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Brady hates Jets, shows Dolphins some love

One of the topics this morning on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, was how funny it is when Dolphins fans can stand by and watch New England Patriots on New York Jets violence and vice versa. We saw that Monday when Tom Brady told the hosts on WEEI in Boston, in part, "I hate the Jets."

The context was whether or not Brady watches Hard Knocks. Brady apparently does not because he doesn't want to support any show the Jets are on. Well, soft-spoken Jets coach Rex Ryan came with a retort (shockingly).

"Hell, he knows we hate the Patriots, so what's the difference," Ryan shot back.

Lovely ain't it?

Anyway, while the two camps have each other in the cross-hairs, Brady took time during his interview to show love to the Dolphins. No, seriously.

And he went out of his way to do it.

Brady was asked about New England's offense coming with new wrinkles and doing different, elaborate things. Brady said all that is overplayed. He said doing a couple of things very well can be almost as effective if the personnel is good and right.

"I've said before the best defense I've ever played against was the Miami Dolphins about 8, 9, 10 years ago, and they played pretty much the same defense the whole game," Brady said. "And it didn't matter what you did, they rushed the passer, they covered you, they covered you short, they covered you deep.

"They had one or two change-ups that really complimented what they were doing. I had my worst games against the Dolphins. Our passing game against them was terrible, and we knew going into the game exactly what they play, and that to me is the mark of a really good team is when they do kind of say what you're going to do but you do it so well that they really are not able to stop you anyway."

Much respect for Tom Brady.

[Blog note: Come back in a while and I'll post the practice update right here.]

[The early update: Just got back from the practice field where the media was allowed to watch 30 minutes of work. Ray Feinga, Channing Crowder and Quentin Moses are still not practicing. Everyone else was accounted for. No lineup changes that I could see. Check back for the post-practice update.].


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Armando wrote:

One of the topics this morning on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, was how funny it is when Dolphins fans can stand by and watch New England Patriots on New York Jets violence and vice versa.

That's not even a sentence.

Tom Brady takes bubble baths.

Lebron, Old news there bro........


I'm a little old school for online dating, but.............

Seriously, if I did go into the metrodome with my Henne jersey I would like to go at least two or three deep.

I've been thrown out of Joe Louis Arena for fighting at RedWings games.
Another time I was wearing my Marino Jersey at the SilverDome. A Lions fan started up with me and I kicked the guy down the stairs. It was on TV and of course I got arrested.

Anyways, if you're serious maybe you, BeerDrums and I could meet there?

Beer,Like I said before, Make sure you have a good Bail Bondsmen... LOL...

Cuban, are you doing cameos in the PBB or is that the Imposter that shall remain nameless?

Poor Ricky got busted on twitter fraud.

Tom Brady will be resigned Craft would give his left one before he lets Brady go count on it!!!

Gotta be a imposter, Dont even know what a pbb is.............


Hey, what happened to the Feud between the Armundo and Joe Rosey?

Headband, Yeah I just checked it out, Apparently there's a person that aspires to be like the Menace..LOL, It's probably a 56 year old virgin that shaves his legs and lives with his mother in New Jersey and owns a Shitzu dog by the name of "Muffin".... Shameful and sad at the same time...

Headband, What game will you be attending Representing the Mighty Air Breathers?????

The early update:. ........Channing Crowder and Quentin Moses are still not practicing. Everyone else was accounted for. No lineup changes that I could see..................

I wonder if this will affect Crowder's status as a starter?

Oh wait, what am I thinking, Dobbins is the starter at ILB..................

I guess it just doesn't pay to be Joey Porter's "sidekick" when he's ragging on his own team.

Agree Odin, I think Channing lit a match that he should'nt have with the interview with Joey(IQ of a pineapple)Porter... Never go against the family....

Dolphins defense back in the day:

Trace Armstrong
Jason Taylor
Daryl Gardener
Tim Bowens
Zach Thomas
Patrick Surtain
Sam Madison
Brock Marion

Hells yes, that was one bad defense. If only Wannstedt had any smarts to assemble an offense even only as good as the one we have today to compliment it, the Super Bowl draught would have been over.


I would have given anything to see Parcell"a face and hear his comments as he listened to that interview.

It made me suspicious of Crowder's intelligence level-WTF!

Mark In Toronto, You'll be representing the fins in week 1 in Buff. Correct????????

Lined up to represent vs Steelers.

YOU SOCIAL PARASITE noe you are at the PBP and denying it you loser

Cuban menace noe = now

Channing(Joey Porter 2.0)Crowder is now the dumbest plyer on the phins, He drops the average IQ on the team to around 86.......

