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Chad Henne: No excuses, it wasn't good enough

Some of you are disappointed with the performance of the Miami Dolphins first-team offense and defense against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Some of you will excuse the effort because it was only the first preseason game, it was raining and it can get better from here.

Chad Henne is apparently in the camp of the folks who want better, and soon.

"It was just not a good effort from our offense all around ..." the Dolphins quarterback said after tonight's 10-7 victory that was led by a rally from the backups. 

"I think every time we step out there on the field, we want to dominate. We want to win as an offense. Tonight we didn't get it done with the first team. The second team picked us up with Tyler [Thigpen] having good plays in there, other guys playing well. Every time we step on the field we have to take advantage of our opportunities and make the best of it."

I didn't like Henne's outing. He completed 5 of 11 passes for 19 yards. His QB rating was 52.5. Fact is, there was plenty not to like about Saturday night's game. 

I do like Henne's attitude. It would have been easier for Henne to take the other perspective. But he holds himself and his teammates to a high standard.

I like it.


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I am very dissapointed in these posts. Just because it's raining in NY today is no excuse for this terrible showing. Don't get me wrong some of the interior posts were okay and some of the rookie posters show promise but over all I'm not pleased with this performance. Thank God it's only preseason and there's time for everyone to step their game up. :)

The difference between Marshall and Ginn is, Ginn would have caught those passes in the preseason. Marshall will be real good when it's real games.

You guys need to relax. Miami was completely out of sync. But who cares this is what the preseason is for. You guys expected Henne in midseason form? Henne will be fine. Marshall will be fine. Wouldn't you guys rather see this in the FIRST-PRESEASON game so they can make the adjustment now. The defense isn't going to show any blitz packages in a meaningless preseason game. That's why Freeman had all day to throw.

I know both teams had to play in the down pout but it obviously affected Miami with the drop balls. End of story.

Miami 11-5!

JJ said,
"if you are not, go back to NY where you belong and root for the Jets".

JJ the sad thing is I live in NY and Jets fans don't even talk this poorly about their team. They usually keep a positive attitude until the season is at least half over and they can make an educated (as educated as a Jet fan can muster) judgment. Must be something in the water in Florida.

white is awful, cut him.. losing allen kills us, smith looks so bad

Home has been Pounding The Table 4 More WR Pat Turner

Last night Pat Turner had 44 Yds

Brandon Marshall 0 Yds

Brian Hartline 4 Yds

Hmmmm ...

Fields looked good las night
Like always at practice, Booming Punts

3 punts in the rain over 60 Yds

Nice Job Fields!

could of been fishin,that was bad,yea,yea,yea it was PRE-SEASON,they had the jitters,lot's of rookies and second year guy's.But there are some people on this blog ready to send them to dallassss.NO MORE KOOL-AID for you people.Smith had a pick but HOME might be right,not good?That pick was a gimmie.

Fat Paul looked great last night
Like the warrior he Is

and not so fat anymore 4 a NT

Good Job
Good Attitude

Hmmmm ... maybe we Do Not Need to Move Randy Starkes to NT

Maybe we can Let Starkes Keep His Position
Which he had So Much Success at last year

Hmmmm ...

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

It was so pathetic I had to stop watching. Fine don't watch. Seems some people getting their panties in a bunch. First preseason game. Jump ship then. leave don't let the door hit you in the butt. Do you honestly think we were gonna be good the first game. Or should we show teams what we can do. The preseason is for finalizing the roster. nothing more nothing less.

lol phil76

1. RIDICULOUS POSTS!!! How many teams look awful, go 0-4 in Preseason and have a great year? How many teams look GREAT in Preseason and have awful years? What counts is the practices and finding the right players in Preseason, not winning or looking fantastic. Dolphins will be just fine this year so all you whining crying babies move on and jump on the bandwagon when the season starts, till then find something else to do with your time if you dont get it

game was meaningless i agree. but smith worries me, he isnt good and losing will allen hurts

paul looked good,run d will get better

Who is a cry'in?normal?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its the first pre season game..I'm not all that concerned about the Phins..they will be fine.

What concerns me is I have to scramble around the internet looking for a free site to watch the game.

I figure you being a media mogal(news papers, Internet, Radio) like Martha Stewart accept less edgy and no jail time could some how setup a free feed to go along with the live blog.

That sure would help us people that live off Aloco's tax's.

