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A tale of two rookie linebackers

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has confirmed a Miami Herald report saying rookie A.J. Edds tore the ACL in his right knee. Edds is out for the season.

Edds was working with the second-team defense at inside linebacker. The team hoped he could help in situational passing downs. Interestingly, the Dolphins cannot immediately give the newly available repetitions to Austin Spitler. He is working through an unknown but not serious injury of his own right now.

"We need to get [Spitler] ready to go as well," Sparano said. "J.D. Folsom has been working in there and has been taking good reps. And [Tim] Dobbins can play two different positions."

Spitler is "doing very well," according to Sparano but the coach does not expect him to practice this afternoon. Follow me on twitter for some real-time updates on what happens at the practice.

The loss of Edds hurts. It's a shame.

On the positive side, rookie SOLB Koa Misi is having a very fine camp so far. An pure defensive end at Utah, Misi is making the transition to standup linebacker. It's not an easy transition.

"One of the biggest things with his transition is his footwork," Sparano said. "Koa was a put-your-hand-on-the-ground-and-go guy."

Luckily some of the natural gifts Misi has translate quite well for a SOLB.

"He has a unique ability not to stay blocked very long," Sparano said. "He can get off blocks and get out of trouble fast. But fundamentally, he can put himself in tough positions if he doesn't understand the proper footwork. So understanding footwork and hand placement will be a critical thing."

Fortunately for the Dolphins, Misi is getting it.

"What I find is when you tell him someting once it kind of goes into this black book over here some place and he figures out it's important," Sparano said. "Yesterday, in practice this guy had a pretty good day. Some of his rushes when you watch some of the speed coming off the edges with him and [Cameron] Wake has been pretty impressive.

"So little by little he's getting it. And he's not making the same mistake over and over again which is good. There are some guys out here that are mkaing the same mistakes. We're correcting the same things. Koa is not one of those guys."


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Keep it comin mando ,thanks.

"There are some guys out here that are mkaing the same mistakes"

I don't know why but I found this funny!

Misi is becoming more important to the team everyday. Especially now with Edds' injury.

good work mando. So im guessing Wake is tearing $hit up because I havent heard anything bad about him but one good practice on Sunday against Jake Long on another website. also how bad is Smith doing for him to get eaten up every practice?

how many int's is henne going to throw at camp today? over/under is 3.

The Edds injury hurts, but we're still improved at ILB over last year. Dansby, Dobbins & Spitler in; Ayodele out; Folsom with 1 more year of experience. Our ILB play will be a LOT better than last year.

wow another jet fan didn't think they were smart enough to reproduce.... either that or they liked the brown eye!!!! LOL!!!!!

If Revis even plays this season... Cause you ladys don't have the money that the Pre-madonna is looking for..... Just cut the poor mans ass n let him find a team that could pay his salary!

The good news is that we can't miss what we never had. The bad news. We will not get to see what the possibilities are with Edds are.

NFL players, get your money while you can.


Jet-bo How many coc%s is sanchez going to suck at camp today? over/under is 25

Koa Misi has as much pressure as maybe anyone on the team this year, whether that is deserved or not. We had a chance to take any of the DE/OLB prospects, as well as Earl Thomas and Dan Williams, and chose to instead trade down, getting Odrick and Misi. This shows they liked Misi a lot. Cutting Peezy and not re-signing JT was a calculated risk. Adding to the pressure is the fact that Misi does not have time to sit and learn, he must play now, and play well. I have seen a handful or interviews with him, he seems intelligent and heady. It should be interesting.

Wow, I would have really like to have seen Edds in 3rd down pass coverage. The kid was an intercept machine from the lb position in college. That's an extremely rare skill from that position in the fact that he did so consistently throughout his collegiate career.

We may have just lost at least 3-4 "high impact" defensive plays this season from this kid alone.

Stop wasting your time responding to the jets fan - the Jets always have been and will continue to be a non-factor. Are they still in the NFL? 7-9 this year and another year missing the playoffs - how many times have the Jets made the playoffs in their almost 50 year existence? 5 or 6 times maybe? - 4 or 5 times maybe? They'll be talking about screwing up the draft by the middle of Oct. as usual in Jetland - mark it down!

The jets are your daddy and jt is your mama .

and sanchez is your uncle .

we are a playoff team from last year ,the fins 0000000000

Darryl, now that this jet douche is here, it's one less cokk Sanchez can suck. You may need to drop your over/under by one.

sanchez is your step daddy .

Sanchez is an azzz pirate

Non-factors - 7 and 9 in 2010 if they're lucky) - As soon as Rex found out what Fagchez was doing, his over/under dropped by 10 because Rexxy loves to smoke the bat too

sanchez is robn hood and henne is the joker.

Fagchez is Richard Simmons and Henne is Chuck Norris

sanchez is superman and henne is no body .

let's see. Dolphins vs jest last year. Miami 2 wins, jests zip.

nuff said...

Come on now guys, we all know that Wets fans are really just pissed off G-men fans who couldn't get tickets. They are all scared and nervous, they know they have talked WAYYYY out of their Azzzzz and now have to Put Up or Shut up... and they know Indy will not be there to hand them a free pass this year. NEVER EVER Forget that the Jests were 7 & 7 going into game 15 in the "Gimme at Indy"... They are for all purposes..a .500 team who got a free pass. You may get one of those a decade... theirs is up.... time to crawl back into the Jests hole they have been in since 1969.

