimes.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I think Ricky Williams should get Dave Attell as a co-host (takes the pressure off ricky).

Each week Dave gets hammered on booze and weed and ricky treats him with local herbs and medicines.

I'd watch it

Soiled :)

Could call it "Healing Dave Attell with Ricky Williams"

Hey, does anyone know what the name of the show will be?
We've done "Run, Ricky, Run" and anything with "Weed" in the title is probably out as well. Maybe we should make suggestions to the Travel Channel or something. Whatcha think?

10 people will watch a show w/ricky and after 3 month it will be canceled .

"Maybe we should make suggestions to the Travel Channel or something. Whatcha think?"

"Locked up abroad" is taken.

Cornered by Customs, Coffee House's of Holland, Travel Ricky Travel

Soiled :)

"Maybe we should make suggestions to the Travel Channel or something. Whatcha think?

Ricky Wiliams and Dave Wannstedt in The Traveling Stasche with Stash

Hahaha, SOiled!! As great as your posts have always been that last one is a classic. Looking up Abroad! HAHHAHAHAAA!!!

He said " locked up abroad " and it's on the National geographic channel !

You have LeBron following you on twitter?? Nice job mando. does that mean he's a dolphins fan now too. SWEET!


Lebron's Headband did me last night. He's a cool dude.

Oh ya, my eyes are getting weary. End of a long week, thanks Ponti Scheme.

I don't know the show - I don't have it as part of my cable package and not even sure it's offered locally.

soiled is classic .

is cuban menace really mentally retarted ??

I like to look up men's shorts when they're working out.

NFL Analyst,

As a n a l as your postd are, I'm not surprised.

You sir are a proctologist with vested interests.

Good day!

Hey whoever wouldn't let me post A N A L is a DOLT.

You Dolts are supposed to be educated.

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help help me im so small.

so nfl a n a l is the way he is because of what he learned on the pooper? tee hee.. !!!!

Lets talk Fins D-Line

Starks: Pro Bowl DE moved to NT Desperation Move?
Langford: Good Starter
Odrick: 0 Pro Snaps
Mcdaniels: Scrub
Baker: Scrub
Alama: Super Scrub
Dotson: Super Scrub
Solai: Decent Backup Material

Tell me why I shouldn’t be worried about or D-Line………. When last year we got railroad last 4 games? How did our D-line improve?

The confusing status of Dolphins defensive end Phillip Merling has begun to acquire some clarity. But that could only make the situation ultimately more confusing.

Yes, Merling suffered an Achilles' tendon injury while working out. No, it didn't happen at the team's facility.

As a result, the team could place Merling, the first pick in the second round of the 2008 draft, on the non-football injury list, and the Dolphins likewise could withhold his $600,000 base salary for 2010.

Per a league source, Merling suffered the injury while doing pass-rushing drills at a high school field. But since the injury didn't happen while practicing with the team or working out at the team's facility, the end result is that it's no different that an injury suffered while falling in the tub or jumping out of a plane, or any of the various possible circumstances in between.

Source: PFT.com

Ricky Williams is a continuing feel good story.

He's overcome a lot of adversity and proved all the nay-sayers wrong. I love it.

I'm sure he wasn't under any undo pressure. Like say, if some NFL head coach traded away his entire draft to pick you........

Sure there were some bumps in the road but the "little smoke" has taught him well and look at him now.

You go Ricky!

Meet me in Amsterdam in 2011!!!!

I'm glad Ricky is doing a Travel show and differentiates between that and reality shows.

After all, reality shows are for washed up has beens like T.O., Oko Cincho and Brett Michelle's.

Here is the thing that I can't get over with fans and Ricky. People really hated him when he left...I wasn't to mad at him because if you believed the stories about what happened, apparently he was terrified after seeing Earl Cambell and how the man can barely walk. Dave Wanstache had just had the man break a record for most carries in the NFL in a season and drafted no help for him in the following draft. he also said he planned to run him like the year prior. So he bolted. Wanstache eventually quit...got the boot...who cares but b/c he left we finally got rid of a horrible coach. Gotta say...I love Ricky.

I think he will retire

Brett Michelle's??? Nice spelling where did one go to school in the urinal. HAHA

Who gives a crap about the 33 year old "Rumblin' Fumbler". All we should worry about is if they get him some longer cleats this season so he doesn't slip all over the field...

Good old Urinal High! GO CAKES!!!!

Brett Michelle's??? Nice spelling where did one go to school in the urinal. HAHA

Posted by: HamperHead | July 23, 2010 at 03:56 PM


Have you ever noticed Brett MICHAELS eyeliner and makeup?
Maybe men wearing makeup and eyeliner is all in a nights work for you? That would explain your reference to hanging out at the urinals in mens rooms.

Just for the record, I think it's quite acceptable to change Michaels to Michelle's, considering he wears more facial cream than your sister :)

Wouldn't you know it.

Some guy mentions hanging out at the urinals and Marcie "pops up".

How you doing sweet cheeks?

It looks like Odin amd Mark are lovers. HAHA

Hhahaa, clever Odin.

I like you, I just thought it was a funny comment. No hard feelings.

In all fairness, I also tried 2ce to reply to the NFL ANALyst comment earlier but the comment was banned.

Hamper, I wanna kiss you....

I learned everything to know about wooing from that classy Jet, Joe Namath.

welcome spears to town.


I don't have any hard feelings for you(believe me) :)


I apologize for the sister comment and believe me Marcie knows just how much I love him!

All the weed jokes and Ricky Williams are old already.... all the jackazzes that keep posting them, grow up!!!... like you never did weed in your life!!.... get a life!

yo johnwallers thanks for the link, i came across one by accident that id think ud love. its http://sportscomplainer.com bye out

Yeah me and Joeywatts just finished burning a fatty!



I thought y'all was gonna let me get down too!


You didn't put in on this maaan!

J/K Odin... Whats up bud?

Put in? Man I was gonna bring the bottle!

Just counting down to traing camp and hoping for some Marcus Spears news.

In light of recent "developments" I wouldn't be opposed to bringing him in.

Me neither, but mostly for depth... I don't think he is an absolutely necessary pick up, and I would like to see the young guys play (Odrick and Langford), but if one of them gets hurt, we are in a bad spot...

I'm still on the Odrick bandwagon but the D-line is no place to be thin.

Spears would be great for depth and the rotation. You gotta keep the big guys fresh.

Good for Bong Pipe! He is an eccentric dude. I think he would be an entertaining watch on tv, as he certainly is on the football field.

So check this out, just happened to me about 2 hours ago. This has nothing to do w/ the Phins, and is not football related. But a good story I thought I would share. Out Fishing the Lamar river in YNP. A river I know very well, and a spot that I frequently take people. I was walking down a side channel, go to cast, and see a rather large male grizzly sleeping in some willows at a distance of about 10 yards. The rush of adreneline that fear creates is unlike anything that I've ever experienced. Sadly that rush didn't give me any extra wind as I ran thinking that I should jump into the rapids of the river.(running from a griz is not the smartest call, but I thought the river might be my only escape) Luckily the bear was lethargic, and layed back down as my buddy and I made our escape! I feel like I just cashed my lottery ticket. Go Phins!

DD, you change your underwear yet?

Mark- Lol, Yeah, that was a scary moment. Kind of a cool story now.

LMAO@Mark, I know it is not funny Darryl, at least you got away.

Darryl, That could only happen up there in the Boonies where you live.... Though I think it could happen to Odin too, being he's up there in the Michigan Peninsula....

cuban did you really get banned from the SS?

Nah, I think it was just a 24 Suspension.... Same thing our friend got the other day arguing with Home.......

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