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Chad Henne: No excuses, it wasn't good enough

Some of you are disappointed with the performance of the Miami Dolphins first-team offense and defense against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Some of you will excuse the effort because it was only the first preseason game, it was raining and it can get better from here.

Chad Henne is apparently in the camp of the folks who want better, and soon.

"It was just not a good effort from our offense all around ..." the Dolphins quarterback said after tonight's 10-7 victory that was led by a rally from the backups. 

"I think every time we step out there on the field, we want to dominate. We want to win as an offense. Tonight we didn't get it done with the first team. The second team picked us up with Tyler [Thigpen] having good plays in there, other guys playing well. Every time we step on the field we have to take advantage of our opportunities and make the best of it."

I didn't like Henne's outing. He completed 5 of 11 passes for 19 yards. His QB rating was 52.5. Fact is, there was plenty not to like about Saturday night's game. 

I do like Henne's attitude. It would have been easier for Henne to take the other perspective. But he holds himself and his teammates to a high standard.

I like it.


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Ahhhhh FB, its going to be a fun year. Gotcha to bite and its still early August.

Looking forward to the Fish stomping in Buffalo to kick things off.

Btw FB I can't agree with you more.

ItS august you idiots , Sure let the pats and jets see the whole playbook in the first fake game of the season

Bangee, thats exactly what I'm saying, why would any of the coaches reveal the playbook in the preseason! Go Phins and seriously, Tortured, get a life.


You're wasting your time. Some people will whine and cry regardless. As a team we stunk it up some. To blame Henne is just ignorance.

I'm watching the first quarter for the fourth time. In my opinion, Henne missed one read and threw one bad pass.

Now we should be starting Thigpen and Penny. Yeah, and I thought I drank to much :)

PS: How did the fishing expedition go?

Its ok Fran, I'll leave you losers alone until the Bills ruin your little dream in a few weeks.

Odinseye I agree, Henne is going into his first year as a starter, HE WILL MAKE MISTAKES, but guess what this kid is no John Beck (remember him?) this guy will learn from those mistakes and not make them two times. The bucs came after him often and early forcing him to go to his checkdowns, he didnt have time to do anything else, and the weather didnt help to give him some extra time. Sure Marshall made a mistake, but guess what? He is still an elite WR the Phins will still make the playoffs and the idiots will still come and whine about everyone and everything. GO PHINS!

What I was trying to say is that I'm not too concerned about Marshall making the crucial catches during the season. When a guy has 21 catches for 210 yards in a game, and has over 100 catches in 3 consecutive years, he has earned his way to a $50 million contract as well as a starting job. What has Henne done to earn that starting job?

Other than the "POTENTIAL" that Parcells and Sparano keep talking about, what have you seen to make you think he's a star in this league? NOTHING. He'll make a nice throw on one play, and then overthrow on the next.

All I'm saying is... make this an open competition and let the best QB play. Today that QB was Thigpen and not Henne.

And poor Pat White. Talk about demoralizing a player. Sparano says we will see quite a bit of him in the 3rd and 4th Q. He comes in the last 2 minutes and has a hand off and and kneel down. Did you see his face on the sideline? He looked like a insecure cat.
At least let the guy play show us what he has; unless of course it's a forgone conclusion that he will be released.


John Beck? You might as well include everyone of them since Marino.

Henne's better than ALL OF THEM. Penny included.

Seriously Cisco! Don't ever type John Becks name here again! It gives me flashback nightmares-lol.

1-0 and on to Jacksonville.

AwwRight Miami!!!!

Odinseye, that's what I'm saying why you barking at me (lol jk)when I'm 1) agreeing with you and 2) trying to get this game into perspective, I agree Henne is better than any QB that has played since #13 retired! LOL.

Go Phins!

Played about like last year.

Rationalizations about like last year.

Vegas Odds about like last year.