Thanx in advance

Soiled :)

Local South Florida media channel 4 CBS Dolphins station
talking bout poor play by sean smith last night
prior to pop up floater int
said their disappointed in sean smith

If interested the report is on right now covering the Fins game last night

im having ted ginn flashbacks someone wake me up

*they are

good interview w/Carroll

also Ness highlights looked great

Starting CBs is going to be an Important & Interesting decision for the success of this team

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

To all you bozos, come to the SS for more interesting talk about the phins. The SS is the best place to be.

There is only ONE chairman of the board and he is DEAD

Henne was 5-11 for 19 yards...OMG.
Look at what other starting QB's did last night and you can see why folks are concerned.
Rogers in GB was 10-12 for 156 yards in just three series.
If I see Henne toss another dink pass for a one yard gain I'm gonna scream!

Henne had 3 dropped balls that should have been caught
Making him 8-11 with more chunks of yardage

Relax, Man

Henne will be fine

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

then tell henne to stop acting like a school girl and stop dinking /dunking the ball and throw the ball down the field and challenge the CBs. It's the same crap from the same key positions as last year - QB, CB, WR - can't throw, can't cover and can't catch. It' should matter about 1st game bull crap. they have some experience under they're belt. they have to impose they're will on the other team in any condition. they can't compete in the division like this. looks like another 8-8 year already. as for the fans who go to games regularly, you should demand more and stop giving them passes so easily. for $100+ per game, I would want my money's worth!! Dolfans get robbed with below-average effort EVERY YEAR!

Stay Tuned & Dont Miss

2011 Miami Dolphins Air Show

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

VA, I give $600.00 for Club Seats, per game, and I have never felt robbed. Your crying about Henne dinking and dunking in the FIRST PRESEASON GAME of the year which is ridiculous. This team is built and heading for a real good, solid year and a great future. Get over it

For the record

Henne is very composed and never "acts like a schoolgirl"

Henne beat the Jets twice last year
2nd start in the NFL
1st game against the Jets on MNF with the whole world watching

Believe Henne went something like:
20 - 24
O Ints

Completed many consecutive pass attempts &
a 4th Quarter Comeback Victory against the Miami Dolphins toughest divisional opponent

Thats what I`m Talking Bout

Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins Franchise QB

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

and Henne had 2 dropped balls that Monday Night, when he beat the Jets

Even the rude Jet fans complimented the Excellent composed play of Chad Henne

Wait til Sat night against the Jags
U will see

Hah! Henne agrees with me!

Take that Carlito Golfito!!!!!

It's easy to say, "Ah it's only preseason", or, "they'll get better", or "the mud was going to hurt Henne's knee."

But fans only say that because they're used to the losing ways of this team. They play like this every preseason, and they fail to succeed every regular season... at least since the early 90's.

We've just forgot what it's like to have an elite football team in Miami. Elite teams don't play like that, ever, even on the first preseason game.

Henne knows that. Thank God. We might finally have a winner at QB. I forgive him for the way he played last night. He's my QB now!

YAWN! It's preseason. it's really not a big deal. These games are for the fringe players trying to make the roster and for guys fighting for starting positions. The only game the remotely means anything is the 3rd preseason game. And even that is only to a degree since they're not showing anything they'll use in the regular season. Remember guys, the Colts every preseason have a dreadful record usually, and they win 13 games like clock work every year. Chill, it'll be alright.

I'm amused by the people sticking up for Chad Henne. May I add my new chant? Thank you! I want Tyler Thigpen!


The Fins aren't the Colts! There's a difference between losing preseason games with a proven elite team and what we've got here with the Fins.

The Fins have to go out and attempt to put a scoring drive together, because they've never done it before with the personnel they have right now.

They didn't even try! Sparano says it was the mud. That they couldn't attempt pass plays because of it.

Well, what happens when the Fins are playing a real game 2 mins. left and they're in the mud? They're going to run the ball?!?

Sparano should have realized the mud gave them an opportunity to experience that before the real games arrive.

Little things like that make me wonder about this team.

Victor Barney and the rest of you Thigpen and Pennington loving clowns.

Henne went 5 of 11 for 20 yards and no ints.

For shyts and giggles(you dolts)lets add in the three drops and a hypothetically modest 50 yards.

Hence: 8 of 11 for 70 yards and no ints in 1 quarter of play.

Stick with me douche bags because no we will be exstrapolating!!!! Lets times those numbers by 4 quarters.

