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Travel show could lure Williams away from NFL

One of the stories everyone will follow in 2010 is whether running back Ricky Williams will retire after the season (as he has said he might) or will continue playing beyond this season (as he has said he might).

Well, in correcting a news story on Thursday, Williams may have given a glimpse of which way he's leaning long-term.

SportsBusinessDaily.com reported Williams is in preliminary talks to host a "reality" show for 2011. Turns out the report and the ensuing ones that simply parroted the information were wrong, according to Williams.

"I am NOT doing a reality TV show," Williams said on his twitter feed. "I am beginning discussions [for] a potential travel show."

So what does this have to do with the decision to play beyond 2010 or not?

As Williams added with another tweet, the travel show work would begin in February of 2011 after the NFL season is over.

And that means if the show gets off the ground and is a success, Williams would find himself doing something he once decided he loved more than football. Williams would essentially be doing what he did in the fall of 2004 when he retired from football and traveled around the world.

Except this time Williams would be getting paid.

The gig wouldn't preclude him from returning to his NFL work in 2011 if he wanted, but it is possible it would be another reason tugging at Williams to stay away. He would no doubt be making good money, exploring the world, and not getting trucked by 300-pound defensive linemen.

That lure could play a role in whether Williams wants to make a return to the field at age 34. Even the discussion of doing the show might be a foreshadowing that Williams is already planning other activities not football for 2011.

Or not. One never knows with Mr. Williams.

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I don't hear them doing that at the ss.

Cubano you post their every day and talk like their your friends while your abusing them at the same time here. Is that good cop bad cop routine.

Bobby seems to be a question mark?

He talks civil to me, so I talk civil back. That's my rule, so I won't talk bad about him either.

The puzzling thing is that he knows everything that gets posted here and at the SS. However, there is no BobbyD posting at the SS. This makes me suspect he posts there under another name.
I'm not saying that he's an imposter or anything, but If I posted at the SS I would probably use the same moniker that I post under here, but to each there own.
I have noticed that the Cuban Menace, Carlito from Golfito and GetterDoneFin posts under the same at both blogs.

Bobby, I noticed you already mentioned people here talking about NJ all day and here I am posting about you. I'm not posting in a derogatory manner but notoriety goes hand and hand with your celebrity.

Bobby do you post at the SS? If you do, what do you post under?

youbetcha. My time at the SS was just that a trip. Some good folks there. There is a so called MOB that is run by NJ(puppet master). Some smart poster there picked up on it and coined the phrase "tightly knit group of 8" or TK8. There is a group of 8 posters that band together and kick out any outsiders. You have to be nice to them or they will have their diety Chris T suspend you for 48 hours. Do you post there?

Odin you are fkin on the ball. This character does post as bobby at the SS, but very rarely. He may post as something else w/o an avatar. I know he was on here last night and was posting as carlo ponti. He had issues with the other posters but not so much with menace. Only because the menace says nice things about bobby. Odin you speak Spanish?

I don't hear them doing that at the ss.

Posted by: youbetcha | July 24, 2010 at 05:24 PM

I'm not mentioning any names or getting involved in any of the he said she said garbage.

I will tell you what I know as fact. Certain posters there almost daily call this blog and it's posters Nuts and The NutHouse. Some posters here are called imposters and trolls as well.

I hardly ever go there and when I do it's only to "lurk". I've seen it for myself many times.

Odin you speak Spanish?

Posted by: murcielago | July 24, 2010 at 05:36 PM

Only enough to speak of Money, Women and Kicking A_s ;)

No but I enjoy football insight and you have that. Sorry I just can't take the he said she said stuff. Their is alot of insight their as well. I read more then post, but I'am a huge dolphin fan for 20 years and living near AlASKA with limited info resources.(thank god for internet)

Odin is only the fkin ball again!
Odin is right. They (SS) poke fun at us here at the herald. Example: Armando's children, trolls, losers, etc.

