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Brady hates Jets, shows Dolphins some love

One of the topics this morning on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, was how funny it is when Dolphins fans can stand by and watch New England Patriots on New York Jets violence and vice versa. We saw that Monday when Tom Brady told the hosts on WEEI in Boston, in part, "I hate the Jets."

The context was whether or not Brady watches Hard Knocks. Brady apparently does not because he doesn't want to support any show the Jets are on. Well, soft-spoken Jets coach Rex Ryan came with a retort (shockingly).

"Hell, he knows we hate the Patriots, so what's the difference," Ryan shot back.

Lovely ain't it?

Anyway, while the two camps have each other in the cross-hairs, Brady took time during his interview to show love to the Dolphins. No, seriously.

And he went out of his way to do it.

Brady was asked about New England's offense coming with new wrinkles and doing different, elaborate things. Brady said all that is overplayed. He said doing a couple of things very well can be almost as effective if the personnel is good and right.

"I've said before the best defense I've ever played against was the Miami Dolphins about 8, 9, 10 years ago, and they played pretty much the same defense the whole game," Brady said. "And it didn't matter what you did, they rushed the passer, they covered you, they covered you short, they covered you deep.

"They had one or two change-ups that really complimented what they were doing. I had my worst games against the Dolphins. Our passing game against them was terrible, and we knew going into the game exactly what they play, and that to me is the mark of a really good team is when they do kind of say what you're going to do but you do it so well that they really are not able to stop you anyway."

Much respect for Tom Brady.

[Blog note: Come back in a while and I'll post the practice update right here.]

[The early update: Just got back from the practice field where the media was allowed to watch 30 minutes of work. Ray Feinga, Channing Crowder and Quentin Moses are still not practicing. Everyone else was accounted for. No lineup changes that I could see. Check back for the post-practice update.].


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Tom(Bunchen)Brady may be a pretty boy, But I respect him more then any Douche bag on the jets... IMHO..

the article should read ( brady hates jets )

Why can't Ryan for once just let something go? He seems like a cool coach on Hard Knocks but he's a child and his lack of professionalism is why he will never win anything.

Then again Tommy Boy said 8,9 ten years ago, so god knows what he thinks of the Fins nowadays..

The patriots and the dolphins should team up and kick the jets ass

GoDolph, They'll both get wins against the jets....hopefully it'll be a sweep by both teams..

cuban any news on the TK8????

Posted by: xfactor | August 23, 2010 at 09:24 PM.
Yes. NJ and Tim/Knight just finished showering together and they are towling each other off right now.

SS Moderator, How do you know this??? Were you a "Third" Party in this shower Scenario???? Just wondering..

I hate the stinking Jets also. I still can't beleive JT is playing for them. No class

tom knows just like peyton manning knows they had some of their worst performances ever vs. the dolphins!

F the pats and F the yets harder.

Whats up cuban, its your freind that know everything, but that is funny towling each other off was funny. Now for the brady thing I also agree TB will probaly be more respected by us Dolphans now more than ever but remember on game day your still the enemy. JETS SUCK!!!

What kills me about Ryan and his bold predictions for the Jets this year is that their success depends on Sanchize, no matter how well the rest of the team plays.

Predicting a SB win when your QB was downright awful last year is, well, priceless. A priceless piece of stupidity.

And it will be priceless seeing not so sexy Rexy's post game interviews when he has to explain why the Jet's lost and Sanchize threw X # of INT's. I predict Rex will have to do that about 8 times this year.

Fatzo Ryan strikes again. I can't wait to see his face on TV each week as he is approaches the infamous 7 and 9 season. He will boast something like, " Yea we lost this week but you know, we outplayed them and could beat them 9 out of 10 times."

Is anyone out there gonna shut him up? The answer is no!!!!

G-d Bless Brady.

Compare His attitude with that of the radio-idiot Dolphin Haters down here in SoFla (e.g., Sid, Big O), who keep trying to persuade us that we OUGHT to and SHOULD like HArd Knocks because its so well made and entertaining and the Jets are so full of marvelous personalities.

EFF THAT & EFF Hard Knocks & Eff The Jets.

I refuse to watch that trash.

Agree Tricky, The Pats are still the guys with a bullseye on them, and as far as the jets go, I see them 8 and 8 at best, What Kills me about this team is that before Indy put there subs in at half time of game 15 and before the Bengals limped into the Meadowlands, Rex was crying that his teams not even close to being competitive...........

Too bad those Dolphins teams had Jay Fiedler at QB... as it could have been Super Bowl! Thanks Wanny!

Right, here is some more irony. the jets play cleveland in cleveland and would like to see sorry ol braylon edwards not catch a pass there. HAHAHA. how about that great performance against a crappy panthers team in preseason of all games but this is your super bowl champs right there, WHAT A JOKE.

Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, Pat Surtain... that indeed was a great defense

Even Marino when he knew he was out, just retired instead of disapointing Miami fans by playing for another team. If Jason Taylor had signed with any other team outside the AFC East, there would be no problem with him coming back to sign a 1 day contract to retire as a Dolphin. But since he signed with the jets, I hope he is not offered that when he retires. Just like his wife said, they are jets now. Let him take his charities to NY with him, another true Dolphin will make a new charity here.

Sanchez will spend a lot of time on his asss this year because everyone is going to blitz the sht out of him.

