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Chad Henne: No excuses, it wasn't good enough

Some of you are disappointed with the performance of the Miami Dolphins first-team offense and defense against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Some of you will excuse the effort because it was only the first preseason game, it was raining and it can get better from here.

Chad Henne is apparently in the camp of the folks who want better, and soon.

"It was just not a good effort from our offense all around ..." the Dolphins quarterback said after tonight's 10-7 victory that was led by a rally from the backups. 

"I think every time we step out there on the field, we want to dominate. We want to win as an offense. Tonight we didn't get it done with the first team. The second team picked us up with Tyler [Thigpen] having good plays in there, other guys playing well. Every time we step on the field we have to take advantage of our opportunities and make the best of it."

I didn't like Henne's outing. He completed 5 of 11 passes for 19 yards. His QB rating was 52.5. Fact is, there was plenty not to like about Saturday night's game. 

I do like Henne's attitude. It would have been easier for Henne to take the other perspective. But he holds himself and his teammates to a high standard.

I like it.


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I can understand Henne's frustration.
We traded away two 2nd rd draft picks and a 50 million dollar contract to solidify our reciever corps.

We start our new season off with 3 drops from our best two recievers in just under a quarter of play.

Yeah, I'd have to agree with Henne. DUH!!!!

the rain is not a valid excuse

the pathetic coach needs to get this team in the elements to prepare for horrible conditions

the coach didn't prepare this team properly

The first team wasn't impressive at all, but I was pleased with Patrick Turner. It was nice to see him actually contribute, even if was against backups.

Pats.....ready to play.
Miami....same as the old boss.



The way you put it makes it sound a little harsh.

But.........I couldn't have said it better!

Rain? RAIN? Give me an Effing Break?!?!


You Troll. What are you doing wasting your time here then.

Brady's ready to play.......with your earlobes when your bobbin on the knob.


Yeah, the coaches didnt prepare just like the beginning of last year. Why cant professional football players play in the rain? Get them some experience coach!

Offense looked disjointed all around. Why didn't Pat White throw a pass. I thought the whole point of the first preseason game was to see if the scrubs could play. If he can't throw a pass yet let's be done with the experiment and move on.

Defense looked OK.

armando said (( i do like his attitude,it would have been easier for henne to take the other prespective ,but he hold himself and his team mates to high standards ))))))............i call that crap ,they had all this time to get ready and all we see a huge crap .

where's the 50 million basketball guy ?

Where's that nolan ? the dl coach .
the coaches real suck ....did hennings retire yet ?

On a brighter note:

Incognito and Jerry looked great. They put some distance between themselves and the 2nd teamers.

After one pre season game I'm feeling better about this years draft class. Odrick looked solid and Misi looks like a future Pro Bowler.

s only the first pre-season game, BUT, this was terrible against a predicted terrible team. Their O moved te ball on us easily. Oh boy. I pray this was just a rusty 1st game, but i did not see much to get excited about yet. Maybe, Brown looked good....

Maybe Marshall should go to the NBA where they could pay him millions and millions and millions and millions to miss free throws...Why can't he catch??? He's played the game his entire life. It's not that hard to catch a football??????????????


did you know we played the worst team in the nfl ?

i love to read home now ??

Hey, 1st preseason game is meant to expose the biggest areas of weakness so we can refine and hone our skills. NO INJURIES! That is a positive as far as I'm concerned. Henne will be fine and Marshall has too much pride to suck this year. We aren't going to win or lose the division based on one preseason game.


marshall can't play in the NBA ,he 's just blowing smoke to get himself in the news.....50 million bust in the making....god bless ted ginn .

refine my azzzz, jets is a better team .

It's all Carey's fault.
We were rolling until that holding call.
That took the wind out of the sails.
I don't really blame everything on him.
But that flag hurt.


we are in year 6 of refining ,how it's going for you ?

