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Big Ben to play against the Dolphins?

We all know that Ben Roethlisberger got a six-game suspension from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for, basically, conduct detrimental to the human race.

That was sort of good news -- from a strictly competitive perspective -- for the Miami Dolphins because Pittsburgh plays the Dolphins the sixth week of their season.

But now comes this tweet of a report from Mike Wise of the Washington Post saying Roethlisberger's suspension will be trimmed back to five games based on his recent good behaviour. If true, that would mean Big Ben would chime in for the first time this season on Oct. 24 ... against the Dolphins.

That would mean the Steelers team that is currently struggling to find a starting quarterback from the group of Charlie Batch, Dennis Dixon and Byron Leftwich could have a much better option for that Miami game.

Roethlisberger got his original six-game ban when it was determined he violated the NFL's personal conduct policy. Goodell handed down the suspension even after a Georgia woman decided not to press criminal charges against Roethlisberger after he allegedly sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of a Georgia night club. It was the second incident in which Roethlisberger was tied to a sexual battery incident, although he's not been convicted of either.

Under the suspension, Goodell ordered Roethlisberger to undergo counseling and has been under greater scrutiny from the league.

"Your conduct raises sufficient concerns that I believe effective intervention now is the best step for your personal and professional welfare." Goodell wrote in a letter to Roethlisberger in April. "I believe it is essential that you take full advantage of the resources available to you. My ultimate disposition in this matter will be influenced by the extent to which you do so, what you learn as a result, and a demonstrated commitment to making positive change in your life."

In announcing the suspension, Goodell said he would re-examine Roethlisberger's conduct prior to the season's start and could alter the suspension, depending on how well or poorly Roethlisberger was comporting himself.

[UPDATE: And now profootballtalk.com is saying that Wise was just kidding. Geez, you can't believe anything these reporters report anymore. The media stinks! Film at 11. By the way, Mike Florio will do his weekly segment on Armando and the Amigo Tuesday in the 8 o'clock hour.] 


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This might be a blessing in disguise for the Phins. For 1 part of Bens suspension reads that he cannot have any interaction with the team. That means no practice, no reps, no chemistry. You believe that a qb who has not practiced with his team for over a month is going to come in and be efficient. There is a diiference between being in shape, and being game ready, and there is no way that he will be fully game ready. Also lets say the Steelers are playing well under whoever they decide will be Qb. the whole week there will be distractions, and perhapd desention among the ranks in Pitt. The media asking questions they wouldn't normally, maybe some of Bens teamates internally questioning if he should be the guy. It will be a chaotic week for them no matter what, and should play to our advantage.

Of cxourse Ben(Rapest)Rothlesberger Will only get a 4 gme suspencion... Geeesh, He only Raped a chick, I mean it's not like he killed her.....

Personally, I don't even know how he can be suspended if he has never been found of any wrong doing.

Anyway, for the Dolphins to be champs, they have to beat the best and with Big Ben, the Steelers can be one of the best.

Bring it on!!

Better a five-game suspension than the four-game one they talked about trimming it down to -- for the same reasons posters above mention. We'll be seeing him when he's hopefully rusty.

he is goin to be rusty and even if he practices on the side it would be hard for him to be back up to speed with the game... believe me nolan will throw some blitzes at him

on the other side tho their defense is sick and we better be ready to be aggressive and out up some points

no one has really talked about it but i believe henning has to be a little less predictable with the play calls this year

**put up some points**

the police reports say enough - he's been found guilty of molesting two young girls. what do you call your bouncer hanging out in front of the rest room preventing anyone from coming in while ben is in there with a girl 1/10 his size? not guilty in court, but the facts of his behavior on two accounts are factually substantiated in the police reports.

The comiss can suspend anyone for any reason he deems necessary. 'Conduct detrimental to the image of the NFL' is all he needs, whether or not something is proven in a court of law or not. No different than if a player picks a fight in a bar, if no charges are made, the commis with sufficient verbal confirmation can suspend that player just for having his name associated with the incident.

we can send him a girl to meet right before the game .DONE



all beautiful girls w/a brain should try to meet these guys,they are long term winners .