Trick, Like I said, He was on a interview crying(And I mean Crying) during week 14 that his teams "Nowhere ready to go to the playoffs" and after Indy put in there subs and Cinn played only a quarter of there starters in week 16(And then played a quarter of there starters due to injury)in the playoff game, they get beat up by a far superior team by Indy in the championship game and he thinks there Superbowl Bound???? ROTFLMAO....

Delusionable comes to mind when I think of Rex(Stomach band) Ryan....

You should change the title for this piece to:

Like any sane NFL fan, Brady hates Jets.

You can have a subheading of:

Rex Ryan whimpers in response.

Denver released Akin Ayodele.
No Akin, you cannot come back to Miami.

I'm with Brady on this, I haven't watched hard knocks, never will.

I can hardly stand watching that fat slob crying up and down the sidelines as we beat them twice a year.

Brady shows the Dolphins some love? 8, 9, 10 years ago? Come on, that was a passive aggressive stab at todays Dolphins. I can just imagine the queer smirk on his Kevin Bacon looking, sissy boy face.

I'd like to see Chad Henne return Brady's "LOVE", UFC style!

Testify Odin........

did any one can tell me any thing about (( red fish gril )) in miami ? my girl friend gave me a gift certificate to eat there ?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"and we knew going into the game exactly what they play"

I'm assuming this was before Roger Goodell started destroying the Tapes/evidence.

Soiled :)

Akin Ayodele has been released by the Broncos. The Trifecta has been getting it right with the guys they have released.

Tom Brady is a class by himself . tom still has no contract w/pats ,so the dolphins could be one of the teams looking to sign him .


Who was the guy on the last blog that said he lives 15 minutes from the Metrodome?

I don't know if I can swing a trip to Minneapolis this soon after taking my vacation, but I want to work out some "logistics" just in case.

i can just see parcells and belicheck talking on the phone the nite before the game trading info with the pats. that would be totally hilarius.

as far as class goes, the jets need to take a look at tom brady. the guy is still without a contract but still showing up to camp and playing. the jets could'nt find a classy player if there lives depended on it.

The simple fact is, any true Dolphin fan hates the ground the jets walk on. It's imprinted in our genes.
Brady and the Pats? Cheaters since the 'snow plow' thing. Just gone underground now.

That's stupid.

I honestly never liked the patriots but i've always respected them even after Bill Bellicheat-gate. Brady is an example of never giving up becuz of his road to being a starter then champ

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

"I'm assuming this was before Roger Goodell started destroying the Tapes/evidence.

"Truth is stranger than fiction"

PS: You got any of that YOU KNOW WHAT, for YOU KNOW WHO?

if pats don't sign brady,look for fins to take a run at him .

if brady was the dolphins qb in the 80's and 90's under shula, he would have won 7 super bowls.

i don't like the patriots or bills, but i really hate the lets. even when the pats were winning superbowls i still hated the jets more!!


Odin. I Cuban earlier had mentioned that you might be going to the Phins v Vikes. I know a few people there w/ good connects, thiking about making the trip.

bret favre making..........16 million this year .

Dear Mr. Odinseye

"got any of that YOU KNOW WHAT, for YOU KNOW WHO"

You know what is still Flowering...then its gotta cure...Mr. Salguero can explain all the details.

When I finally get to Mr. Salguero's basement I will be inviting the Blog over for a taste testing party.

Soiled :)

darryl ,

you r talking like the tk8 .read your last 6 posts .please,child .

Tom Brady is a class by himself . tom still has no contract w/pats ,so the dolphins could be one of the teams looking to sign him .

Posted by: ALoco | August 24, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Aloco, Have you totally lost your mind??? Or are you just High on the InHalients that the courts have told youy to stay away from or risk breaking your probation???

Mr. ALoco. That is harsh. Alright lets talk football. What would you like to discuss?

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

When I finally get to Mr. Salguero's basement I will be inviting the Blog over for a taste testing party.

...........and we'll be Jammin in Joe's Garage....................

I've hated Brady forever, but as obnoxious as the Jets are now I suddenly don't mind him so much...especially when he openly trashes them.

An enemy of my enemy is my frienemy.

I hate to say it, but I agree totally with Tommy prettyboy Brady.
As I've stated before, My father hated the Jets. I hate the Jets. And if my ole lady and I ever have a child, they will hate the Jets.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Sorry I just noticed this

"Ray Feinga, Channing Crowder and Quentin Moses are still not practicing."

With Channing Crowder not practicing, again Just assuming..Is Channing Crowder in mid season form or just Following the teachings of Joey Porter ?

Football thoughts

Soiled :)

Soiled, Though I'am in law enforcement, my Tenure with the NYPD will allow me not to have to take any type of "Substance abuse" test, So you can count me in on any "Taste testing" that you have planned... Look forward to Mondo's Basement(Which should be interesting in "Gables Estates")...

Whats going on with Clamming Chowder?
Is it a Knee or an Ego problem?

Dear Mr. Menace

Understand completly...no smokeys for you.

Soiled :)

P.S. You gotta try these brownies man...there far out

Beerndrums lives 15-20 minutes from the Metrodome.

8-9-10 years ago, Brady was throwing for 120 yards a game. Different rules today.

I wish some these comments had a like button next to them...

Uncle Soiled. Can they be cooked in doughnuts????????

Breaking News!!!!!!!!!

"The Broncos signed veteran linebacker Akin Ayodele in April. And he started both of the team's preseason games.
But now he's no longer on the team"

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