Hence: 32 of 44 280 yards and no ints, Hmmmm......not bad(hypothetically speaking of course)for a pre season opener and 4 quarters in the rain on a sloppy infield.

Yeah buddy, Thigpen looked good, for a back up playing against Tampa's 2nd and 3rd teamers.

Interesting to see how long Thigpen was in for the first game.
There may be nothing to it, but i'm curious if there is a reason behind it.
They could be showcasing him for trade bait thus keeping Pat White, or sending a message to Pat that he's a gonner for sure.

Or there's really no meaning to it what so ever.

Thigpen did lead us on two scoring drives.

The first one started with Bess returning a short punt to Tampa's 38. A drpped pass, a late hit penalty and an overthrow to Turner put us at Tampa's 23. There was a 6 yard completion, anyhoo.......field goal good(insert field goal fist pump here)!

The TD drive was nice. Thanks to Marlon Moore coming back for an underthrown Thigpen pass. He also threw short to a wide open Roberto Wallace who trapped the ball. To be fair, Thigpen did complete a nice screen pass(snicker) to Hilliard.

Anyhoo......we did get the TD and that's all that matters. Yeah, Thigpens Da Man! Bench Henne! Fire Parcells! Sell the team..........

Ah ha ha ha!!!!

if it was 8 for 11 and 125 yards and a touchdown we would be yelling superbowl. henne didnt drop three perfect passes in the rain with a heavy ball and muddy hands. three drops arent hennes fault. he stood in the pocket real well and found the open receiver and checked down appropriately like brady and manning do to make their stats so gaudy. our guys dropped the balls...... brady nor mannings guys ever seem to drop anything regardless.

line looked good. front seven on D are animals. our running backs are the best tandem in the nfl.

we have to catch the effing ball and cover wideouts or we wont be elite.

Players, particularly the starters, don't try very hard in preseason; it is way more important for them to stay healthy than to get yards. And like dr. bombay said, they don't want to show their cards. The defense, in particular, surely has some tricks up their Mike Nolan sleaves. The B-Marsh dropped pass was disappointing and uncharacteristic but did you see anyone on the dolphins sideline give-a-damn? No, because they know it's irrelevent. And not one wildcat play was shown. Take it easy, fin fans. Take it easy.

This is preseason, but they don't look good at all, there is much work to be done ( 9-7) at best

Well, he looked really good his rookie season, but then hit a sophmore slump. Came into camp looking really fit and you could tell that he'd used the off-season to get into shape and be better. But, in the first pre-season game he really didn't show us anything and now some of the fans (who are so used to losing that it's become a habit) are calling him a bust! Who am I talking about? The coach , silly! Lol.

They can't keep practicing in the bubble every time it rains. the bubble wont be at the stadium come gameday.I always thought that our home field advantage was the ability to play well in the heat and the rainy weather as well.the bubble takes that away with a/c and cover from the rain

Wow, some of you ppl need to bite hard on reality checks for this team, we still have a young football team and new aquisitions that are getting used to their positions, Yes marshall dropped a perfectly thrown ball but we all know that if this was a real game with real time pressure---marshall makes that catch 9-10 times so plz Chill the f#c# out!!!, Preseason is what it is ---work out the flaws early so you dont have them during the regular season. I'm not worried at all, but some of you see one preseason game and want to already jump ship for the season and thats fine by me. For the true die hards that know this team WILL be improved this season, were not sweatin this one too much.

I cant beleive you are giving Henne Kudos for saying the offense sucked and they need to do better......He said what he was suppose to say, now lets see what he does about it...talk is cheap

read the the post again, he didnt congrats henne for his performance or the way he played, he simply said he liked hennes attitude towards the situation at hand which was bad where most young QBs would shake it off as opening game jitters, and personally i like the fact that he admits that his performance was pathetic and that he takes his role with improving this offense seriously unlike others in the past(i.e. Culpepper,Beck, Lucas,Feeley, Ect.)