Seems like there is a bit of McCarthy-ism going on here. He hasn't been found guilty or there haven't been any witnesses to him raping these girls. Just because he's in a washrrom with her, means nothing. Granted, he does have to be smarter and not put himself in these situations.

AGREE w/mark on his point . we can't recklessly accuse him of rape.that's not right .

Yeah, great article, Mando! Didn't waste anyone's time or anything like that, with your reporting of NON-news.

How about next time, instead of orgasming at the sheer thought of breaking a negative news story (that coincidentally, NO ONE ELSE has reported on), you just wait like every other normal person on this planet would have, until you have some level of proof in your hands.

And no, tool, making up some magical name in the world of fake-journalism as your reference does not count.

Why you have this job, I will forever question. It's not even fair, really, when you stop and think about it. I mean, sure, maybe it's fair from the standpoint of the education and training you have, but in terms of the level of reporting that WE the READERS would generally be more inclined to actually want to read, as opposed to being forced to read, since you and "Cool-Jeeps!" over there are the only 2 choices we have...

The reason it's not fair, is because while would naturally prefer a more neutral-standing Chris Berman, or Rich Eisen-type of football personality, instead we get thrown the equivalent of Harvey Levin... yeah, you know, the guy from that really awesome sports show, TMZ! Oh that's right, TMZ's not a sports show at all, it's a bunch of tacky vultures who feed off of negative stories that very rarely have anything to do with anything other than slandering people's names and reputations.

Good job, Mando, good job!

Of Course his suspension has been reduced. Goodell Want's to give his life long buddy, Mr. Kraft, every possible advantage to win the AFC East. Why not make it harder on one of the team's that is in the running for it.

Geeeez....I need to stop reading Home's Conspiracy Posts.

Have to agree with Mark in Toronto...to be the best, you have to beat the best. That's why I'm hopeful Revis is signed soon. I don't want Peter King and the rest of the national media to have any excuses when we stomp on their beloved Jets.

how much money revis will make ?

Mark/ALoco, this isn't a court of law decision (he was found to be not guilty by the courts). But, as you both know (from O.J.), that you can be found criminally not-guilty, but be guilty in civil court (since there's a lower burden of proof there). That's pretty much the situation with Big Ben. Goodell chose to suspend Ben due to his history doing the same (or similar) things. Hence, "conduct detrimental to the team, etc..." So a player doesn't have to be convicted by a criminal court to be suspended (and the NFL can do that because it's a private business, much like FedEx can enforce a no beard ban on its employees even though that can be seen as discriminatory).

Either way, the Steelers don't look as good as they have in the past. Frankly, out of that 4-game stretch (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Baltimore), Pittsburgh is the team I think we have the best chance of beating (the rest will be tough, we'll have to play incredibly good and consistent to pull it off). Plus, that's the only team of the 4 we play at home.

To be the best we have to beat the best. That means beating Favre, Rothlisberger, Revis, and whatever other great player stand in our way. Do ducking, no dodging, and no fear. Bring on all challengers.

Keep in mind even a loss will bring farmilization and reps that can be useful in the playoffs.

the girls that with him they weren't clean any way.they were trash looking for money ..........all and all it's all meatball to me .

go fins

No ducking

KRIS the great already assuming we r in the playoffs .

DC, I have a problem with that. I mean, where does it end? If a guy puts on 20 lbs of muscle in the offseason, is he automatically suspended because it looks like he took a banned substance?

Not Raping Anyone Is Good Behavior. Adda Boy

only on a football blog, you see the word rape used at will .

i am match maker and i like to match DAVIS,HENNE,HARTLINE AND MARSHALL WITH a nice girl .


That's two lame ducks in a row.

We get an alzheimer's like copy and paste from Tony's presser.

Then we get the fallout from one or your colleagues juking you out hard and making you look like a school boy.

I'm embarrassed for you Armando. C'mon man!

Ben will lose 25% of the season for something: 1) unproven
2) absolutely not related to football

That's enough I think.

Anyway, last year we should have beaten PIT with Big Ben at QB. And in 2008 (or '09, I can't remember), we took a beating in PIT with Charlie Batch at QB...

