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Travel show could lure Williams away from NFL

One of the stories everyone will follow in 2010 is whether running back Ricky Williams will retire after the season (as he has said he might) or will continue playing beyond this season (as he has said he might).

Well, in correcting a news story on Thursday, Williams may have given a glimpse of which way he's leaning long-term.

SportsBusinessDaily.com reported Williams is in preliminary talks to host a "reality" show for 2011. Turns out the report and the ensuing ones that simply parroted the information were wrong, according to Williams.

"I am NOT doing a reality TV show," Williams said on his twitter feed. "I am beginning discussions [for] a potential travel show."

So what does this have to do with the decision to play beyond 2010 or not?

As Williams added with another tweet, the travel show work would begin in February of 2011 after the NFL season is over.

And that means if the show gets off the ground and is a success, Williams would find himself doing something he once decided he loved more than football. Williams would essentially be doing what he did in the fall of 2004 when he retired from football and traveled around the world.

Except this time Williams would be getting paid.

The gig wouldn't preclude him from returning to his NFL work in 2011 if he wanted, but it is possible it would be another reason tugging at Williams to stay away. He would no doubt be making good money, exploring the world, and not getting trucked by 300-pound defensive linemen.

That lure could play a role in whether Williams wants to make a return to the field at age 34. Even the discussion of doing the show might be a foreshadowing that Williams is already planning other activities not football for 2011.

Or not. One never knows with Mr. Williams.

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For what it's worth. Madden has us rated 79, 3rd in the AFC East, and 17th overall, behind NE, 84, AND NY Jets, 89 (4th overall!)

Top 3 rated players:


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The Dolphins will soon be in serious RB problems, and I've been saying this for awhile. Ricky is about 65 years old and Ronnie can't get through a complete season to save his life.

So....speed receiver, tight end, outside linebacker, safety and RB. Otherwise, we are just fine.


its annoying how everyone says they noticed towards the end of last season he didnt have the motor he once had but ricky was still finishing the season with 100 yard games so wtf are you talking about. Looks like the online was wearing down and the rest of the team was unjury plagued, and with no receiver that where a threat last year obviously defenses would stack the box, i wanna see any running back do great with 9 in the box. He was still getting 100 yards and finished with 1000. The fumbles came in because of dumb mistakes and carelessness he had that all throught his career hell have it fixed by this year. plus he has small hands so its hard to secure the ball.

Glad to see everyone is back....almost.

I hope I can run like Ricky when I'm 65 years old.Run beerndrums run.

Go for it Ricky! I can't wait to catch show.

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@Tom Hartman
Miami is fine at RB. Kory Sheets has big-time speed and playmaking abilities. As long as they keep the o-line intact, it won't matter who's playing RB.

Hi boys and girls. Six hours yesterday spent tailing about NJPhinfan on SS and then another 3 talking about Cuban Menace and movies. This blog needs an update badly, like let's say talking about football. Fins just signed a 33 year old ex-Jet, any thoughts on that or we gonna discuss NJ all day???


Douglas is a good signing. I think that once TC starts, the blog will return to normal

there's no thing going on football wise ,LOOK AT WHAT ARMANDO WROTE ABOUT RICKY GOING TO MAKE A TV SHOW .

The Douglas story would beat a story about guessing Ricky's future.

The Douglas story?

Here's the Douglas story and why Armando hasn't wrote about it:

We basically swapped Douglas for Taylor.
It's simply much too soon for Mando and his Taylor made Man Crush.

Since Taylor left Mando has managed to aggravate everyone inside the organization and felt it neccessary to take two extended "vacations"(nervous breakdowns) and even shut down the blog!

You heard it here first.

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In all fairness, a few posters at the SS cut on this blog and its posters everyday.

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