1-2..1-2..1-2..i'm practicing my 5 lb. squats so i can lift Timmy/Knight up on my shoulders at the local bar."since we never go to games.".. i want Timmy/Knight to be naked under his kilt when i lift him on my shoulders like fireman ed's brother does with him..1-2..1-2..1-2..


I'll be at the game in Buffalo week one too. I'm hoping we don't underestimate the Bills too much. It was at the game last year and we had them until Ayodele, Crowder and Porter let Fitzpatrick take off on a long touchdown run. No let up this year boys!!

No big surprise hat Ayodele was let go by the Broncos this early in camp. some will else will sign him for depth purposes. No way this guy is an NFL starter any more.


I find it amazing that you're able to post simultaneously on a zillion different blogs under a zillion different aliases.

What's more amazing is that we have an Inspector Closeau that actually "monitors" a zillion different blogs and sounds the alarm every time he uncovers another one of your diabolical plots.

I used to think the word stalker was used here much too often and much too harshly. Now I'm starting to wonder-SHEESH!!!!

Lined up to represent vs Steelers.

Posted by: Lebron's Headband | August 24, 2010 at 02:53 PM

OK We have The Headband in Pitt. Representing the air breathers, we also have ace in Dallas for the final preseason game, myself and Bobby12(along with NJ phinfan) in the meadow lands in December, also have Odin and Double Ds representing in Minn., Who's gonna support the team in the other Away games??????????

Word on the street is that Part Owner FERGIE will come out with a new Fight Song for 2010 Fins


Brppppppppppp Excuse Me

Odin, I hear ya, According to some I was on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas on Nov 22,1963... Incredible....

The enemy of my enemy is my friend (for now).

cuban,how you do it ?
odin.... right on .

Tin Pan, noe Fergie? I don't think so.

What's with all the new age WussiDom?

Our fight song should be the Valhalla screams at the beginning of the Immigrant song by Led Zeppelin!!!!


The hammer of the gods will drive our troops to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and screaming: Valhalla, I am coming!

This is the Norse National Anthem.

Led Zepplin knew how to write a fight song!!!!


Four, tres, two, uno Wins this year..

Listen up y'all ?cause this is it
The beat that I'm bangin' is delicious

Make them boys go Aloco
They want my treasure
So they get their Defensive pressure from some scrubo

You can see me, you can't squeeze me
I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy
I got reasons why I tease 'em
Fins just come and go with losing seasons

(So delicious)
But I ain't promiscuous
And if you was suspicious
All that **** is fictitious

I blow kisses
That puts them Fins on rock, rock
And they be linin? offside
I Hate to watch what I got
(Four, tres, two, uno) Wins this year....

On we sweep(the wets) with threshing oar, Our only goal will be another score!


I'm going to the Vikes and Packers game.I can't freakin wait.

New Blog

who cares, this is 2010 right!

I hate the pats too, what was it 3 or 4 years ago the dolphins shut the pats out 21-0 in Miami under Saban he ate a lot of dirt that day , I still have that dolphins Digest and we have beaten the pats more then any body else in our division over that span of brady and belicheat and we beat them last year when he through and int to end the game, but that dolphins defense he is referring to was one of the best they ever had if they would have had a QB could have been a different story

sorry that was 5 or 6 years ago same thing

The Jets are to pathetic for hate. Pity maybe. But hate should be reserved for serious opponents. The last time the Jets played great football was in the Namath era and even then it ran hot and cold. I feel sorry for the Jet fans. Bad team and they have to live in the horrid New York/New Jersey area knowing that they are inferior to the Giants on a consistent basis. They are like Jonah, condemned by God to suffer endlessly. I'd say "poor souls" but we all know they have neither souls nor stones.

F tom brady right in his A

I respect Brady, he is a player. I hate the JETS, I hope JT brakes a leg or something.....

Hey Rexy, you'll find the spaghetti peanutbutter milkshake in the husky dept. And you can find the Dolphins in the 2-0 vs the Yets dept. Bon appettite my pudgy little blow-hole !

Those were awesome defenses that the Dolphins had. JT and either Armstrong and Ogunleye rushing the passer. Bowens and Zach shutting down the running game. Surtain and Madison blanketing the receivers. Nick Satan blew that up in a hurry.

Its Just Sad That The Bills Are Not Even In The Picture Anymore, It Makes For A Good Division. Could You Imangine If The Colts Were Still In The East? Good Times That Was, When The East Would Send 3 Teams To The Playoffs.

sup' you pee pee toucher's? this offense has me truly exceited! i believe we have real receiver's! damn lets kick this season off 4-0.

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