This Iphone App Blows. What The Hell Is The Point Of Having Comments If They're Delayed By A Half Hour. And What's With The Fkn Caps? I Want My Money Back.

Armando, odinseye is right ,the post looks lame ,you got to spend some time working on you blog .

pistol, how much did you pay for the app ?



DC started out with:

Mark/ALoco, this isn't a court of law decision (he was found to be not guilty by the courts).

This is an error. The prosecutor failed to file the charge because the alleged victim would not co-operate. He wasn't found to be anything but a dumba-s.

Goodell was able to see police reports and witness statements in determining Ben's fate. So yeah, calling him a rapist Might seem harsh to some. Still, Ben created a real bad scene, TWICE!

If a guy puts on 20 lbs of muscle in the off season, is he automatically suspended because it looks like he took a banned substance?

No, but if you can get police reports and witness statements alleging roid use you could ask the guy to pee in a cup-LOL!

Ultimately, I say f-ck Goodell and F-ck Ben and the Steelers.

In the matter of the People vs Rothlesiberger, the Miami Dolphins DEFENSE WILL BE Judge Jury AND Executioner!


Nice, Odin.. Great post, man.

odin ..you have a gift of writing , you r closing in on mr soiled .

may be you can be a blog guest for armando ?

Rothlisberger is about as average as they get.If you're worried about him going against us,then I feel sorry for ya.

I assume we will be Aloco

Mark, you're right, it's subjective. It's all what Goodell feels is "detrimental." I don't totally agree with it either. If this were US law, I'd be an activist, fighting it to the Supreme Court. But, you don't have a RIGHT to play in the NFL (it's a privilege). So, with most privileges (driving, work benefits, pensions), it can be taken away (usually for mostly any reason). If these guys weren't getting millions of dollars, I'd be hot. But this isn't Ben's first trip to the rodeo. There was the last chick, which I believe he settled out of court with. Then the rumors (which could be just that) I've heard about his poor attitude. Actually, come to find out, that was the reason Hines Ward wasn't defending him last year (because apparently Ben was pretty cocky to his teammates too). Not that any of this is grounds for suspension (other than the rape allegations).

But, look at it from this angle. I would hazard to guess that if Ben were someone else (say of African-American descent), he might not have even gotten this chance to change up his habits. He might have been tossed from the league on the allegations themselves (PacMan Jones was suspended for getting drunk and punching his bodyguard, not a suspendable offense if you ask me. More like a dumb move. But again, it was the recurrence of the behavior that got him in trouble).

So, I'm with you, generally. I think men get tagged with rape WAY too often in this country (especially ball players). Then again, I have an 11 yrs. old niece in Orlando, and I hope the men she comes into contact with later in life (even now, damn) know how to treat a woman and do not cross the lines. So, in this specific instance, I think Goodell did a good job trying to help the guy see the error of his ways before he does something he CAN go to jail for!

Im your Iphones does it show every other letter as ? instead of "" ' ???

Well never said it was rape. If the commis deems it behavior detrimental to the NFL, than that is all he cares about, regardless of what the behavior is. Having your body guard prevent anyone from entering the restroom while he has a girl in the 'mens' room, is understandably behavior detrimental to the image of the NFL.

the first 4 games of the season;;;;;;;

sept,12....... at Buffalo...........WIN

sept,19........at vikings..........LOSS

sept,26........ Jets.....................WIN

oct, 4.......... Pats.......................WIN

oct,17.......... GB.......................LOSS

All good points, DC, cinq, Odin. I still don't agree but it is a valid argument and certainly the other side of the coin. I'd be pizzed if I was a Steeler for sure. Not having your qb for 6 weeks or 5 can be the death knell on a season and the vast majority of players only get a couple of seasons to make good.

The App Costs $5 For The Year. And Yeah, All The "?" In Place Of The "'" Makes It A Real Pain In The Asss To Read. The Blog Is A Hard Read To Begin With.

I think it's inevitable that Roethlisberger gets his suspension reduced. I'd be shocked if he was'nt under centre for when the Dolphins play Pittsburgh...