On a sad note... Edds missing his first season sucks. But I agree with "Kris" in the matter... you cannot miss what ya never had. Fortunately Miami has more LBer's the anything else. That FA sitting in NE (I won't say the name) may start looking better.

How much better is Thigpen's stock with Favre dropping out? Not to start, He would certainly be a backup consideration for a team DUMB enough to let their QB run them into August before telling them he is retiring (If he really does retire) Thigpen could have value in that situation??? I like him in Miami personally.

Depends on what we get for him a draft pick I say keep him and give them White... An actual proven player give them Thygpen!

sanchez is ron brown and henne is ted ginn .

Parcells is Dolly Parton and Ryan is Pam Anderson.

dirty is a sanchez.. Clean will be Henne's losses... Parcells is the man... Rex Ryan ate many men!!! WTF are you talkin bout Jet freak!

as a matter of fact I bet you Ryan gave him his first dirty Sanchez!!

sanchez looks like latin beauty and henne looks like a plumber out of work.

jd folsom should count his blessings. he might actually make the team now

The Jet's will be gone soon. The Muslins are taking over NY and will not allow football.The Muslins are building a mosque so they can spit on 9/11 ground and in force there law, and New Yorkers are just bending over.

Yo dolfans... don't lower yourselves to respond to jerk fans - they seriously get off on getting to us. The fact is that the jerks do have a lot of talent - but the Dolphins have two things they'll never have - class and heart. They have been losers for so long you should feel sorry for them (not!).
It's a great year to be a Dolphin fan.

pam anderson in her 50's .

sanchez is class,he invented class himself .

Is New York in France???

Yeah, That's sort of what I was saying, I like the idea of Thigpen as a Back-up. But with the right offer? I don't think it is even in the picture... more of a "what if" scenario.
I can see Miami shopping for another LB. (Adalius Thomas?) Yeah, I know, I said I wouldn't say the name...I lied.

I was really looking forward to seeing Edds play, I think he would have been a good asset.

Should the Favre thing hold, It makes at least one game early in the season appear to be more in reach. Without Favre you are talking Sage Rosenfels... BIG DROP OFF.... This news plays well for Miami in schedule terms for certain.

Word is that JT is interested in playing on the goaline jumbo package as Tight end. He wants to score his first offensive touchdown against Miami on National TV.

Do you think this is feasible?

Yeah. the Phins need all of the help they can get in any way shape or form,Hey,why don't the Phins drug the gatorade on the visitors bench but they would still find a way to lose the game.LMAO!

Pick 6 Henne looks like the last days of Marino TRYING to play..LMAO

No cause it will probably be an interception... You know with his noodle arm and all! But Derek I agree with out Farve they went from a probabal superbowl contender to just a pretender! Sage haha hasn't he failed on every team he has gone to!!!

Revis Island better be ready.... Cause Marshall Law has been declaired on it!

Can you still hire Sage Rosenfels to come to your house like he was doing a few years ago?

I'd want to re-enact that giant collapse he had as a Texan against the Colts when he did that helicopter spin and fumbled the ball when it looked like the game was home and cooled. What a banana!

Sanchez a "latin beauty"??? I knew that Jets fan was a raging tosser. Come over here and toss my salid

I know its rexx ryan trolling under a few jets fans names cause he is so nervious about what we are doing he is looking for any inside material! That would also explain the homosexual remarks...

The Giants are using the only site in NJ so jestfan has to post here.

Word is that JT is interested in playing on the goaline jumbo package as Tight end. He wants to score his first offensive touchdown against Miami on National TV.

Do you think this is feasible?

How cool would it be if they had an Ice Cream Truck for Adults?? Ya know, The kind that serves Frozen Daiquiris and Margaritas Call A Cab.. A mobile Wet Willies I guess ya can call it!!

Who is the fin's backup long snapper now that JT has gone to greener pastures?

Hey Jet-boy - we didn't need to drug your Gatorade last year. We didn't even need to gain 150 yards.

He already scored on Sanchez... I mean with... Doesn't that count cause he is Offence? That is more feasible to me!

Revis would have to show up and play first... I think the problem is that the Wets blew all their cash Paying Off Antonio Cromartie's "Baby Momma's"off.... Word around the campfire is Sanchez is one of Cromartie's Illegitimate children and that Rex's old lady is the Momma....

And must we remind you every day you top noch corner got burnt by 3rd string Ginn last year! SO whats Marshall gonna do??

the thing about our sanchez that he has some thing about him,i don't know what ? all i know he's a classy guy and henne looks goofy to me .

if like Derek said all the family dramma isn't cleared up!!

"Classy Guy"..... That's New York code for "4 eyed Azzzz Muncher"

I wanna know if and when they do win up there do they do the mexican hat dance in the locker room before all taking turns to give him a dirty...... Sanchez!!!

All I know is there won't be many times this year for us to find out!!!!!!

The Jets are like NYC's CFL Team, A place where old players go to play, because no one wants them. Giants are the real NYC team.

Looks like Revis is stranded in this own island. Looks like no money will fly his way.

Keep paying up old players... Mark Brunell. What a waste. should have gave Mark Brunell's money to Revis.

sanchez has some thing in him it tales all women by storm ,better hide your wives and girl friends .do you guys know what is it ?

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