I was there, sat through the rain, got soaked, and left utterly disappointed. Every time our defense had them in 3rd and long we gave up just enough yards for them to move the chains.

Same thing as last year, can't get off the field on 3rd and long.

True it was preseason and we didn't game plan but the only long balls thrown were by Thigpen, where was the vaunted Henne cannon?
And again like last year, 3rd and 9 and we throw a dink and dunk to the full back for a 1 yard gain.

This offense better start picking it up or we are going to get killed by the Jests. It's not a good game by the O or the D when your MVP of the game is your punter!

Good question. Why didn't they turn Pat White loose?

White thrived in the spead offense. We had two minutes left on the clock. What better time to see what he's got.

The coaches missed a unique opportunity there. WTF. We didn't even need to worry about breaking his confidence. Hello? It was a pre-season game.

What's the worst that could happen? He throws a pick six and we lose the game? So what. it's a PRE SEASON GAME.

How about he throws a 40 yard TD as time expires? What, we might get accused of running up the score? So what! It's a PRE SEASON GAME. The experience in that live situation would be invaluable to White and his development.

I believe in Sporano, but I don't always understand WTF he's thinking.

People panic WAY too easily.

Preseason doesn't matter at all.

As an example, the Lions in '08 went 4-0 in the preseason and 0-16 in regular season.

So long as they play great in the regular season, Henne could throw an interception every pass in the pre-season and it wouldn't matter.

I'm sorry but I'm not buying into this offense. I think the phins have some work to do if they want to compete this year. They look out of sync and henne is too hesitant.

Ronnie Brown looked like he's healthy again.
Let's take out our frustration on the Jaguars.

Henne is right. But this is just the first preseason game. The only point is to see if the people who look promising in training camp look good in a game in the elements against people who do not know every play. From that perspective I am feeling pretty good about Odrick, Misi and Jerry, surprisingly good about Carroll and interested in seeing more of Pruitt, Ness, Soliai, and a few others. This is a preseason game. It is all about data. We got some decent data, have things to work on. No big deal. I am just glad to see the players play. Come the season we will be great.


I wonder about the playcalling too. I can only assume they are showcasing Thigpen for trade-bait. Otherwise why did we even draft White? He sure hasnt received many opportunities to shine yet and will he ever pass the damn ball?!!

Very bad preseason game but they dont matter that much. Once again they might want to practice in the rain a little bit from here on....

I don't understand why they put Ronnie Brown in the game in the 3rd quarter. We're lucky that he didn't get blown up by a missed block from the 3rd teamers on the Oline.

The announcer at JRS sucked, got the player wrong so many times it was ridiculous, one time he said that it was 3rd and 6 when it was 3rd and 12, I guess it was preseason for him too.

Our Dline gave TB's QB's way too much time, no pass rush at all. But to our credit we stuffed the run between the tackles.

We still can't cover the opponents TE's what's it going to take?

Marshall looked a lot like Ted Ginn out there tonight. He was so wide open on the play over the middle the closest defender was in the next zip code. Yet he still dropped the pass like the ball was made out of molten lava or something.

Gardner had two false starts and on one sack completely whiffed on the block. Paul Soliai looked really good against the 4th string center.

Man, you Dolphin fans are such trash. Here you all are complaining about a stupid pre season game. You people are already ready to throw in the towel because their first offense and defense blew it in the game. Big deal. There are more pre season games to play. You people cannot be satisfied with anything. Why would any team want to win for such loser fans as yourselves?? You have nothing nice to say about this team even when they win. Why dont you losers do your jobs and start showing you are fans. if you are not, go back to NY where you belong and root for the Jets.

They looked out of sync? Ya think?

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting mid season form seeing how it's their first pre season game.

Getting everybody on the same page is something every team has to deal with. ESPECIALLY when you're one the youngest teams in the league. We're starting rookies and a bunch of 1st, 2nd and third year guys.

