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Crowder goes for 2nd opinion, Haynos waived injured

Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder went for a second opinion of an unspecified injury that has kept him out of the past two preseason games and out of practice since the week leading to the August 21 game at Jacksonville. 

The coach declined to specify what injury Crowder is nursing but said he is "not too concerned at this second," about Crowder missing the regular-season opener at Buffalo.

Charlie Anderson has been working at inside linebacker the last couple of days in Crowder's absence.

In the meantime, the Dolphins also announced that tight end Joey Haynos (foot) has been waived injured. Haynos suffered the injury in Friday's preseason loss to Atlanta.

The move obviously insures the status of David Martin, who seemed likely to make the team anyway. Now Martin seems a lock. The intrigue is what the Dolphins will do beyond Anthony Fasano and Martin.

The club likes John Nalbone despite his inconsistent hands. It is possible this opens the door for Nalbone to earn a roster spot. The club also has the option of searching the waiver wire once final cuts are made to find a suitable replacement for Haynos, ostensibly someone that would be an upgrade from Nalbone.

The Dolphins may not wish to place Nalbone on waivers with the intent of putting him on ppractice squad for fear of losing him. Last year, they showed that reluctance and kept the rookie tight end. Weeks later, however, the club put Nalbone on waivers and no other team showed interest. Nalbone spent much of the year on the practice squad.

On other fronts:

Misi on the move

Rookie outside linebacker Koa Misi has been working on the strongside all of training camp, but he's gotten a strong dose of weakside work in recent days.

 "We're trying to take a look at him rushing from the other side," coach Tony Sparano said.

Misi has over 500 snaps as the strongside linebacker, according to Sparano. Ikaika Alama-Francis is taking first team snaps at strongside of late.

Can I say something? It is the fourth game of the preseason in three days. If Misi was playing great the Dolphins would not be looking at moving him at this late stage, especially considering he is not going to beat out Cameron Wake on the weak side.

He need to bow up and play better ...

... Or lose his opportunity to start for now.

Special teams still need to improve

Sparano, a master of the unexpected statistic, said the Dolphins have covered 13 kickoffs this preseason and the average starting field position on thos for opponents is the 33 yard line. Of Miami's kick returns, the Dolphins have managed a starting field position of the 25 yard line.

Um, not good on either end.


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I thought Misi was working on the strong side (TE side) all training camp and Wake is the weakside LB.

Ahhhh.... now i see the change. Was confused for a sec.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Crowder goes for 2nd opinion"

Won't the other doctors tell him he sucks also ?

Soiled :)

you only go for a second opinion if have a dire first opinion.
he's out for the year .

Armando, I THINK this is a positive development,
Misi can start on the weak-side and they can bring IN C Wake on obvious passing downs.

Alama-Francis can be the strong-side starter ala
M Roth which will make us a lot better against the run.

what ya think.

What do the want to see more from Misi? I thought he was playing pretty well.

Why the cloak and dager routine. I just don't get it.

If Misi doesn't start then who does? Haven't seen anybody else tearing it up at outside linebacker. Cutting Taylor is going to bit Parcells in the arse.

Dear Mr. Aloco

"you only go for a second opinion if have a dire first opinion."

I agree

I offered this girl some money one time to do some stuff to me...she told me to drop dead...it was pretty Dire...so I went imediatly to another girl to get an anwser I wanted to hear.

Soiled :)

Suddenly, there is joy in Haarpy-ville.

Dansby, Dobbins and Johnson, yeah Buddy!

Won't the other doctors tell him he sucks also ?


I just got the craziest urge to propose a toast, Bottom's Up to 2nd opinions!!!!

Sparano and Co. are so arrogant that they actually believe that Nalbone will be picked off of waivers as if he is the second coming of Gonzalez. I however believe that if the Fins had any real knowledge about tight ends, then they should have drafted Andrew Qualess from Penn State. So far he is looking good with the Packers who is by the way deep at the tight end position and still might be availabe in a trade. It is also to be noted that if Qualess and Nalboner are both sent to their perspective practice squads, it will be Qualess that gets picked up first.