Btw just so that all of you guys get a preseason into perspective, we beat the Saints last year in the preseason... and two years ago the Lions (yes the same Lions that would finish 0-16 in the regular season) finished 4-0, the preseason means the same as the popular vote means in popular elections, nothing!

Btw I meant in federal elections lol!

I would love for Henne to succeed this year; however I think that this should be an open competition at QB. Light a fire under Henne's butt, it'll make him work harder.
Who honestly thinks Henne played better than Thigpen today? Keep drinking your kool aid.

Odin, What up. My last post got deleted???
Fishing trip was great, The hot mom caught an 18 inch cutthroat!!

FB. I get your opinion, but I would rather have a young QB, that has the trust of the whole franchise behind him. Then a guy that was constantly worring that every litlle mistake may cost him his shot(like Pat White)Henne hasn't even been the starter here for a whole season, he han't had the benifit of having the whole offensive arsenal behind him. When he came in for Penne last year, this team was geared around what Penne could, or could not do. Henne had to go at it on the fly. Of course he made some mistakes, all young qb's do. The guys that make the football choices for this team believe Henne can lead this team. I trust them. Henne doen't need to be a star, he just needs to get better, in fact so does the whole team. Lets see how this plays out in a few months. If Henne is struggling, and the team suffering, then I'll say you were right. If things are going well, and Hennes getting it done, then we will all celebrate.

Sure, Thigpen played better, question, how many times did he get blitzed? And who has more upside? HENNE!

And FB do you even know what an open competition means? it means the same number of reps, which would suck since Henne needs to develop chemistry with his WR's!

I love Miami's backup receivers. They will be hard to cut. Amaya is my diamond in the rought. Go FINS!!!!!!

Fair enough guys, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and see what our record is after 5 games. If it's 1-4 or 2-3, I think we'll all know who's to blame (other than our play calling). Have a good night!

David, Amaya is a good player, I don't know if he will get enough plays to show his skills. He dropped an INT today, and he can't afford to do that if he wants to make this team. It will be tough for him. It might be more realistic for him to make it as a practice squad player.

The veterans looked rusty. The rookies seemed confused. The coaches didn't prepare their troops like we'd hoped. It was an ugly win. But, it was a win. I blame it on slipery shoes cause no one broke 150. What? They weren't bowling? It was the first game of the pre-season in football? My bad!

Oops...slippery shoes!

What? Pat White didn't get to play with the big boys? What a travesty! Huh? Thiggy got the most playing time this game? Maybe Patty gets to play in the next game to show what he can do. Maybe the coach wants to give them more than just a series or two. Maybe see how they do when they get behind or in trouble. Huh? The game didn't matter anywho? Oh well. Nevermind!

ALoco are you sure you are not a Jet fan? My gosh dude, chill.

Do you really think the team is going to show anything exotic in the 1st preseason game?

Do you think Nolan is going to go blitz happy?

It just shows how little some fans understand the game.

Marshall dropped a pass OMFG!! Cut him!!


It was a simple scrimmage. Nothing more.

And for those blaming the coaches for not letting the players play in bad conditions...what were they doing tonight?

They limit it because on a wet field footing is bad and players get hurt. If those were your millions invested in those guys, and your career on the line, you might protect your assets as well.


You sound like someone who understands and appreciates the game. I like your spin, and happen to agree with most of your points. People fly off the handle in August. Insane, just insane.

My feeling is this team is going to have to scratch and claw for every win they get. They are not quite Super Bowl material yet. Too many weaknesses still remain. If you truly expect 11 or 12 wins you are going to be disappointed. I believe 9 or 10 is quite possible if they remain somewhat healthy at the key positions.

Loved seeing Turner show some potential, loved the NT play. There were quite a few more positives tonight. Let it play out people before you jump off the bandwagon. It's going to be another month before we have any true idea as to where this team is.

What was the score at the end of the game? Idiots.