I don't know about you guys, but at this point I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

As ugly and sobering as it is, I seen some good things in key areas of concern. I know, I know, the sky is falling. Sometimes you just have to suck it up, focus on the positives and move on. Bwaah ha ha ha!!!!


Take it easy Bro, you sound a little disturbed.

Just keep clicking your heels together and repeat: There's no place like home, there's no place like home..................

If that doesn't work take a couple extra Xannies and try a double shot of RUM :)

At least we know what the Fins have to work on...everything. No chance for another bowling night with that game film to look at. Then again, if anyone thinks that the Cowboys offense won't be able to score TDs in the regular season either, guess again. Thank goodness it's only preseason.

We dont really show everything in the preseason either. Anyone believe that any of Nolan's best blitz schemes will be shown in the preseason? Just glad to see our guys back on the field and hoping for a much drier 2nd preseason game.

Marshall would have cought the ball if it was a basketball.

Trade for Vincent Jackson.

look, you don't gameplan the 1st preseason game, you don't show your hand either. i think certain things could be seen though. the o-line is going to be really good and jerry is the man at RG. 3 slants were dropped, the 2 to marshall could have been big plays. thigpen is auditioning and looked ok. i love when a WR makes an interception saving catch and the QB act's like that was the plan! one game doesn't settle anything BUT, could 2 of the young WR supplant camerillo? two of the three, turner/moore/wallace instead of one and camerillo? i think this draft class may produce 6 guys who play. jerry, odrick, misi, carroll, jones and 1 of the undrafted guys, moore/wallace. i think by week 6 we maybe should start negotiating with brown. i think he's gonna have a big year! i also think we need a waterbug type back. hilliard is a poor mans brown. solai really played well. not just the 2 jump out plays, he was never pushed backed.

i agree with everyone else about some bad weather practice! though i always loved mudball back in HS!! hopefully next week we will see some more improvement!! i was taken a back when white never got a shot. it seems to me the 1st 2 QB's are written in stone, henne the starter unless he is hurt, penne the back-up. maybe white is more in the dog house than i thought?? i still contend if he shows anything decent in preseason he the the better 3rd QB choice. thiggy will NEVER play 1 down if he's the third. if white shows he can throw he will play. i still say the best spot for white is the ricky spot in the wildcat. if he can hit passes. having brown take the snap and have white motion would make defenses poop themselves!!

I have been reading this blog daily for about 6 months now and havent posted until now. First off, Im not going to get to dissapointed or excited about this game. I saw, as Im sure many of you did, alot of high points and low points. No one will remember this game 1 month from now so it doesnt even matter. I do have the perfect reason for my first post though. I live near cortland Ny where some of you know the jets practice. I run laser tag at a local resort called greek peak. Many of the Jets players' families are staying there right now. Some of their kids came out to play laser tag today. They thought they were big $hit, typical Jets attitude. So I had the best day of my summer killing them in the middle of games from the computer that I run it from. They had no idea why they were dying so quickly every game. I kind of felt bad after a while, but hey....it's the jets. It's not like it was a big thing but, anything I can do to upset someone related to the Jets makes my day. Talk to you all soon.


Welcome to the blog.


You are absolutely right. I am a Fin fan and i get tired of the constant whining a pissin and moaning too. Holy crap, The 1st team offense has chalked up a whopping 10 or 15 plays and because they didn't score on every play lets trade or cut all of the sorry sob's. Give me a damn break. And the first time the "Beast" scores a TD, the same bashers will want him to run for freakin Mayor. If they still look bad at halftime week one against Beefalo, then I will worry. Freakin tittie babies.

I know it was almost embarrassing ugly. So what, pre season opener, big deal.