Soiled, As always you continue to crack me up.

"Dear Mr. Salguero

"Crowder goes for 2nd opinion"

Won't the other doctors tell him he sucks also ?

Soiled :)"

Too Funny - But true :)

Crowder makes 2 plays in pre-season and is now injured enough for a 2nd opinion. Gimme a break. Cut this guy and move on

how much money crowder makes ? any one knows b/c if you go for second opinion you CO PAY .

Joey Porter trained this young jedi well. Its not hard to corrupt a weak mind

Crowder sustained a knee injury while performing for Henne.

If Crowder is in fact done for the year, it's no big loss. He's been a turnstile the last two years. This was going to be his last season in Miami anyways. Anderson will be fine as a replacement and we can probably get someone off the wire as insurance.

The fact that the trifecta didn't draft a tight end in a year that was strong for TE is typically arrogance and oversight by these guys. It was a weak position for us to start with and what have we done other than bring back David Martin. Pretty frustrating!!

Never was a big Crowder fan. Wish they wouldn't have resigned him.

I am not a big fan of this Dolphins team this year.

WHY i get the feeling we are paying all these injured players and no money left for ...........HENNE

Craig..maybe it wasn't arrogance and maybe it was lack of picks? They had to replace linebackers, pick a safety, LB, corner, and add to both sides of the line. I think at the time TE was not as big a priority.

Misi has looked very, very bad. The biggest thing Tony asks from the OLB's is to set the edge. Misi is awful in that area. You can't have a 3-4 OLB that can't set the edge and can't rush the pasher.

God, I hope Dan Williams stinks in Arizona.

Michael, what're you talking about man? That's like saying you don't love our troops! That's like saying you don't love the American flag! Let me ask you a question: are you a terrorist? Because you're either WITH US or AGAINST US pal. The Dolphins ARE the Second Coming. I don't pray to God, I pray to the Miami Dolphins!! Leviticus 3:17, "And God passed the tablets to Moses, and Moses proclaimed: LET THERE BE LIGHT, and then, LET THERE BE THE MIAMI DOLPHIINS!" Check it out, and go to confession, 'cause you f***ed up!

Nalbone has some scary speed from the TE position - clocked in at a 4.5. It takes time to get used to the NFL game speed when you played college at Monmouth - way too early to give up on him yet.

Man, Sparano is starting to really pizz me off with this constant tinkering. It's not bad enough that despite having 38 guards on the roster, we can't run the ball, but now he's messing with the LBers too.

MMJ, what does Misi have to do with Dan Williams or any other Dolphin? He was off the board before any Dolphin was selected. He was picked 26, are you saying the Dolphins should have stayed at 12 and picked Williams? Doesn't seem like good value to me.

mrmikejohnson, yes, that one play last game when he let the RB get around him, you're right, he didn't set the edge. But he's a rookie, in a totally new position, he got juked, give the kid a break. And I did see him rush the QB once in that game.

So, pray tell, gimme some examples when you saw him look bad. Not that I don't believe you, but I saw all 3 games, and thought Misi did ok (about as good as the rest of the defense). I didn't notice him stinking up the joint, but maybe I missed something. Help me out.

more snaps for a rookie is good even if at another position. parcells and company won't miss taylor. all he is now is a 3rd down "specialist" who won't be out there to help stop the run which was a major weakness last year. Nolan's scheme will provide pressure. Also liked the cammarillo for sapp trade. Nolan likes to blitz with cb's and sapp is a good blitzer. for those complaining he can't cover should know only a handful of corner's can actually cover in the nfl nowadays.

Sparano isn't doing the tinkering this time. It's Nolan, the DC! He wants to be able to line guys up in different positions in order to gain a mis-match and cause confusion to the opposing offence! That's what he gets paid to do!