We won, it was preseason, the first stringers didn't get a chance to play the whole game, it was raining and muddy and the offense was out of sync.


Wow, the football intelligence for some here hits new lows daily. It was the first PRESEASON game in August. The team is working on timing, looking at guys who are on the bubble and trying base plays. Nothing more nothing less. Anybody that try to read anything more into this needs to find another blog.

Maybe Marshall should consider trading in #19 for another #. I think it carries the curse of the last guy who wore it.

I always check this site for my dolphin in formation but this is the first time I've ever commented. The reason I'm commenting because these so called "die hard" Dolphin fans are ready to give up on the season you make me sick. I know the first team offense struggled and do did the defense I understand. But this is the first pre season game do you think we're showing everything smh you so called fans get off the bandwagon I'm a stay on it n rep my Dolphins team proud. Smh that the season is over after we played in slop and didnt show anything offense or defensively. Especially on defense do you fan think we arent going to blitz alot this year cmon son smh.

Henne is always starting games slow. Not something to be excited about. But I'm sure he'll bounce back along with Brandon Marshall.

Did I happen to see a quick argument between Henne and Sparano, when Henne did not throw the ball to an open receiver and he dumped it in the middle almost creating a turnover?

We have that infield until 2012, so there should be no excuses. Sparano should be thinking about practices in the rain, no less!

Didn't get to see much of the OL. I'm sure Armando will do a breakdown pretty soon.

I'm hoping to see a different game next Saturday.

famous quote from Dan Marino

"No defense for the perfectly placed ball"

That was the throw over Vontae and
Vontae would have had to get his head turned around

but in all fairness
a beautiful throw by the Bucs QB

Then there is poser boy
What the Hell was he doing?

Only TD of the night was scored against ...
..... Wait For It ............................
sean smith

Imagine That!

You don't want your starting QB or 50 million receiver going down because your team has to play on a stinking baseball field, a dead sport that is kepted alive by juicing it's plays and corking it's bat's to manufacture a home run race. Living off of TV money only, because there are no fans in the seats. How will you feel when we lose a real game because we have to play in a litter box. And for all you Patty White lovers, good news , he looked great last night. lol lol lol

found this on Armandos live blog last night during the game

"Terrible, Terrible, Terrible coverage by Sean Smith. Gave loads of cushion. And just stood there and watched."

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 14, 2010 at 07:32 PM

Any Questions?


Lets Get The Ball to
Miami Dolphins 6.5 Physical WR Patrick Turner

as Home has been Pounding The Table for
More Pat Turner

Any Questions?

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Home posted before the game that
The Dolphins Should Trade Thigpen

Any Questions?

Nolan needs to Insert Nolan

Dolphins secondary may be In Serios Trouble @ CB

"you know what i`m saying"
sean smith


came to check the comments of some of the part time fans. Seems like some people talked well of our qb, new wr, etc. and when they didn't get what they were expecting in a meaningless preseason game (with few reps) they proclaim marshall a bust, want thigpen as our starter (going into his 5th season with a 54.4 completion percentage for his career), and now are hopping over to the jets bandwagon saying they have a better team. I say to them good riddance

One year, when the defense is actually required to tackle in practice - it won't take till the 4th or 5th game of the season before we can actually bring down ball carriers consistently.


Your opinion of Sean Smith has never changed; my question to you is do you think Jason Allen would do as good a job (or lack thereof) as Smith?

It's funny, I like how the season's over after one pre-season game. I agree they stunk it up out there, but I'm not going to start screaming unless there's no improvment by game 3 of the peseason.

My biggest worry is in the secondary. I fear we'll be giving that chunk yardage away until we get some vet help. Nolan sounds solid though.

Yeah NH I can't believe some of the comments i have read; I think that some of the posters here are acting like my 5 year old when I tell her no she can't do this or have that and she throws a little mini tamptrum.