Realistically, we all know Ronnie, Ricky and Marshall will be fine. If I'm not mistaken, Hartline had the fewest drops on the team last year.
We had three new guys starting on the offensive line. Playing in the rain soaked muddy infield, they looked pretty good. The only concern I've had with our offense has been the line. After one sloppy a&s pre season game, I think 4 of those spots are now locked up.
On D Starks handled the nose and Soliai looked like superman against 2nd and 3rd teamers.
Wake applied some pressure, but more importantly set the edge and took proper angles chasing down plays from the backside. He didn't get juked on the reverses or the screens either.
Davis and Smith were both good on run support and coverages. I know there were a couple of breakdowns. One was mostly because of no pressure on the QB and on the other Davis had perfect coverage. He just didn't get his head around. They'll get better.
Odrick and Misi looked like TWO 1st rd draft picks to me and I'm assuming they'll be getting alot better real soon.
It was ugly, but it wasn't all bad.

There you go. Hows that for some drunken positive spin?

PS: I'll probably read this tomorrow and think to myself: WTF was I thinking?

Just got to watch the game- My thoughts are that Solai was a beast, Micah Johnson can stick, Lex Hilliard deserves some snaps with the first team. The offensive play calling sucks, Nolan Carrol can ball. Home is wrong about S. Smith. Sure he got beat for the TD, but he came to play, and looked good. Misi has a lot to learn rushing the passer. He gets out of position up the field needs to learn to play in control. All and all a win. A lot of good to be taken from this game


That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Messin' with the little Mini-Jets. I would love to have seen that. Thanks for interjecting some humor.

odinseye, you have no idea what you are talking about. Don't be a fanboy, judge what you see. They looked awful, Pats didn't. I'm a Dolphin fan, but the truth is Miami looked terrible. I don't care if it's preseason, it was preseason last year and there was no pass rush all thru the PS. Everyone said..."Hey, it's only preseason." Guess what? No pass rush in the regular season. You can't take the whole thing too seriously but it's silly to blow if off completely too.


Pathetic Henne leading the smelly fish to a more than pathetic 19 yards on 11 attempts. Pure trash. I love it though, just like the last time you losers got your hopes up in 2006 this will be yet another pathetic fish team.

Tyler Thigpen will start at some point this season for the Dolphins; he is a better QB than Chad Henne. I'm sick and tired of the Henne apologists out there. His decision making is poor and he throws the ball way to hard. Henne is not the answer guys, let's face it. I will definitely not anoint him as the next Marino.

Patrick Turner, like I predicted 2 days ago, had a great game. He showed that he can stretch the field and that he has good hands. Just give him a dog garn chance!

I loved what I saw from our defense; they played with intensity and created turnovers. They kept the offense in the game, but the latter couldn't do much with the ball. We looked just like we did last year on offense.

I'm not concerned with Marshall dropping 2 balls; throw it his way 8 more times, he'll make all 8 catches.

Lex Hilliard is awesome, he has good hands and he looks like a horse running out there. He's a true bruiser. Great future ahead of him.

Overall disappointed in our starting offense, but very excited about our defense. Today we saw exactly what we've been seeing in practice: the offensive line being dominated by the defensive line.

Sparano has a lot of work to do on offense if he wants to compete with the likea of the Jets and Pats. If not, it'll be a long and frustrating season.

Oh and Mr Henne, you don't deserve the starting job right now.

Lastly, please give Pat White an honest to God chance! This is pathetic. What is Sparano scared of? Let the guy lose. Feed the freakin' wolf!!!!!

" Hartline had the fewest drops on the team last year"

No...Camerillo. Number of drops: 0

Pinning your hopes on some douche who threw more ints than tds last year and was absolute garbage in December. Any rational observer would be skeptical of Henne, but hey enjoy your playoffs in August. I will be around to laugh when you are 1-3 in early October.

that's what happens when you opt to play in the stupid bubble instead of taking advantage of the rain and play in it... blame it on the coaches.

Also, we won the turnover battle. This is the best thing the team did in this game. If we are going to be a playoff team, we will need to win the takeaway battle. This was a good sign.