My Caps And I Will Be Back In A Half Hour.

I like Big Ben to be back play the Dolphins, I want revenge from last season, a game we could have won easily, but remember this game was a wake up call on the offensive line pass protection capabilities, Henne was sack 1 too many times and Thigpen had to run for his life.

OCT 31..... AT BENGALS.......... LOSS

NOV 7.......AT RAvens......LOSS

nov 14 ....... tennessee.......win

nov 18..........chi..................WIN

NOV 28........AT OAK...............LOSS

DEC 5.........CLE.................WIN

DEC 12...... AT JETS................LOSS

DEC 19...... Buffalo.................win


dec 28......lions........................WIN

JAN 2.........AT PATS..................LOSS

By my understanding, that was 5 game, Aloco.
Put down the meatball sub. lol


ALoco, doubt they fire Parcells in a 9-7 season (that's better than last year), playoffs or not. But I'd say that's a pretty unbiased look at the season (I've said we can do as bad as 8-8, and probably as good as 11-5). That means that two games against division rivals on the road will be very telling. Also, if we can beat one of the two (Ravens or Cincy) on the road, that would go a long way to setting us up for a playoff run.

Now, anything under 8-8, and I think you have to at least think about firing the coach (I like Sparano, so I probably wouldn't, but I think it'd be a valid argument). We do worse than 8-8, then something's wrong.

If we lose against Oakland after a 10 day rest, I will personally write a letter to the FO asking them to get the he11 out o town. but there is no way that is going to happen.

Fins 10-6 or 11-5

Check your post at 3:37


How diplomatic, nice points yourself(Sheesh-I hope I didn't just sound like a TK8'er).

I'm sure Steelers fans feel completely different than I do. Being a Dolphin fan, I'm totally biased. Ben's the enemy and he's on the schedule. I would've been happy with a 6 week suspension or a year, if it gives us any type of tactical advantage whatsoever.

I don't wish death on anyone, but I'd be good with a week 5 moped crash.


btw the game vs GB IS AT GB ON OCT 17;;;;;LOSS FOR SURE .

I have to agree with you on that one. Rodgers looks like a badazz.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I don't wanna come off as paranoid but I just read this "you r closing in on mr soiled ".

Have you given anymore thought about me moving in to your basement ?

If ya think about it, I could be your own personal Kato Kaelin.

I could also keep guys in line for you, like that guy from the Washington Post Mike Wise.

Right now I'm packing some leather gloves that won't fit your hands, designer Italian shoes and looking to rent a white bronco in case things go wrong.

Anywhoo please think about it

Soiled :)

Aloco, You have us losing to the stinkin yets and ochostinkos Begals....you Fkn Traitor*lol*
Just kiddin. But I think we sweep Wee York again this year and by the the time we play at cincinnatti, TO and Ocho-stinko may already be cancerous to each other so i like our chances in that game as well

The jets start off with Ravens Pats and Fins, will be without Pace and maybe Revis...they could easily start 0 - 3. I like the Ravens to punish them in game one, they will be more prepared.

Reality Check

Parcell's and Sporano's jobs are safe win lose or draw.

However, if this offense doesn't dominate lesser opponents and we miss the playoffs, Dan Hennings will be in the market for a nice, relaxing fishing boat.

We will beat the Vikings and we will beat the Packers.

Packers look good and that game is in Green Bay. Sorry but as a realistic fan, That game has the making to make our suspect secondary look a liitle bush-whacked when rodgers lights em up, our only hope is that our offense can keep up.

I have to agree SP. I would love to see the Fins pull one out in Lambeau, but the Pack looks strong this year. Maybe the football gods will shine their light on us that Sunday.

or rogers get injured and out for the year

Personally, I thought the Packers finished up last year as one of the best teams in football and are poised for some very big things this year. They have an excellent QB, very good recievers, invested in their O-line whihc was a weakness and have some young athletic playmakers on defense like AJ Hawk, BJ Raji, Nick Collins, etc etc, etc.

Then again, Rodgers' season ended last year with a Karlos Dansby pick 6. Deja vu anyone???

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