NJ does this to some here, yet he complains when menace does the same here. If you dont have an avatar over there you are scum basically. I do mention names because I dont give a shyt

cubano is accurate in his post also

If you dont have an avatar over there you are scum basically. I do mention names because I dont give a shyt

Posted by: murcielago | July 24, 2010 at 05:44 PM

When you tell it like it is, you don't have to give a shyt!

youbetcha, I too like you come here and there to get football news on my phins. I just cannot tolerate the stupid behaviors of some at the SS and here. You may ask why stoop to their level? That is my weakness.

Chris T is the main reason I don't post there.

His reign is supreme.

You basically have to agree with Omar and Mike. If you challenge them or any of the sucking up going on there you're hit.

It's what I imagine Stalins Soviet Russia must have been like.

Odinseye, I post under bobbyd12 with the pirate gravatar. I have not posted for a while because I am busy with work, searching for a new home and I go to a lot of Marlins games so football is secondary right now. I have no problem with the SS and enjoy talking over there. So I hope that answers your question, I always use bobbyd12, here, there, NY Post where I'm hated like poison, ProFootballTalk and another blog.

I have heard the Armando's children but figured that was more of a dig at those that think everything Armando says is right. Now being one that really got sick of the JT love stories and hearing people defending everything. I thought that that was more directed their, though I could be wrong. But I really don't think we will miss JT in the least. He was doing nothing but taking reps from WAKE. Let the Miami WAKE rise!

Odinseye isn't hardly ever going there and seeing it daily a contradiction. Or lots of lurking?

And I see another nutcase is already saying I posted as Carlo ponti. This is the reason this blog needs a Gravatar. Anyone that thinks I post as anyone else is just so incredibly stupid they shouldn't be allowed near a computer. I personally have no reason to post as anyone. Stop the nonsense so early.

Youbetcha, some posters from SS will cut and paste what their favorite cuban says here and vice versa. It is a joke, yet some still participate in it. I am guilty of it too.

Bobby I wont take the nutcase comment as an insult. You have posted as someone other than bobby before. If I have to read through a mountain of posts to find it I will. Leave me be and I will forget about what you said.

This year I'm talking about football, Dolphins football, I hope this blog stays on topic and doesn't turn into what happened last year. Anyway, Marlins pre game about to come on so enjoy.


That's cool with me.

I've just been lurking there some since Carlito had his riff with Armando.

I'm a Dolphin junkie, I'll go anywhere to get my Dolphin fix!

As will I, and their some on each site with great knowledge & I respect that. I won't mention it again its just alot nicer without the he said she said stuff.

To hopefully change the subject, any opinions on the draft signings or lack of. With just 1 first rounder signed- Dez(pimpin)Bryant.

Odinseye isn't hardly ever going there and seeing it daily a contradiction. Or lots of lurking?

Posted by: youbetcha | July 24, 2010 at 06:02 PM

As I was typing, I figured someone would catch that. Nonetheless, no contradictions here.
I post here and have for a long time. Until Armando bans me, I will continue. I love this place, warts and all.
While Armando was on vacation I would have continued to post here. We did the same thing last year. This year, when they closed the comments I had no choice. That's when I did alot of lurking at the SS.

Tom Hartman- Why all the doom and gloom? IMO, the type of backs that we have fit our system fine. They all can do multiple things, and all have a role to fill to make this offense go. It is more important that our backs can all catch, and block then be a long run waiting to happen. All of our backs(well maybe not RB) are the type of guys that wear defenses down, add a physical offensive line, and I think the running game will be fine.

You want to change the subject and then mention Dez Bryant!?!?

Just kidding. I'll be the first to admit that I was way wrong on that one. Shortly after the draft I predicted Bryant would be a major headache as well as a holdout.

Things that make you go Hmmmmm............


As usual, well said. Someone earlier made a similar statement about our O-line.
Ricky is a unique talent and will be hard to replace. Still, with our O-line I'm positive we'll be able to plug in just about anyone.

I remember when Denvers O-line was like that. They made stars out of every Tom, Dick and Harry that came along.