My bad. I thought you were just trolling to piss people off. I apologize completely.

I agree with you that it was pretty effing ugly. I'm just saying, I saw some good things as well.

I know the sky is falling, but I'm not ready to just fold up the tent just yet.

I'm an insanely retarded(or just drunk) optimist. AwwRight Miami!

Bottoms Up!!!!

Henne will be replaced by CP10 by November when the season is clearly over for the fishies. Despite his noodle arm the Dolphins would be better off - he doesn't turn the ball over and has near perfect decision making. Someone explain what Henne has done to deserve the #1 status with no competition. Another Trifecta screw up.


Rex Ryan will be 3 - 1 against you by early October in the battle to get you to bend over so he can get his nightly man fix.

" Hartline had the fewest drops on the team last year"

No...Camerillo. Number of drops: 0

Posted by: Tom Hartman | August 15, 2010 at 12:54 AM

Again my bad. You're right. I know it's no excuse, but I've been drinking......allot!

Bottoms Up!!!!

ALoco- I always knew you were dumb, but to say Marshall is a bust and sucks after 1 quarter and one drop in the rain of a PRESEASON GAME? You are not only dumb, you are seriously R E T A R D E D. You and Home are one and the same. It is now clear. EVERYBODY, HOME = ALOCO.

Fill me up sexy rexy

Watching the first team offense reminded me an awful lot of last year's offense. Very frustrating, conservative play calling. No sense of urgency or swagger. Please explain to me why TB's receivers were able the tough catches in the rain.
Josh Freeman looked a lot better than Chad Henne tonight; I'll say it again, if Henne doesn't pick up his game, he's history.

Karlos Dansby = Joey Porter

Brandon Marshall will lose his mind when he realizes Henne < Tebow (tisk tisk)

Sparano will lead the league in FG fist pumps and 1st down cheers again.

Odrick = Merling Part 2

Smith gets burned every week all year again

Smelly Fish = 7-9

Enjoy the red carpet losers.

Cut Henne!

Fire Sporano and Hennings!

Trade Ricky and Ronnie before it's too late!

Kick Marshall in the nads!

Run Parcell's out of town on a rail...........

Oh yeah............and don't forget too
Be-atch slap the ball boy on your wat out!

FB- Sure Henne didn't tear it up, But 2 pass drops would have been first downs, and the first one that Marshall droped, that little slant would have left the team in a third and short. The second Marshall drop he could have racked up some yards after the catch. Those drops are like putting on Country Music at a party. They kill the rhythm!

Please get off this blog; you're an idiot. You remind me of those serial killers who start committing crimes because their whole lives they were mocked and bullied in school. If you don't like the Dolphins, just go to the Jets' blog and praise your team there.
Or are you one of those guys who just like to criticize no matter what?
Please get a life, you sound like an idiot. A friggin' idiot...

Wow I cant believe this, when we signed Nolan & Dansby and traded for Marshall everyone jumped into the Fins Bandwagon now, after ONE PRESEASON (Do you trolls even know what the preseason is about?) game everyone's jumping off GOOD, that way only the real fans will remain! Jesus, this was one game, yes the rain is no excuse, but does it matter? NO Would Nolan reveal his new defense and his blitz packages for the Fins opponents to study them? NO! I have an idea TorturedDolphan, go study the roster and then come here to make comparisons, Odrick and Merling are nowhere near similar, first Odrick is a high character, high motor guy, Merling was a bum. 2) Porter was an OLB Dansby is an ILB (inside linebacker in case you where wondering). Anywyas I can't wait for the season to start for all of you FAKE fans to jump back on the bagon. In the meantime go cheer for the Offseason Champions the NY Jets. (WHo by the way we will sweep again in the upcoming season) And let me finish by saying, now and always GO PHINS!

I'm trying to look at this in a positive light. Perhaps tonight's poor performance will light the fire under them. The first half of the season is tough - so they need their game face on soon to be ready.

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