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A tale of two rookie linebackers

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has confirmed a Miami Herald report saying rookie A.J. Edds tore the ACL in his right knee. Edds is out for the season.

Edds was working with the second-team defense at inside linebacker. The team hoped he could help in situational passing downs. Interestingly, the Dolphins cannot immediately give the newly available repetitions to Austin Spitler. He is working through an unknown but not serious injury of his own right now.

"We need to get [Spitler] ready to go as well," Sparano said. "J.D. Folsom has been working in there and has been taking good reps. And [Tim] Dobbins can play two different positions."

Spitler is "doing very well," according to Sparano but the coach does not expect him to practice this afternoon. Follow me on twitter for some real-time updates on what happens at the practice.

The loss of Edds hurts. It's a shame.

On the positive side, rookie SOLB Koa Misi is having a very fine camp so far. An pure defensive end at Utah, Misi is making the transition to standup linebacker. It's not an easy transition.

"One of the biggest things with his transition is his footwork," Sparano said. "Koa was a put-your-hand-on-the-ground-and-go guy."

Luckily some of the natural gifts Misi has translate quite well for a SOLB.

"He has a unique ability not to stay blocked very long," Sparano said. "He can get off blocks and get out of trouble fast. But fundamentally, he can put himself in tough positions if he doesn't understand the proper footwork. So understanding footwork and hand placement will be a critical thing."

Fortunately for the Dolphins, Misi is getting it.

"What I find is when you tell him someting once it kind of goes into this black book over here some place and he figures out it's important," Sparano said. "Yesterday, in practice this guy had a pretty good day. Some of his rushes when you watch some of the speed coming off the edges with him and [Cameron] Wake has been pretty impressive.

"So little by little he's getting it. And he's not making the same mistake over and over again which is good. There are some guys out here that are mkaing the same mistakes. We're correcting the same things. Koa is not one of those guys."