I wanted Henne to hook up with Marshall and shine. (stomping feet) Marshall sucks he is a bust; Henne shouldn't be the starter he made one bad throw and threw some checkdowns. While yes he did throw some short passes not all were checkdowns some were designed plays; because if you watch his eyes he never looked downfield but waited for Ricky to come open.

i went down to davie and watched the first 2 weeks of practice so i saw about 13 two hour practices and an intrasquad scrimmage. in davie it seems to rain often anywhere from4-8pm. anytime it started to sprinkle the whole team ran for the bubble like they were afraid to get wet. needless to say the public was very disappointed as we were told the pm practice was moved indoors and that we should exit. one practice at 5pm was canceled when it looked like rain and there's 1500 fans sitting there waiting. we never practice in the elements; i dont understand it being from syracuse. from practice it became evident they have already given up on pat white so dont expect to see much of him. also the offense looked pathetic in most of the practices checking down most of the time. QB's seemed reluctant to take chances downfield even with open receivers. i think you play how you practice. there should have been open competition for numerous spots including QB. just my opinion. training camp seems like the place to open up the offense and make some mistakes before the real bullets fly.

appreciate the observations you made greg (as I read all the reports from all the south florida area papers/blogs), but one question on the qb thing is how much of the short passes is because they are told to checkdown/get rid of the ball in a certain amount of time.

I know a year or so ago (before we got rid of John Beck) Sparano was using a clock to simulate the amount of time you have to get the ball out before you would be sacked (3-5 secs. I believe it was) is he still using this method, and is it because of the lack of contact during practices?

Seems to me that there is always too much hysteria over bad performances and too much hype over good showings, particularly as it relates to the preseason. To me, a major lesson that the coaches might learn is that they can't play the real games in a bubble. It's my impression that the team has allowed the weather to chase them indoors - a good idea where lightning in concerned - and this seemed to show when the players were faced with playing in the mud. Oddly, the Tampa Bay players seemed unfazed by the weather. I'll bet they don't ever practice in a bubble when it rains. Just a guess.


Your opinion of Sean Smith has never changed; my question to you is do you think Jason Allen would do as good a job (or lack thereof) as Smith?

Posted by: kyphinfan | August 15, 2010 at 08:46 AM

Jason Allen is an excellent ST player
CB J Allen is prob 50/50
Not gonna tell U Jason Allen is the answer @ CB

Home would be looking a Nolan Carroll very seriously at starting CB

However sean will prob start and It Is his job to lose
Cuz of Will Allen Injury

Think sean will be benched during the season
Where will that leave our team and how many lumps will we take before jeopardizing our playoff hopes?

Some of you idiots that think fandom is a competition, you know where to stick it. Different fans see different things in their teams.

I come from the perspective of having been a fan sitting in the OB, since the opening day kickoff to Joe Auer in 1966 that went 98 yards for a TD so all you newbie fans that are questioning my fandom or anyone else's for that matter can go kiss something!

I have lived and died with this team for the last 44 years, and I have come to expect certain things, whether it be practice day number one of a new preseason, or the Super Bowl or anything in between.

I've earned the right to be critical where I think it needs to be stated, and I've earned the right to cheer when I see the team live up to expectations.

So to all you neophytes out there, don't try to tell me whether I am a fan or not, you haven't earned the right to judge me or anyone else in how they cheer on this team.

yes, i think some of the checkdowns are probably designed but our QB's use no deception (good fakes) to invite a rush/blitz when setting up a screen for example. they should be looking downfield before they "lock on" to the checkdown back. the defense is watching the QB's eyes. henne doesn't disguise the play. gotta watch a bret favre or peyton to emulate what they do.