Hey people.....lets not get to excited about preseason, they are exhibtion games to get warmed up, they are not going all out...thats how you get hurt...sheeesh..calm down...every team struggles or has negatives about the way they played, don't unleash you secret weapon when it doesn't count. Relax, its just scrimmage, not the super bowl. Seems like everyone wants to measure a teams success by how the play in preseason..thats just plain wrong, the season is long and lot of things happen along the way.

dr. bombay,
Nobody is saying they are meaningful but how the first team plays against the other teams first team is meaningful. It tells you where they are. It looks like offensivley and even defensivley the dolphins are not quite competitive yet with the likes of Brady and Manning. Did you see their first teams in the preseason? Pretty good. You can't say it means nothing. I think its concerning. lets hope the next game they do better

Maybe some of you losers should quit blaming the receivers and blame that "clown" you have a quarterback who blew 2 of the last three games throwing six interceptions. Also, receivers that were catching pennington passes were dropping henne passes. This guy throw one pass, fast & hard and if he keeps it up he'll be out of the nfl.
You don't throw fastballs in wet conditions and some of you losers are already peesing off marshall who started to say something about the catches & backed off. It was plain to see pigpen had a better game, in fact every qb did better than Henne. Good luck with that bonehead

The doofins a gaa-bage anyway, watch a real team monday night with s much better qb Sanchez!!!!!

Howdy, I say give them boys break and wait till they can get in a game fer at least an entire half. Yes, rain ain't no excuse - especially in South Florida. Time to burst that practice bubble! In the meantime: GO FINS!

same old dolphins, still rebuilding since 1972. who keeps taking these crap players?
dolphins this year might win six games.

you are all HILLARIOUS!!!.... you're probably the same people that, before the game, were chanting "Su-Per-Bowl, Su-Per-Bowl"... relax people. You're highs are TOO HIGHT and your lows are TOO LOW. Team's lay eggs... IT HAPPENS!!! And I'm GLAD it happened in the first game of pre-season. CHILLAX! There's miles to go before we sleep.


I'm not yet a Chad Henne fan, unless he is able to be taught about being a functional quarterback by Chad Pennington, believe it or not! At this point, I believe that Tyler Thigpen has better "comprehension" of being a Pennington Quarterback, only unlike Pennington, with an arm to match a winner like Bob Griese! Time will tell, but the "Big Tuna" and clone "Anthony" will not wait too long for Henne to effectively produce points enough to be a winner. Of that, I'm sure!

Where are the new and improved Dolphins? I know it's the 1st preseason but geez, can they get the fans just a LITTLE excited?!! A little more like we see a change, a little more toughness...I'm slamming them and I didn't see the game, cuz I'm up in Jet/Giant nation-I'll same one thing though, as much as I can't stand TRex, those Jets will come out on fire for every game. THAT's what i want from my Miami Dolphins!

Yes the offense has to play better. But I don't agree with you saying you were not happy with Henne. If you add the 3 dropped balls by Marshall, and Hartline, then Henne was 8 of 11 and a minimum of 65 yards. All three drops were well thrown balls. Dropped balls, and penalties were the main problems on offense.

Henne had a bad night but remember all the dropped passes during the downpour. And the mud the Dolphins were trapped in most of the first quarter. Throw out the Marlins, and a few caught passes might have turned things around.

check out some pics of the games weather



I agre with Francisco... Too many "Chicken Little's" out there. The pre-season is to get the eventual starters some minimal game time and get those on the bubble a chance to show they can be on the team. Yes it was raining, but last I checked we WON that game. The O-line has talent and Coach wants to see who can play where and dominate and to see where our depth is and whom will they be backing up. But I do believe he needs to get that starting O-line down in Pen... As far as practicing more in the weather, that's fine as long as the field isn't slosh. Way too many injuries come on a wet field. In my opinion the Bubble is fine, why would you want a crappy practice out in the rain when you get better execution in the Wayne Heizenga Bubble? I do believe if we play at home and Sunday's weather is rainy, we should practice some during that week in the rain to have an edge on whom ever is coming in. Relax folks its preseason. It didn't help Henne any that he and Marshall don't exactly have their timing down quite yet. Like BM said, he didn't expect Henne to bullet those passes, so I think those two just need to get together after practices so "The Beast" can get used to Henne's passes. Plus I'm sure "the beast" was just trying impress too hard for the home fans. On that Deep In Pass he dropped he started looking up field already before securing the ball, so i'm not worried about those drops. It WAS a PRE-SEASON Game.


Get off Henne's nuts! He hasn't done much to be called a franchise QB as one poster described him. We've already seen him play and I personally am not at all sold on his over play, but some of you are so desperate for another Marino, that you will do whatever it takes to create one in your minds, regardless of how bad the QB is. I can recall fake-@ss fans screaming Brady Quinn instead of Ted Ginn; bunch of fools. The true fans were doomed with the thought of Brady and the picking of Ted; and now we have a bad chad and a hanging chad as well as trade-bait Thiggy and poor clack-pat. Help-us........

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