Well more commenting on the how few 1st rounders and second rounders signed this year(then big PIMPIN). It just seems late with only 6 days to go - 1.28 Jared Odrick DE Penn State
2.40 Koa Misi LB Utah
3.73 John Jerry G Mississippi 4 years, $2.64M; $858K SB
4.119 A.J. Edds LB Iowa 4 years, $2.267M, $477K SB
5.145 Nolan Carroll CB Maryland 4 years, $1.891M $191,750 SB
5.163 Reshad Jones S Georgia 4 years, $1.95M; $160K SB
7.212 Chris McCoy LB Middle Tennessee State 4 Years, $1.855M $65,150 SB
7.252 Austin Spitler LB Ohio State 4 years, $1.826M $36,475 SB
to go.

I tried to post on the SS, but I think I got banned! I'm not sure why, I never attacked anyone, or insulted the blog in any way. I even got my own Avitar(Steal your Face). Anyway I'm stoked this blog is back open, I enjoy conversatin' with the folks here. And there are never posts from Mr. Soiled Bottom to get me through the day over there.

25. Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois 5 years $ undisclosed
44. Pat White, QB, West Virginia – 4 Years $undisclosed
61. Sean Smith, CB, Utah 4 years $3.1M $1.36G $945K SB
87. Patrick Turner, WR, USC 4 years $2.3 million; $714,000 SB
108. Brian Hartline, WR, Ohio State 4 years $2.5M; $500k SB
161. John Nalbone, TE, Monmouth 4 years $1.923M; $173,000 SB
165. Chris Clemons, S, Clemson 4 years $ undisclosed
181. Andrew Gardner, OT, Georgia Tech 4 years $1.859M; $109K SB
214. J.D. Folsom, LB, Weber State 4 years 1.812M; $62K SB

The money seems close from last year for the players signed. I think the top ten are going to drop the most($ wise) and be the hardest to sign.

What up Odin! Thanks for the shout last night! That fckin bear ruined an epic day of trout fishing. Oh well, it could have been worse. I think we are lucky to have the stable of backs that we do. One battle that I think will be interesting to watch will be who will get that 4th running back spot(Between Lex, and K. Sheets) Lex is my guy, but if Sheets can show some return skills, it might be tough to keep him of the roster. What do you think?

I think it's great that the Trifecta has made roster cutdowns such a dreaded task.
I think Lex is the perfect complimentary back. I see him spelling Ricky when he finally hangs them up.
If Sheets impresses enough to get the nod over Hilliard, then so be it. Either way, it's win-win for the Phins.

For the record, I'm predicting Hilliard will be the guy and contribute a lot this season.

Alright fellas, have a great evening.. going to try and spice up a young lady this evening.. wish me luck!!!.



Its time for some new news. This SS/MH crap is infuriating. Give the poster's something else to talk about....please.

BTW. Picked up this new magazine. It states that the jets trash talking is just what the patriots need to get motivated and back to SB form. It also said that we are in the mix but also that we have to many question marks to jump on the band wagon just yet.

I have no fear of the jets, but i do feel we were somewat lucky in the 2nd game. We haven't swept the patriots in a long time, and it seems like the lowly bill can always steal one from us no matter how much we have to play for.

Any thoughts?

Since the Dolphins rarely blow anybody out, but will get blown out on occasion (but not to often), I have to ask the question....

Do we play down to our level of competition, (bills, raiders) or does the competition play down to our level (colts, saints).

You guys tell me. I got my thoughts

peace...until tommrow

I have posted on both this blog and the SS for a long time. My thought are very simple about both sites, if it is your intention to post solid interesting (to someone at least) info concerning the Blog subject matter or at least something relevant to it, then you a s positive contributor. These days those are hard to come by. I don't like the little tight knit crap on SS, but I do not post there looking for a reply, I post my opinion and that's good enough for me. Catch this blog at the right time and you can have some very good conversations with good Phins fans, and do so without being in the little "Knot hole gang" to do it.
Now that this blog is back up and running, the only thing that will keep it from spiraling back into a "Handle stealing" & back biting crap hole. Its my hope it become a site for those who want to have a cool home town blog to post upon. I cannot EVEN wrap my mind around what makes home team fans want to argue and destroy the blog because they disagree or whatever, read what you want and agree/disagree with what you want. It is not personal, you do not HAVE to be right in everyone's mind and you don't HAVE to agree with everyone. "ITS NOT PERSONAL!!!!", you don't have to make it personal with attacks on people. There are enough Jests trollers and azzwipes who "Just want to watch it all burn" to make it enough a struggle.
I can only hope that the regular crew of smart, informed posters and even those who are here because they don't know shyt but are trying to learn, I know I have leaned a ton from posters on this blog. We need to keep at it and keep OURSELVES from becoming a part of the problem. If not, then like I said before, I will do my writing for my own heads sake, it just seems like it would be better for all should EVERYONE decide its time to limit the BS. And for those who are going to do it no matter what... just ignore them until they bore and go away...