The problem is now going into the third year, there is still no continuity. The team never has a chance to gel...new oline new dline new lb's new safety, new d coordinator. Really only the rb's and receivers are basically the same.

A lot of you guys are too reactionary, RELAX.

This ain't Sporano tinkering with Misi. It's Mike Nolan putting another layer on his young D.

First and foremost they had to see if Misi would sink or swim at strong side backer.

Now if Nolan keeps Misi there and Wake on the weak side every single down, opposing offenses can game plan the hell out of it.

Misi played on the weak side in training camp and now he'll get some game day experience there. It's all good.

This way Nolan can mix it up and disguise things. Come on now, interchangeable players have been his trademark for the last decade.

Sorry Tracy, I type slow.

You said it better than I did, in less words too.

Show off!

NO matter how much scheming a coach does, if the players can't play it, the scheme won't work. The player need to have the experience and ability to play the scheme. The Dolphins have 7 1st time starter or 1st or 2nd year men on defense....do you think all the scheming in the world will provide them with experience. Coaching and scheme is important, but not as important as experience and ability to play.

There are some definate concerns that arent going to dissapear week one against buffalo, like special teams that have been awful to watch so far. Penalties are becoming more and more apperent in these games. Offensive Inconsistancy especially in the run game has to be somewhat of an issue to the coaches right now weather gameplanning or not in these games. Can They fix all of this in practice??? Probably not and they certianly cant fix it all in one last preseason game considering the starters wont play more than one series(2 max), I think we are going to find early struggles again this year as far as gelling as a team, But with that said i think this team with the talent they've brought in will help us towards the end of the season finishing strong for a playoff berth.

Hey Armando, you do know it's okay to mention some good things that may be happening with this team as well as all of the straight facts and negative ("um not good on either end", etc.) things you constantly report.

Am I wrong? It seems all I ever read about in here are either the straight facts, "this guy was moved to weak side linebacker", or negative reports meaning what the team is doing bad in your opinion.

Very rarely do I read anything about a player playing well, or someone getting better every day at practice. I guess no one on the team is any good or you would talk about them? We know that's BS so what gives?

It's a good thing to be an objective reporter, I understand that, But the opposite of being objective goes two ways. You're either a homer (you're not), or you're a glass is always half empty, depressing, negative, gloom and doom, party pooper. It seems you're leaning a little too far toward the latter.

Misi has a good bull rush on the pass, but he constantly gets sucked inside on the run. He loses contain a lot leaving the edge open. Has Donald Thomas regressed that much?? He was a beast last year. I don't see Incognito doing doing that much, the interior of the line needs to step it up a lot

Maybe being a super fan I don't see when Mando talks about good things because I myself am not being objective. I could be looking for a constant stream of positive news, when I get it I'm happy and move on without realizing it was there, and when I don't get it, I record the article in my memory.

I realize this is a possibility so I will be aware of it from now on and adjust my judgments accordingly. :)

From an undisclosed source who is close to the team:
Channing Crowder was given a random urine test for banned substances. None were found but they did discover that Crowder is 3 months pregnant. He is adamantly denying these test results. The Dolphins have no choice but to keep him out of games and practices per the NFL Players Union CBA, which prohibits anyone who is pregnant, or thought to be pregnant, from playing any contact sports. The NFL will not allow any second opinions for fear of the precedent it will set. If they allow a second opinion on this then any player who tests positive for any banned substances will of course say the test is wrong and they want a second opinion. The NFL's official position is that their urine tests are accurate and without flaw. Crowder's agent meanwhile is asking the Dolphins for more money since there were apparently 2 people practicing and in the preseason games.
Stay tuned for more!

ny SCOTT, armando is lately is just reporting the news without his famous twist b/c he has no time .the truth is the truth .

I agree with people saying there are concerns but seriously, who thought this team was going to the super bowl this year? Quick raise your hands.

Of course there are concerns, half of our defense is under 25 years old and the team in general is still very young. This is what happens when you build mostly through the draft and ignore high priced aging vets in order to build a deep roster that can make it through injuries.