I'm not to worried about Henne, he had 3 balls hit the ground because of the receivers, his stats would have looked much better if they hold on to those balls. You have to look past the bare stats, however that they need to pick it up is a no brainer. There's too much talent on that offense for it to struggle for long.

in camp we didnt "let it fly". it was a very vanilla offense with emphasis on short passes and the idea we dont want mistakes. as a result i saw 250 checkdowns. my problem with that was we weren't very good at it. we stared the back down; usually no gain. the D was always all over it. i would love to see some screens when we are blitzed(jets). but we gotta "sell it"! brett and peyton get long yds. on those.

lets be honest, team looked awful, period

How bout Nate Ness!?
CB Ness was on the Dolphins practice squad last year
Last night
Ness led the team with 4 tackles, 3 passes defended and 2 forced fumbles, including at the end of the game to help seal the
Miami Dolphins Win

feadshipman = poser

Dolphins = posers

Dolphin fans = delusional and the world's best rationalizers

Jared , Koa, Nolan Carroll & "Big John" looked good in their first NFL game

Appears to be good picks by the Trifecta

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Ok, here's what I saw, Scripted, vanilla, offense and defense. Brown is healthy, and we can run the ball on the left side at will.No phantom flags on Incognito, thats a plus with his rep. There's alot of people to evaluate quickly to get the right 53 on the field. If I was Sparano I would take advantage of every oportunity to get my team into a closed practice,even if means disappointing a few fans of a sprinkle of rain. Time is precious at this level. Nobody got hurt :)

"Poser Boy" is the player that gave his WR 10 yards near the goal line and watched him catch the ball & run in the end zone for a TD

this player was POSING as a CB

please do not take his title away
He has worked hard to earn the title, "Poser Boy"

lol home; and your friend omar said he had a good night

Lmao, people please. PRE-SEASON.

Yes B.Marsh dropped 2, Hartline dropped one.

Yes Henne looked nothing more than OK if that.

Yes Vontae got picked on a bit while Smith did good.

BUT its preseason. I need everyone to take a step back and breathe, lol. Thats what these games are for, to get the rust off and see where we need to make adjustments. Take it easy guys.

If you had the opportunity to look at the films from last night, you'll know that Suprano and company will be quite excited...

his ol show capabilities way beyond last year... and even more depth... the ol IS very strong this year, in fact, bordering on brutal... No team will look look forward to getting pounded by them... of course, things looked a bit confused on first glance, but, it wasn't for lack of talent or ability... there were absolutely crushing blocks by the line, even Jerry, the youngest of the young, looks to have a very impressive future...

Henne is showing mastery way beyond his years, with all the weapons a quarterback could only dream of having... hitting open receivers with perfect touch, only one pass seemed off target, looked like a slippery ball to me, but otherwise sharp as a tack... I don't expect either marshall or hartline to drop easy perfectly thrown passes too often... they would have more than made up for it if they would have continued...

It was good to see ronnie taking some hits... r&r back with gusto this year... both ronnie and ricky are master running backs, no question there...

All said, this offense will show exponential growth from last year... the running game will be crushing... the passing game will be a pleasure to watch after such a long break for the dolphins fans... striking at will and most unexpectedly...

I had doubts about the defense, especially the youngsters msi, and even odreck, but after watching the films, it looks from all indications that these guys will beat expectations, inside linebackers show strength with the security of others around him... odrick reminds me of the young jason taylor, only bigger and stronger... the front seven will develop the tools to frustrate the best of offensive lines, it looks from last night that as things progress in next several weeks, eventually it will be very difficult to run against them... quarterbacks will realize right away that they must get rid of the ball quickly, or else...

Smith also shows a fresh and sassy energy about him, confident, and competent, and anyone says otherwise basically doesn't understand the position...

my guess is Soprano, Henning, and Nolan know its up to them to sort out this preseason confusion, but, no doubt, they are quite happy (on the inside) this morning with what they to work with...

What is all this stuff about White. He's not going to play in the regular season, and very well may be a wasted pick. He's not a prototypical QB, too short, with an inaccurate arm, with 4.7 speed. So everyone that thinks that Pat White is going to play a down during the regular season is very very wrong. He may be cut.

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