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Brady hates Jets, shows Dolphins some love

One of the topics this morning on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, was how funny it is when Dolphins fans can stand by and watch New England Patriots on New York Jets violence and vice versa. We saw that Monday when Tom Brady told the hosts on WEEI in Boston, in part, "I hate the Jets."

The context was whether or not Brady watches Hard Knocks. Brady apparently does not because he doesn't want to support any show the Jets are on. Well, soft-spoken Jets coach Rex Ryan came with a retort (shockingly).

"Hell, he knows we hate the Patriots, so what's the difference," Ryan shot back.

Lovely ain't it?

Anyway, while the two camps have each other in the cross-hairs, Brady took time during his interview to show love to the Dolphins. No, seriously.

And he went out of his way to do it.

Brady was asked about New England's offense coming with new wrinkles and doing different, elaborate things. Brady said all that is overplayed. He said doing a couple of things very well can be almost as effective if the personnel is good and right.

"I've said before the best defense I've ever played against was the Miami Dolphins about 8, 9, 10 years ago, and they played pretty much the same defense the whole game," Brady said. "And it didn't matter what you did, they rushed the passer, they covered you, they covered you short, they covered you deep.

"They had one or two change-ups that really complimented what they were doing. I had my worst games against the Dolphins. Our passing game against them was terrible, and we knew going into the game exactly what they play, and that to me is the mark of a really good team is when they do kind of say what you're going to do but you do it so well that they really are not able to stop you anyway."

Much respect for Tom Brady.

[Blog note: Come back in a while and I'll post the practice update right here.]

[The early update: Just got back from the practice field where the media was allowed to watch 30 minutes of work. Ray Feinga, Channing Crowder and Quentin Moses are still not practicing. Everyone else was accounted for. No lineup changes that I could see. Check back for the post-practice update.].