Never thought we were a contending team this year therefore my concerns are few and far between. Just enjoying watching the young guys grow at this point. My original thought hasn't changed from day one of the trifectas takeover. Knowing Parcells history I was convinced this was a 5 year process (5 years to be one of the top 5 teams) and nothing has changed. We are two years away.

Everyone would do themselves a great justice by jumping on board with this. There's too much 12-4 talk going on (for a 9-7 team at best) and you're just going to be bitter and disappointed in the end.

Look at the beginning of the schedule. Even if they go .500 the first 8 they will have to win 5 out of their last 8 to get to 9 wins. And the fins play horribly in December.

Crowder is the next Roth...bye-bye Channing.











Good thing we have teams like the brownies and lions,raiders, and bills down the finishing strecth then, see theres a silver lining to every negative being thrown out there NYScott so relax, december maybe a different story this year but as they say one game at a time....

it seems like Tony is indecisive about a lot of things the O line and now the linebackers, shouldn't they know where they are going to be playing by now, the strangest thing I ever saw was last year when he would rotate the o line one guy would snap the ball on one play and then move over and then another guy would snap the ball my question is , is Tony ALLRIGHT

wishful thinking.........11-5

real life...................... 9-7

only if we stick with henne and play pat white as second QB and the moon comes out round and full .

This may sound crazy to some of you, but...

The odds have just increased that Crowder will be out for MOST of this Season.

I don't think that his foot ever healed right.

This sounds a lot like an injury that the doctors don't understand....that could be for more severe than they realize.

Then again....I'm a 'Clam Chowder' Cynic!

Considering Alama-Francis' size, any chance of him moving inside as an insurance policy for Crowder ?

Sparano came from that no-nonsense Wee York Sensational educational tree---Good thing his major was in football and not Communications---Doh!!!!

TO ALL - I saw the game in person and then watched the DVR the next night. Misi failed at setting the edge at least 4 times for big outside gains. I'm glad the coaching staff has recognized it and it would've shocked me if they didn't. He'll be alright but needs to be schooled. Alama-Francis will work out well and did set the edge. Also, I Fasano missed at least 3 crucial blocks including the one that got Henne sacked. NOBODY has talked about that but I replayed them several times. Horrible technique for a starting tight end that is just "ok" in the passing game. He needs to be better.

next year when tuna and co are gone they shuold sign players only if they r married and have childern to avoid all these injures .

Wishful thinking 16-0
Dolfan Thinking 10-6
True Pessimist Thinking 8-8
Hopeless Thinking 2-14

I'll go more with 10-6 Thinking!!!

now that they have a clock in the locker room, they should put in a giant box of condoms, i think channing got chowderitosis.

11-5 allday baby!!!

lots of fungus on the streets of miami.

why can't we live in the land of make believe ,this way we save the aggravation .

we say wow ,this team is going to be 14-2 easy as long as henne doesn't get hurt even then we have thigpen the best back in the nfl .

saturday is d-day..will it be thig or white? or do they keep 4 qb's??

pat white is the horse that fins will ride this year to the playoffs .

i know ,ask odin .

if we release white i guarantee you belicherck will grab him.

All The Hype Surroubding This Team Was Premature. They Are Still Two Years Away From Contending. The Offense Is Inconsisitent And D Wont Stop Any Good Offense This Year. I Dont Mind The Youngsters Tht An Play, But Misi? Was A Good But Not Dominant Plauer In College. Why Then Would Anyone Think He Could Step In As A Rookie? Bad Pick, Just Like Pat White Was A Bad Pick. As Parcells Says, If They Dont Bite As Pups, They Qill Never Bite. Misi Hasnt And Wont.

jrljr2 = Hopeless thinking

The one glaring problem really is Henne can't throw a catchable ball, no touch. If ALL of the receivers are dropping balls, then it must be the qb! Marine threw some darts but still had the touch, not one receiver had the dropsies with him but with Henne they all do.

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