Just a thought...

Go post derek, agree

Whats up kris?

Agree with you.

Derek you sound like you have an open mind. You have been to both places and can see how things are. I really like it here. We dont have the tight knit group that you speak of. At the SS they take things personally. If you disagree with one of their memembers, they come out in DROVES to defend the hive. It is quite comical. We are all fin fans first. We need to make this blog here the best it can be. The problem is when you have this slow period, people's minds tend to wander off. Like last nights movie talk, it was not hurting anyone, but SOMEONE took offense to it.

i agree w/ derek and murcielago .this blog willbe fine once the camp starts .the SS IS A BLOG FOR GAY PEOPLE WHER A BASEBALL WRITER BECOMES A FOOTBALL WRITER IN DAYS AND TO TOP IT OFF HIS NAME IS MIKE.

Derek knows what he's talking about.As far as the posters talking about movies,that tends to happen all the time,no matter what time.I enjoy reading everyones comments,regardless,and I learn things about the Dolphins that I didn't know before.I will not start posting under other peoples names though to start an intrnet fight.I hope the Dolphins have a great season and make it to the Super Bowl........THAT'S ALL I WAN'T.Nothing more,nothing less.

Sorry about spelling Internet wrong .

beerndrums it is probably the same in all blogs. I have been to both and it is the same shyt more or less. Superbowl would be very sweeet!

Sup my Fin's Brutha's n Sista's,

I hope the Fins can build on hwta they did last year.

I want to see the breaks go our way much more often. I couldn't count how many times I would see a fumble and it would bounce off 2-3 Fins and end up in the enemies hands. There were lots of crazy bad calls for P.I. vs CB's VD and SS. I hope that was the rookie non-favor by the refs rearing it's ugly head.

Couple that with some better play calling in certain situations and I think we should progress on both sides of the ball.

I know we definitely got younger and faster at LB. With Dansby squarley in the mix I would think short passes to RB's and TE's should be better defensed. I hope Wake gets as much out of his opportunities as he did last year. That would translate well with his play time increased as it should be.

Still not ready to crown Misi or Odrick with anything based on my own research of their college days but I love all the high motor talk. Tackling first starts with desire and if they are highly motivated that will be a great place to start. I hope both bowl me over.

Certainly looks like Dez Bryant is fulfilling his promise to have a chip on his shoulder. He will be a solid wideout if he stays football focused. Years from now he may thank Ireland for adding a few logs to his fire.


I loves me some Ricky power running!!

Travel Show .... uh, don't quit your day job!!

Episode 1-4: Baby Daddy!! Ricky visits all his different kids he has blown off.

Episode 2: Traveling to Strip Mall U. in CA where he got his Yoga Guru degree ... the one where he said his mission was to help people & was his true calling.

Episode 3: Back to CA neighborhood he lived when he studied Yoga. Hanging out with those cool slackers in the ESPN show where they played poker, drank beer, & smoked ganga.

Episode 4: To lawyers office to hi-lite his heroic struggle against broken contracts & child support.

Episode 5: Cancelled, not unique ... episodes to common for pro atheletes.

In the meantime ... Run Ricky Run!! Get That Money ... before you have to ... Get That Job ... like the rest of us!!

yeah ricky had issues and bailed out on the dolphins. but he came back and worked his butt off to make things right. as a dolphin fan i cant believe that dolphin fans can criticize him in one breath and then root for him on sunday.

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